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Topic: Game Programming / [SOLVED] Stopping one animated object but leaving another alone (example given)

If you want to stop it from the main timeline, just replace the animation movieclip with a static movieclip (not animated), when you need to (at frame 80).

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Topic: Game Programming / Error in AS

Originally posted by Draco18s:

“If brown the cow is” would be more grammatically correct. Brown can’t be a cow.

Your assuming my cow !== “brown”

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Topic: Game Programming / Error in AS

Just commenting on the illogical nature of the logic “if (constant == variable)”.

If the cow is brown.
If brown is the cow.

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Topic: Game Programming / Error in AS

Originally posted by JWBSoftware:

if (1 == movedirection)

If brown is the cow.

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Topic: Game Programming / {AS3} Going about Achievements


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Topic: Game Programming / Making Games?

Originally posted by Amibtious:

In response to the statement, “I accidentally 93MB of .rar files”

Is it dangerous?

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Topic: Game Programming / Is there any reason to use CS3 over CS2?

I think cs3 is the oldest you can go if you want to deploy to mobile… and even then you need updates, etc, and won’t be able to utilize gesture input + other mobile features.

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Topic: Game Programming / What Am I Doing To Crash Flash? [AS3] [Solved]

It needed to look like


If that works, I’ll give up coding.

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Topic: Collaborations / concerning

You want Kongregate to pay you to stop ripping off game developers? Get outta here.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS2] - Double Jump!

You need to move the double jump feature to outside the hitTest code block. You can’t double jump when hit testing the ground (because obviously, your not on the ground after the initial jump).

Something like this…

 while (_root.ground.hitTest(_x, _y+heig, true)) {
	jump = -5;
	jump_count = 0;
	inair = false;
	if (Key.isDown(Key.UP)) {
		if (!inair and (jump_count == 0)) {
			jump_count = 1;
			jump = jumpheight;
			inair = true;
if ((jump_count == 1) and inair and (Key.isDown(Key.UP))) {

		jump_count = 2;
		jump = jumpheight;
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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Reprisal

Very nice. The overall graphics look good and the game seems well balanced.
I think the blur effect on distant objects looks very out of place/disorientating. I’d also have a look at putting some scroll buttons (or areas) at the edges of the map.

Note. I’ve only played up until the ice level.

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Topic: Collaborations / For the 'idea' people

If someone has what they think is a great idea, why not share it here. I can only think of negative outcomes that effect the person sharing the idea. I’m surely no poorer for reading a few uninspired game concepts.

And, I personally enjoy reading random game ideas from non game developers… What I don’t enjoy reading is the; “you can’t do this”, “your not good enough”, rhetoric that usually follows.

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Topic: Collaborations / For the 'idea' people

Originally posted by Shalmezad:First, flash games are 59% art, 39% code, and 2% idea.

I think somebody needs an idea guy…

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Topic: Collaborations / "Direct OUR game" - cloud collab

I edited the original post.

I apologize for the misunderstanding.
My interpretation of, “I’m not offering any up-front payment or revenue sharing as yet”, obviously differs from yours.

But now its in the cloud. So you can write a licencing / rev share agreement if you want.

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Topic: Collaborations / "Direct OUR game" - cloud collab

“However, should I need a tour guide robot on a unicycle or a robotic penguin in my next project, maybe I’ll ask you to loan them to me for free again.”

Oh yeah.. Those asset slots are already filled. Sorry. Though, I am looking for designs, concepts, backstory for some type of evil mastermind though….

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Topic: Collaborations / "Direct OUR game" - cloud collab

You obviously didn’t understand the context I used very well.

“as yet” refers to the possibility that it can be negotiated. That is, if anyone actually contributes.

I don’t have the intention to ‘bend’ or ‘ram’ anybody, and if the project is monetarily successful everyone would be compensated for their hard work. Also, your not “giving them up for free." if you have a stake in the project, as any contributors would have.

I should have possibly left out the bit about money, because my core intention is to make a really entertaining game, and I thought there might be other game developers, players, etc, who have the same intention. Regardless of monetary incentive.

Anyway, if anyone wants to be involved in a project that will actually be completed, come and have a look.

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Topic: Collaborations / "Direct OUR game" - cloud collab

A cute mono-cycle robot tour guide is tricked by evil robotic penguins…, eventually causing him to save the Earth from destruction.

It’s a retro futuristic physics platformer with an emphasis on dialogue, problem solving, and story.
(initial in-game screens album on g+)

I’m testing out the new cloud collaboration tool, Pipeline, so you can check it out on there. And that’s initially where the collaboration will run from.

I’ll be opening up tasks and discussions in all areas of the game, except maybe code, as the game progresses. I would like highly opinionated and brutally honest “rough housers” to shoot down ideas and find holes in contributed (and my own) material.

The game dev is already well under way (three weeks) and I have partially completed the engine, and rapidly working out the first chapter as a playable demo.

You can see some of my games in my profile here, or if you search for me around the net. StrictOrder aka TJEisemann. But note, this is a slightly larger project than anything I have completed. But is very do-able, even on my lonesome.

Note: You don’t have to have any experience or discernible skills, every contribution will be valued on it’s individual merits.

I’m not offering any up-front payment or revenue sharing as yet. But I can offer a personal guarantee that all contributions will remain your sole intellectual property and only be ‘licensed’ for this single project. (So licensing prices, etc could be negotiated for future projects that utilize contributed intellectual property). Maybe we’ll call it

(italic text now irrelevant)

Cloud licencing. The licencing and rev share etc, will now be negotiated in the cloud. Its an open task.

Anyway, have a nice day, thanks for reading, and I hope to see some of you getting involved.

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Topic: Collaborations / Need beta testers for Pipeline (new collab tool)

Looks pretty good so far. One question. Can I change my project between private and public? I couldn’t find an option anywhere.

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Topic: Game Programming / Storing levels in XML

One thing to note, loading external files at runtime will affect your publishing/distribution possibilities. Lots of sites will be unable to host your game.

I often use .xml for holding level,dialogue,etc data, but only during the development process. I parse it into my game on release.

If you are looking to use xml so you can easily update your game content, I would consider a more comprehensive option.. Like mochi medias LiveUpdates service.

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Topic: Game Programming / Title for upcoming game

Puzzle Islands


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Topic: General Gaming / Nova Express - Too difficult?

If anyone has some spare time to play my latest game, I would appreciate some feedback, mainly on the difficulty.

Seems like its going to be a flop here on kong (despite encouraging comments)

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Topic: Game Programming / Game Makers are very bad and wicked

I think game makers are a good thing in the long run. Anything that can lower the entry level requirements for new game developers is a positive thing in my experience. (isn’t flash basically a game maker type program anyway?)

Some game developers never gain more than a basic understanding of coding, yet create successful careers in the gaming industry. If an artist, writer, musician, etc, can easily create games to showcase their talents, why not support that?

As for the point of over-saturating the game marketplace, I don’t see that as a real problem. Player rating systems quickly weed out the weaker games, pushing them into obscurity. If you think masses of poor quality games, affect the success of your games, your probably just jading yourself into the belief that your games are somehow ‘better’ than the ones your complaining about.

Anyway, I think the general tone of this topic is quite elitist and borders on the condescending.

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Topic: Game Programming / [As2] How to make a clip folowing another?

drag = 10; // drag as a percentage of the distance between the follower and leader
distance_x = (follower._x - leader._x);
distance_y = (follower._y - leader._y);
follower._x = (distance_x / drag);
follower._y = (distance_y / drag);
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Topic: Collaborations / Let's make an iPhone game!

Hi, I’m a game developer with a large pool of skills to draw from (3d & 2d art, sound design, basic programming, game writing, and much more). And I would like to collaborate with other game devs on iPhone games.

Also, I assume were taking about revenue sharing here. And as such, would much rather work in a smaller team with devs who have a broad skill range. I don’t see the point in having ANY just “idea guys”, as most game developers have that skill.

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Topic: Game Programming / AS2 vs AS3 - AS2 is for lazy people!

Sure AS2 gets a bit trickier with larger projects, but using AS2 with OOP/Classes, you can get the job done. I like AS2 for rapid concept development, I can get the core system for a new game done in days as opposed to the weeks it can take me in AS3.

I also love the ability to do last minute fixes, without worrying about declaring variable types and such… i.e : If (bughappensnow) { stopbugfromhappeningnow }… There. Fixed.