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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Best Levels!

Apparently, my map Graviton is already popular… Despite being incredibly short. I’ve gotta go make extentions to it now, I suppose. Keep in mind it’s a survival map, don’t you go and play it if you don’t like a survival challenge.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Flagging maps?

I can’t seem to find the rules to this anywhere, what are the conditions under which a map should be flagged? So far I’ve only gone and flagged both maps, both broken in the way that causes it to try and show that intro slider repeatedly, but what about maps that are in the wrong category? Should those be flagged too?

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

My suggestion? Add a list of what stats mean what. A lot of them are pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean everybody’s going to understand them-and then there’s “Jump” and “Height,” which I have no idea what they mean.-

Whoops! Turns out that’s already defined, okay. Nevermind then!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Submit artwork for the game here!

Originally posted by Tokoshoran:

Behold! Planet Sabaz!

So, I may be willing to make more of these. Would anybody like to see some more? May not even be Planet Sabaz stuff, I might actually make a new location :)

If you were to suggest a completely non-copyrighted scenario I could base new, totally original creations off of it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Idle (Custom Map Minecraft)

Something you could possibly do for each tree type is make layers—In the visible room, a block of wool spawns in to show you what color tree you got, while a redstone lamp will light up to show when it’s ready to be harvested, using similar counters to the progress bar, with different timers based on which tree was planted there.

This would probably involve the use of giant plots, so that each plot could feature a button for each color AND for “destroy” so that you could plant a new tree there immediately.

In order to save space, command blocks could be used to check which color block of wool is present, and push or remove timer shortcuts to alter the speed at which it completes, while another one at the end will read the color to determine what the reward for it is.

As the plot increases in experience, it would get points added to its counter, and after so many points it adds an object somewhere to show an increased harvest value.

As far as Anti-Idle mode goes, you could have a testificate locked into a small room, where “anti-idle” results in pistons pushing him away from the area with pressure plates, and “idle” pushes him onto the pressure plates—said pressure plates pushing the villager to and from the two plates, both of which would count as pushing the progress button.

The button machine could be operated with an infinite stack of snowballs, which a bunch of immobilized slimes acting as the target. The challenge would be that the player would be in a moving minecart, which also moves up along the track to make it a bit harder to get a solid aim in. Slimes would vary in their data value, with the higher ones being worth more (if it is even possible to detect what a snowball hits).

The printer would operate on a basis of higher charges permitting shortcuts, AND a higher reward while those shortcuts are enabled (sort of the opposite of the tree counters), and give money as soon as the clock finishes, but removing an entity from the higher charge rooms when it does so (each charge room would support up to eight entities)

The arcade wouldn’t be too challenging, people have created arcade “maps” before, you would simply need to be creative with them.

The stadium would operate on modified statuses, where your upgrades determine what the command block gives you. Preset upgrades would be determined for the NPCs, based on which mode you selected (+0, +10, +20, +30, +40), giving them those levels of improvements.

TukkunFCG: Again, the use of slimes for their diverse data values would probably be best. Based on which slime value is present, the scoreboard will convert their number into a name and stats.

LOLMarket: Testificates will represent the gems. Command blocks will read how much villagers are present, and how many are allowed based on your “profit level” scoreboard (which will note your high score to determine it, not your current score). A heavily slowed sheep could be used to determine the current demand of differing gems, if it cannot be randomized via more technical means. As the current price gets higher, the higher demands will start to close off, with the sheep being pushed out of them to ensure such, and vise-versa for the lower prices and lower demands.

Adventures: Scoreboard for current max energy determines how many testificates can be spawned inside the “energy count” room. A testificate will be removed as an adventure is taken, while another scoreboard manages reputation. Lower reputation will close off the chances of certain good adventures being chosen, and a higher reputation closes off the chances of certain bad adventures being chosen. This would likely be done by having multiple chances of each exact adventure, and simply closing out a select number of them. A counter would spawn a testificate (if there’s less than the max on the scoreboard) every time it finishes.

Fishing: Big ol’ visual rendered by command blocks. A portion would be lit up via a hidden redstone lamp to show what area the “center” is at any given time, and a select mob would be running across the meter when a fish is biting. Pressing the button will stop the mob, check how close it is to the redstone lamp, determine if it’s a catch, perfect, or miss, and remove the mob.

Business: A counter that only increases as the player does things pertaining to whatever the business is. The reward is based on how far along it was by the time the player ends it.

Dragon: Scoreboard will watch the daily “Current” score and increase the cost of feeding based on that, as well as increasing a permanent counter to show dragon boost.

Epic Skills: Similar to the business, except no poison buff, and a set cap on how many testificates are allowed in any given room. Price to spawn another will increase based on current number present. These mulipliers will only be taken into account by the progress bar’s command blocks.

Mystery boxes: A scoreboard will count the CURRENT number of each box type the player posesses. Opening the box would have a dispenser release an egg, which, based on which room it’s launched into, would cause a random effect from a list of rewards from that box. This could include telling the progress bar to increase an “instant progress” counter, which gives a reward per X ticks while active, reducing the count each time.

Cards: Similar to Businesses, but without an increase in cost, since it just costs one card. Trying to play a second “Card” of the same type will simply give a regeneration buff that, unlike the permanent poison buff, has a time limit, and will simply heal the entity at a quick enough rate to keep it alive with the length of time of two cards. Each use of the card should extend this time, if possible, otherwise, perhaps have a queue started up and just relocate them into the poison room once the previous entity is killed.

Typing: The player must repeat the lines as shown by a command block. This should have at least three different sets of what each paragraph can be, so that the player cannot just copy-paste the whole thing—they’ll have to actually see which set it is. Submitting a valid phrase from the wrong set will immediately kick the player out of the typing challenge.

Pet: Hunger would be determined by entities. Every 5 or 10 hunger would cause the “1” entities to be replaced by a higher version (testificates, sheeps, cows, etc). As the hunger counter finishes itself, a 1 entity would be removed—if none exist, then it will remove a higher value entity to make that many 1 entities, sans one.

Careers: Multipliers that will alter the actual game’s income values. When activated, they would spawn an entity into a small room with a permanent poison buff that would be slow enough to allow them to only be killed after a set amount of time.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Commoner’s Life

Ever wonder what makes you so special? Why are you able to do so many amazing things? What if you didn’t have all the raw talent you seem to have?
Wonder no more as you live the life of a commoner-You are not a fighter, you can’t afford the fancy games, and you don’t have access to the cheaper stadium gymnasium. Garden, Mine, and Fish your way into ascension, if you can!

Objective: Reach level 9000


1. Idle speed is -30% (starts at 0%)
2. Max boost is -400% (starts at 100%)
3. Button Machine, Money Printer, Arcade, TukkunFCG, LOLMarket, and Epic Skills are not allowed.
4. Adventures give half experience, and cost twice as much
5. Attack, Defense, Max HP, and Evasion are only 10%.
6. Mission Komander's missions require 50% of the normal points, but give half the exp and instaprogress.
7. Stadium upgrades cost ten times as much.
8. 1.5x the normal fishing mastery, tree harvest value, and coin/pixel gain from mining
9. Offline progress WILL effect garden decay, day timer, and fishing fatigue, but will not give rest, and cannot be disabled.
10. Cards, Legendary boxes, and Supply crates are not allowed. 
11. Careers and Pet are allowed, but pet is three times the normal cost, including spells.


  • Medal Name: Self-Made God
  • Skin Color: #6a450b
  • Eye Color: #4f4fbf

EDIT: Removed Ascend as from objective since it’s been noted that ascensions are not available during challenges.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Sturmfeder:

Yea, that’s because the permanent collector’s pendant was only given out to those playing during the 3rd anniversary event. Only way to get them now is to rarely loot them.

They either allow or boost the chance to loot ‘lrn2craft’ items, such as glaives and knightmare armor. It’s useful if you don’t want to spend loads of CM/Pixels on new armor.

I wasn’t aware I started during that event, wow.

I’ll go and test on Chrome to see if a new file starts with it.

EDIT: Apparently even Chrome can recognize when I started playing on my other browsers.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ordian's mining guide by popular request!

Originally posted by chaosguard:

Coup De Grace seems really nice (ups my normal hits from 1300s to 1500/1600s), as well as having at least 10 (though mine are maxed) on each status disability along with maxing poison+poison effect.

Ty for the advise _

If you’re only hitting ~1337 you might wanna refresh your page, TUkkun upped it to 2k for a normal hit.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by blaxterxxx:

so… for what is the colectors pendant’s, and where can i get one?

You start the game with it. If you sold it, you’re out of luck; it’s very rare to find one as loot and when you do, it’s timed, unlike the one you start with which was permanent.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ordian's mining guide by popular request!

Criticals might be bad in Worst Moon, but since the rate is inverted, having a high rate means fewer hits that are low damage. It’s worth making 95% of your hits hit for 2k as opposed to 8% of them.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by harbl:

mining glitch, arena mode

When I first purchased the first mining tool (pickaxe) for the arena mode, it let me use the pickaxe in combat against monsters rather than spawning gems.
Then it started spawning gems while I had a claw equipped.
The claw would only do 1 damage at a time, so I couldn't kill the gems in time.

After the gems killed me, everything went as I assume it's supposed to; I never get monsters with the pickaxe and I cannot switch to a 'weapon' to fight the gems.

Seems to be a first time thing.

harbl | 129 / 7,200,449 | [d1]–8 | F0 | v1,554 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Sun Feb 3 00:23:21 GMT-0800 2013

Try turning off your auto attack if you want to swap weapons mid-combat. You have to NOT be attacking to swap any gear, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting hit or not.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ordian's mining guide by popular request!

Originally posted by chaosguard:

Any suggestions for mining in WM?

  1. Critical is more important than speed. Your “Flaw” hits will be such minor damage that even at max speed they won’t kill the crystal.
  2. Once you get your critical rate high enough to avoid most flaws, get your speed up to 25 or as close as possible.
  3. Try and have Protection and Resurrection if possible, just in case.
  4. Don’t idle. I mean it, you’ll probably wear off four minutes of buff just trying to idle a regular crystal, if you can even manage it. That means the epics, which have an increased chance of appearing, will blow up on you.
  5. Rewards. Don’t use the Five Leaf Clover if you have trouble active-ing the regular crystals, but if you’ve got a spare pendant slot, use the collector’s pendant.
  6. Crappy Earrings. I know, when you craft them they’re nothing but potion efficiency, but they get all the normal level up improvements—Attack, speed, crit damage… They certainly do help a bit, and are, as far as I know, the only available earrings.
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Autosteal Nerf

So, basically, if we go to an area where we CAN hit around the same amount of hp the enemy has, we’ll steal better than anywhere where the enemies survive dozens of hits or where the enemies are too weak and therefore have a low coin value, right?

Like, it takes 2-4 hits for me to kill most enemies in the Binary Battlefield, so their reducer on autosteal has less effect on me, but they have more coin value than enemies from the desert.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Reasons why AI-TG is awesome

Originally posted by TLTTP:

559. Because in this game shouting “I HAVE FURY!!!” is completely reasonable. (CHAOS AURA uses Fury)

560. Awesome inspired phrases that coincidentially seem similar to copyrighted things but are clearly unrelated.
561. Because a green egg-head guy fighting two mechanic brothers with manly beards he always calls scabmice is awesome.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Precisely why I offered an alternative.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Originally posted by crazye97:
Originally posted by Biggums426:

Attendance discounts in the special shop?

Originally posted by ChristianG11:

there needs to be trading in battle arena.


While I can’t say for certain what they mean, I can make assumptions:

Playing for so many days in a row (25 days, for example) will net you 1% discount in the special shop, 2% at 50 days, etc, up to 10% discount at 250 days. Restoring your attendance rate will not restore your percent, that has to be worked at from scratch again.

Battle Arena trading sounds good in writ, but implemented as a multiplayer thing, such as a “Trading House” where one player puts the item up to be purchased for a certain other item, even one player could easily duplicate items to an extreme. It would be best implemented as an NPC trade, where you have to go to that shop to sell your items (move them into their “sell” slot), and be given a list similar to item crafting, but costing ONLY pixels (or perhaps coins), and offering some different items, though probably more expensive to pay for the crafter’s work.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by Tarrock:

Tokoshoran, it might be because of the 1% of damage bit. It could be referring to you equipment power, which then gets multiplied by your attack power. Or maybe it causes both to only be 1%…

I’m pretty sure it’s damage, after all it does say damage, and I hit Secret Crystals for 16k thanks to Supergem’s attack.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

There may be something in the coding that’s preventing it from actually hitting for 1k-10k damage like it should be doing. I’ve managed to hit Secret Crystals for the max damage of its range (although because of its low rate of hitting, it’s pointless), though, so I know it hits through scripts.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

I’m aware, but I’d been watching for a couple of minutes to see if supergem struck hard, and he should have two or three times there but didn’t.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Soda Machine of MAgic idleing

You get HITLERPIG of the Fourth Reich, opposed to all who aren’t blue! The lousy swine manages to kill you before you can even react, and continues to spawnkill you at the pub. It takes several minutes for the admins to ban him.

I funnel in 1337 strips of baconolli.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Supergem does not work on Foodlandistanians

While fighting Robaconollitrons and Robroccolaconators, who have MAX defense, the only damage values I see are my tens, reflected fives, and Robacon's initial 5, despite having an invisible Supergem along with me. Supergem is supposed to do 1% damage ignoring all defense, which would make this fight so much easier, yet I have to keep at it the same as if I were using a prehistoric mob with no attacks whatsoever.

Screenshot of problem:

Tokoshoran | 1,911 / 23,273,444,570 | [d1]–321 | F0 | v1,549 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Fri Feb 1 10:42:18 GMT-0800 2013

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by darkmarty:

As he is r180+ he can use machine in abondoned lab
Robacon a weapon with light element, non bossdmg and (probably) equipment power
weapon and armor light too, … on armor bonus, (not sure about quantities) attack%, mastery (as he doesn’t have buffboost and mastery ring is ring waste, mastery pot and skill to fill it), crit dmg and again attack power (or equipment attack)
well, crappy earrings are crap… but they help you with same bonusses as for robacon, use some IA with non-bossdmg, or something like that. you probably have Triangle gem, get it with light element, crit dmg and attack power. combo-king medal or nerf-accepted medal (with proper bonusses) are probably best for you.
i’ll let the skills speak for itself… or you can just look at previous post

things to look at:
mastery ~90%
equipmentattack~2*crit dmg
crit% ~90%

i’m going to need to learn how to make a fancy* layout like the guy above…unless you have 1000% crit dmg, use combo critical

Sorry, edited my post to show the part of the quote I was referring to.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by Nomzo:

Coup de Grace not working properly in Worst Moon mode

I maxed out the skill Coup de Grace to use in Worst Moon mode while mining. I was mining like normal until I found out there was an update. I then refreshed to update to version 1552. When I went back to mining, I started doing critical hits about 50% of the time even though my critical rate in WM is only 5% and I had Coup de Grace which should have made so none of my attacks were crits.

Nomzo | 1,575 / 13,025,187,370 | [d1]–259 | F1 | v1,552 | WIN 11,5,31,137 | Thu Jan 31 16:30:13 GMT-0600 2013

I’ve also noticed that Explosion has a tendency to hit for reduced damage frequently (but not always) during Worst Moon., despite supposedly having 100% critical rate.

Originally posted by betterplayer:

WPM incorrect, such as below

I usally type 50-ish  WPM, but the game says 21.

betterplayer | 913 / 2,538,435,444 | [d1]–429 | F0 | v1,549 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Thu Jan 31 21:14:03 GMT-0600 2013

That just means when it comes to actual grammar and punctuation, your WPM is only 21. Perhaps if you’d consider your WPM from other programs excluding such things as an overstatement, you’d understand.
And no, I don’t mean it as an insult. Most games don’t actually force you to use apostrophes and quotations, they’re more fond of seperating words like “don’t” into “do not,” and never seen to have any reason to use quotation.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by patrickGSF:

Can Anyone help me I’m only rank 80 i’m a total noob and don’t know what do do can some one teach me What weapon should I use and any thing should help remember I’ma Noob

Kind of hard to understand what you’re saying when you shout “I’m a noob” ever five words. What exactly are you having trouble with?

Originally posted by mickey2010y:

LV 2070; Rank 210; Equip: 1*loot armor, +4 fused pyrabow without any modification & other junks.

2. Weapon
I’ve read the guides, still a bit confused.
To get a handy weapon, I shall:
Apply several attack rocks on the pyrabow and the “pyra-sword”, level them up, then fused them together?

  • Only a +4? You should be able to get a +5 if you go for a Power-Speed build.
  • * Fill up Power Attack, it’s the best damage per speed (Knockback refuses to accept even the extra five speed of 30 speed weapons, and still attacks slower).
  • * Get Strength and Invisible Weapon. These will boost your damage.
  • * * Do NOT get Weapon Mastery. I’ll explain why a few points later.
  • * Level 5 mana eater, to keep your mana filled.
  • * Combo Power and Critical. You’ll build your combo up fast so these boost your rate of damage fast. IF your weapon already has a 95 critical rate, you can ignore Combo Critical and spend that SP on something else.
  • * Explosive Attacks. This lets you do an occasional critical hit’s worth of damage extra.
  • * * Do NOT spend sp on the other skills here, they won’t take place long enough to help.
  • * Weapon Booster and Double Hit: If you have the spare SP, these are useful, but otherwise skip over them.
  • * Critical Force, Critical Chance, and Keen Eyes: Ignoring defense boosts your damage, criticals are already higher, and boosting that bar higher never hurts.
  • * Buff Boost: Although not important, this certainly helps.
  • Non-skill boosters
  • * Ring of Mastery. This ensures your damage never drops a lot lower than its potential. Since this raises Mastery by 90%, you’ll be at the cap of 95% (there’s a starter 5% already there).
  • * Potion of Power. This ensures that your damage potential is raised. Better with Buff Boost.
  • * An Ally that attacks frequently or tough. See this list for examples.
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Regardless of what your computer’s language is, the file’s name starts with “antiIdle”, so just run a search.

Originally posted by Golob:

how does one get the ‘nerf accepted’ medal? Yesterday I played 1548 and now I’m in 1552 and someone told me it’s already too late…

Did you check your inventory? It doesn’t tell you you get the medal, it’s just in your accessories list. If it was full, though, I suppose you’d miss out.