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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event]Pictures For S4

My vote goes to PurgatoryGod
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Topic: General Gaming / Elements of Arkandia Help

Thanks for the tips guys. Once I tried this, I whizzed though unholy temple and the rest of the adventures in about 15 minutes. I used Fire Storm, Ice Storm, Planned Assault, Sneak Attack, Healing Fire, and Regeneration. Follow the strategy SanderH layed out above… pretty easy. Storm Spells, build up Poison and Rage, cast sneak attack and attack. I used the Nymph book (15 rage —> 40 dmg), it’s damage-to-rage ratio was better than all other items I saw (including the angelic halberd and cupid bow, which you get later). Other items: the gladiator helm one, Queen’s Choker Necklace, Tribal Furs, Blood Graspers, Greaves of Darkness, Regenerator Ring, Clown Boots, Luke’s Diamond.

Again, thanks for help emh_mark_two and SanderH.