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Topic: General Gaming / Aether Walkthrough (if you need help with the game, READ THIS)

I seem to be having a problem with Debrasa, that I keep swinging on the moons and they won’t explode. I know the controls well, and I have been completing circles, but I’ve done it for a minute straight and can’t seem to get them to blow up.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Problems with the Battle Arena?

So I have obviously done something wrong with my build, because people talk like the battle arena is nothing, “oh, just go to the pyramids”, “oh, the polluted sky quest is easy”… Well not for me, I’m level 50 and I am having difficulty on even the Sky arena. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on how to do the combat right (or at least how to keep up with the monsters) for me and anyone else having the same issue.

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Topic: Astroflux / PVP Is the reason I quit

I’m so late in this topic that my opinion probably doesn’t even matter anymore, but how about instead of one side bitching to or about the other, some tips are given on how to PVP? What weapons should someone use, what specs should they look into? I don’t mind PVP when there is clear progression, when eventually you can become equal or better than the ones who always killed you, so how about it? And those of you who defend just killing off low levels because it’s fun, easy, and they don’t stand a chance, does it really get you off that much? If I were in the position to just murder everything on the map I’d look at it exactly how I look at the spawners when I’m farming, just tedious and far too easy. If it really gets you stiff to run around murdering everyone who didn’t spec their ship right, then you’re just a dick anyway, and we need either a heads up or a way to defend our PVE speced asses from the people like that. Just saying.