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Topic: General Gaming / Free Steam Coupons

Got a bunch. Anybody want them? I tried trading them for the Steam Trading cards but no bites. Just add me and ask for w/e. Also, don’t feel bad when I remove you right after. :3

-33% Sniper Elite (€4,68)
-50% Omerta – City of Gangsters (€22,49)
-25% Zeno Clash 2 (€14,24)
-33% Serious Sam 3: BFE (€26,79)
-25% God Mode (€7,49)
-25% Dungeon Hearts (€2,24)
-75% Serious Sam 2 (€2,50)
-66% Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (€10,20)
-50% Strike Suit Zero (€9,49)
-75% Serious Sam 3: BFE (€10,00)

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Topic: Off-topic / Double standards

I can’t stand it when people post just to complain about things.

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

You have a nice tie.

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Topic: The Arts / Make Your Own Nuka Cola Quantum Easily!

Fairly easy to figure out from watching the video. :P

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Topic: The Arts / Feedback Wanted

Since you’ve used it before I would suggest going vector. And if all else fails regarding the text, you can just do the image and leave the text styling up to the CSS/HTML of the website.

I just wanted to trace over it to ensure myself I was giving good advice and see if it actually looked decent. :P

EDIT: Since I doubt I’m going any further with this image ever I’ll drop it here. I think you could make a great looking vector page/avatars.

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Topic: The Arts / Feedback Wanted

Have you tried a vectoring program? It would probably be easier to achieve the style you want. As far as I’m aware all major browsers support embedding SVG files via <object> or <embed> and even if you save as a jpeg/png the quality won’t hurt too bad.

I’d recommend Inkscape to start with but it can be finicky to get used to.

If you don’t like the idea that’s fine, you can still achieve the same results with Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.NET or whatever you use.

As it stands now IMO the text is pretty awful, that might just be from the resizing though. The image itself seems fine as a beginning if a little empty/blurry.

The avatar is fine also, mind if I do a little trace over in Inkscape to see the difference for myself.

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Topic: The Arts / Make Your Own Nuka Cola Quantum Easily!

Aw, and here I thought you had some fancy recipe. D:

Did anyone really need a tutorial for pouring a drink into a bottle and sticking on a label though? (forgive me if I missed something I just scrubbed through as it was going on a while)

I don’t think this should be in these forums but at this stage, any activity is fine by me…

Also… Irish High Five! :D

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Topic: The Arts / YUYUTER

What’s with the random default text on the first two? The rest of the text had a nice styling going.

yu’s bein’ lazy. :3

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Topic: The Arts / I Made A Consumable Nuka-Cola Quantum...

I’m assuming that CRT TV had something to do with the irradiation process. If not, I’m going to be very disappointed. :D

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Topic: The Arts / My noob work with Pixlr :D

Funny how it already looks better, still a ways to go but better nonetheless. :D

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Topic: The Arts / Hey to all those people who dont beleave that i made the art the you claimed was stolen watch this

If you’re going to bump a thread, please bump one that has a chance of attracting some activity to the forum.

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Topic: The Arts / My noob work with Pixlr :D

Next time post what you yourself honestly think of it, it’s always interesting to hear from the creator’s mouth regarding his “works”. (I feel I should put work in "s in case a certain hooligan is lurking around who tends to dislike people using stock images as their own art ‘nd stuff, don’t worry about it) :D

As for my opinion, low quality image ruins it, you can clearly see where you tried to cut the image out (I assume) and overall it domintes the rest of the image too much. Try to put more effort into text effects and focus less on the actual image, also, I’d reccommend running a search for some of the old SOTW threads. SOTW Central also has links to all the older contests, see if you can take some ideas from those.

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Topic: The Arts / My noob work with Pixlr :D

^Should work for embedding.

I’ve never heard of Pixlr and after a quick Google it does seem to be a very nice alternative to Photoshop/GIMP. Since it seems to have most of the functionality of both then I would say you need to blend your text/images in together more. Make it seem less like BG+TEXT+STOCK IMAGE=BANNER and more like BANNER if that makes sense, don’t worry, I rarely do.

Again, as always when I give advice I’ll warn you, there is a strong possibility that what I say is completely wrong and please seek professional help before relying on my opinion. :3 There are used to be a lot of great artists/designers on these forums and they would have better advice.

EDIT: Most of them look nice though.

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Topic: The Arts / Recapping 2012 (Image Heavy)

Awesome stuff as usual. If I could offer any criticism (which usually tends to be wrong but I still continue :3) is that the necks might be a tad out of proportion in some of them. Maybe it’s just the poses and my lack of knowledge that makes them look odd but I can’t help thinking that they are either too thin/long. Of course if that’s the style and I’m just completely ignorant of it then please correct me. :D

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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Win Steam Games for FREE! (Winners inside!)

So many good games… :(

Binding of Isaac, Bastion, Psychonauts, CaveStory+, Amnesia: The Dark Descent are probably my top 5 in no order.

I can’t actually justify any of these being better in every way than the others so I’ll leave it at that. :3

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Topic: The Arts / Hey guys it's Wolfears

Needs moar blending in of the background and foreground and the text is too obnoxious and there is too much blue and the composition is all out of whack and I don’t like your background or your face or your name.

But seriously, I think more blending, greater range of colours (purples maybe) and less “this is text READ ME” type text in the way. Hide it somewhere. :3

Other than that.

Then again there is the fact that I actively encourage people to never follow my advice… ever.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Watercolour is the devil. That is all.

But that’s just because I’ve tried it like once. I can’t wait to see what someone like you comes up with, being completely insane awesome most of the time.

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Topic: The Arts / Pete's art dump

I saw it immediately and now it won’t go away, not that that’s a bad thing.

I haven’t been able to grasp using light/empty space for shading quite yet. :D

Most of my pencil drawings are fully shaded(quite badly) with the light coming from areas with slightly less shading. :/

I’ve only recently started using a rubber(eraser) to help me shade. :3

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Topic: The Arts / Unamed cryptozoology themed story

I’ll assume that you haven’t corrected any of the mistakes in this version and point them out, and laugh at you. :)
No but in all seriousness, this is pretty good and I enjoyed reading it.

‘a grim’ → “as grim”
‘tsunami adrenalin’ → “tsunami of adrenaline”
LOVED EVERY IMENSLEY DISPICABLE IT’ → “WHAT?” Seriously though, what was this supposed to be?

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Topic: The Arts / LagunaAlkaline's Art

A nice start, certainly better than mine. :D
Obviously a lot to improve but that comes with time. Might I suggest putting your username in the thread title so it’s more likely to get clicked on. (by me :3)

Also, what program are you using may I ask? There are a few you might want to try here although the list is a bit outdated. My personal recommendation is Paint Tool SAI, it’s not free (around $60 IIRC) but there is a 31 day trial. It’s also in japanese so get the English version but it is pretty awesome.

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Topic: The Arts / Need artist for new game

You don’t sound like you have a very clear idea of what you need. I might help now that I have my computer back up and running and am actually drawing again thanks to college but I’d need a solid foundation of what you actually want and need.

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Topic: The Arts / Long Lost Friend (A Poem)

I think that:

How such unfortunate turn of events led us astray.

should be:
How such unfortunate turns of events led us astray.


Did I’ve ever tell you

You’ve really have grown a lot.

^Needs fixin’.

Maybe it’s just me but…

How sorry I wanted to say,

doesn’t quite make sense to me. If it is actually correct and intended then just ignore me. :D

Other than that, I felt the whole poem lacked a good rhythm. Maybe I just couldn’t see it, I’m no poetry person. I usually comment on structure and the like as opposed to meaning and metaphors. There were times were I felt a rhythm but the next stanza was completely different. If I dared to give any suggestions with fear of steering you wrong I’d say, you don’t have to end every line with some form of punctuation.

If I had to take a stab at it, I’d change the second stanza to this, personally.

Come along and take a walk with me,
Tell me about what has been going on since.
Show me what you have seen
And what you have heard.
Then, what you have learned.
You really have grown a lot.

Again I’m not trying to say this is better. Perhaps you were repeating the words on purpose for a reason I missed. There still is an overuse of have here though, and while not really a problem, it’s always nice to have multiple ways to say the same thing.

If you decide to try and fix some areas of the poem, might I suggest using the rhythm in the first stanza as a base or example. I really liked the lines:

Long lost friend,
I have not seen you in a while.
Why don’t we talk about,
Old times.

Also notice how you didn’t use, I’ve and used, I have instead. It definitely sounds better here and you should try using the elongated version a bit more.

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Topic: The Arts / Design Terms & Concepts

I just love how all of your posts are so useful. If the stickied thread was actually updated I wouldn’t be surprised if most of it was composed of your posts. XD

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Topic: The Arts / Question about "Anthro" [Thur, Sept. 13 2012]

A link would be nice.

For me, as long as the story draws me in and gets me interested I honestly wouldn’t care about that.

I don’t know about others though. Darren Shan has Wolf Island which was pretty popular although I assume you’re not going for horror judging by your description. (Feel free to correct me.) The only way to really judge if people are interested in it is to post it I suppose.

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Topic: General Gaming / What Gaming Creature Would You Want As A Pet?

A Kelolon.