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Topic: General Gaming / Learn to fly 3

To those that are demanding a release date; just cool it!

Game developing is harder work than most people realize and this game will be free for everyone to play. The developer has already stated that he does not want to put up a release date for several reasons. Not only is it difficult to estimate how much time is necessary for making different parts of the game, it is impossible to account for unforeseen obstacles. Please consider that the developer can only work so hard and he is doing his best to make a game for all of us to enjoy.

Light Bringer, I am glad you are choosing to take the time to release a polished game that you can be proud of rather than pushing for a quick release. Best of luck for Learn to Fly 3!

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Topic: General Gaming / Quick Mardek 3 Question *Spoilers?*

The Chalice isn’t needed to beat the game, but if you want to play both super bosses, and unlock the trilobite tournament, you need the chalice. I reccomend going back and getting the chalice.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek RPG 3 - Water Temple

Yeah, sorry about that error. Saphire switch should be on in Step 1. Thanks for noticing that lvtrainer.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek RPG 3 - Water Temple

Oh, I see how to get to the moonstone gem.

1:Enter Temple, go through left door and turn on turquoise switch. Go north and turn off saphire switch.
Go to the turqoiuse switch, turn it off, then leave.

2: Go north into the room with the save crystal. Go into northwest door, then go west where you should see the gem doors blocking the way. Go southeast until you find the turqoiuse bridge. Then go west to turn off the saphire gem (Always refrence the map if you need help). I’m not sure if the emerald gem is off or not, but it should be off. It is in the same room, but in the northwest corner.

3:Go to the room with the save crystal. Now go into the southeast room. Turquoise should be off, emerald should be on, and saphire should be off. You can check this in the top of your map. It will show gems lighted or unlighted. Now, you can follow the saphire and turquoise bridge to get to the moonstone.

That was just a part of the temple where I had trouble and the walkthrough seemed unclear.

You can follow the walkthrough from here. To get to the boss, you eventually need saphire, emerald, moonstone, and turquoise off; and amethyst on.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek RPG 3 - Water Temple

I know what you are talking about. Looking on the map with the moonstone gem, it seems like there is no way to go over the turquoise gem bridge and then touch the moonstone gem.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best Techno, Trance, etc. Songs

When you say techno/trance, I assume you mean all musical genres composed of electronic themes. This would include techno, trance, electronica, drum and bass, house, hardcore, and many sub genres of these genres.

My favorite trance song would propably be Fire by Ferry Corsten. My favorite electronica song would be Vanished by Crystal Castles. My favorite drum and bass song would be Aztec by Spor. My favorite hardcore song would be would be the Kevin Energy remix of Anger Ball by Carbon Based. As for techno and house, I don’t really listen to it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Metal Headz

Metal Headz is actually a record company (google it) that focuses on drum and bass. I listen to dnb so I geuss I would be a metal head. But if you mean rock metal, I’ll go for the more recent music including disturbed, static-x, korn, and system of a down.

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Topic: Collaborations / Mystery Island RPG needs Alpha testers

If its not too late, I would love to test your game. I will give feedback about the game structure, but I ussually focus on the sound.

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Topic: Off-topic / FL studio 9 demo

You can start by going to the fl studio homepage (where you downloaded the program), and look for basic fl use tutorials. From there you can youtube fl tutorials, and learn how to use some of the instruments fl has.

If you are serious about making music, thenmaybe you could spend some money buying one. About 200-300$ I think? But no point in making music if you can’t save.

By the way, you should propably start some music theory classes, or learning about how to make music. There are free tutorials online.

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Topic: Off-topic / Difference between Hip-Hop and Rap/MC and Rapper?

I agree with wolfman. I think hip hop was started as the culture of hip hop in the 80’s, because zulu nation was trying to take people off of the street and introduce them to music. This brought about break dancing and many new styles.

I think today though, hip hop is being misunderstood and emerging as its own genre.

I wouldn’t call Lil wayne an mc because he doesn’t even call himself an mc.

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Topic: Off-topic / Any rap or hip hop fans out there?

Actually, rap started out as an mc and a dj. The dj was the main focus, and scratched jazzy/soul type tunes, while the mc helped to add to the party.

Over time, when making music, the record companies decided to get rid of the djs. The record companies replaced them with a drum machine, which could be modified to produce several simple beats.

In the 90’s people invented a lot of new synthesizers, and the rappers started adding these to the music which made it sound like house. This is how mainstream hip hop is the way it is today.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Purpose of Being... Is Why?

The purpose of being is to find truth?

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Topic: Off-topic / Dubstep / drum and bass. Anyone there?

Nice to see music fans in here.
I don’t think all drum and bass sounds the same. Drum and bass has neuro funk, liquid funk, and darkcore.

Dillinja, Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound, Hazard, Break, and Spor produce many different types of songs. Dnb has a very similar drum pattern that you can see throught most dnb songs (boom cha,boom-cha) but I still think that it has a wide variety.

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Topic: Off-topic / Drum 'N' Bass or Hardcore (Hardstyle Not Metal)

Heheh, a long time since someone said something on this thread.

I don’t listen to hardcore as much, but my top artists include Sy and Unknown, Scott Brown, brisk, fracus, A.M.S., and Gammer.

I spend most of my time listening to drum and bass (mostly liquid funk, and neuro funk).

My favorite liquid artists include Sub Focus, Chase and Status, Break, Hazard, and DJ AMC.

My favorite neuro funk artists are Nosia and Phace, Alix Perez, and Kryptic Minds. I also like Spor, Dillinja, and Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith, but they are propably more dark core/dark step.

If we are talking about dubstep, I like Rusko, Nero, Chase and Status, and Caspa.

IF you ever want to talk about any type of music, including electronic, pm me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Mud And Blood 2 Questions

I have a couple of questions I cant find the answer to.

What happens when your officer gets xp? Can he level up, or does he get special abilities? Maybe he gives tp bonuses more frequently.

What happens when tanks gain ranks? My tank got 10 kills and raised a rank, but what does it do?

What is chance of tank using big gun? Does it rise with rank?

How much moral does ranger training give you?

Do you flamethrowers, Snipers, Gunners, RPG’s, and engineers get anything for rising through the ranks?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Evolution; scientific fact or believed by faith?

Big Bang

If we are talking about evolution I want to bring this up.

Many flaws with this. First of all how do you know how long ago this happened? The big bang theory says that everything was squished in a tiny dot exploded.

Now look to the conservation law of angular momentum. Basically, if the big bang if the big bang was spinning clockwise, all planets and suns would be spinning clockwise? Then why do venus and uranus spin backwards? 8 of the 91 moons spin backwards too. Some galaxies even spin backwards? Can you explain this?

What about the composition of the sun and the planets. Each of the planets have many different elements in them. If they all came from a big bang the composition of the planets should be the same.

Also when you talk about evolution talk about which type of evolution you want to talk about. There are six types of evolution.

1)Cosmic Evolution – Evoulution of time, space, and matter.

2)Stellar Evolution – Evolution of how stars are made.

3)Chemical evolution – Evolution of the elements.

4)Organic Evolution – Origin of life on the planet.

5)Macro Evolution – A change of one kind into a different one.

6)Micro Evolution – Variations within the kind, this is the only one that has been observed.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should everyone be allowed to carry a weapon withe them?

We have gun laws that restrict this but the constitution says we have the right to bear arms. Is carrying weapons or firearms really bad? If someone wanted to murder me I have a gun here to stop them. we wouldn’t have many killing sprees either. The killings in Columbia wouldn’t be as bad because everyone else has guns to stop the killers.

There are downsides to having guns on us though…

Everyone else’s opinions?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Dinosaurs, carnivores, and the Bible

check out interesting creasionist website.

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Topic: General Gaming / Warlords: Heroes Cheats

the game isn’t hard, it is just time consuming

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Buses Presenting Atheist Ads

I don’t see an immediate problem. You see religious bumper stickers. You can’t really complain, what is there to complain about? Instead of complaining why not get a group of people to donate money and put some religous ads on a bus.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can U.S. win wars??? Iraq, Japan...

U.S. couldve won nam if they really cared. They only left because some people saw a video of the tet offensive and thought it was hopeless. Compare world war 2 and nam. In world war 2 everyone contributed to the war. The men were on the battlefield and the women were in the factories. Even children would help by looking for scrap metal and sacraficing their toys.

In nam people here continued their normal lives and contributed by paying taxes. Then some started protesting to the government. If enough people cared, we wouldve won. It doesn’t matter if we shouldve gotten in the war or if we shouldnt have. If we choose to get into a war we should finish it instead of making ourselves look weak by leaving. What do you think the other superpowers of the world think about us leaving nam?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Big Issues

ummm I thought we were talking about global warming.

Anyways, we can’t truly say that man made global warming is real or not. We only have accurate temperatures of the earth for only the last few hundred years. It will be much longer before we will truly know if this is natural or if it is man made. Palientologists have looked at ice core samples in the artic reigions and have a vauge idea of what the temperature was. I can’t explain it that well if you want to know more research the topic.

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

ill test