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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Game don't start to load on Kongrate

There is such an option as ’don’t play’, you realise.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Two issues?

Hm, I would like to concur with the OP. I’m getting both the negative timers and the twitchy screen; maybe something’s not translating into Kong correctly. Timed challenges become worrying with negative timers.

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Topic: Collaborations / Who'd Like to Work

Hmn, I can help write cards for a card-game. Especially when I love steampunk and sci-fi so very much. PM me with some background, and I’ll start writing descriptions/lore/flavor text immediately.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)

Sorry….so busy…college….work….
(gives up on tagging individual stories)


The emerald green flame gouts for a second, and gives off sparkles. It seems to grow slightly brighter as you look at it, before it dims again, shooting away up into the sky. This but lasts a few seconds: a cascade of flames drops from the heavens, straight on top of you.

It doesn’t hurt.

Speak, alienforeignbeing. Speak again. What did you say? We are analogue-428-5-propylethenol (2*).

Around you a square of blue embers flares up from the ground, and all the flames which were bustling near you either flinch away from the line or speed upwards. The sky itself is moving, shifting in nauseating patterns which you can vaguely see out of the top of your eyes. Away from you.

AdeebNafees, what do you do?


“Jack? No,” the man says, growling. “He’s not a meek man, nor is he a predator. He is a bounty hunter, and,” the man looks proud for a moment, “The best traveller I have ever had the privilege of introducing to the Great Game.”

A plume of blueish smoke hangs in midair, diffracting by the glimmering crystals peeking out of their alcoves.

“Aura is — hm. Like fine wine, whisky, alcohol. The longer it is the more potent it is. And it is – consuming it is – like biting into the most succulent of steaks, drinking the aged, finest wines; whatever your ambrosia is, it is like that. We are not hungry upon the Great Game, nor thirsty, nor need sleep; we are always on the run and on the hunt….but consuming aura? That is better than anything ever mortal need was wont for.”

The man nods and smiles at you. Still not pretty. “Yes.”

“Boy, do you know how to defend yourself?”

BCLEGENDS, what do you do?


“He ran away, Jack.”

“I can see that, Selza.”



“Another time, Jack?”

“Any-time. Now, for my beloved sister, chocolate.”

The world crumples, and spins, and comes back alive. You wake in what was once a jungle, but is no more.

The night is muggy, humid and hot, and a lone star sparkles in the sky.

Information pours through your mind, inwards and backwards and out. Five categories: Identity, Stars, Hacking Skills, Ruthlessness, Artifact Skills. You try desperately to grasp onto all the information, but succeed in keeping only three things.

Which three, and what do you do from here?


Her face snaps right back to suspicious.

“I haven’t, that’s why I asked. Do you know? Any actor should know these three questions: What is the inside-out method of acting called? Out of body language, facial expression and speech patterns which two are the most important in acting? And when you are thinking into a camera, is there any effect?”

You notice her hand is hovering under the table. You suspect there’s a panic button.

What do you do?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] As Heroes Go - new league, recruiting

Recruiting members for a new league – As Heroes Go. Anyone welcome – casual or hardcore, preferably regularly active. Any class, any level, as long as you’re levelling over time.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


Her face falls. She seemed so excited before, the contrast is jarring.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I can’t help you draw that much money without a card. But I believe you! You seem like you’re ‘really lost’. So, um, if you tell me a little bit about what the Workshop is like…I’ll draw you out five hundred?” She seems very eager. “Is that okay?”

igotnousername: What do you do?


Empty air answers you. The flames carry on with their dances, and the lanterns carry on with their light-lances. Nothing seems to have heard you at all.

The amethyst pulses in your pocket once, then is still.

Off to the corner of your eye, the air shimmers. As your eyes flick toward the shimmering out of natural instinct, there is nothing there.

You look up, looking for stars. You can’t see any: the sky above you is lit with ten thousand dancing flames, intricate patterns forming in instants and dissolving again. Even as you watch it in awe, more flames around you cease what they’re doing and launch themselves into the air to join their compatriots.

The night sky is completely obscured, except for one empty patch off to the east.

AN, What do you do?


“Did you?” the man asks, raising an eyebrow. He seems to be completely undisturbed by the situation. “You must have run across one of the hermits’ houses when they were not at home. Tell me – the tower – was it tall and skinny, or was it one of a few, or was it white-and-gold? Did it have blue buntings?”

He shakes his head.

“It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that apparently you are an innocent babe lost in the woods. How glad I am that you came to me!” He narrows his eyes, squinting at you.

“Boy,” he says. “You are on the star bridge. You are in the hunt. Mm…let me quote my mentor’s words to you.” He leans back and puffs another breath of smoke, pluming into the cavern’s air, and dissipating. He brings his metal finger up to his throat and presses three spots under his larynx. Under his skin, a dull teal and lime glow dot his throat, and when his speaks his voice is different, as though a child’s – but old, weary, tired.

‘You see, as a player in this eternal game, now; the hunt is everything, we cannot die. We can be captured, and carried around in the infinite worlds in pain and never peace, but we cannot die. Our hearts must always be pounding, we must always be on the run and the chase from each other. There is no sacred place. There is no consecrated zone. There is
no world that will not know war when we pass through, no matter how peaceful, how non-human.’

He pressed his throat again; the glows faded.

“Boy,” the man said again. “Entering onto these worlds – jumping from your own – you have entered the Great Game; the grandest game that has ever been played. These worlds are the multiverse: every world that has ever been thought of, and those who are hidden in the back of our minds, all minds on all worlds, all dreams on all beings. The stars connect us between worlds. And as we grow we cannot die. We do not need to eat nor drink, nor breathe nor sleep. We are immortal. But in that we also experience. And as we experience we have aura.


The man rolls his shoulders and suddenly, a crushing presence – one that feels as though an old, beloved mentor figure is systematically looking through your soul and finding you wanting – washes over you, lasting just long enough for tears to spring to your eyes and your breath to catch.

Blinking back surprise, you find yourself on your knees. Purely involuntarily.

“In time, as you grow stronger, boy, you will have something similar. But of course unique to you.”

“But here is the thing: as many universes as there are, there are also many travellers. Some jump but once – and accidentally so – between worlds – they find a new place to live, sick of their homeworld, settle in. Live until they die, unknowing of the aura and of the possibilities of the multiverse. They are as many as grass-blades on human worlds, and as noticeable.

But others…. there are peaceful minds and inventive minds, and there are bloodthirsty minds and arrogant minds, and minds that are alien to human thought at all." The man looks straight at you.

“As your aura grows so does it become tastier to predators, to hunters, who in turn bring bounty hunters who chase after their prey to use them as bait or worse. And though we cannot die,” he looks long and levelly at you, “We can wish we did.”

BCLEGENDS, What do you do?


Worlds flash by, infinitely so. A staircase upon an escher diagram; things, eldritch workings and architecture that no immortal mind was meant to comprehend.



Foolish….Foolish ridge-child. Fightingfiggggghtinggurrrgh.

Sound becomes noise becomes a rushing of blood through the ears.

A hand, a ringed hand, reaches out of behind you, and grasps you by the hair. The hand is followed by an arm, then by a body, then by hard eyes and stitches forming around lips. Selza follows Jack.

“kilozombie,” Jack says, pleasantly. The hand grips you tighter, and yanks you until you dangle just under his jaw. “You seem to be in fine health.”

Even as he speaks with you, your mind is lost, to the space between the bridges, the creatures crawling just under and around the tunnels of the stars.

His mouth opens, and widens, and as your eyes gaze down it into his gullet something lives there, pulsing in manners that defy immortal expectation.

Time freezes. Jack’s teeth are elongating to puncture your hide. But your hand is free, and holding all the devices. They are warm in your hand and without looking at them you know that you are holding but one device. It is the most normal thing that you instinctively know, along with what makes up the bridges of the stars themselves. You cling to it, that concept.

kilozombie, what do you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / A Simple [Game] of Chance (Game Info on First Page)

Name: Dreyfus. Description: Blue eyes, brown hair. Location: Near Yiu.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Your Tale 3(CYOP)


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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)

Your character is entirely up to you. And please! Go right ahead with however you’d like! Think of me as a combination of the text parser in your text adventure game and a GM. And I don’t mind at all; I definitely don’t mind people starting from the beginning!

The star ensnares you with its tendrils, and you blink.

As your eyes open, you are standing on a crowded street, flooded with floating red and blue lanterns, lit with purple and green flames. Even as you watch, a flare of green light flickers upward into a bright column, forms a spiral in the air, and is gone.

You are surrounded by columns of fire. Yet, as you shrink back instinctively from fire – that primal instinct – you realize the air isn’t hot at all.

A large, diffuse, wall of sapphire flames engulfs you before you have a chance to react. You catch scattered thoughts – play, fun, era change, before three smaller, denser flames blaze through the air in an amazing display of pyrotechnics, in chase. One passes straight through you, and foreign thoughts and emotions enter your mind. Annoying…children….trust them…exasperation.

The street ahead of you and behind you is charred black, and platforms of obsidian and glittering diamond dot the places between the floating lanterns. Up ahead, bright sparks are emitting from a crowd of dancing campfires.

An amethyst rolls along the ground, toward you.

AdeebNafees, what do you do?


“World?” The teller sits straighter, furrowing her eyebrows. “Sir, are you feeling well?”

In the fluorescent light of your homeworld, her hair should be duller. Instead, the fluorescence here seems to fill her hair with golden highlights, so beautiful your fingers itch to touch it. It would be soft…

Her lips twitch. “Oh, I get it! You’re one of those actors, in town for the Workshop, aren’t you?”

You can hear the capitalization on ‘Workshop’.

“You’re in the Middle Plane,” she says, and her gaze flickers to her personal comp. Her fingers dart over the keyboard, and she begins to recite what must be a script with a great deal of enthusiasm.

“Welcome to the Middle Plane! I’m Brianna, on shift today for all your monetary needs. Should you need to withdraw creds, please present your convention card, and we will transfer everything you require! Thank you, and have a pleasant tesseractual journey.”

igotnousername, what do you do?


“Aye, that’s my boy,” the man says. His smile widens, and stops showing teeth. It becomes a much more pleasant smile.


He hears the second part of your statement and his face shuts down.

“Kilozombie, eh? Good riddance. Yeh don’t mind if I smoke, do yeh?”

Ignoring what you might think, he pulls out a cigar from under his console and lights it, a flame emerging from the metal finger. Puffs of smoke curl above him. His eyes narrow.

“Arrogant brat,” the man says. “After he learned everything he was willing to be patient for, he drained my comps of information and left. Said he was above someone as amateur as I, and that he would make his own way. I’ll give him succor, for old time’s sake, but not even I want to cross Jack Post. Tell him so, should he contact you again.”

“But first.” His eyes narrow. “Boy. Do you know of the hunt? Of the significance of aura? Of how to make your way across the star bridge?”

BCLEGENDS, what do you do?


“The multiverse is large, Jack Post,” the riddler gargoyle says.

“Get to the point,” Jack says, fingering the thin scalpel hiding in his sleeve. His fingertip, running along the edge, bleeds, and heals, bleeds, and heals.

“What carries you under-water, overnight, and across the sky?”

“As always the same answer,” Jack says. He seems amused. Selza is less so, cracking her knuckles. “Stars, stars, and stars.”

“Correct,” the gargoyle says, and swings around, revealing a constellation carved behind it. As a humming begins and light begins to shine through the holes, Selza seizes her brother and clings tightly to him.

“Soon,” Jack says. He does not smile.

“The multiverse is rebelling against him,” Selza says, “He’s trying to change the fabric, and partially succeeding.”

“Then the multiverse will be glad when I eat him. I do so like justification, Sel.”

The light is bright, and the stars are visible.

One turn left.

kilozombie, your time is running out quickly….learn to run….break the rules and so will they. for you all rules in the distant multiverses apply, all worlds are real, and every possible effect is active….every piece of equipment can be found.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Wasteland [RP] [Game]


Biplanes still work? Strange; with the dust in the air the lift must truly be immense.

Still, before I head for Fort Malachite and my uncle’s business there, it’s probably wise to get some kind of weapon first. My ever-trusty beating stick fell apart on that damn highwayman’s head on my way here…I need another one.

I wonder why my uncle sent for me. Business must truly be booming if he wants me to take over running a caravan…I would’ve thought Eldest Brother would have done the job far better than me. Oh, well, I suppose I can take care of myself better. Maybe he just needs a bodyguard for a new driver. I suppose that might be enough. And I pay my debts.

Weapon…or maybe I’ll just keep going.

(takes three steps and trips, sprawling face-first into the sand)


What … what is that?

(yanks what he tripped over out of the sand; a dull hatchet buried in some kind of chest. A very dull hatchet.)

Ooh! Canned food! (keeps it in his pockets) Thank you to whoever reconciled here!

Onward to Fort Malachite….and my uncle, the trader….

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


“When I said ‘all the hint’, I meant of every question, boy,” the man says, and crosses his arms. He smiles. It still isn’t pretty.

BCLEGENDS: What will you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


“Of course,” The man leans back into his chair. “And ‘mister’ is fine.”

He seems to smile, and presses a button hidden in an arm of his chair.

The crystals slide straight back into recesses in the walls, leaving a large, empty cavern.

A platform ascends right under your butt, knocking you straight onto it and giving you something actually rather comfortable to sit on.

He looks at you, and raises his eyebrows as he realises you genuinely have no idea how you got to his cavern.

“Boy,” he says, and there’s a certain sense of exasperation to his synthesized voice. “Are you aware that you are now on the star bridge? What – just what – do you think that a ‘star bridge’ might involve?”

He pauses.

“That is all the hint I will give you, until and unless you agree to my proposition.”

BCLEGENDS: What will you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


As you pass through the final doorway, the light reveals itself to be a grand cavern studded with crystals, with every known colour of the visible rainbow, and more besides. Heat, cold, and innumerable sensations wash over your skin, and smells, tastes, uncountable and unmistakeable, overwhelm your every sense.

At the center of this cavern, a seat rotates around. Sitting in the center is a man with an eyepatch, straight black hair, and scars lining his visible arms. One finger on his right hand ends in a metal piece, and the ends of that metal piece twist as he leans forward.

“Hello, boy,” he says. His voice is gravelly, but subharmonics buzz in a strange manner that almost screams ‘synthesized’. "Welcome to the eternal ‘game’. "

He sits back and smiles. It is not a nice smile.

“I don’t know, and don’t care to know, about why you jumped in the first place. Why you fled your homeworld. What matters is that you are here, now, and that you are completely new, and thus, fresh meat. But even ‘games’ need tutors, mentors. I could be yours, if you wished. Or, you could turn around now, go back out.”

“Boy,” he says. His eyes lock on to yours. “Do you even know the rule of this game? Rule, I say, not rules.”

BCLEGENDS, what do you do?

Be nice? Agree? Run away? Do something completely random? It’s up to you.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


The moving platform continues to slide toward the iris-locked door, which revolves open even as you approach it. On the other side, lines of troopers snap to attention, and the floor, barring two ledges which the troopers are standing on, slides away, allowing your platform to pass straight through.

As you pass through, each trooper salutes in perfect, almost mechanical precision, and it seems that the tunnel is gradually lightening, as though approaching a place of great light.

The last trooper on your left side is helmetless, revealing a face pockmarked with burns and raised scars, bearded and mustachioed; he salutes sketchily and simply stares at you.

The glass around your hand begins to glow, quietly, brighter, and brighter, almost seeming to match the light coming up ahead.

As your platform passes he bows, low and deep.

“Master,” he says, simply. “Welcome home.”

BCLEGENDS: What do you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)

“Jack. I underestimated him.”
“He’s one of those unbelievably competent…but annoying…targets. That is still in denial about reality.”
Jack swivels around, his eyes softening. “How immature. No matter; he’ll taste just as fine. The better for the anticipation.” He pats her hair, softly. “I’ll let you share on it. Just get better at the technology.”
“Okay, Jack.”
Her eyes are wide and shine with a certain light, familiar to both of them from their childhood. He pats her head again, and seizes her arm. Down his other arm scales, that look like a Taure’s, pulsing with five heartbeats, ripple, and vanish again.
His eyes meet the sapphiral tri-star that is the centerpiece of this world’s sky. They vanish.

You have two turns.


The shining piece of glass begins to glow. Under the light of the rose and emerald swirls, it visibly curls itself around your hand, nestling itself against your wrist in a tight spiral. Points of light dart around within it, and then concentrate on a ridge of glass, which begins to glow softly.

You touch it with a finger from your other hand, wonderingly, and hiss as the glass lights up your finger for less than a second before blood is sucked from your finger into the glass.

Moments later, your finger begins to heal. You stare in just as much stupefaction as the wound closes up, and leaves no trace of itself behind. As you stare at your finger you suddenly notice that you’re no longer standing outside the tower.

Instead, you’re on some kind of moving platform. Looking straight ahead, you notice that the moving platform is bearing you to an iris-doored airlock, with who knows what beyond. To your right, there is a large metal lever. Overhead, slits of night sky are revealed, which blink as semi-transparent membranes seal and unseal, as though some large creature were breathing.

BCLEGENDS: What do you do?

The transparent door slides easily enough open, although you are disconcerted to note that your reflection vanishes from the surface of the door. The tree, bright with the dappling of sunlight on its leaves, is clear enough that you can see the veins on the leaves, but you cannot see even the blurriest outline of yourself.

You step inside, your dress shoes clacking on the inset tiles. Octagons interspersed with smaller squares, like the Han from your home world. The bank is quiet, to-day. There is not a single soul waiting inside, with just the teller typing away diligently on a personal computer of some kind.

The waiting area itself is festooned with promotional posters, and the chairs and benches for waiting on are richly upholstered. The teller is a young blonde woman with a button nose, and nearly neon pink eyes.

She looks up. “Hello?”

igotnousername: What do you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


The world changes.

You look up at the star on this side, which is barely visible with its swirls of rose and emerald against the bright backdrop of a cyan sky. The sun, so dim and smoky on your home world, is bright and white here. No matter; looking around on the street, you are bustled and hustled around by university students, rushing to and fro from their classes to their shops. Lunchtime, mayhap; a break?

Letting yourself be drawn with the flow, you travel from the asphalt where you stood, dodging bicycles and pedestrians, crossing over wide passageways and thin alleys, letting your feet take you where they
will. Strangely, there were no cars; no motorcycles, nothing loud that disrupts the noise of the chattering crowds. You slip into the side of the flow, your mind quieting your body’s protest at breaking its rhythm, and turn to walk around. If this was a world much like your home’s, your first, you will need money. First, a bank.

igotnousername: What do you do?


“What type of idiot is he?” Selza asks, her nose buried in her tac-comp. “He seems to be reaching out to two newts for help.”

“Much help they’ll give him,” Jack says, his smile widening. His eyes deaden. “Cut him off, Selza. I don’t want to drain potential fun too early.”

“Got it, Jack,” Selza says. “Jamming.”

The tac-comp buzzes before lighting up, a long stream of codes running down the holographic screen, spilling onto the floor below.

“Done,” Selza says. “If they want to help, they can, of course, but they’re no longer bound to help him.”

“Good,” Jack says. His smile widens still. The stitches begin to pop. Blood begins to ooze, thick and chunky, from the sides of his lips. He licks the globlet away, and swallows the chunks.

He holds up a photograph, and clutches his sister’s arm. They vanish, as though they were never there.

Three turns left.

kilozombie: What will you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Monster Hunt [Continuous]

I send a Rogue Squadron to blow up this warmachine.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)

Kilo, ARE you playing? Because even if you aren’t, I’m about to include you, so speak now or forever hold your peace. Or just game. That works too.


You add the piece of glass to its partner in your pocket.

The glass…hums…in your pocket, beginning to get a little too warm for something so close to your crotch. As you fumble it out you notice that you don’t have two pieces of twisted glass in your pocket. Instead you have one piece….and it’s in the shape of a translucent bracelet. Little dots appear all through it as you stare at it, sitting harmlessly in your hand; little dots of light, that are swirling in and out of each other in intricate dances. You’ve lost your two PIECES OF TWISTED GLASS, and gained one GLASS[?] BRACELET.

The movement of the glass seems purposeful, and you wonder what it might mean.

GotterakaThing: What do you do?

(#{iaaa}-kilozombie) <—- Slightly special, since you’re about to play it very differently.

Jack Post is known throughout the Star Bridge as the most maniacal bounty hunter that has ever jumped between worlds. Certainly the most persistent. The immortality, and slight invincibility, granted by burgeoning auras (and the consumption of other burgeoning auras, something which Jack Post has done plenty of) and sheer bloody-minded persistence, has made Jack Post something of a myth, even among the higher level feuding of the clans of bounty hunters bouncing between worlds. He likes to keep his reputation on a downlow, but he is only one man, and even he can’t kill off every survivor. So word of his name spread. There was that time Jack took out a clan. The time he accompanied a demigod on a suicidal charge that somehow he survived. The time he corrupted an entire major branch of the star bridge. By accident. (So that one isn’t the most flattering of his stories). The eons he spent searching for his sister. How, when, where, and how he found her.

He can, however, be fooled.

His sister, though, might be a different story.

You gain warning, through gossip networks (even travellers who are on the run talk, or leave whispers in the worlds their footsteps touch, leaving traces and panic that your aura automatically translates), that Jack Post has begun looking for you, in search of your aura and your flesh.

Rumors say the stitches around his lips are because he ate the flesh of a Taure; he was smiling as he ripped into another immortal’s body, drained of its aura, and the acid in the Taure’s blood smeared across his cheeks.

You know it’s true. You were watching as he disemboweled the Taure.

No world is safe.

You have four turns left. Make your preparations. Gather as many things as you need, as you want. Stand your ground. Flee. It doesn’t matter. Jack and Selza Post are coming.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)

Oh no, BC, it’s fine, he can start from there; I’ll just label it as an offshoot from your line. Oh, but take note, whatever he might get or see may not be there in your line. And vice versa.

(BCLEGENDS: #aaaa-#aaab-#aaab2-#aaac-#aaad) (#aaae-GotterakaThing)

Your fist hurts as you punch the mural. It’s made of a strange kind of stone, almost metal in its coolness. It is just as dense as stone, however, and a cut opens up on your knuckles. Why did you punch so hard?

Even as your hand is stinging, however, you overturn the bed for the hell of it. The metal frame is difficult to shift for your body, but taking off the pillows, then the mattress, then flipping the frame seems to work.

The frame clangs on the ground, and almost instantly falls apart. You are glad you didn’t try to lie on top of it. It might have hurt!

What might also have hurt is a sudden glinting piercing out from the mattress. Another piece of twisted glass pokes out from the fabric.

GotterakaThing: What do you do?


You have been searching the room from top to bottom for quite some time. The night sky outside has faded to dawn as you inspect and search every nook and cranny. So far you have gathered quite the collection of lint and dust, but not a single speck of food can be found.

And yet you are neither thirsty, nor hungry. Food, the mere thought of food – although you can’t seem to remember what anything from home tastes like – doesn’t excite you or even make you salivate. Your throat works exactly as well as when you first jumped from your homeworld.

Experimentally, you begin to jog on the spot, moving faster and faster. Your body remains cool even long past the point that it should have gotten hot, and you don’t sweat at all.

You have no urge to relieve yourself, either. Which is good, since as far as you can see, there is no waste disposal in here, nor can you urinate out of the window, which is blocked by unbreakable glass.

BCLEGENDS: What do you do?

(Interlude: kilo) // [Otherwise known as backstory, unless you actually want to play]

“Kilo-zombie’s active again. Controlled some newster. Put out a massive aura. You want the bounty?”
“What do you think, sister?”
Jack Post’s smile swells, parting the stitches at each corner of his mouth. “Hell yes, he’d better run.”

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

My mouse and the screen seem to be completely disjointed. To click on top buttons I need to move my mouse to the center of the page, and clicking the bottom buttons (such as hitting stam) requires me to move my cursor off screen. What is the problem and how do I fix this?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Wasteland [RP] [Signups]

Name: Variance Hedges
Age: 23
Appearance: Half-Chinese; Black hair, brown eyes. Skinny, but with a runner’s build. Wears clothing with numerous pockets and all in khaki and sand colours. Has a tattoo of a barcode under his right sleeve.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Monster Hunt [Continuous]

Create a sharp spike of earth directly under the treads.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


You are wearing worn, tatty sneakers. You are wearing jeans of indeterminate fabric (the tag said 80% polyester, but it was also lying), with a piece of twisted glass inside your pocket. You are wearing a thin shirt whose fabric is nonetheless oddly warm in this cold world. You are not wearing any headgear.

You are a skinny, somewhat lanky, boy. Plucking a hair from your head, you see that it is dark in the blue lighting of the surrounding environment.

The windows are translucent but not reflective. You jump all about the place in an effort to see your face, and fail. Instead you get an excellent view of the walkway, from many different angles, but most of them limited to variances on your jump height. Which isn’t very much.

Climbing up the staircase grants you access to a long, flat platform with a soft, fluffy bed. The entire wall behind you is not wall, but is instead clear glass. Strange, as you remember that all was stone from the outside. The mural extends all the way around on the back wall, and threatens to draw your gaze back to it.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Puzzle]The Empathy Game Returns!

Things found in encounters on a modern adventure.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Star Bridge (Text Adventure)


The mural covers almost the entire wall, all the way up, and, as you look down, pretty much all the way down, too.

Stars gather, like clusters, over every inch of them. Shapes link as constellations and connections. You sense something shifting in the back of your head, as though something is forcing you to commit this to memory, as much of it as you can.

Someone, somewhere, collected all this information. This is a vital advantage to you as you run the star bridge; you sense that some of these connections only the most veteran, and dogged, pursuers might know.

Looking around you, you see stone pavings and tilings that form the floor, the walls, and the windowsills. The windows themselves are made of glass, and are supported by translucent bars. A staircase to an upper floor is next to you.

Your eyes roam, almost out of your control. Pattern upon pattern cascades into your mind, easing in, squeezing in, trying to find space. You find yourself forgetting your name….what you look like….your purpose for being on the star bridge, apart from escaping, or living.

You now have a vast knowledge of STARS. Running away from bounty hunters has abruptly become quite a lot easier, assuming you have access to a night sky somehow. Even pictures will do.

You have forgotten your BACKGROUND. You are no longer able to give truthful answers to anyone who asks, chiefly because you don’t know it, yourself.

BCLEGENDS: What do you do?