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Topic: Galaxy Online / Cool Ideas

1000 mp/day for log-on

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Kong and borderline fraud

Can’t access Dawn of the Dragon, and no service personnel.

This is fine if Kong is truly free. But it isn’t.

We have become paying customers, and expect semblance of service.

At least the ability to access a game we had forked over real money for.

Kong, if you can’t handle big boy service, don’t offer for profit contents.

Very disappointed, another scam, take money and run site.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't acess DOTD

No access. All other Kong games work just fine.

Tried IE, Firefox, Chrome.

Tried to reinstalling flash, nothing works.

Again, I can get in other games just fine, and even also fine to get into DOTD chat rooms.

Just NOT the game.

Please fix asap.