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Topic: Serious Discussion / Millennial workplace horror stories

Seems like you got me. I made the common mistake to equate the German “Fachhochschule” (direct translation: high school) with an American high school. Although the correct translation would be “University of Applied Sciences”. Shame on me.

Also, I noticed a dozen of grammatical errors in my text. Seems like I have to work on my English again. Sorry for this. It must be a pain reading my text.

This said, self-education is a valid point. And this is really something I can see in the USA. But most of the material that I know are at a fairly low level. And the acceptance isn’t that great either. For this, it would take suitable institutes that do standardised testing. Which I really can’t see. Companies aren’t really willing to spend money in this topic, as they want to see people coming to them begging for a job. And with a certificate already in their backpack. And traditional education companies will be hardly willing to be their own competition. And then there is of course still the question of quality of self-education. In huge parts of China you have for example lots of self-educated people. As education is considered important, but there is hardly an educational infrastructure worth it’s name. The results are actually mixed. (Let’s leave it there, a deeper analysis can easily fill whole books.) As angsty German I see of course problems everywhere. But there is actually nothing that is a complete show-stopper. In my opinion this could be the solution, although I’m not 100% convinced.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Millennial workplace horror stories

I want to say, that when I had read the title, I excepted something else.

Because of the ongoing automation and high unemployment many of the newest generation grew up in a very insecure surrounding. And like pretty much no generation before they see their only way to be better then the rest in high education. And when there is one thing that is special to the current generation, then it is fear and a lot of pressure. If someone is lazy, pretty much every company can fire them and get someone else within days. And companies really abuse this situation a lot. Suicides and burn outs are actually on an all time high.

As a old and grumpy men I consider this actually the last educated generation in the USA. My argument is, that the next generation simply don’t have the money for higher education. And this development has already started. I don’t want to call names, but high-scholls that once rejected 2/3 of the students that applied for them now are only booked by 80%. And this, although their reputation has actually increased.

This said, there are really a lot more narcissistic in the newest generation. Nowadays nobody cares any more, if their company survives or not. Because they consider it normal, that they get fired every few years for random reason. And pretty much nobody is willing to take any risks. Because well, if they do something the don’t have to do, they get at most a “thank you”. But if they fuck up, they get fired. So most will simple play it save and play dumb. Considering how easily workers get fired for random reason, this it’s actually not even the worst idea to shut your mouth. Pessimista say they have a low tolerance to bureaucratic crap. But my personal observance is pretty much the opposite. At least compared to generation X, which was really a pain in the ass back in their days.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Meat of the future

Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

lol wut?

Yes, this is actually a real problem. Like it is observed in the Swiss National Park. Which had problems with overpopulation of wild deer. They then died in the winter in huge numbers in an area, that haven’t seen neither a wolf nor a bear for a damn long time. Without human interference this would have led to a serious plague. At the moment they try to bring bearded vultures back to this area, but with moderate success.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Two American millennials destroy history in Italy.

I never heard, that there are any troubles with tourists from the USA. At least not here in Vienna. At most there are jokes around about these tourist from the South of the USA, who can’t walk 100 metres without being out of breath and see Vienna mostly through the window of a shuttle bus. Don’t know where they got collected, but they are dumb as a brick. And what I personally don’t understand: Why do you pay a decent amount of money, if you don’t want to experience a country anyway. If you want to see Vienna through a window, this is the same, but cheaper: .

But the big majority of tourists from the USA are well educated and they are very respectful. For example it’s not necessary to tell them, how they shall behave in a church. Or at least not more then once. Which is something you really can’t say about other nations. I guess Russians are the worst. They really leave a swath of destruction behind them. Or of course people from the Near East.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What is the United States afraid of?

If you dig through all the data, the USA is actually below France, but above Germany. The USA is just in the unique position, that their laws enforce transparency for civil projects. So they tend to label everything as militaristic, so they don’t need to explain how they use their money. And they are often extremely creative in doing so, which leads to an artificially bloated military budget.

Not to forget, that a high budget don’t necessarily lead to a better result.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Map- "The most of"

The data seems to be flawed. Nebraska has by a large margin the highest density of people in the USA, who use the Internet only for porn. This gets even more extreme, if you take Omaha out of the data. Which in many ways isn’t typical for Nebraska and should be handled separately.

Maybe it’s because Nebraska has 1.8m inhabitants and Kansas has 2.8m inhabitants. And Kansas is in fact the second place and has the most page views in total. But the title of this picture clearly includes “per capita”. On the other hand, there is also a spelling mistake in “paigeviews”. It could be, that I’m wrong, but I suspect they simple didn’t double-checked their facts and maybe other people will find other errors in this graphic.

And in case you wonder, why I’m that well informed about the porn-site usage in the USA: I’m interested into net politics. And xha*****.com and youp***.com are the two sites in the USA that cause the most traffic.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

Originally posted by cromagin2:

The hate towards LBGTQ seems to be especially virulent in Kansas if their own governor is able to pull crap like this and get away with it.

To be honest, I can’t follow this reasoning. Governors in the USA are able to pull a lot of crap in general. And get away with it, as there is hardly any civil society that deserve it’s name. (Just look at the sad state of the unions!) I know enough emigrants from the USA, who live now in Austria, because they just got frustrated about the amount of corruption in the USA. And that they are completely unable to do anything against it. And as several of them spend enough time in prison for absurd reason I can tell, that they have for sure tried. And it got even worse, now that the homeland security can arrest their own people without any reason for almost forever.

Seriously, it’s not like the USA is a democracy, where people can choice their government. Every few years they can decide, if they want to be ruled by a liberal-conservative party or another liberal-conservative party. That’s pretty much it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

My personal impression is, that the USA is actually misrepresented a lot in media. For all I can say, being gay seems to be a normal part of this society. But there is a powerful religious minority in this country, which was so far able to stop any efforts to support the status quo with laws. Which leads to this well known graph: .

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Question Regarding Internet

Every router I’m aware of has a setting called “user isolation”. This prevents two clients in the same network from communicating with each other. If this is active, you are most likely save. Also, I strongly recommend every private household to buy a cheap NAS with HDD. There you can set up a FTP-server, that is used to share files. And setting up an Ubuntu server is really trivial. Just don’t mess around with a Microsoft server. They back stab you wherever possible and the standard setting are outright dangerous. Use Linux and enjoy, how everything comes with save settings by default. It’s better, if nothing works, then your whole network is open for everyone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Interview being pulled from theaters

From my information it’s the USA that is helping North Korea under the table. And if someone asks, what North Korea has to offer, then there is one answer: The SEK studios.

This is pretty much the biggest animation studio in the world. They do assets for video game like Call of Duty, animate pretty much every Disney movie and draw the comics for DC and Marvel. Which are now also part of Disney. North Korea is able to provide their services below the production cost of Italy and Spain. Which before ’94 did most of the assets for US-companies. But then came the Lion King, which was almost completely done in North Korea and pretty much destroyed the animation-industry in both countries over night.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Now from the government! Pay per mile!

Originally posted by mikeinware:

I am not surprised you are OK with this vikatae. You clearly do not understand Americans very well. You are totally OK with the government tracking every move you make? Do you not see how this could be heavily abused?

Considering that cars can be easily tracked for almost 50 years, this is a fairly bold statement. There was even a time, when European companies bought ground next to highways. So they are able to track the movement of US-American citizen. Which leaded to a scandal in the late 80s, which I can’t find any more on Google. But this was a headline once, then articles followed for around a week. Then half a year later there was a tiny news about it. And in the 90s Siemens started a cooperation with several US-cities to install light signalling systems. And from this moment on are officially and legally allowed to collect this kind of data.

In Europe it would be unthinkable to freely give away this kind of power to a foreign company. And it’s just a few months ago, that the IZD-tower in Austria was raided. On the top-level of this tower the US-government has an office and two levels below is the ÖBB (Austrian Governmental Rail System). It’s not really a secret, that their duty was to take a close eye on what our “guests” are doing. Why it was raided isn’t 100% clear. The local newspaper reportated, that the installed a device to track GSM-data. Before it was reported, that in Donaustadt (the 22nd district of Vienna) there are irregularities with the GSM-connections. There have been rumours, that someone is spying and as China owns a big building near the Donaupark everybody believed they know the name of the offender. And this building got visited several time by our police. Seems like the looked at the wrong place. At least the irregularities stopped after this event.

But the USA is really absurdly care-free concerning IT. They also had a big power outage in their country. And it was caused, because an unknown “evil force” tried to install a trojan on the server of a power plant. But as it turned out, it collided with another trojan and dragged down the power supply of a big region. First they said, that this was caused by carefree engineers. One week later they admitted, that it was a “software bug”. And after about 2 months they called it a cyber attack and threatened to invade countries as response to such attacks. Yeah, whatsoever. But for sure it isn’t considered a problem, that the power plant server can’t be accessed over IP and Port without requiring any login. And this information is known to dozens of maintenance-companies and wasn’t changed for decades. The data was even posted on the German Gully-forum, although admins removed it in an instant and called the police. Officially the US-government worked with the power plant to give recommendation, how they could improve their security. But my information is, that they haven’t been forced to change their obvious holes. And as this is of course Top secret information, which may treaten the infrastructure of the USA, there won’t be a public announcement of any change. But may personal guess is, that everything stayed the same. At most they changed the IP.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ironically, Russia is going to save the world from the USA.

Personally I don’t think this speech itself will be even a footnote of history. And I also don’t think that a lot will change in the near future. From my personal perspective the USA was always a fairly average country. Not really great, but not the worst either. It’s not like the USA turned into corrupt country, but the USA always had real problem with corruption. From my data this even got significantly better in the last decades, although they are still far behind most European countries.

What actually changed is, that the traditional media (TV, newspaper …) has lost it’s impact. And this media was and is tightly controlled by US-American companies. Of course US-American companies like Microsoft, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook and ICANN also play a major part in the new media. But the control isn’t as tight as it once was. And inhabitants of the USA will be confronted with the opinions of Europeans about their country, no matter if they want or not. And a lot of these comments aren’t very favourable. And even worse: A lot can’t be dismissed easily. Like for example pretty much anything related to the horrible healthcare system of the USA plus their inefficient “feel good” school system. Where everybody can graduate, if the parent just have enough money. The USA is so absurdly bad in these fields, that it’s just not funny any more. And no matter how many paid comment-writer the US employ, it’s difficult to hide this.

A more realistic view may hurt the soul of the USA. But I’m pretty sure that they are doing just fine. And I also don’t think the world needs to be saved. And for sure not by Putin.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola cases popping up all over texas

So far I was under the impression, that Ebola is a weak excuse of the USA for sending their troops to Liberia. Hopefully the Ebola chases in the news are only propaganda to aid this geo-political agenda. Because I don’t think the emergency management in this country is able to fight Ebola in an efficient way.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / UFOs

Originally posted by vikaTae:

As to the upper speed limit, I definitely agree. We have found no evidence whatsoever for the existence of anything capable of travelling faster than C. However, we have been successful on many an occasion at reducing the value of C according to the density of the material being phased through.

This is a common misconception. The speed of light is the same in dense material. But the light bounces around, so it take more time to get from A to B. This is actually something that drives a lot of profs crazy, but don’t really change that everyone talks about “slowing down light”. Also, this is what you observe from the outside, if you consider the fibre a black box.

And yes, the word “bouncing” is technically also wrong in the last paragraph. But this would go too far.

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Topic: General Gaming / Ever met/know someone who says that flash games are stupid?

Flash is in fact dying.

Most of the small goofy games are at moment done with HTML 5. If you are interested trying it yourself, you can for example look at . It’s not too difficult to get things done. And you don’t have to deal with Adobe Flash, which is completely overloaded IDE, where you spend most of the time searching for obscure bugs. And AS3 is really everything, but for sure not well documented. That’s by the way the reason why there is no blue D next to my name. I really wanted to at least upload something small, but Flash seem to hate me.

As player a good entry point is , where you can go through all kind of interesting games.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Challenges of Online Communication

As much I’m aware the Internet is mostly a collection of private isles. Mostly dedicated server with Murmur, Teamspeak or another voice service. Then of course E-Mail and Newsserver or Mailing-lists. Plus IRC or XMPP for text-chat. Formally it was custom, that everyone get webspace. But nowadays there is normally a general Wiki and whoever wants a homepage can buy his own domain. And many other services, as needed by the community. Starting with a certain size a search engine gets important. And of course everything heavily encrypted and invite only, so the secret service of your choice need to work for their money.

If you are not invited, it’s unlikely that you will ever hear about their existence. And a lot of them are their own eco-system and people don’t even care about the rest of the Internet any more. It’s compareable with facebook, where you don’t simple leave, because all of your friends are there.

That are the places, where 90% of the clients are Linux. The rest mostly BSD-variants. And there are of course also isles, that don’t even use common Internet technologies. Like for example everything related to Minitel. Considering that this network is officially turned off, it’s actually pretty alive. Or the IPv9-network. Speaking of IPv9, there are also dozen of alternative DNS-systems. That are the parts of Internet you can’t access without having a certain DNS-server installed. Although at the moment the ICANN is working hard on colliding with every other system. Like for example using citynames as top-level domain, which many local networks use for their own purposes. And then there is a huge world, that isn’t based on IP and get accessed over a VPN-gate.

The Internet is big and the visible part is really only the tip of the iceberg.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

I think if it helps to understand the position of atheists, if you look at the though experiment of the Invisible Pink Unicorn . Because that’s exactly what atheists see, if Christian are talking about their god.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

You’re forgetting the fact that there’s no need for dishwashers in a communist society because it’s an undesirable job in general, and easily replaced by a machine that can run not only more effectively, but for cheaper than a liveable wage.

You just made the common mistake of a capitalist thinking in a capitalistic way. In communism having a job is considered one of the more important human rights. And like in other societies, communistic countries have a fair share of unskilled idiots in their populace. Yes, education is much better in communism. But just trust me, there are idiots where this simple don’t matter. And instead of keeping them on welfare, they get a job where they can’t do any harm. Like washing dishes.

Also, a worker isn’t really a cost in communism. A company there get worker provided, but have to pay for machines. It’s actually pretty common in this system, that companies complain all the time, that they have not enough workers. Even if they don’t have enough work for letting 20% of their workers work for 40 hours. While in capitalism is better for a company to let them work for 130% and let the government pay for the welfare of the people who can’t get a work. Which means that a communistic factory seldom has problem with spikes and can operate in a more flexible manner. And I know cases, where some of them really earned a golden nose with this flexibility. For example when in India several factories where victims of a flood, China was able to take prices for hard-drives beyond good and evil. But better throwing money in the mouth of these communistic companies, then paying obscene contract penalties for not delivering goods. (It should be noted, that this was also seen by the WTO, which judged many of this penalties illegal to protect the capitalistic system. But this soften only the problem, a lot of money changed the owner.) Although this system of course drawbacks. Like for example, that these companies have no real pressure to use new technology. And of course many other drawbacks presented in this thread are also valid.

But the point is to try thinking outside the box. In capitalism almost everything is solved over the market theory. Hardcore liberals even tell people about the “invisible hand of capitalism” that magically fixes all problems. So people shall focus on the market and ignore everything else. Although they are luckily the minority in capitalistic countries. And in communism this market often simple don’t exist.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

The problem is, that spanking puts a kid into the state fearful passivity. Which is commonly called “time bomb”, at least when directly translated from German to English. They are calm, but may explode any time and do stupid things.

You also teach your children, that problems can be solved with violence. Once grown up, this is a quick way to end up in prison.

And last but not least, children who get beaten too often may have problems living a self-determined life. Which should be the goal of every education.

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Topic: General Gaming / What would you prefer? PS3 or Xbox 360?

It really depends on the region you are living. The XBox360 offer a lot of non-game-related services in the USA. Which makes it very interesting there. While the PS3 sold extremely well in Europe, because it was the cheapest blue ray player available there. Although this isn’t relevant any more. Still, the services that make the XBox360 interesting aren’t available, so the PS3 is the better choice, if you don’t care for the XBox360-exclusives. Like Halo, which is pretty much an US-American thing. Given the absurdly high investment in marketing for this product, the numbers sold here are just depressing.

But in general it’s difficult to sell console-shooters in Europe. The bankruptcy of Cosmos in Austria showed, that lots of “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2” boxes got delivered, but most of them where supposed to get destroyed. The idea was just to let matter looks much better then they are. But the receivership of Cosmos denied the destruction of this boxes and they got sold for 5€ first, later for 2€. Activisan went crazy. But the only thing they can to is, that Cosmos isn’t allowed to buy products from them any more. By the way, Cosmos even calculated with a huge success of MW2 and thought this may save them. But I guess this counts mostly as “delay of bankruptcy”. Because this isn’t the first part of the series with very weak sells in Austria. And it should also be noted, that MW2 for PC actually sold well. But in general, the Cosmos/Köck bankruptcy is well documented, because it gave a deep insight into the industry. And of course this was also partly revenge, because a lot of distributors weren’t willing to soften the bankruptcy of this company. When Niedermeyer went bankrupt, things were very different.

With the newest generation it’s pretty much the same. If you life outside the USA, the PS4 is a better product for less money. The difference is even bigger then in the last generation. The only argument for the XBoxOne is Kinect. Which didn’t got a lot of love and now isn’t even bundled. If you live inside the USA it’s the question, if you need these added services. Although it should be noted, that the PS4 focused a lot of services, although their marketing campaign was to present their product as “gaming device”. Personally I think the XBox One is slightly better at this market, if you are a stereotypical US-American. Although the sales suggest, that non-gaming services aren’t as important as certain people think.

Most likely the vocal European gamers also had an influence. Because when the XBoxOne got announced, the presented one service that will never be available in Europe after each other. And I guess you can imagine, how much people on the other side of the big lake cared. If they would have presented a brick, the reaction wouldn’t have been that much different. Also there was a strong reaction to Kinect concerning privacy. Which was also typically European. Which actually is a huge mistake that is common in the USA. They first only observe the US-American market and present a product for them. With the goal to present it to Europe later in a way, that please this market. But a lot of people in Europe and of course other continents also speak English and voice their opinion. But Joe Sixpack simple don’t know, if the anonymous poster, who wants to stick a rusty cucumber in the ass of the Microsoft presenter, is a 13 year old girl from Pardubice, Czech or a 34 year old men from Texas, USA.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by vikaTae:

Riots related to perceived injustice in policing, however, are easy to stop if you are willing to take the trouble to stamp out injustice and promote a policy of tolerance in the first place. More expensive and more hassle true, but would effectively stop these riots before they ever start.

As a bonus, you end up with an effective police system.

I guess the noteworthy word in your paragraph is “more expensive”. Given that most states in the USA are de-facto bankrupt and need to cut their expenses, I’m not sure where to take the money for this. In fact, I’m convinced that the police will loose resources in the future. Any solution for this problem can’t include spending more state money.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Protesters throw rocks, bottles, and Molotov Cocktails….reporters toss bullshit lies?

One of the reporters who got beaten up by the police and got arrested for no reason worked for Bild. They are part of the Springer press and demand from all of their employees, that they don’t write negative things about the USA nor Israel. Even when not writing for this publisher. This is of course conflicting with the freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the German Basic Law. (That’s de-facto the constitution.) But Springer get away with this, because Germany don’t want to endanger the good relationship with the USA. (Or in other words: The USA is above German Basic Law.) I can’t imagine that one of them did anything offensive.

But of course also less US-friendly journalists got arrested. And the picture they draw isn’t very favourable: The USA has too few policemen with too little education, the wrong kind of equipment and don’t get enough respect from the general public. Policemen are often working 60-80 hours per week. At least officially, unofficially most likely more. And I’m talking about the time without any riot. This means a lot them are taking speed, which of course don’t increase their quality of work. In fact, speed often lead to stupid mistakes.

A huge problem is, that organised crime used the riot for their own agenda. And the police simple don’t has the resources to stop them. Racketeering is common. There is also a certain amount of crime tourism, because people think the police can’t stop them from taking whatever they want. And because other cities have similar problems with under-funding, they can’t send reinforcement. Or at least not enough. Which means they are almost at a “civil war” in the escalation ladder.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

I’m by no mean an expert, but I get the feeling that even with reduced labor prices in areas like Iraq, the added costs associated with refining crude oil in these areas – security, shipping, leasing/building infrastructure – wouldn’t really save much as opposed to refining locally.

You should know, that crude oil is comparable with a used chewing gun. This is nothing that you can transport easily and has some very unpleasant properties. And the chemicals used to get crude oil from the ground are also extremely aggressive. Maybe you should watch a technical reportage about an oilfield to get a feeling, why many people think, that the age of cheap oil is nearing it’s end.

About the conflict I have to say, that the stream of information is extremely thin. All I can really do is wild mass guessing. I read a few reports about the refugee camp. After the united nation was able to provide this people with food and water they send lots of observer. Seems like the Christians are a minority. The USA pretty much hasn’t helped at all. Which is something positive, because these refugees aren’t fans of this country for obvious reason. Especially the Christians seem to hate them. If they would send “Care packages”, the situation would escalate quickly.

It may sound cold-hearted, but I don’t think these refugees are relevant. It’s nice that they got media coverage and the world is aware of their existence. It also hardly touches me any more, that the IS buys small children that will end as sex slaves or trade food for organs. It seems like in the end it’s all about monetisation. Also, I honestly don’t really care any more, if wars are fought over religion, power, resources or 99 red balloons .

And by the way: As native German I consider the English version much better. Whoever has translated this was a genius, because he took the original message and translated it into the Saxon culture. But this also means nobody should be surprised, why it didn’t sold well in this region, although the original German version that hardly anybody in the USA understand was a hit. And if anybody wants a translation of the German part they left in this version: “99 Ministers of war are playing with the fire, they think they are smart and are greedy for booty. They propagate war and want more power. Shit, who would have ever thought, that 99 red balloons would start this.” And yes, I’m in a pretty bad mood.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / God is fake.

I also don’t believe in god. Still, I see no reason for offending people who have another opinion about this matter.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

I wasn’t happy with my post after reading over it again. I don’t feel it represented this conflict well and didn’t really contributed to this threat. I most likely will rewrite it. But not today.

In short words: I said that the Iraq saw the biggest bombing ever. And with the high numbers of unexploded bombs I feel, it was the goal to turn Iraq into a gigantic minefield. I mentioned the CCM (Convention on Cluster Munitions) and how the demining went on at a good pace in recent years. And that it was pretty cost effective, compared to the obscene cost of the bombings. I also described, that mine clearance don’t mean, that everyone is save to dig holes wherever they want. But that it’s more of a sliding scale.

I also expressed my deep hate for cluster bombs in a lengthy way. Which is of course my agenda, but also very off-topic. And that with the new bombings a new generation of cluster bombs will be deployed, that is far more difficult to remove. But considering there aren’t information at the moment, what kind of ammunition the US used for the current bombing, this was a hell of a statement. And another reason to remove my post. Maybe they haven’t used their “silver bullets” yet or don’t even plan using them. Cluster bombs are a hot political topic and maybe the USA has decided against pissing the international community off.