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Topic: Recruitment (Expand Your House) / Boss Quest Links

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sin Capital] what happened to all my stuff?

Same error here.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Sidebar Firefox Extension

I’m sure it would be trivially easy to take a little “out of 46” on there. But keep in mind that it’s likely just scraping the data off of your profile page where it counts the raw number of cards you have including any duplicates – my profile, for examples, says I have 23 but that’s including two cards that are repeated so the game itself says that I only have 21 (Both are right, I have 23 cards collected but I only have 21 out of the 46 available cards.). And it might not be so easy to accurately count up all those cards and make sure there are no repeats.

Great extension, by the way. Looking forward to future updates.

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue (About Everything!) Alpha Testers Wanted

I’ll sign up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai Decks

Ha! I knew I could get someone to do the math for me. I’m in your head, Einar!

(Quickening powder only works 8% of the time; this means that you’ll have an n% chance of it happening once in log (1-(n/100))/log .92 rounds. For instance, there’s only a 50% chance that it’ll happen once in eight rounds, and a 90% chance it’ll happen once in twenty eight (rounded) rounds. )

Right, it won’t work very often. But you’ve already signed up for that if you’re drawing Popo. Quickening Powder could probably use a slightly higher proc rate but it’s one of those cards where, if the stars align, you really benefit. I don’t care if it only happens once in a blue moon (Well, I do. But, then, I wouldn’t be using Popo in the first place since I like a lot less variance in my strategy.) I’m still going to be happy when it does since it’s going to ruin my opponent’s day the one time it does work. It’s a highly swingy strategy but that’s the way inferior players can beat those who are objectively better, by relying on random luck and maximizing their chances of the improbable happening.

Besides, the option wasn’t which was the best item to slot on Popo it was “are there items which are better than Deadly Poison”? That’s a very low bar to clear for me.

(You know, if that works with Deadly Poison too, I can see spamming it being really irritating.)

It does. You get a chance for it to proc on every hit just like Tiger’s Claw. I prefer Tiger’s Claw because, while it’s a less certain application it’s more damage and it arrives faster in larger packets, making it much more of a concern for my opponent.

The ideal situation is for Zina to be backed off with a full energy bar and buffed up with Misstress’s Command (Which, yes, gets a shot at everyone off the field, too.). It’s stronger in 5-card than in 3, obviously, but it can get crazy fast.

(He’s practically a 1-hit kill though)

’There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.’

In most realisitic gameplay scenarios Higashi will kill anyone he intercepts but it’s not a completely sure thing. The Chalice changes that from a high probability to an absolute certainty. I can see that being worth it to some people.

More importantly, it acts as a huge tip-off to your opponent that you will be gunning for an intercept at every single chance. That can change their behavior and alter the game without you ever having to land an intercept the entire game.

(it’s not often that someone pulls out an undamaged character.)

3 to 5 times a game, by my count. Maybe more depending on how much they like to switch. But it’s also the only move you can count on them making at the start of the game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Dinowaurs Alpha Testers Wanted

Can’t promise I’ll give it my undivided attention given other commitments. But I’m in.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai Decks

Some random thoughts because I’m feeling lazy.

Stoneheel is nice on Tafari or even a character like Ashi or Andromeda where your opponents will be trying to shift range to avoid you. It’s a slow bleed but one that can really throw off their energy count and lead them into unfavorable situations.

As for the Feather – which is nice – it might be 55% dodge, it might not. It depends whether the game treats evasion chances as additive or combinative. In other words, whether it just lumps them together into one number to check against – 30%+25%=55%. Or if it checks one and then the other – 30% chance, then a 25% chance to miss (Depending on which is counted first). It’s a difference of a few percentage points and it’s great either way but it is a difference.

Deadly Poison, though, isn’t very good. It’s way too little damage spread out over too long. It procs often enough and, thanks to stacking, you’ll end up doing decent damage with it but I’d rather have Feather or Quickening Powder on Popo (Double Slingshots make me happy.).

And, yeah, Tiger’s Claw can get nuts on Zina. But it takes a bit of set-up work.

Sacred Candle is deceptively powerful – a 50% chance to get debuffed can swing a lot of games. So can Sharpening Stone. Valkyrie’s Charm is good, too.

I love Gem of Souls but it can be a little difficult to take advantage of.

Higashi is NOT always a 1-hit kill with an intercept. He deals 70 damage which doesn’t kill Onimaru, Juju, Tafari, Ubuntu, Ashi, Helene, Constantine, or his mirror. That’s 40% of unweighted match-ups, in case you don’t like math. None of those characters have more than 85 max health and, so, it means he can kill anyone he catches trying to switch out. More importantly, he gets full energy for doing so which can be important if you want to use, say, Chi Blast a lot. It might not be optimal but it’s not exactly a poor choice, either.

In general, there are three ways you can go with selecting an item:
-To increase your character’s inherent advantages (General’s on Ashi, Feather on Popo.).
-To decrease their natural disadvantages (Scroll on Higashi, Stoneheel on Andromeda).
-To take advantage of something that’s hideously abusive (Like I’m going to tell everybody else what those are…).

Which way you go depends on the character and your own personal preferences.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai Forum

A Kongai forum would be much appreciated.

As for Einar’s movement suggestion, I like it. I was initially skeptical of movement costs when I started and had been thinking along similar lines to get around those situations, as have been pointed out, where you can’t do anything but change ranks and it turns into a losing situation for you. (I thought about progressively decreasing the cost over time, too. My other idea was creating a kind of Prisoner’s dilemma situation where if you and your opponent agreed on the range it would cut the price or even give you a bonus, and if you and your opponent disagreed it would cost more. Say if you and your opponent both press the same range, it costs 25 energy or something, if you change and your opponent doesn’t or vice versa it costs 50, and if you and your opponent disagree it cost 75. Pushing movement costs under 50 might do some awful things with balance, though, since a lot of skills are designed around having to move. A skill like Vanessa’s Ray of Light or Ambrosia’s Trushot gets very powerful if you can step back and fire it off in a single round instead of having to find a spacer move.). But after playing a bit more, I’ve come to like the system as is. There are some places – mostly involving hated Tafari – where it gets lame. But, for the most part, it’s adding some strategic depth by creating another way of forcing bad match-ups. That characters can move and find they have to switch out or can’t move to avoid a disadvantage is great since it allows players to force those situations through clever play, I’d be careful about changing it.