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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Originally posted by xXkillerXx:

oya,do u know the mechanism work for team-mate in virture pt to get both reward and virture?
cos sometime i have both tries and stamina left,i get virture,while other times i get both reward and virture.

Originally posted by Bob10110:

Virtue Parties Explained

  • Your rewards (as party leader) are unchanged. The top damage rank from the other players will forfeit their normal reward (even if they could spend the stamina and attempt), and get 10 Virtue Points instead. The other players after that can get their normal dungeon reward (assuming they can spend the stamina and attempt to get it) plus 1 additional Virtue Point.

There you go. ;)

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Unfortunately, I’ve kinda forgotten most of the hero and nightmare unlock levels. Yeti King nightmare is notable enough for being the last R4 nightmare to unlock, at level 88, since that opens up the possibility of a purgatory dungeon.

The excavation artifacts, meanwhile, can be fairly easily found if you click the item icons. Clicking the (unfinished) artifact opens up the menu of what materials you need, and clicking on a material auto-paths you to select that map — even setting the correct number of blitz attempts too. Very useful at level 80+ when everybody gets free turbo blitz.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Unfunded

I was top 10 in levels for a brief time, as a free player; granted I started early (back during the 3-day Kong beta about a month ago). But I intend on staying here awhile and helping people enjoy the game. =)

All I’m really missing out on is wings, high level gems, and perhaps faster rate of progress through content (growth quests, etc). Which isn’t a huge deal to me, since I tend to get stuck in mid-game anyways for various reasons.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Regarding treasure chests, yes, there are some dungeon goals that ask you to open them. The stages with chests always have them in a fixed position, though the type of chest may vary between attempts. Higher level stages tend to have a higher chance of having the exquisite chests.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Personally, I like Excalibur. For a basic Bladesoul, it’s pretty useful for general purposes.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / [Patch Notes] 03/06 Server Update

Eh, Hyper, the diamond cost for socketing high level gems has always been there. It’s just more visible now since people can get to high level gems a bit more easily via Pumpkin Smash. Honestly, I would appreciate some sort of gold option alongside the diamond one even if it’s absurdly expensive (say, several million gold) but that’s just my opinion.

Also, Citadel’s level requirement seems to have changed from 79. Still looks like it needs VIP for the free attempts though. Sigh…

The mount summons during battle looks nice at first, but then I find the mount tends to do less damage output than me. Maybe it’s just me being stuck with the free horse mount but I expected at least some improvement in my damage. Guess I need to buff it up some more. =P

(Thanks for removing the level 50 cap on mount skills though, might be able to do just that now.)

Meanwhile, Battle Royale is broken (again). Nobody can queue up, and the shop no longer displays the royale points earned either.

The rankings list seems to be non-functional too, just a blank page in all categories.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide

Boss Strategy Guide

Ever face an annoying boss that just wouldn’t die? Here’s some tips on how to beat ‘em. Note that this largely goes for Nightmare Dungeons, but I’ll toss in a couple from other sources too.


• Aurora Bubble – Creates a sphere very similar to Valkyrie’s Aurora Blast
• Ranged Energy Orbs – Attacks at range with some large orbs of energy

Usually Jasmine will use her bubble as she gets up from the ground, if players are nearby. It is possible to space yourself that the bubble won’t hit you, but you can still hit Jasmine. Once you’ve hit her, she’ll flinch and the bubble will fade away. Proceed to combo her up into the air for another 100 hits. If you’re not feeling brave, another option is to get some horizontal distance away so as to draw out her ranged orbs attack. She leaves herself wide open when she does this, so as soon as you see her going for that ranged attack swoop in for a combo.

Captain Black

• Fury Swipes – Several close-range slashes
• Sliding Slash – Slides across the ground in a charge, dealing damage

If he’s by himself, he’s fairly easy to dodge. Once he gets up from the ground, he tends to slide if nothing is within reach of his fury swipes. Just stand up or down out of the way of his attack, then run in and start comboing once he’s stopped attacking. Of note, Captain Black’s slide tends to show him going a bit further than he actually went, so keep that in mind.

In Nightmare, Nadfall (the blue lizard) gets tossed in the mix. Dealing with him may prove a bit annoying because being hit by slows can hamper your abilities to run in and combo Black. It seems preferable to focus on Black, and if nobody else is around to occupy that lizard (and it doesn’t walk into the combo) you may have to take hits from it.

Skipping Spider King and Novabot because it basically boils down to not standing right in front of them if they hit the ground.

Red Baron

• Impaler – Deals area damage in front of Red Baron
• Black Hole – Sucks nearby players into the hole, dealing area damage…and then usually followed by an Impaler

This one is definitely harder than the previous bosses; you’ll find he’s not so easy to flinch. He’s only vulnerable when he’s moving, so use this to your advantage — try to let him come towards you via the Z-axis (standing up or down from him) and he’ll fall right into a well-planned trap. Even a normal physical attack can get Red Baron to flinch if he’s on the move, though more cautious players might opt for a finisher (I-key skill) to initiate on.

His attack pattern upon getting up is to use two Impalers followed by two Black Holes. If you can’t get him to flinch by the second Impaler, flee…Black Holes really wreck HP bars. Fortunately he’s not that hard to dodge if you utilize air-dashes.

Oh, and in Nightmare, you’ve got an annoying Tribesman to deal with too. You’ll probably still want to focus on the boss. May be worth saving a bladesoul until you can strike them both, though.

Overlord is skipped largely because it’s a case similar to Spider King and Novabot — don’t stand in front of the guy when he falls.

Sand Devil

• Vacuum of doom – Sucks the life out of nearby players, dealing area damage.
• Whirlwind – Sends a quick-moving whirlwind to knock players away.
• Sand Blast – A strong Area of Effect skill.
• Teleport – As if the annoying breath wasn’t making this boss annoying enough, he’ll vanish if there are no nearby targets, only to reappear on top of you and start sucking away again.

Area control is key here. Approach from the Z-axis (up/down) after Sand Devil starts attacking some other hapless target(s) and get some duration skill going so that it’s damaging him between breaths; he’ll flinch and you can combo from there. Examples of area control skills would be Valkyrie’s Thunder Field (L), Mechanist’s Bear Claw (U) or Cyclone Flurry (L), or any class’s finisher (I-key skill).

Sand Devil rarely gets to use its other skills (because it tends to flinch and reset the order of skill usage), so you’ll largely be avoiding the vacuum of doom.


• Arrow Rain – If players are nearby, she’ll leap into the air and rain arrows down dealing area damage for about 2 seconds.
• Crystal Arrow – If players are far away horizontally, she’ll fire an arrow towards them. This arrow usually multiplies from one into five, sweeping pretty much everything in its way.

Bait out the Arrow Rain, and run up/down before it can actually hit you. Right as she falls toward the ground to land, the area damage stops — learn this timing and run in as soon as you are able to catch her for a combo.


• Large energy ball of DOOOOOOOOOM – The blue face fires a slow-moving yet extremely large energy ball. Will knock you up quite high if you get hit.
• Ice Rain – Three bursts of icy rain fall upon the player’s current position.
• Medusa Laser – The black face fires a hard-hitting laser, enough said.

First off, always stand next to the boss. There’s no sense in running away since the Medusa Laser is very difficult to dodge and has a large hitbox. Second, you’ll notice Fates has a pattern to its attacks: Energy ball, Ice rain, and then Medusa laser. You can dodge the energy ball by going to the side the blue face isn’t looking; this is easiest to do if you’re on top of the boss pounding away at it. You can dodge the icy rain by performing a dash-attack at the right times; the first one comes right after the third burst of light from the blue face, and the other two in roughly 2-second intervals. The Medusa laser can be skipped entirely if you hit the boss during the Ice rain “dance” since it is prone to flinching at this time (unfortunately you can’t knock Fates airborne).

If desired, you can use your finisher (I-key skill) during the icy rain phase — for Knights this works great due to the invincibility, but everybody else will be taking some damage. The constant damage should keep Fates flinched for a few seconds though, and in group settings you could possibly chain these together to keep Fates flinched for a while (or just outright burst DPS the boss down).

Otherwise, just stick to skills with quick animations (i.e. don’t root you to a spot for a length of time), physical attacks, and dash-attacks.

Credit to Sushino for giving me the idea to dash-attack. ;)

(More bosses to come later)

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide


Knock-up: ☆☆
Combo stability/ease: ☆☆☆
Combo power: ☆
Area control: ☆☆
Initiation: ☆☆☆

Mechanists are a class with a plethora of tricks and contraptions. They’re a threat to their enemies both near and far, able to initiate by casting a long-range stun or by swinging their giant hammer in a frenzied cyclone. Potential for comboing is quite viable, if a bit weak on the damage per hit. That low combo damage is their main drawback, relegating them to a support role for PvE encounters.


H – Earthquake Hammer
30 Mana • 2.5 second CD
Knocks enemies upward with a mechanical springing fist.
Across 3 hits, deals total damage of 300% SAtt at level 1, +6% per level.

L – Cyclone Flurry
40 Mana • 4.5 second CD
Spins that hammer right round baby right round for 3 seconds, allowing for very slow movement and pulling all enemies it hits toward your current X-axis position. Does not knock up grounded enemies, but will keep airborne enemies airborne.
Across 12 hits, deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

U – Bear Claw
40 Mana • 20 second CD
Instantly strikes an area a set distance away with a mechanical contraption, inducing stun effects for 2 seconds on whatever it hits.
Across 5 hits, deals 700% SAtt at level 1, +14% per level.

I – Stormfire
100 Mana • 30 second CD
Deals area damage for a duration of 3 seconds.
Deals 1500% SAtt at level 1, +30% per level.


As a Mechanist, your primary goal is to disable the enemy and gain control of the tide of battle. Bear Claw (U) can do this from a distance and Cyclone Flurry (L) can do this at close range.

General tips: If Cyclone Flurry (L) is being used on a group of enemies, some of which are in the air and others which are grounded, you may want to immediately follow with Earthquake Hammer (H) to knock the grounded mobs up before continuing your combo. Speaking of which, your combos are extremely sustainable (more so than any other class) due to Cyclone Flurry (L) persisting for a lengthy time of three seconds. Alternate these with double-aerials (jumping and striking the opponent in midair exactly twice) and you can keep juggling enemies for quite some time. Practice this L-K-J-J combo, especially the timings of the double-aerials since they can be tricky sometimes.

Solo PvE: You’ll want to group up mobs with Cyclone Flurry (L), as this skill is insanely useful against anything that’s stupid enough to walk right into you. Against bosses, use Bear Claw (U) to stun them; this prevents the boss from moving or attacking for long enough that you can start a combo. Continue pounding away until you approach 100 combo, at which point the boss will automatically break your combo.

Group PvE: Fairly similar to solo, except the Valkyries and Rogues will be able to shove enemies together a bit more efficiently. For the boss, your stun will be insanely useful to initiate on most bosses — just watch out for potential attacks at range from some of them (e.g. Red Baron). Keep combos going if you must (your combo hits with Cyclone Flurry (L) are rather weak), and be wary when the total group combo may be approaching 100 on the boss.

World Boss: Stick to Stormfire (I), Bear Claw (U), and toss the occasional Earthquake Hammer (H) in.

AI PvP: Bear Claw (U) is probably your best friend here as AI tends to walk right into that trap. If that’s not an available option, go for Cyclone Flurry (L) instead to initiate (or re-initiate). Once they’ve flinched, you can knock them up into the air and combo until 50 hits. Stormfire (I) may be useful during a combo to get some much needed damage to charge your Bladesouls.

Live PvP: Plays out similarly to AI battles, but don’t expect players to fall into the Bear Claw (U) trap so easily. Still try to catch them out with it if you can, and if they get close, Cyclone Flurry (L) is usually your best move. Watch out for finishers (I-key skills) as those tend to outlast your Cyclone Flurry AND deal lots of damage to you.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide


Knock-up: ☆☆
Combo stability/ease: ☆
Combo power: ☆☆☆
Area control: ☆
Initiation: ☆☆☆

Rogues focus on initiating fights with an aggressive skillset. They can become invincible for 2 seconds with Fatal Ambush while maintaining their full rate of movement, allowing them to rush into opponents for an assault. Rogues are also the only class whose standard physical attacks can produce a knock-up effect on enemies already in the air. Their shortcomings boil down to being a tougher class to combo with once the first strike is made, and a lack of area control outside of Tornado Slicer which doesn’t last terribly long.


H – Cyclone Hit
30 Mana • 3 second CD
Knocks enemies upward with a shuriken-like object, which stays in play for 2 seconds.
Across 6 hits, deals total damage of 300% SAtt at level 1, +6% per level.

L – Shadowstorm
40 Mana • 3 second CD
Charges forward and into the air, knocking enemies up.
Deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

U – Fatal Ambush
40 Mana • 30 second CD
Become invincible for 2 seconds, and release an explosive burst of damage on nearby targets when it wears off.
Explosion deals one hit of 400% SAtt at level 1, +8% per level.

I – Tornado Slicer
100 Mana • 30 second CD
Deals area damage for a duration of 3 seconds.
Across ~16 hits, deals 1500% SAtt at level 1, +30% per level.


As a Rogue, your primary goal is to initiate. Your skillset gives you tools to get close to the enemy, such as Fatal Ambush (U) and Shadowstorm (L). Tornado Slicer (U) can cause a good burst of damage in a short time, and so may be a good way to charge up those Bladesoul skills.

General tips: Once you’ve closed the gap between you and your opponent, you can try to keep a combo going in a couple different ways. My preferred method right now is to alternate triple-ground physical attacks with Cyclone Hit (H) — timed correctly this can keep an enemy airborne without you ever having to jump, and if a boss drops to the ground, it should give you enough time to dodge the counterattack. You could also alternate Shadowstorm (L) with double-aerials if you want to feel a little fancy, or if some annoying mobs/sidekicks are about to hit your rear. Practice these two combos and figure out what works for you.

Solo PvE: You’ll want to group up mobs with use of your Shadowstorm (L) and just keep pounding away at them. Against bosses, use Fatal Ambush (U) before an approach to the boss and, ideally, knock it airborne before the 2 seconds are up. This means you’ll have to know when the boss is flinchable; consult the boss guide in this thread for a few tips. Continue pounding away until you approach 100 combo on the boss, at which point the boss will automatically break your combo.

Group PvE: Same deal as solo, though you’ll likely be the one leading the charge into the boss battle. Again, make sure you know when the boss is flinchable. Keep combos going when you can, but be wary when the total group combo may be approaching 100 on the boss.

World Boss: Stick to Tornado Slicer (I), Cyclone Hit (H), and if you can ensure a hit, Fatal Ambush (U).

AI PvP: You have a few options. Fatal Ambush (U) is useful to get next to the enemy, and Shadowstorm (L) is generally the next thing I’d do — but be careful as the enemy might trigger some duration effect like Knight’s Shadow Pursuit, Valkyrie’s Aurora Blast or Mechanist’s Cyclone Flurry and Shadowstorm would likely drop you right into it (you might be able to save yourself with a quick Tornado Slicer (I) if this happens, but don’t count on it). Or you can bait out the use of said skills on your sidekick and then move in for the attack. Once they’ve flinched, you can knock them up into the air and combo until 50 hits.

Live PvP: Plays out similarly to AI battles, at least for the aggressive opening. If the opponent is expecting it, you may be best off holding that Fatal Ambush (U) for later and trying to catch with Shadowstorm (L) and/or Tornado Slicer (I).

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide


Knock-up: ☆☆
Combo stability/ease: ☆☆
Combo power: ☆☆
Area control: ☆☆☆
Initiation: ☆☆

Valkyries focus on mobility and area control. Their skillset makes them a scary adversary to face at close range, flinching nearby enemies with Thunder Field and Aurora Blast while still allowing the Valkyrie to move around. Their shortcomings are mainly in the form of a (seemingly) slower physical attack rate and lower damage growth on some skills.


H – Withering Kiss
30 Mana • 5 second CD
Knocks enemies upward with a strike, then blasts them with the spear a couple more times.
Across 5 hits, deals total damage of 300% SAtt at level 1, +6% per level.

L – Thunder Field
40 Mana • 5 second CD
Creates a damaging area effect for a duration of 2 seconds.
Across 9 hits, deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

U – Tornado Whip
40 Mana • 20 second CD
Charges forward, dealing damage to enemies you hit along the way.
Deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

I – Aurora Blast
100 Mana • 30 second CD
Deals area damage for a duration of 3 seconds around self, movement rate decreased slightly.
Deals 1400% SAtt at level 1, +28% per level.


As a Valkyrie, your primary goal should be to control areas and get the enemy to flinch first. Aurora Blast (I) is a great way to initiate on any tough foe from short/medium range, though it’s expensive on the mana and has a long cooldown period. Thunder Field (L) is a decent substitute if you can catch the enemy out with it, or surprise them with a Tornado Whip (U) charge attack.

General tips: Once you’ve flinched an enemy with your area control, the next step is to get close and get them airborne. Either use physical attacks or Withering Kiss (H) for this purpose. Your most sustainable combo after that is to alternate between Withering Kiss and a double-aerial (jumping and striking the opponent exactly 2 times). Make sure to practice this H-K-J-J combo.

Solo PvE: You’ll want to group up mobs with use of your Tornado Whip (U), then continue whaling away on the bunched up mobs. Against bosses, you’ll generally want to let them come toward you to hit either your Thunder Field (L) or go on the offensive with an Aurora Blast (I). Continue until you approach 100 combo on the boss, at which point the boss will automatically break your combo.

Group PvE: Same deal as solo, but you’ll probably be the best one at grouping up mobs with that Tornado Whip (U). Keep combos going when you can, but be wary when the total group combo may be approaching 100 on the boss. If the boss is following you, flinch them with a Thunder Field (L) or Aurora Blast (I) to start the next combo.

World Boss: Stick to Aurora Blast (I) and Thunder Field (L).

AI PvP: You have two options: Either aggress quickly with a Tornado Whip (U) followed by Aurora Blast (I) for a powerful combo starter, or let the opponent’s AI target your sidekick while you sneak around and flank them with a Thunder Field (L). Once they’ve flinched, you can knock them up into the air and combo until 50 hits.

Live PvP: Usually you’ll start the match looking to aggress with Aurora Blast (I), since getting the first combo is generally that important. Don’t be too hasty lest the opponent trigger their own duration skill after you…but don’t be too reluctant either lest the opponent gets a hit in on you first. Tornado Whip (U) can be a way to close gaps quickly for such opening tactics, though it does leave you vulnerable to an opponent doing some duration-based skill to flinch you afterwards. Try to finish a combo before 50 hits with a triple-aerial if possible, since opponents will automatically break combos at that point.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide


Knock-up: ☆☆☆
Combo stability/ease: ☆☆☆
Combo power: ☆☆
Area control: ☆
Initiation: ☆

Knights focus on getting their enemies up into the air, and keeping them up there. Three of their skills induce a knock-up effect and the fourth, while it doesn’t knock enemies up, will keep them up there. Their shortcomings lie in their lack of area control and initiation; Knights are still capable of doing these things to an extent with Shadow Pursuit but the expensive mana cost and long cooldown don’t make it a consistently viable option for long fights.


H – Lunar Justice
30 Mana • 5 second CD
Knocks enemies upward with 3 quick strikes.
Across 3 hits, deals total damage of 300% SAtt at level 1, +6% per level.

L – Bladestorm
40 Mana • 5 second CD
Knocks enemies upwards and continues swinging in the air for a duration of 2 seconds.
Across 9 hits, deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

U – Frost Assault
40 Mana • 15 second CD
Produces a slow-moving wave that travels horizontally for a duration of 2 seconds.
Deals 800% SAtt at level 1, +16% per level.

I – Shadow Pursuit
100 Mana • 30 second CD
Becomes immune to all damage and deals area damage for a duration of 5 seconds.
Across ~26 hits, deals 1500% SAtt at level 1, +30% per level.


As a Knight, your primary goal should be to maintain combos. Initiating is not a strong point for you — you have no skills that can move you into a group of angry mobs. But you can let them come to you…

General tips: Bladestorm (L) is your bread and butter for comboing enemies and can be used with pretty much anything else. Your most sustainable combo however is to alternate between Bladestorm and a double-aerial (jumping and striking the opponent exactly 2 times). Make sure to practice this L-K-J-J combo.

Solo PvE: You’ll want to group up mobs with use of your Frost Assault (U), then continue the combo on the bunched up group however you wish. Against bosses, you’ll generally want to let them come toward you to hit either your standard physical attack or your Shadow Pursuit (I). Continue until you approach 100 combo on the boss, at which point the boss will automatically break your combo.

Group PvE: Same deal as solo, although the other players in your party may be better at grouping up the mobs. Keep combos going when you can, but try not to Bladestorm (L) too much when the total group combo may be approaching 100 on the boss; this leaves you vulnerable to a counter-attack. You may want to re-initiate with Shadow Pursuit (I) when the boss drops, since you’re completely invincible while it’s going and the duration lasts long enough to get the enemy flinched and knocked up.

World Boss: Stick to Shadow Pursuit (I), Frost Assault (U), and toss the occasional Lunar Justice (H) in.

AI PvP: Try to get the enemy attacking your sidekick while you run around and counter-attack from the other side. You shouldn’t have to initiate with Shadow Pursuit (I), but it’s an option if the opponent’s sidekick tries to flank you or if the opponent uses an area-of-effect duration skill such as Valkyrie’s Aurora Blast or Mechanist’s Cyclone Flurry.

Live PvP: Depends on the matchup, but you could toss out any of your moves in hopes of hitting the enemy with it, and going from there. Note that your moves generally leave you vulnerable to a counterattack if the opponent dodges or gets out of it. Try to finish a combo before 50 hits with a triple-aerial if possible, since opponents will automatically break combos at that point.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide

Heya again, Bob here. Which Bob, you ask? All of them. =P

Anyways, I’ve played through a fair bit of each class and feel like I can share some more in-depth strategies on how each class tends to play out (when played well). In this guide I’ll strive to cover each of the four playable classes and even include a section on how to deal with the more difficult bosses this game has to offer (Nightmare Jasmine, I’m still staring at you).

Without further ado, here’s the contents of the thread:

  • Knight
  • Valkyrie
  • Rogue
  • Mechanist
  • Boss Strategies
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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Some nice extra tips there, although I’ve found dungeon bosses also have combo caps. Specifically, they drop after 100.

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Topic: Technical Support / Disappeared Forum Links

Same for Blade Hunter, one of R2’s newest games. The forum posts tab is gone on the game page but the forums themselves are still in the multiplayer games forum directory.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Fullscreen Option[Feature Request]

Well, I’ve got a small workaround — I, too, use a laptop though the screen is a pretty decent size.

Anyways, try Shift-clicking on the S1 button. It’ll pop the game out into a new window, unrestricted by Kong’s fixed resolution. Hope this helps! ^.^

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Blade Hunter Maintenance on February 20th @ 2:00 AM EST

Can’t wait for the update! I’m going to get on early in the morning to see when all the new events are going to be. ^.^

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Battle Royale

Win: 100 Royale Points, a few thousand more exp, 100 rank exp
Lose: 50 Royale Points, a few thousand exp, 20 rank exp
(First 4 matches in a day awards extra 100 rank exp regardless of outcome.)

Ranks listed below with some assumptions made. Bolded numbers indicate total rank exp needed to increase daily rewards.

Fearless Warrior ranks:
500 • 1100 • 1800 • 2600 • 3500 • 4500 • 5600 • 6800 • 8100 • 9500
Fearless Warrior I-III daily income — 10 Diamonds + 150 Astral Tokens
Fearless Warrior IV-VI daily income — 15 Diamonds + 150 Astral Tokens
Fearless Warrior VII-X daily income — 20 Diamonds + 150 Astral Tokens

Black Knight ranks:
10400 • 11500 • 12800 • 14300 • 16000 • 17900 • 20000 • 22300 • 24800 • 27500
Black Knight daily income — 25 Diamonds + 175 Astral Tokens

Bronze Champion ranks:
29200 • 31300 • 33800 • 36700 • 40000 • 43700 • 47800 • 52300 • 57200 • 62500
Bronze Champion daily income — 30 Diamonds + 200 Astral Tokens

Silver Champion ranks:
65800 • 69900 • 74800 • 80500 • 87000 • 94300 • 102400 • 111300 • 121000 • 131500
Silver Champion daily income — 35 Diamonds + 225 Astral Tokens

If you really wanna know what lies in wait…here’s a continuation of the patterns I’ve noticed. These are only theorized values, so take with a grain of salt.

Theorized Gold Tier ranks:
138000 • 146100 • 155800 • 167100 • 180000 • 194500 • 210600 • 228300 • 247600 • 268500
Theorized reward: 40 Diamonds + 250 Astral Tokens

Theorized Diamond Tier ranks:
281400 • 297500 • 316800 • 339300 • 365000 • 393900 • 426000 • 461300 • 499800 • 541500
Theorized reward: 45 Diamonds + 275 Astral Tokens

Therorized Ultimate Tier:
567200 • 599300 • 637800 • 682700 • 734000 • 791700 • 855800 • 926300 • 1003200 • 1086500
Theorized reward: 50 Diamonds + 300 Astral Tokens

Hot Events paydays

Last hit bonuses on world bosses (Jasmine/Golden Island): 2m extra gold

Quiz placing: 2978900 gold + 1067 honor for 1st, ~2.7m for 2nd, ~2.5m for 3rd, ~1.7m for 10th. The gold and honor awards are based entirely on rank with fixed values, regardless of how well you did on the quiz.

Caravan Bodyguard: X soul stones and ~65-70k gold per stage.
X appears to be at least 10, and rises with character level. For example, at level 83, X=40.

Scepter Defense: 15k*[waves cleared] SP and Mount Talent, 150 + 50*[waves cleared] Honor
Top three guilds earn an extra reward for all guildies:
1st — 200k Mount Talent + 500 Astral Tokens
2nd — 150k Mount Talent + 400 Astral Tokens
3rd — 100k Mount Talent + 300 Astral Tokens

List of Astrals

Tier multipliers:
Green (uncommon) = 1
Blue (rare) = 2
Purple (epic) = 3
Orange (legendary) = 5
Yellow (heirloom) = 10

Maniac: 50*tier*level Physical Attack
PWN: 50*tier*level Special Attack
Tenacity: 30*tier*level Physical Defense
Saint: 30*tier*level Special Defense
Strong Body: 600*tier*level HP
Razor Edge: 50*tier*level Crit (chance)
Grace: 10*tier*level Crit Damage
Bastion: 50*tier*level Crit Resistance
Shell: 10*tier*level Damage Reduction
Maul: 12.5*tier*level Armor Piercing

Also of note: You unlock an astral slot on your character and sidekicks every 10 levels starting at 31 (so when you unlock the astral system at level 52, your character has 3 open slots).

Finally, using Astral Tokens earned from Battle Royale daily rewards the orb costs are 5/10/20/40/80 — i.e. one Astral Token is valued at 4k gold.

Guild Devotion Points (DP) and other numbers

DP required to level the guild:

  • Level 1: 0 DP
  • Level 2: 20k DP
  • Level 3: 100k DP
  • Level 4: 500k DP
  • Level 5: 2m DP
  • possibly more after, will let you know

Guild Adventure: 20 DP
Energy Crystals: 2 DP per 100 Wisdom spent on upgrades

Guild member slots: 19 + guild level
Guild Pyre donations per day: 4 + guild level
Guild Adventure wisdom gain: 14k + (2k * guild level)

Guild Boss: A 5-minute battle against a boss modeled after Jack (aka Black Blade). Boss’s strength seems to be proportional to the strength of guild members, while its HP rises and falls by whether or not it is killed on each summon. Gold and DP rewards are based on % of damage dealt to the boss.
• Gold is earned at a rate of 1 gold per 0.000005%. In more meaningful terms, you can expect 2k gold for every 0.01% or 200k gold for every 1%. Gold rewards cap at 3m gold for 15%, so a well organized guild should strive to keep as little overflow as possible.
• DP is earned at a rate of 1 DP per 0.02% (50 DP per 1%, or 5000 DP for 100%).
• Some guilds use a strategy to leave the boss on minimal life to keep HP low and thus make 15% gold caps easier to reach for lower levels.

Lost Forest: Similar to the guild tree, members cooperate on moving 15 spaces forward through the Lost Forest. Each member can spin a wheel once per day to get one of the following outcomes:

  • Watch the stars: Move 1 space forward, gain 200 ranking points, gain 50k gold
  • Mount: Move 1 forward, gain 100 ranking points
  • Treasure: Move 1 forward, gain 50 ranking points, gain 10k gold
  • Training: Move 1 forward, gain 50 ranking points, gain 10k exp
  • Fate: Stay on space, gain 20 points
  • Robbers: Stay on space(?), gain 10 points, lose 1k gold
  • Bomb: Move 1 space back, gain 20 points
  • Mad Dog: Move 1 space back, gain 10 points, lose 1k gold
  • Poo: Move 1 space back, 0 points
  • Lost: Move 1 space back, 0 points

The outcome can be changed by spending 5 diamonds for the first re-spin. Bad results can also be circumvented by simply not confirming the outcome, though you will not get another chance to spin that day. Reaching the 15th space awards all guild members with a 500k gold prize, whereupon it loops and starts again.

The ranking points are used to figure an extra individual reward at the end of the week — 23:59 Saturday night, specifically. The prizes are given to individuals in the guild based on where they stand among that guild’s members. Rewards appear to be as follows:

  • 1st (guessing): 100k Wisdom + 3m Gold
  • 2nd: 90k Wisdom + 2.5m Gold
  • 3rd: 80k Wisdom + 2m Gold
  • some intermediate rank(s?): 70k Wisdom + 1.8m Gold
  • 4th-10th: 60k Wisdom + 1.5m Gold
  • Participation: 50k Wisdom + 1.2m Gold
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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Secret Chambers

Scattered throughout the game there are secret chambers — largely for the sole purpose of granting a one-off reward. To enter these chambers, you will need to take a specific item to a specific stage and look for some object with a text bubble to interact with. Here I will list what you need to do to access these secrets.

Much credit goes to rsc91 for posting this thread in the R2 forums among others linked there.

Water Realm (level 20-40 maps)

  • Thousand Stream Cave: Use the [Mystic Rune].
    [Mystic Rune] is obtained from (somewhere, pretty easy to find it).
    Rewards: 100k gold, 2 bronze keys, level 1 HP gem, and a dungeon goal.

Wind Realm (level 40-60 maps)

  • City Ruins (A): Near the beginning, use the [Sigil Stone].
    [Energy Sigil] is a rare barrel drop in Energy Mines (Depths).
    Rewards: 500k gold, 2 silver keys, level 2 SDEF gem, and a dungeon goal.
  • Energy Mines (Lower): About halfway through, use the [Dynamite].
    [Dynamite] ingredients are found in Silverwoods (from the 20-40 maps), Energy Mines Upper, and Coastal Wreckage (A).
    (Insert rewards later)
  • Weary Sea: In the center of the ship, use the [Cabin Key].
    [Cabin Key] is given to you via storyline quests, or can be bought for 10k gold in shop.
    Rewards: 500k gold, two silver keys, level 3 AP gem, and three dungeon goals.
  • Magma Pit: Near the boss, use [Bones] on the statue.
    [Bones] are a rare barrel drop from Magma Platform.
    (Insert rewards later)
  • Palace Ruins (Main Hall): At the boss, use the [Spirit Fire] on the statue.
    [Spirit Fire] is a rare barrel drop in Dwarven Mines (A) (from the 60-80 maps).
    (Insert rewards later)

Fire Realm (level 60-80 maps)

  • Dwarven Dungeon (B): Use [Matches] on a barrel. Note you may need more than one.
    [Matches] are a rare crate drop from Farpeak Woods.
  • Dragonbone Desert (A): Use [Chisel] on a rock formation about halfway in.
    [Chisel] is a rare barrel drop from Cloudborne Village (Past).
  • Farpeak Defenses (A): SMASH the statue at the start with a [Frenzy Hammer]!
    [Frenzy Hammer] is a rare crate drop from Dwarven Mines (C).
  • Guardian Hall (Past): Use [Resurrection Scroll] on the body to the right.
    [Resurrection Scroll] is a rare barrel drop in Mystic Forest (A-Past).
    Reward: A dungeon goal, that’s it.
  • Duelist Temple (Past): Use [Energy Key] on a chest to the right.
    [Energy Key] is encased within some ice at Frozen Vale.
  • Mystic Forest (B-Past): Use [Axe] on a fallen tree.
    [Axe] is a rare barrel drop in Farpeak Fortress.
    Rewards: 700k gold, 300 Weapon Runes, Silver Key

Frost Realm (level 80-100 maps)

  • Nightmare Woods (A): Use [Razor Axe] on a fallen tree.
    [Razor Axe] is a barrel drop in Ice Cavern (from the level 60-80 maps).
  • Blade Valley (Clearing): Use [Black Bones] on a statue.
    [Black Bones] are a rare barrel drop in Blade Valley (Outskirts-C).
  • Sighing Valley: Use [Black Dynamite] on a boulder.
    [Black Dynamite] is found by breaking a boulder in Sighing Path (A).
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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

The “Fullscreen” Option

As you play, you may notice the game has some interface issues with buttons crammed all over the place. The dimensions are pretty much set in stone on the Kong site however…but here is one way to deal with it and get a larger size screen: Using a direct link to the game.

If you want a simple way of doing it, Shift-click on the S1 button. It will open in a new window, which you can then maximize the size of with F11. Feel free to bookmark that link for later if you just want to get straight to the game.

Virtue Parties Explained

When making a party of your own to tackle those tough dungeons (I’m looking at you, Nightmare Jasmine) you may have noticed an option for Virtue Parties. This functions largely the same as a normal party, but with a couple key differences:

  • The announcement link in world chat will always just say “Virtue Party” (so it’d be nice to say what it is when inviting).
  • You still need the stamina and attempt to spend, but anybody joining your Virtue Party does not need it.
  • Your rewards are unchanged. The top damage rank from the other players will forfeit their normal reward (even if they could spend the stamina and attempt), and get 10 Virtue Points instead. The other players after that can get their normal dungeon reward (assuming they can spend the stamina and attempt to get it) plus 1 additional Virtue Point.

The player with the top damage rank can send you a gift of tribute after the dungeon is finished. These gifts may be sent up to three times per day for non-VIP (apparently 6 times per day for VIP, will need multiple sources to confirm) — there’s a cap on receiving as well, but I’m not sure what it is (it’s probably 3 received gifts). This is the only way to transfer Gold or Diamond from one player to another, so it would make sense to limit these.

Options for tribute:

Non-VIP: 15k Gold for 1 VP
Non-VIP: 1 Diamond for 2 VP
(other options available for VIP, such as 5 Diamonds, etc)

There is a limit of 100 Virtue Points earned each day. Virtue Points can buy nice things in the shop; I would suggest getting Maelstrom and Malacris bladesouls first for (effectively) 800 VP each.


A very beneficial way to earn some gold, SP, and soulstones, Escorts task the player with guarding loot for a set time duration. The larger escorts hold more loot and take longer to reach the end, and a Divine Fleet is announced to the server as it spawns. You can get any tier escort on a refresh; however, if you refresh while an escort has been selected (at the cost of 60 diamonds), you are guaranteed to get at least that tier of escort again if not higher.

Each escort can be plundered, losing 20% of its loot each time a successful plunder is made. Plundering success is determined by a completely AI-controlled match between you and the escort’s owner. If an escort is being assisted by another player, that player will fight in the owner’s stead.

Assisting an escort awards you with 20% of the value of the escort — if nobody successfully plunders the escort. If the escort is plundered, the assisting player gets nothing.

Plunders have a 7-minute cooldown between attempts, starting from the end of battle. Failure to plunder still counts as one of your 5 daily attempts. Also note that you might have to claim rewards via a mail popup at the bottom of your screen.

Caravans being plundered also have a protection cooldown: 3 minutes from the start of battle. A caravan cannot be plundered more than 2 times successfully.

Double rewards are earned for escorts done between 19:30-21:30.

Contest Grounds

This is a weekend event reminiscent of Facebook games where you expend stamina/energy points to deal damage to raid bosses. In the Contest Grounds you are given 5 energy points to start with; these points regenerate at 1 point per hour up to the cap of 5. You can spend these points to enter an instance with a single boss in it, and can spend more energy at once for more damage output (NOTE: this only seems to affect your own damage, not your sidekick’s damage).

  • 100% for 1 energy
  • 500% for 3 energy
  • 10x for 6 energy
  • 20x for 10 energy
  • 50x for 20 energy

…wait a second, how can you spend more than 5 energy at once? The answer comes in a purchasable (or earnable) form of energy that’s separate from what regenerates. The game calls these “Vitality Coupons” and it sounds like a good name to me so I’ll use that. Speaking of using these, the coupons are only consumed if you run out of the normal energy.

So, you enter the instance once you spend energy. The clock starts at 90 seconds; try to do as much damage as you can to the boss in that time. Once the boss is killed, time is up, or you’ve died, you’re given a few reward points based on how much damage you’ve dealt. Each boss has a “pool” of points you can earn based on what % of damage you’re contributing — in short, do X% damage, get X% of the pool. Below I’ve tried to come up with the pool sizes for each tier of HP — if you want to contribute, let me know what the MVP bonus is listed as being.

3x bosses:

  • 6,196,398 HP (51-55) = 790 for 100%, 7110 MVP bonus
  • 10,418,246 HP (56-60) = 1023.33 for 100%, 9210 MVP bonus
  • 12,788,414 HP (61-65) = 1133.33 for 100%, 10200 MVP bonus
  • 16,433,587 HP (66-70) = 1283.33 for 100%, 11550 MVP bonus
  • 18,198,992 HP (71-75) = 1350 for 100%, 12150 MVP bonus
  • 24,293,781 HP (76-80) = 1560 for 100%, 14040 MVP bonus
  • 27,400,045 HP (81-85) = 1656.66 for 100%, 14910 MVP bonus
  • 31,679,836 HP (86-90) = 1780 for 100%, 16020 MVP bonus
  • 33,397,525 HP (91-95) = ?
  • 43,724,421 HP (96-100) = ?

5x bosses have 4x the HP, and 7x bosses have 20x the HP. Reward point bonuses for damage are also multiplied accordingly (so it’s the same amount of reward points for doing X damage).

Other things to note:

  • Landing the killing blow on a boss awards an extra 1000 reward points.
  • If a boss is killed, everybody who contributed damage gets extra “kill bonus” points equal to 3x their normal point earnings.
  • Getting the most damage on the boss rewards you handsomely with an additional MVP bonus on top of your normal kill rewards. This MVP bonus is equal to the reward points you’d earn for doing 100% damage, multiplied by 3, multiplied by the MVP bonus (3x, 5x or 7x).
  • Your kill bonus (and MVP if applicable) can be claimed from the list later if you weren’t in battle at the time of the boss’s defeat.

These reward points can be viewed on the overall leaderboard and at the end of the weekend (22:00 Sunday), placement rewards get sent out to those topping the boards.

#1: Blue Aria Wings (7-day), Baby Devil SS-rank sprite, 1500 Crystals, 60 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 8 Super Sprite Packs, 8 Star Shards.
#2-3: 1000 Crystals, 40 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 4 Super Sprite Packs, 4 Star Shards.
#4-10: 500 Crystals, 30 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 2 Super Sprite Packs, 2 Star Shards.
#11-30: 300 Crystals, 20 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 1 Super Sprite Pack, 1 Star Shard.
#31-100: 150 Crystals, 10 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 1 Star Shard.

However, these reward points also offer you rewards if you reach a set total amount during the event. Below are the reward packs I could confirm for myself:

  • 500 total points: 1 Normal Sprite Card Pack, 20k SP
  • 2000 points: 2 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 300k Gold
  • 5000 points: 3 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 50 Honor
  • 9000 points 4 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 2 Vitality Coupons
  • 14,000 points 5 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 20 Crystals
  • 20,000 points: 6 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 50 Lesser Soulstones
  • 25,000 points: 7 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 100k SP
  • 35,000 points: 8 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 600k Gold
  • 45,000 points: 9 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 100 Honor
  • 55,000 points: 10 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 4 Vitality Coupons
  • 66,000 points: 10 Quality Sprite Card Packs, 50 Crystals
  • 120k points: 10 Quality Sprite Card Packs, 100 Lesser Soulstones
  • 210k points: 10 Quality Sprite Card Packs, 200k SP
  • 320k points: 10 Normal Sprite Card Packs, 2m Gold
  • Oh, if you ever get there…5,000,000 points: 10 Superior Sprite Card Packs, 10 Vitality Coupons. Good luck. =P

Finally, you may add up to 5 Event Buddies over the course of the weekend; doing so lets you earn 7% of their reward point gains. You may not remove an Event Buddy once accepted, but each weekend starts with a clean list.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Newbie Tips & Tricks

When you start off, the game will pretty much hold your hand as it introduces new skills and features. You can do most of the things it tells you to do, but there is one portion I would advise forcibly skipping by refreshing the game (or clicking on very specific pixels within the guide but outside the button, but would advise refreshing). Namely, the part where it tries to force you to spend Diamonds on Alchemy (not necessarily a bad thing to do, but save it for a later day). Another “skippable” part is upgrading your Excalibur Bladesoul to level 2, though it is probably best to upgrade it anyways…you’ll get more soul stones later.

At level 30, I would advise maxing out the enchant level on all of your Bronze equipment (starting with the weapon) — you’re given enough gold gifts on the first day to do this. You might notice that you can enchant these maxed out Bronze equipments into a new set of Iron equipment, which I would highly recommend; it’s a notable boost in stats.

As for combat against difficult enemies (bosses usually), the general rule of thumb is to knock the enemy up into the air and keep them up there. If they fall to the ground, move out of the way quickly lest you get hit by their skills (a few bosses won’t immediately activate skills upon getting up, these exceptions you’ll have to learn on your own =P). In dungeon parties, you can take turns using skills to keep bosses in the air for quite a while — though bosses will fall to the ground automatically after being hit 100 times.

Usually you’ll only need to party for the Heroic and Nightmare Dungeons…and even then, the first page on both difficulties is easy enough to solo when you first encounter them. A few of the storyline stages can be rough, but all of them should be manageable with good play; keep trying new things and see where bosses have their openings as it’ll make you a better player.

Speaking of partying, Virtue Parties are basically just like normal parties — except that the people joining don’t need to have stamina or their own ticket in. The differences are outlined a bit later on in this guide, but basically, use Virtue Parties if you want a chance of higher level players coming in to help.

When you reach level 50 and unlock Battle Royale, I highly advise you do your allotment of ranked matches every day before 20:00 — even if you lose all 15 of them. You’ll be gaining valuable ranks that grant a daily Diamond income, valuable Royale Points you can spend on Lesser Reforge Stones in the shop, and marginal amounts of exp too.

Feature Unlocking Levels

Note that a vast majority of features also require you to complete a main storyline quest at that level.

<18> Friends list
<21> Time Points (AFK exp)
<23> Earn Gold (Statue, Alchemy, and Treasure Hunt)
<24> Partying system
<27> Soulblade Skills
<29> Daily Welfare Packs (Gold, Arena Rank, Battle Royale Rank Tier, VIP)
<30> [Hot Events] Quiz
<30> [Weekend Event] Zodiac Lottery
<32> Sidekicks
<34> Arena
<35> Heroic Dungeons
<36> Turbo Blitz sample (15 uses for the rest of that day, 5 free uses each day after)
<38> Sprites
<39> Nightmare Dungeons
<40> [Hot Events] Golden Island (world statue)
<40> Mystery Shop
<40> View/Join Guilds
<41> Daily Exp Quests
<46> Escorts
<47> Money For Honor, though only for devotion purposes — it isn’t locked at 32 when Sidekicks get unlocked.
<47> Time Portal
<48> Create Guild at a cost of 1,000,000 Gold
<49> Sprite Sigils (add a second sprite to your team)
<50> [Hot Events] Jasmine (world boss)
<50> Battle Royale
<?> Contest Grounds (somewhere in the 50’s?)
<52> Astrals
<53> Excavation
<55> [Hot Events] Bodyguard (party-based PvE escort mission)
<56> Dungeon goals (achievements with rewards)
<58> [Hot Events] Double Trouble (2v2 live PvP)
<59> Sprite Sigil Upgrades (and the third sprite slot)
<60> Mount interface (and a free horse mount to go with it)
<62> Equipment Engraving
<65> Citadel
<69> Fourth sprite slot
<70> Second Bladesoul skill slot and orb
<80> Wing Upgrades
<80> Permanent Free Turbo Blitz (plot quests only)
<80> One-click summon in astral menu
<90> Sidekick Sigil
<100> Third Bladesoul skill slot and orb

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Heya guys, Bob10110 here. Figured I’d pitch in some information for everybody to see, and perhaps clear up a few things that might be confusing. I can’t guarantee everything here is 100% accurate, but I’ve done my best to gather what info I could for the swordsmen (and crazy lance and hammer-wielding ladies) that embark on their own journey for greatness.


This post: Class descriptions
Second post: Newbie Tips & Tricks, Feature Unlocking Levels
Third post: Fullscreen, Virtue Parties, Escorts, Contest Grounds
Fourth post: Secret Chambers
Fifth post: Numbers for Hot Events, Astrals, and Guild features

Class Information

A more detailed analysis can be found here.

There are four playable classes in Blade Hunter. All of their skillsets may look fairly similar at first…

H key skill: Quick knock-up
L key skill: Duration skill (hits enemies several times)
U key skill: Initiation move
I key skill: Area-of-Effect finisher

…but the differences will become apparent through practice. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect.

Knight, Aerial Combo Swordsman — Knight excels at keeping enemies airborne. Once he gets in the first hit, expect many more to follow. His bread and butter is Bladestorm (L key skill), which he can use in combination with any of his other moves to create a long combo chain.

Valkyrie, Area Control Specialist — Valkyries have a slightly more defensive skillset compared to the other classes, but that doesn’t make her any less deadly. Foolish enemies will run right into a Thunder Field (L key skill), or worse yet, Aurora Burst (I key skill). Both of these skills remain in play for a duration while the Valkyrie can move about, preparing her position for the next strike.

Rogue, Initiation Expert — Rogues lean towards an aggressive skillset that tears right into the midst of enemies. It may be a bit more difficult to keep aerial combos, but he can make the first strike far more easily with his Fatal Ambush (U key skill); it grants him two seconds of invincibility with an added explosion of damage to enemies nearby when it wears off.

Mechanist, Contraption Fighter — Mechanist wields an unwieldy looking jet-powered hammer and isn’t afraid to smash some enemies with it. Most of her skillset, however, utilizes contraptions to pummel her enemies. Her initiation, Bear Claw (U key skill), is a long-range area attack that can stun enemies long enough to jump into the fray and begin swinging that hammer.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Enlighten us on feature enablement pls.

From what I’ve read, mounts are apparently level 60 and wings are somewhere in the 80-ish area (roughly the same time as Citadel).

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Topic: Wartune / Why does Kong keep this milking game ?

I’ll confirm that Backyard Monsters was indeed pulled from Kong by the devs — but I know not the exact reasons, and Kixeye would probably prefer those exact reasons stay internal to their company. From what I remember though, the game was pretty borked to the point of being completely unplayable upon building Map Room 2 (for most people). That infamous “Base 0” error was likely caused from some people abusing exploits in the game code; it wasn’t particularly secure on Kong, though the Facebook version received some further updates to security. So of course people weren’t likely to buy Shiny when either they were abusing the exploits or suffering from those abusing the exploits.

If a game was removed from Kongregate by Kongregate staff, then it’d most likely just be deleted entirely. Probably one of the bigger examples I can think of for this latter case is GrindQuest, which infringed upon some copyrights if I recall correctly. I’m pretty sure devs can also remove their own games though, which is probably what happened in the case of DDTank (publisher issues with that one, I think).

Not sure about Caesary at all, that was before I really got into Kongregate and all I know about it is that it’s a badged game that is no longer on Kong.

Now, back to the topic…as long as people get what they pay for, the prices don’t matter terribly much. People will either buy it or they won’t. If it’s too expensive, then nobody will buy it.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Bug Report Thread

I’m noticing some really wonky stuff on page 2 of the map selection screen…

(If it’s not immediately apparent, there’s a spazzy test level at the top corner of my screen, and the page counter still says 1 instead of 2 like it should.)

[[ Hover mouse here for my computer specs, if they’re needed ]]

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Secrets of the Shopkeeper's Trade (Bob's guide to the game)

No, you do not lose those items — they remain in that city’s trade post, and will be returned to you at the end of the time limit if not purchased.

As for delisting an item, I’m not aware of any way to do so (granted, I haven’t looked too closely at the game lately). Will just have to let the 3-day timer run its course.