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Topic: Titan Surge / 20 fire tokens without a 4 or 5*

As a free player, I’ll chip in with my own progress…

  • 5* cards obtained: 3
    • Winged Tiger (7th day reward)
    • 2x Winged Exiles (Fire Token event, spent 100 tokens)
  • 4* cards obtained: 20 (not counting the Magic Banquets or Ancient Artifacts)
    • 4* cards from fire tokens specifically: 3 (Undead Warrior, Kitsune, Spiderdemon)
      • Undead Warrior – first “actual” spent Fire Token, I suspect the first one is fixed to give you a 4*
      • Kitsune – pulled during FT event
      • Spiderdemon – also pulled during FT event
      • For the curious, there were 4 Magic Banquets in my 100 FT’s spent during the event.

  • 5* cards in progress:
    • Ancient Oni scraps: 40/80 (highest stack of scraps on a single card)
    • Other scrap stacks: Fire Kirin, Ice Dragon, Moss Dragon, Dire Snapping Turtle, Winged Tiger, Moor Ripper, Armored Sumatran, Giant Mud Larva, Dragon Knight – most of these are under 5 scraps
    • 5* joker scraps: 38 (planning to hold onto these and likely use as complete joker cards for evolving rare event cards later)

  • Booster packs purchased to date: 1 (for main quest purposes only)
    • Gems currently on hand: 3942
  • Fire Tokens spent: 101
    • Fire Tokens still on hand: 30
  • Tower maze 5-star safefail index: 760/2000
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Topic: Ork Buster / LoL guild

I know, I’m not in the LoL guild, but I figured I’d post here anyways. =P

First, congrats on your first guild territory. Hopefully you’re putting those newfound resources to good use — personally I’d save the maps you may find yourself getting, eventually fusing them into a Fine tier map (8 Simples will make 1 Fine).

Treasure maps will, in short, initiate a challenge on a stage unlocked within its level range. Enemies have about twice as much health as before, and your starting MP is slashed down to half as much or whereabouts (expect to not have enough for a max level tower). Basic tier towers are recommended before you start this challenge (assuming it’s a Fine tier map), but the reason I suggest fusing up to at least Fine tier is because these maps will always drop something usable by your class — including the possibility of Rare Items. And that crab sure does sell for a lot of gold.

Failing the Treasure map challenge basically means the map gets wasted on nothing. So I probably wouldn’t go above Fine tier for a while.

Second, Mount Eagle needs a bit of a correction: It is not the Eagle statue itself that petrifies a random tower every so often. It is the Rock Ghost mobs that spawn in the bottom lane; defeating one triggers the petrify effect.

Third, go ahead and get involved in the Kong chat. I don’t want the whole thing to be dominated by one guild! =P

Besides, I might have more things to share from time to time if people are happily chatting away.

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Topic: Ork Buster / Ork Buster Suggestion Rewards

Hey, I just thought I’d add my suggestions.

Character: Bob10110, KGG1

Suggestions for changing current content:

  • I would like to see an optional setting added for Duel matchmaking: “Match with anyone”. If this setting is enabled by two players looking for a duel, the game would be allowed to match them up regardless of their level and Battle Rating differences. This setting would be located within the duel interface and turned off by default, so players would have to opt into it. I believe that having this as an option would alleviate the long waiting times some players are faced with, without forcing people to look for unfair matches if they are able to find fairer ones.
  • The arena should have at least a bit of variance to it. For example, I would suggest having a random adjustment made to each player’s Hero Battle Rating before the battle begins to make the outcome less certain. This adjustment would likely be within a ±10% range.
  • Treasure Maps are way too difficult for players within the recommended level ranges. Even before the recent patch, the combination of higher enemy health and lower starting Magic Points made it difficult to complete one tier before you were high enough level for attempting the next. Now it seems closer to a two tier gap…could the map challenges please be made a little easier?
  • The archer tower upgrade from Basic (blue) to Normal (yellow) tier does not make sense. The materials are not what they should be.
  • Tower tier upgrades seem to have an effect in Weekend Wars, despite everything else being equal. I was hitting enemies for different amounts of damage between two different characters; one had a Basic archer tower and one had a Simple archer tower. Could the tiers be made equal as well?
  • Speaking of Weekend Wars, the reward for the high-scoring player in each stage of Weekend Wars is rather low. Only one random tower material chest? It doesn’t take much to get one of those.
  • Listing applications to a guild needs to be done better. Currently, only the first three applications can be viewed and acted on — the paging buttons do not work even if there are more than three applications.
  • (Tranquil’s suggestion) I second the idea of removing the 2000 gold cost per message in the World chat channel.
  • The in-game chat also needs a tweak to fix alignment issues; currently any message that goes past one line of text aligns the speaker’s username to the right and leaves an awkward empty space.
  • I would like to have the option to worship more than the top 3 players. Why not have it for the top 10? While we’re at it, fix the reward text for receiving 20 worships.

New content suggestions:

  • I would like to get bright gold salvaged from enchanted items. As it is, any enchants done on a piece of gear are entirely wasted as soon as a new item comes along with better stats.
  • New feature concept: A gold mine where players can defend their resources through placing towers on a map while other players can plunder it by sending Orks to attack. Plundering would require the attacker to spend points that regenerate over time, and the attacker could choose how many of these points to spend — the more points spent, the stronger the attacking force becomes. Orks would have stats based on the attacker’s BR, while the defender’s towers would be based on the defender’s tower upgrades.
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Topic: Ork Buster / Bug reports

Heya, I hadn’t noticed a thread for bug reports yet. Let’s gather together anything that we think needs attention in hopes that these things will be addressed by the developers. So far, this is what I have:


  • Ranger tower upgrade from Basic to Normal does not use the correct tier of materials. Two of the four materials required are Simple tier, not Normal. (EDIT: This has now been fixed.)
  • The side quest “Defense Tower Upgrade 1” cannot be completed, even if you upgrade a tower from Foul to Simple tier.
  • Wild Bay (Team Dungeon) does not allow card draws. (EDIT: This has now been fixed.)
  • Guild application list does not have working paging buttons — can only view the first 3 applications.

Mild Annoyances

  • I suspect that the numbers shown for a tower’s attack value in battle may be inconsistent with what they actually are, if the tower has been upgraded to a higher tier in the Armory (Foul / Simple / Basic / Normal / etc). This is being observed mostly with the archer towers.
  • The scaling on Hero Dungeons is very harsh right now. I like a challenge, but Luhina Shrine looks like it will need a full team of level 45+ players just to have enough damage output. 45 is getting fairly close to the end of the second zone, and Luhina Shrine isn’t even the last Hero Dungeon in the first zone. This could be rectified with empowering heroes a bit, so it’ll probably fall into place naturally over time.
  • The tower scaling, meanwhile — it feels a bit too fast. I may be biased as a top player on Kongregate Server 1, though, so perhaps this is fine with the game balance for the typical player. (EDIT: The recent updates just made single-player content harder to get through. I’d have preferred a different way to slow player progression — players comparing themselves to each other will still find wide disparities.)
  • Seeing all of the locked skills makes me wonder when they will unlock. I can understand if they’re not implemented yet.
  • The in-game chat has alignment issues for messages that extend past one line of text.
  • Demoting a player from official status does not seem to display correctly until the game is refreshed.
  • Sometimes a wave shows “x null” if you hover over the button to send the next wave. One place you can see this is wave 5 on Coba Reef (Team).
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Topic: Spellstone: General / Yeah....I'm done.

I would really like to know where the tolerance limit is for losing enough matches to drop BR ranks. I was walled off pretty hard when I first got to BR11, as this was around the time of the Ursurio/Ranger/Skeleton nerf and my deck took a while to get back to a decent place.

During that time I barely won anything. I’d usually win one match in a typical day, losing everything else. When the next Brawl event started up I won just one match in the entirety of that event. Wondered if there was ever any chance I’d drop back to BR10 given how badly I was performing, though I’m now back to doing moderately well after working on the deck a bit and finally switching from Ursurio to Groc — I’m gaining points overall, at least.

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Topic: Zeus Age / (not) stunning list (Orc)

So I did testing today. You can add these to the “uselessly stunned” list:


Heroes of note:

Dracula: While stunned, Dracula still grants his MDef passive to the team for as long as he’s alive.
Chiron: While Chiron does get stunned, he still puts up a shield on teammates at the start of the battle. The immediate AoE silence seems to knock that shield off of any affected heroes, though.
Apollo: Also stunned. But I think the skill increases physical attack damage in particular.

Hydra: Doing a bit of testing, it appears the first and second skills utilize both physical and magical damage. For the first skill, it’s a physical hit (applying magical damage over time). For the second skill, it’s a magical hit (applying physical damage over time). I have yet to see how Hydra’s fourth skill affects the numbers, but I’ll probably do that when I get around to training it. I’ve also yet to see how other heroes’ passives affect the poison ticks.

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Topic: Zeus Age / The upcoming v1.5 update removes all Balen rewards from the arena.

I’ll wait and see what the balen distribution is like. If other sources come in that are comparable to arena balens, maybe it won’t be so bad. That being said, arena balens are a pretty good chunk of the daily allotment.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Should f2p quit this game?

If I might just say something here — as a casual free player, I’m fine with this proposed balance change, despite the fact I’m currently using a deck that relies rather significantly on these cards. Metas change, and it helps keep a game fresh and interesting. I might even stick with it post-nerf; 8 damage is still a decent rush and I’m usually the type that tries for a rush because I lack the wherewithal for a prolonged battle. =P

However, I’m not so fond of the idea that true power is held exclusively for those that pay for it (profitable though it might be). The box cards usually are a step above what’s obtainable for gold, and shards must be bought beyond a few one-off quest rewards. I’d be more encouraged if shards could be earned regularly through gameplay, but so far, I haven’t seen anything like that (not even on events like guild wars, which I think would be a good opportunity). Doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but it does have to be enough to keep the more determined free players going at it.

Note that I’m not suggesting that all the box cards have to be added to the gold packs. I’m just suggesting that free players should have more than 2 chances at procuring box cards.

The game needs to entice those free players with something to make them stick around, keep them satisfied with whatever rate of progress they’re making towards their goals (I’m sure many of them will accept that paying players will advance towards said goals faster, but they still want to be able to go for the goals in the first place). Communities that aren’t besieged by naysayers and doomsday prophecies have a pretty good chance to grow and become truly enjoyable.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Drat, I knew I was forgetting to update something. =P

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Okay, I’ve made a few changes to reflect more recent developments (largely, soul orbs). I might tweak it a bit more still, mainly advice on what orbs people tend to go for (I see an awful lot of Auto + EXP + Crit going around) and how many gold sacrifices to make per day (personally I’d say when it becomes as cheap as the upgrades you’re going for).

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Topic: Zeus Age / Merger Announcement

Yeah, that would be a bit of a bum deal for S2 honestly. It’d probably also strain guild loyalties somewhat, as there are at least some S1 guilds suffering from burnout and I’m sure at least a few players from S2 will jump at the chance for anything already established here.

I’m sure my own guild will have a fair number of spots available, if we don’t choose to break up our small family entirely. Having only 11 active members in the roster isn’t going to cut it post-merge. =(

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Selling gear : Do guys really buy with gems ?

Also, if you put up an offer that nobody takes, you can take it back down after a few hours (I think it’s 4 hours, but I’m not certain) without getting hit by the 3-day restriction.

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Topic: Zeus Age / Helios overpowered?

Fyi, I could have chosen to go for Helios — as a free player. All I’d have needed to do is spend ~8k Balens during that particular hot event (three 10x summons, each performed on different days) and I had some 13k stockpiled at the time. Pays to know that these games tend to do diamond-consumption events. Decided not to take it though, as there’s something else in the list I’m wanting.

Though I will admit Helios really does break the current meta, which to this point has been AoE blitzing with heroes like Thor, Satan, Zeus, Medusa, etc.

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Topic: Zeus Age / Gods stop fighting BUG

I’m wondering if it’s possibly because of Longinus and his phantoms. Has anybody noticed a battle that stopped, with Longinus not in the picture somewhere?

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / a bug ?

Well, it is something that has been brought up to me at least a few times now. Seems like a lot of effort if you’re in a party, and likely not worth it in those cases. And if you’re solo grinding for exp, you’re probably doing it wrong. =P

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Game Unplayable (Also Ticket System not working)

Yeah, parties seem to be getting broken an awful lot as of late. Pretty sure the server is just not handling things the way it should. Ray’s aware of it and is looking for a solution, but in the meantime…

If you can still get on the game, but are experiencing issues with the timed chest claims and expeditions, then my best advice would be to leave the party you’re currently in and refresh, which should hopefully fix it.

If I can get in-game usernames of players who cannot log in at all, I could see if I can fix the issue with the tools available to me. I actually had the exact same issue myself a couple days ago, ironically before I had access to those aforementioned tools that could have fixed it. =P

(Feel free to leave a message either here in the forums or /w me in chat; if I’m around, I’ll do my best to get things working again as quickly as possible.)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Originally posted by Dr0x:

Is there any particular reason why it isn’t recommended to invest ascension points into auto speed/dmg? What makes party boost and pet damage better choices?

If you are doing a challenge, then by all means use your ascension points to improve your damage. Party Boost doesn’t do anything in there. ;)

Alternatively, if you are progressing through stages, more damage won’t hurt here either. It’ll help clear stuff faster so you can get to the ascension clear bonus of 30% increased experience gain.

For general purposes, however, I feel Party Boost will be a bigger increase to your exp/gold rather than more damage — you’re typically going to party up. And ascension perks for damage won’t affect your whole damage; certainly not that of other players, but not even the entirety of your own damage (you’ll be split between auto and pet damage).

Originally posted by Drakkose:
Great information. Much wow, so much good!
Bacon is fantastic!

At what level should Gold Rate be maxed by?

Each person will max it out at different times. I’d probably try to have it close to maxed going into Ascension Tier 3 (AT3), as a goal.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Pet arena: Pets are great for advancing in the mid-game right now but they don’t scale all that well into the end-game. Your main character’s damage just starts to spike like crazy past level 200.

Party boost: No, this does not stack with other party members’ effects. Party Boost affects only your share of the exp/gold.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Guild XP will probably depend on personal tastes. I went for base damage first, but the other upgrades all start out cheap enough that I could see picking up a level in each of those before moving on for more base damage/pet damage.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Recommendations and Advice


Initially, the game may seem to be excruciatingly slow to start. Social media codes can help by giving you a rather notable amount of resources or card packs that can help boost your damage. Codes fall into one of three categories:

  • Rando codes (resources): One randomly selected resource type
  • Rando packs (cards): One randomly selected card pack
  • Special occasion (usually events): One or more resources, usually fixed amounts (if included, gold scales with character level)

Gold is a fairly common reward from the “rando codes”, but it is also possible to find Activity Points, Diamonds, Wood, Stone, Pet Food, and Expedition Points. Recently, Crystals and Sacrificial Offerings for soul orbs have also started showing up.

Gold scales with character level, Wood scales with your Woodcutting Forest progress, and Stone scales with your Mining progress. Everything else has fixed base values. In addition, you may get a lucky multiplier on your rewards, increasing the base amount to 2x, 3x, or even 5x the standard amount!

Codes generally look something like this: 481FAC0361D157D9673ECB926AF5AE

I would advise waiting to reach at least character level 10 before you start claiming codes. The gold reward has a substantial increase for those first few levels. Once you feel you’re ready, visit the Facebook page (link’s at the top of this guide, or in game under Social → Codes → Codes?) and claim all the codes posted there that haven’t expired — codes are usually good for two weeks.

What to upgrade

Gold currency upgrades: Highly recommended to get at least level 3 Coin Count ASAP. After that, focus on other gold-increasing upgrades (Gold Rate, Triple Loot) or improve your auto damage. Follow up with the other Hunting upgrades. Ignore Stamina/Mana upgrades until they become relevant at level 101+, but even then, you probably won’t need those.

Spread points around to reach level 5 in most things when it’s convenient; these levels are both the cheapest and most potent. Later on, make the jump to level 10 and eventually level 25 upgrades when those feel convenient.

Auto Speed, though quite useful in end-game, can be extremely expensive to upgrade…so I’d ignore going past level 5 for a while (unless you really feel like dumping AP on it early, but I’d suggest to push it up to ~10-15 with gold before switching to AP). Stamina and Mana upgrades are not used until after character level 100; depending on what your playstyle is like then, you may or may not wish to invest in these.

After reaching level 25 upgrades in pretty much everything, try to work with other players you regularly party with. Split up the enemy-affecting hunting upgrades (notably HP Reduction, Treasure Hunter, Easy Loots — though Time Extend also counts, leaving it at 25 is fine) between each person; the highest upgrade level among party members is the one that gets applied to the enemy monsters. These hunting upgrades currently cap at level 100, though, so this will be a relatively short-term deal.

Diamond currency upgrades: Highly recommended to use your diamonds towards the Account upgrades. Experience boost is preferable, but Gold boost is also a nice thing to have. Get each to level 10 at least before even considering other uses of diamonds (whether that be AP, woodcutting/mining energy, or the double card week buff). Players in Ascension Tier 3 (aka Inferno) can make good use of the double card buff; it is not recommended before that point.

Wood upgrades: Used in woodcutting upgrades as well as the mining depth upgrade. Which one to favor depends on what you feel you need more of at the moment — generally the cheapest useful upgrade wins out for me, but you might want to favor one or the other more heavily depending on your needs. Avoid Gold Logging, you don’t want to sell your wood.

Stone upgrades: Primarily should be used to upgrade guild buildings. Could also upgrade mining max energy with it. Not worth selling for gold.

At the time of the most recent edit (November 2015) there are five guild buildings. In the short term, the Guild Hall is probably best as it will allow your guild to recruit more members, thus improving the rate stone can be donated towards other bonuses and hopefully improving your guild’s sense of community in general. Long term, I would suggest Fortress and Warehouse above Altar and Stables — Fortress will be helpful for picking up extra ascension perks especially to players who haven’t reached AT3 yet, and Warehouse will also allow you to progress faster with the guild upgrades.

Crystal: Used primarily to unlock Soul Orbs. Could also be used much, much later on to exchange for extra sacrifices to power up your orbs. I wouldn’t sell these for gold, even if 100k looks like a tempting amount at first (the aforementioned codes usually have enough gold to get started on.)

Trophy upgrades: Reducing the longest cooldowns is generally best for idling — consider the Expedition, Woodcutting, and Mining Timer Reductions as your best options for this. Skill timer reductions aren’t immensely useful, even in challenges.

Ascension Points upgrades: Whatever the situation calls for, if you can tolerate the micromanaging of these perks with the always free resets. As an example, here are some viable AT1 combinations using 10 points:

  • Progress focus: Party Boost 2 (3 + 6), then whatever for the last point
  • Resource energy focus: Woodcutting NRG+ (5), Mining NRG+ (5)
  • Pet arena booster / Pet damage focus: Pet Damage 2 (2 + 4), then whatever for the other 4 points
  • Pet training booster: Double Train (8), train your pets then respec
  • Woodcutting damage booster: Woodcutting Damage 4 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4), chop tree until it’s almost down then respec to the gain booster spec
  • Woodcutting gain booster: Log Gains 4 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4), knock the tree down then respec back to the damage spec

AP upgrades?

This one is a bit more debatable, and the advice may be prone to change if new features get released.

A couple early upgrades in woodcutting (axe damage) and/or mining (depth level) can have impressive benefits early game for relatively few AP. Getting resource production up and running quickly can benefit you greatly in the long run. Woodcutting upgrades with AP are also a viable choice in the late game when the Wood costs become rather absurd.

Attack speed (auto) is another possible use for AP. Around level 10-15 or so, the gold cost has scaled so harshly it becomes unbearable, so any further boosts will likely have to be done with AP. This is not likely to have any noticeable effect until end-game so if you’re on the fence about it you can wait. Over the long term, however, this may have the most profound effect.

However, the thing I think many people will likely end up using AP on to get through mostly the mid-game content is their pets. At the very least, the second pet is easily worth the 25 AP price tag. Some people may buy pet food to speed up their pet growth very early on, but I find it is far more cost effective to wait and hoard those AP’s until after reaching Ascension Tier 1 due to how rewarding the Pet Arena can be. You really don’t need your pet to get through AT0, anyways.

Personally, I spent about 280 AP on pushing the Pet Arena through to stage 8. I could do the first two stages for free, but the third stage was giving me enough trouble that I decided to spend 10 AP on a buff to clear it. I waited a couple days, then decided that I really could get more out of my pets despite being a free player.

I spent a couple hundred more AP to clear some more stages. Between each round, I fed the pets and trained up damage with my pet points. All that extra damage from the pets meant I cleared stuff quite a bit faster compared to before, which resulted in faster exp/gold gains and even the ability to advance on a couple more challenges I couldn’t do previously.

A note of caution: Pets are great for clearing the mid-game content faster, but their usefulness begins to diminish around the end-game. You may notice your own damage starting to ramp up when you ascend to AT3, and especially after level 200. Invest what you may, there will always be more AP, but I pushed to 8 and pretty much decided to stay put for a long while after that.

How to train efficiently

First, note that every 25 monster levels increases the exp and gold by a decent amount. This means that the best stages to train on, in terms of exp to health, will be those monsters that come immediately after such a boss. Namely, the level 26/51/76/101/etc mobs. This stops being relevant after you’re past the level 301 mobs, but by that point, you’ve done your final ascension into AT3.

Second, it is always better to party up as long as the others in your party are at least comparable strength. Party exp and gold are both increased by a rather decent percentage over their base (solo) values, and then divided equally amongst party members:

  • In a duo, each player gets 70% of their normal drop (base boosted by 40% before split)
  • In a trio, each player gets 50% of their normal drop (base boosted by 50% before split)
  • In a quad (AT3 only), each player gets 40% of their normal drop (base boosted by 60% before split)

Third, resist the temptation to manual click that monster every once in a while, unless you intend to spend a lot of effort (and later on, Stamina and Mana) in one huge burst. Letting the game idle on its own for two minutes will improve your auto damage by +10%, until the next time you attack the enemy manually or activate a skill.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Progressing in the Game


In this game there are Ascension Tiers. These tiers grant you access to powerful ascension perks, with more points available to spend at the higher tiers. There are also more features that can unlock with ascension as well, such as the Pet Arena after reaching Ascension Tier 1 (AT1). (At the time of writing, the Pet Arena is the only standalone feature unlockable through ascending.)

Ascending does not remove anything from your character; it simply changes the level of the monsters you fight in all of the zones (and for the first two ascensions will require you to fight through all the stages again). Because these are different level monsters for different Ascension Tiers, players cannot group up with anybody outside of their tier for hunting experience (players can always group up for Challenges though, regardless of Ascension Tier).

Below are the requirements that need to be met in order to ascend. Currently, finishing the last stage available to you on your current tier grants you a 30% boost to exp rates if you have not yet reached the level threshold to ascend.

  • AT1: Level 40, complete world 5.
  • AT2: Level 75, complete world 7.
  • AT3: Level 130, complete world 10.

When advancing to a new Ascension Tier, your Ascension upgrades are reset for free and you are given more points to work with. Here are the total amount of points you have at each ascension level (not counting those points earned from your guild Fortress):

  • AT1: 10 Ascension Points
  • AT2: 25 Ascension Points
  • AT3: 40 Ascension Points

Your card drop rate also improves. Here is the drop rate for each level, as shown in the character page:

  • AT0: 1/2500
  • AT1: 1/1500
  • AT2: 1/750
  • AT3: 1/500 (note: multiple cards can drop at once, depending on Inferno Difficulty chosen, but the rate at which cards will appear always stays the same)

After reaching level 200, a special extra something happens: You begin a new set of levels — the Inferno Levels — with drastically reduced experience rates (it’s almost like you’re starting over again, it’s that much of a drop). However, achieving a level on this new level curve is much more rewarding! Every Inferno Level you push for will earn you:

  • 1 additional Ascension Point
  • +2.5% multiplier to overall damage on your main character
  • +5% to pet damage
  • +3% additional gold gains
  • Cap increase on the Auto and Click Damage upgrades by 10 levels (these levels are considerably more potent than levels previous to the softcap of upgrade level 200)

Pet Arena

After ascending the first time, you will unlock the second pet slot purchase (which costs 25 AP) and the Pet Arena. Inside the Pet Arena, your pets will face off against challenging monsters using only their own stats — your main character’s progress has no influence here. Each stage is increasingly more difficult to defeat, but if you want to power through a tough monster there are AP purchases available to help with that one battle.

The battles themselves are turn-based. When you click the “Attack” button, your pets will both strike at the enemy once, and then the enemy monster will deal damage to both of your pets in roughly equal proportion. The health stat of your pets comes into play here, for if both of your pets are reduced to 0 health, you lose the battle. If one of your pets reaches 0 health, the other pet can keep on fighting but the enemy’s entire damage will be focused on that one remaining pet. You win if the enemy monster is reduced to 0 health.

If you have invested AP into a battle that you will end up losing, it is advised to not finish the battle. AP spent on the pet arena buffs and heals will be refunded if a battle is in progress at the time of the daily rollover at midnight Eastern time.

When you win, you gain a number of Pet Points (equal to stage number x10) and some pet food. A first-time clear awards 10 times the normal amount of Pet Points, and a lot more food. Pet Points may be spent to modify each pet’s stats as follows:

  • Damage: +20% base damage per level
  • Double Attack: +0.25% chance per level to do x2 damage
  • Critical Rate: +0.5% chance per level to increase damage by the critical damage modifier
  • Critical Damage Modifer: +2% per level, starts at a base value of 20%

Each pet must be upgraded separately. Damage is by far the best of the upgrades to get early; it’s far more cost effective. To put it in perspective, the math says that Double Attack’s first level becomes cost effective after the sixth upgrade to Damage, Critical Rate’s first level after the seventh Damage upgrade, and Critical Damage is so abysmal due to the almost nonexistent Critical Rate I probably wouldn’t touch it for a long, long time (at least until level 15 damage).


After reaching level 101 you may notice two new numbers in the top left corner of your hunting screen. Stamina and Mana are an extra limitation on manual grinding, which limits you to a burst of speed every so often and prevents people from just auto-clicking their way up the levels at this point. Both of these start at a cap of 500 points, and can be upgraded to higher caps with gold. Each type of energy will regenerate 2 points per tick of a 60-second timer; the timer can be reduced through gold upgrades and the energy regeneration can be increased with ascension perks.

Clicking an enemy requires 1 Stamina.

Using abilities requires varying amounts of Mana:

  • Time Freeze: 1 Mana
  • Splat: 5 Mana
  • Speed Boost: 10 Mana
  • Damage Boost: 10 Mana
  • Crit Chance Boost: 1 Mana
  • Crit Enhancer: 1 Mana
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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Useful links • Facebook pageChallenge final boss levels sheet (note: solos have since been changed) • Wikia page

Heya guys, Bob here. If you’re finding yourself in this strange new world, you’re not alone. In this game you can team up with other players to complete challenges or just grind out the experience you need for that next level.

But perhaps you want to know more about this world. That is why you are here, are you not? Fortunately for you, I have documented my own travels and shared my experiences in this handy little…well, I can’t really call this a book now, can I. But I digress — let’s get to what we’re here for.

Feature Explanation

Hunting Monsters

The first thing you’ll notice is the combat. It shares some parallels to Clicker Heroes in that you must defeat the enemy within a certain amount of time (starts at 10 seconds for normal mobs and 2.4x the time for bosses). Failing to defeat the enemy in time will reset the enemy health or even kick you back a stage, with no rewards for the partial effort.

However, the second thing you’ll notice is that you have a limited attack rate. You make an auto attack every 2 seconds (before upgrades) and can manually attack on a similar 2 second cooldown. Both of these attacking styles start with your base damage stat, but have separate upgrades to increase their damage further. The limited attack rate serves as a bit of a discouragement to auto-clickers, and helps keep the server from getting fried as every single attack sends data to the server (this is also why upgrading attack speed becomes extremely costly with gold from such an early point).

At this point, you can progress through the worlds by killing the designated number of monsters on each stage. Once you have finished all the worlds available to you, you’ll have met one of the conditions for ascension (which lets you take on the same set of stages again, but at a higher difficulty, once you’ve reached a certain level). I’ll discuss ascension a bit more later.


Challenges are one of the features listed in the “Game” menu. In challenges, you may take on special instances filled with bosses. There’s five instances normally available at any time, and five possible difficulty levels. These instances also come in three party sizes: Solo, Duo, and 6-Man Group. Solo challenges of any given stage must be completed to unlock the respective Duo and Group modes, which are considerably tougher.

Each combination of instance, difficulty, and party size is separately tracked. Completing an instance entirely awards you with a small increase to your base damage, and each boss defeated earns you a few Diamonds, some Activity Points, a bit of Gold, and Challenge Points. All prizes are one-off rewards, only given upon first completion of each boss/instance.

Challenge Points are added together, and as you reach certain milestones you will get a rather decent boost to your base damage stat. Generally, do these challenges when given the opportunity to earn new rewards. Refer to the link posted at the top of this post for a quick summary of boss levels you’ll be expected to beat to fully clear these instances.


Woodcutting is also found in the “Game” menu. Here you will find a forest of trees waiting to be chopped for wood.

Protip: Holding the Enter key unlocks the secret “chainsaw” mode. Use it well. ;)

Doing this activity requires woodcutting energy, which regenerates 1 every 20 minutes. Each energy spent on a tree reduces its HP, and once the tree’s HP is 0 you harvest its wood. If you run out of energy while in the middle of a tree, you can click the X button in the top right to save your progress until you return with renewed energy.

Woodcutting upgrades require either the wood resource or some Activity Points.


Mining is in the “Game” menu too. In this place you’ll find precious rocks that you can use in other places.

Protip: Holding the Enter key unlocks the secret “drill” mode. Use it well. ;)

Doing this activity generally requires mining energy, which also regenerates 1 every 20 minutes. Each energy spent on mining reduces the durability of the selected tile by 1. Every tile always starts with 10 durability, and once that durability is reduced to 0 you’ll receive some amount of stones based on your current depth. Clearing the last tile of a floor also gives you 10 Crystals and 10 Diamonds. On rare occasions however you may find 25 Diamonds (1% chance), 100 Diamonds (0.1% chance), or even 400 Diamonds (1 in 10,000 chance).

You may also use Dynamite to reduce the durability of all remaining tiles a random amount from 2-6. Dynamite does not use mining energy, but it is a resource you’ll have to buy with Activity Points.

When a floor is cleared, you have the option to upgrade the mining depth or to reset the floor and start it over again at the current depth. Depth upgrades can be paid for with either the wood resource or Activity Points.

Space Expeditions

The universe is vast, and many resources are out there waiting to be claimed. Gold, Activity Points, and even Diamonds are up for grabs for those willing to take on the space expeditions. Expeditions are yet another feature on the “Game” menu.

In short, you set an expedition to run for a specified resource and a certain amount of time, and you’ll get the chosen reward when it arrives. You don’t pay anything to start these expeditions, and always get something out of it, so it’s always worth doing…the tricky part is finding expedition times that can fit into your schedule.

You can also upgrade your ship. These upgrades require Expedition Points, which are earned by finishing Expeditions. Among the upgrades are chances for expeditions to bring back more rewards, reduced chances of “failed” missions that bring back fewer resources, shorter expedition time, and additional slots to send more expeditions simultaneously. The additional slots are the most important upgrade, though also by far the most expensive.

Soul Orbs

On one otherwise uneventful adventure, ten orbs of immense power were discovered. One of them was severely damaged on the way back to town, but the other nine made the journey fully intact. Upon studying these orbs, a way to recreate these magical relics was discovered. Word began to spread, and soon everybody was setting out to collect the spirit crystals from their Mining pits…

In short, with the Soul Orbs feature you can empower yourself with these ancient artifacts. Crystals (normally obtained from the Mining feature) will be the primary resource used to construct the orbs of your choice. Once constructed, you will gain a percentage multiplier bonus towards the stat listed on the orb.

Being objects of magical power, of course, there is also a way to enhance the soul orbs. To improve the stat gains from an orb, you will need Sacrificial Offerings. By clicking the “Sacrifice” button in the upper right of the main interface, you will be able to spend gold and/or crystals to obtain these sacrifices. The gold amount starts at 100k gold and rises by a power of 10 with each daily purchase, resetting the price to 100k at midnight. The crystal amount, meanwhile, is always 10 crystals for 1 offering.

Once you have the Sacrificial Offerings, you may choose any unlocked orb to use them on. Each sacrifice grants soul exp to the orb, and each level increases the bonus by a small amount. Once the orb reaches level 100, it advances 1 star tier and boosts the stat bonus quite substantially to boot. Higher star tiers, in addition to providing a bigger bonus, also start requiring more exp per level.

1-star: 1x starting bonus (which is 2% or 5%, depending on stat type), and 100 exp per level
2-star: 4x starting bonus (8% or 20%), 500 exp per level
3-star: 9x starting bonus, 2500 exp per level

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Summoner's Legion] Pvp what a joke

I have to say, some of the classes are more suited than others for PvP. Warrior is not usually a strong pick in 1v1 — Rangers can rush better, Mages can stall better, and Priests can make sure that just about whatever they want to keep alive does.

2v2, however, I would wager Warrior would be a valuable ally that complements any other class pretty well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Summoner's Legion] Unfair spell

Well, there’s two ways I could see someone countering that strategy. Either rush the mage down before they get a chance to unleash their more powerful spells, or summon a Guard unit next to your main hero (and keep that unit there — Warrior can do this nicely with Sentry Command, for example).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Summoner's Legion] 666death and win trading

You can spectate his battles, you know. See if there are any patterns to who he’s fighting. From what I can tell, he’s fighting real opponents.