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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / a bug ?

Well, it is something that has been brought up to me at least a few times now. Seems like a lot of effort if you’re in a party, and likely not worth it in those cases. And if you’re solo grinding for exp, you’re probably doing it wrong. =P

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Game Unplayable (Also Ticket System not working)

Yeah, parties seem to be getting broken an awful lot as of late. Pretty sure the server is just not handling things the way it should. Ray’s aware of it and is looking for a solution, but in the meantime…

If you can still get on the game, but are experiencing issues with the timed chest claims and expeditions, then my best advice would be to leave the party you’re currently in and refresh, which should hopefully fix it.

If I can get in-game usernames of players who cannot log in at all, I could see if I can fix the issue with the tools available to me. I actually had the exact same issue myself a couple days ago, ironically before I had access to those aforementioned tools that could have fixed it. =P

(Feel free to leave a message either here in the forums or /w me in chat; if I’m around, I’ll do my best to get things working again as quickly as possible.)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Originally posted by Dr0x:

Is there any particular reason why it isn’t recommended to invest ascension points into auto speed/dmg? What makes party boost and pet damage better choices?

If you are doing a challenge, then by all means use your ascension points to improve your damage. Party Boost doesn’t do anything in there. ;)

Alternatively, if you are progressing through stages, more damage won’t hurt here either. It’ll help clear stuff faster so you can get to the ascension clear bonus of 30% increased experience gain.

For general purposes, however, I feel Party Boost will be a bigger increase to your exp/gold rather than more damage — you’re typically going to party up. And ascension perks for damage won’t affect your whole damage; certainly not that of other players, but not even the entirety of your own damage (you’ll be split between auto and pet damage).

Originally posted by Drakkose:
Great information. Much wow, so much good!
Bacon is fantastic!

At what level should Gold Rate be maxed by?

Each person will max it out at different times. I’d probably try to have it close to maxed going into Ascension Tier 3 (AT3), as a goal.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Pet arena: Pets are great for advancing in the mid-game right now but they don’t scale all that well into the end-game. Your main character’s damage just starts to spike like crazy past level 200.

Party boost: No, this does not stack with other party members’ effects. Party Boost affects only your share of the exp/gold.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Guild XP will probably depend on personal tastes. I went for base damage first, but the other upgrades all start out cheap enough that I could see picking up a level in each of those before moving on for more base damage/pet damage.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Recommendations and Advice


Initially, the game may seem to be excruciatingly slow to start. Social media codes can help by giving you a rather notable amount of resources, though the vast majority of codes tend to be “rando codes” that award a random resource. A few codes award a specified amount of specified resource(s). Gold is a fairly common reward from rando codes, but it is also possible to find Activity Points, Diamonds, Wood, Stone, Pet Food, and Expedition Points.

Codes generally look something like this: 481FAC0361D157D9673ECB926AF5AE

The amount you earn from a rando code is generally based on your character level. It is advisable to wait a little bit and reach at least level 10 before visiting the Facebook page (link’s at the top of this guide, or in game under Social → Codes → Codes?) and claiming all the codes posted there that haven’t expired.

What to upgrade

Gold currency upgrades: Highly recommended to get at least level 3 Coin Count ASAP. After that, focus on other gold-increasing upgrades (Gold Rate, Triple Loot) or improve your auto damage. Ignore Stamina/Mana upgrades until they become relevant at level 101+.

Spread points around to reach level 5 in most things when it’s convenient; these levels are both the cheapest and most potent. Later on, make the jump to level 10 and eventually level 25 upgrades when those feel convenient. Auto Speed and Click Speed are both extremely expensive to upgrade, so those can be safely ignored for a long time after reaching level 5 (unless you really feel like dumping AP on them, but you’ll ideally want to eventually push it up to ~10 with gold before doing so). Stamina and Mana upgrades are not used until after character level 100; depending on what your playstyle is like then, you may or may not wish to invest in these.

After level 25 upgrades, try to work with other players you regularly party with. Split up the enemy-affecting hunting upgrades (HP Reduction, Time Extend, Treasure Hunter, Easy Loots) between each person; the highest upgrade level among party members is the one that gets applied to the enemy monsters. Most upgrades currently cap at level 100, though, so this will be a relatively short-term deal.

Diamond currency upgrades: Highly recommended to use your diamonds towards the Account upgrades. Experience boost is preferable, but Gold boost is also a nice thing to have. Get each to level 10 at least before even considering other uses of diamonds (whether that be AP, woodcutting/mining energy, or the double card week buff). Players in Ascension Tier 3 (aka Inferno) can make good use of the double card buff; it is not recommended before that point.

Wood upgrades: Used in woodcutting upgrades as well as the mining depth upgrade. Which one to favor depends on what you feel you need more of at the moment — generally the cheapest useful upgrade wins out for me, but you might want to favor one or the other more heavily depending on your needs. Avoid Gold Logging, you don’t want to sell your wood.

Stone upgrades: Primarily should be used to upgrade guild buildings. Could also upgrade mining max energy with it. Not really worth selling for gold.

At time of writing there are three guild buildings. In the long term, the Guild Hall is probably best as it will allow your guild to get more members, thus improving the rate stone can be donated towards other bonuses. Short term, the Stables are generally your best option as the pet damage can be significant for mid-game players.

Crystal: No current use (though rumored to be used in the plans for a crafting feature). Can be sold for 100k gold, which might give you a decent early infusion of gold if you so wish. I’d recommend holding onto them once gold comes easily enough.

Trophy upgrades: I see quite a few people, myself included, going for the Expedition Reduction upgrade. Pet Training Reduction is also a viable upgrade. Skill cooldown reductions felt meh to me, so I wouldn’t normally pick those up.

Ascension Points upgrades: After reaching Ascension Tier 1, if you plan on investing in the Pet Arena immediately, focus on Pet Damage. Other decent choices early on include Party Boost, Double Train, and the Woodcutting-related upgrades for damage/log gains. Woodcutting/Mining NRG could be useful if you are active over long stretches of time. As an example, here are some possible AT1 combinations using 10 points:

  • Party Boost (3 + 6), Woodcutting Damage (1)
  • Pet Damage (2 + 4), Party Boost (3), Woodcutting Damage (1)
  • Double Train (8), Woodcutting Damage (1), Log Gains (1)
  • Woodcutting Damage (1 + 2 + 3 + 4)
  • Log Gains (1 + 2 + 3 + 4)
  • Woodcutting NRG+ (5), Mining NRG+ (5)

Figure out what you feel would put you furthest ahead. Feel free to respec with 5 AP if you want to change to something that would be more effective, or wait until your next ascension to redistribute your points.

AP upgrades?

This one is a bit more debatable, and the advice may be prone to change if new features get released.

A couple early upgrades in woodcutting (axe damage) and/or mining (depth level) can have impressive benefits early game for relatively few AP. Getting resource production up and running quickly can benefit you greatly in the long run. Woodcutting upgrades with AP are also a viable choice in the late game when the Wood costs become rather absurd.

Attack speed is another possible use for AP. Around level 10 or so, the gold cost has scaled so harshly it becomes unbearable, so any further boosts will likely have to be done with AP. This is not likely to have any noticeable effect until end-game so if you’re on the fence about it you can wait. Over the long term, however, this may have the most profound effect.

However, the thing I think many people will likely end up using AP on to get through mostly the mid-game content is their pets. At the very least, the second pet is easily worth the 25 AP price tag. Some people may buy pet food to speed up their pet growth very early on, but I find it is far more cost effective to wait and hoard those AP’s until after reaching Ascension Tier 1 due to how rewarding the Pet Arena can be. You really don’t need your pet to get through AT0, anyways.

Personally, I spent about 280 AP on pushing the Pet Arena through to stage 8. I could do the first two stages for free, but the third stage was giving me enough trouble that I decided to spend 10 AP on a buff to clear it. I waited a couple days, then decided that I really could get more out of my pets despite being a free player. At the time I had two level 1 bats (tier 2 pets) and some 400 AP stashed away. The individual cost for clearing each subsequent stage:

  • Stage 4: 10 AP (damage buff)
  • Stage 5: 20 AP (both damage + armor buffs)
  • Stage 6: 40 AP (damage + armor buffs, 2 heals)
  • Stage 7: 70 AP (damage + armor buffs, 5 heals)
  • Stage 8: 130 AP (damage + armor + 11 heals)

In total, that comes to 280 AP. For that investment I got a return of over 300 food from first-time clears, as well as ten times as much in Pet Points — enough to get my first level 1 bat up to level 9, and my pet upgrades to +120% / +80% base damage. All that extra damage from the pets means I can clear stuff quite a bit faster now, which results in faster exp/gold gains and even the ability to advance on a couple more challenges I couldn’t do before.

A note of caution: Pets are great for clearing the mid-game content faster, but their usefulness begins to diminish around the end-game. You may notice your own damage starting to ramp up when you ascend to AT3, and especially after level 200. Invest what you may, there will always be more AP, but I pushed to 8 and pretty much decided to stay put for a long while after that (even now I’m only up through stage 10).

How to train efficiently

First, note that every 25 monster levels increases the exp and gold by a decent amount. This means that the best stages to train on, in terms of exp to health, will be those monsters that come immediately after such a boss. Namely, the level 26/51/76/101/etc mobs. This stops being relevant after you’re past the level 300 mobs, but that will largely be after you’ve done your final ascension into AT3.

Second, it is always better to party up as long as the others in your party are at least comparable strength. Party exp and gold are both increased by a rather decent percentage over their base (solo) values, and then divided equally amongst party members:

  • In a duo, each player gets 70% of their normal drop (base boosted by 40% before split)
  • In a trio, each player gets 50% of their normal drop (base boosted by 50% before split)
  • In a quad (AT3 only), each player gets 40% of their normal drop (base boosted by 60% before split)

Third, resist the temptation to manual click that monster every once in a while, unless you intend to spend a lot of effort (and later on, Stamina and Mana) in one huge burst. Letting the game idle on its own for two minutes will improve your auto damage by +10%, until the next time you attack the enemy manually or activate a skill.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Progressing in the Game


In this game there are Ascension Tiers. These tiers grant you access to powerful ascension perks, with more points available to spend at the higher tiers. There are also more features that can unlock with ascension as well, such as the Pet Arena after reaching Ascension Tier 1 (AT1). (At the time of writing, the Pet Arena is the only standalone feature unlockable through ascending.)

Ascending does not remove anything from your character; it simply changes the level of the monsters you fight in all of the zones (and for the first two ascensions will require you to fight through all the stages again). Because these are different level monsters for different Ascension Tiers, players cannot group up with anybody outside of their tier for hunting experience (players can always group up for Challenges though, regardless of Ascension Tier).

Below are the requirements that need to be met in order to ascend. Currently, finishing the last stage available to you on your current tier grants you a 30% boost to exp rates if you have not yet reached the level threshold to ascend.

  • AT1: Level 40, complete world 5.
  • AT2: Level 75, complete world 7.
  • AT3: Level 130, complete world 10.

When advancing to a new Ascension Tier, your Ascension upgrades are reset for free and you are given more points to work with. Here are the total amount of points you have at each ascension level (not counting those points earned from your guild Fortress):

  • AT1: 10 Ascension Points
  • AT2: 25 Ascension Points
  • AT3: 40 Ascension Points

Your card drop rate also improves. Here is the drop rate for each level, as shown in the character page:

  • AT0: 1/2500
  • AT1: 1/1500
  • AT2: 1/750
  • AT3: 1/500 (note: multiple cards can drop at once, depending on Inferno Difficulty chosen, but the rate at which cards will appear always stays the same)

After reaching level 200, a special extra something happens: You begin a new set of levels — the Inferno Levels — with drastically reduced experience rates (it’s almost like you’re starting over again, it’s that much of a drop). However, achieving a level on this new level curve is much more rewarding! Every Inferno Level you push for will earn you:

  • 1 additional Ascension Point
  • +2.5% multiplier to overall damage on your main character
  • +3% to pet damage
  • +3% additional gold gains
  • Cap increase on the Auto and Click Damage upgrades by 10 levels (these levels are considerably more potent than levels previous to the softcap of upgrade level 200)

Pet Arena

After ascending the first time, you will unlock the second pet slot purchase (which costs 25 AP) and the Pet Arena. Inside the Pet Arena, your pets will face off against challenging monsters using only their own stats — your main character’s progress has no influence here. Each stage is increasingly more difficult to defeat, but if you want to power through a tough monster there are AP purchases available to help with that one battle.

The battles themselves are turn-based. When you click the “Attack” button, your pets will both strike at the enemy once, and then the enemy monster will deal damage to both of your pets in roughly equal proportion. The health stat of your pets comes into play here, for if both of your pets are reduced to 0 health, you lose the battle. If one of your pets reaches 0 health, the other pet can keep on fighting but the enemy’s entire damage will be focused on that one remaining pet. You win if the enemy monster is reduced to 0 health.

If you have invested AP into a battle that you will end up losing, it is advised to not finish the battle. AP spent on the pet arena buffs and heals will be refunded if a battle is in progress at the time of the daily rollover at midnight Eastern time.

When you win, you gain a number of Pet Points (equal to stage number x10) and some pet food. A first-time clear awards 10 times the normal amount of Pet Points, and a lot more food. Pet Points may be spent to modify each pet’s stats as follows:

  • Damage: +20% base damage per level
  • Double Attack: +0.25% chance per level to do x2 damage
  • Critical Rate: +0.5% chance per level to increase damage by the critical damage modifier
  • Critical Damage Modifer: +2% per level, starts at a base value of 20%

Each pet must be upgraded separately. Damage is by far the best of the upgrades to get early; it’s far more cost effective. To put it in perspective, the math says that Double Attack’s first level becomes cost effective after the sixth upgrade to Damage, Critical Rate’s first level after the seventh Damage upgrade, and Critical Damage is so abysmal due to the almost nonexistent Critical Rate I probably wouldn’t touch it for a long, long time (at least until level 15 damage).


After reaching level 101 you may notice two new numbers in the top left corner of your hunting screen. Stamina and Mana are an extra limitation on manual grinding, which limits you to a burst of speed every so often and prevents people from just auto-clicking their way up the levels at this point. Both of these start at a cap of 500 points, and can be upgraded to higher caps with gold. Each type of energy will regenerate 2 points per tick of a 60-second timer; the timer can be reduced through gold upgrades and the energy regeneration can be increased with ascension perks.

Clicking an enemy requires 1 Stamina.

Using abilities requires varying amounts of Mana:

  • Time Freeze: 1 Mana
  • Splat: 5 Mana
  • Speed Boost: 10 Mana
  • Damage Boost: 10 Mana
  • Crit Chance Boost: 1 Mana
  • Crit Enhancer: 1 Mana
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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Useful links • Facebook pageChallenge final boss levels sheet (note: solos have since been changed) • Wikia page

Heya guys, Bob here. If you’re finding yourself in this strange new world, you’re not alone. In this game you can team up with other players to complete challenges or just grind out the experience you need for that next level.

But perhaps you want to know more about this world. That is why you are here, are you not? Fortunately for you, I have documented my own travels and shared my experiences in this handy little…well, I can’t really call this a book now, can I. But I digress — let’s get to what we’re here for.

Feature Explanation

Hunting Monsters

The first thing you’ll notice is the combat. It shares some parallels to Clicker Heroes in that you must defeat the enemy within a certain amount of time (starts at 10 seconds for normal mobs and 2.4x the time for bosses). Failing to defeat the enemy in time will bump you out of the area you are currently in, with no rewards for the partial effort.

However, the second thing you’ll notice is that you have a limited attack rate. You make an auto attack every 2 seconds (before upgrades) and can manually attack on a similar 2 second cooldown. Both of these attacking styles start with your base damage stat, but have separate upgrades to increase their damage further. The limited attack rate serves as a bit of a discouragement to auto-clickers, and helps keep the server from getting fried as every single attack sends data to the server (this is also why upgrading attack speed becomes extremely costly with gold from such an early point).

At this point, you can progress through the worlds by killing the designated number of monsters on each stage. Once you have finished all the worlds available to you, you’ll have met one of the conditions for ascension (which lets you take on the same set of stages again, but at a higher difficulty, once you’ve reached a certain level). I’ll discuss ascension a bit more later.


Challenges are one of the features listed in the “Game” menu. In challenges, you may take on special instances filled with bosses. There’s five instances normally available at any time, and five possible difficulty levels. These instances also come in three party sizes: Solo, Duo, and 6-Man Group. Solo challenges of any given stage must be completed to unlock the respective Duo and Group modes, which are considerably tougher.

Each combination of instance, difficulty, and party size is separately tracked. Completing an instance entirely awards you with a small increase to your base damage, and each boss defeated earns you a few Diamonds, some Activity Points, a bit of Gold, and Challenge Points. All prizes are one-off rewards, only given upon first completion of each boss/instance.

Challenge Points are added together, and as you reach certain milestones you will get a rather decent boost to your base damage stat. Generally, do these challenges when given the opportunity to earn new rewards. Refer to the link posted at the top of this post for a quick summary of boss levels you’ll be expected to beat to fully clear these instances.


Woodcutting is also found in the “Game” menu. Here you will find a forest of trees waiting to be chopped for wood.

Protip: Holding the Enter key unlocks the secret “chainsaw” mode. Use it well. ;)

Doing this activity requires woodcutting energy, which regenerates 1 every 2 minutes. Each energy spent on a tree reduces its HP, and once the tree’s HP is 0 you harvest its wood. If you run out of energy while in the middle of a tree, you can click the X button in the top right to save your progress until you return with renewed energy.

Woodcutting upgrades require either the wood resource or some Activity Points.


Mining is in the “Game” menu too. In this place you’ll find precious rocks that you can use in other places.

Protip: Holding the Enter key unlocks the secret “drill” mode. Use it well. ;)

Doing this activity generally requires mining energy, which also regenerates 1 every 2 minutes. Each energy spent on mining reduces the durability of the selected tile by 1. Every tile always starts with 10 durability, and once that durability is reduced to 0 you’ll receive stones. Clearing the last tile of a floor also gives you 1 Crystal and 1 Diamond. On rare occasions however you may find 10 Diamonds (1% chance), 25 Diamonds (0.1% chance), or even 100 Diamonds (1 in 10,000 chance).

You may also use Dynamite to reduce the durability of all remaining tiles a random amount from 2-6. Dynamite does not use mining energy, but it is a resource you’ll have to buy with Activity Points.

When a floor is cleared, you have the option to upgrade the mining depth or to reset the floor and start it over again at the current depth. Depth upgrades can be paid for with either the wood resource or Activity Points.

Space Expeditions

The universe is vast, and many resources are out there waiting to be claimed. Gold, Activity Points, and even Diamonds are up for grabs for those willing to take on the space expeditions. Expeditions are yet another feature on the “Game” menu.

In short, you set an expedition to run for a specified resource and a certain amount of time, and you’ll get the chosen reward when it arrives. You don’t pay anything to start these expeditions, and always get something out of it, so it’s always worth doing…the tricky part is finding expedition times that can fit into your schedule.

You can also upgrade your ship. These upgrades require Expedition Points, which are earned by finishing Expeditions. Among the upgrades are chances for expeditions to bring back more rewards, reduced chances of “failed” missions that bring back fewer resources, shorter expedition time, and additional slots to send more expeditions simultaneously. The additional slots are the most important upgrade, though also by far the most expensive.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Pvp what a joke

I have to say, some of the classes are more suited than others for PvP. Warrior is not usually a strong pick in 1v1 — Rangers can rush better, Mages can stall better, and Priests can make sure that just about whatever they want to keep alive does.

2v2, however, I would wager Warrior would be a valuable ally that complements any other class pretty well.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Unfair spell

Well, there’s two ways I could see someone countering that strategy. Either rush the mage down before they get a chance to unleash their more powerful spells, or summon a Guard unit next to your main hero (and keep that unit there — Warrior can do this nicely with Sentry Command, for example).

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / 666death and win trading

You can spectate his battles, you know. See if there are any patterns to who he’s fighting. From what I can tell, he’s fighting real opponents.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Do you have to buy gems?

Yeah, all you really need to grind are those 24-hour reward timers. The first week has a special set of rewards (including the Queen of Flame, an early 4-star mage); after that it cycles through a set rotation with 100 gems on the 6th reward. So you’ll want the 13th and 20th 24-hour rewards to pay for that level 5 Mine, and after that it becomes considerably easier to earn gems for other things.

It’s also possible to rob someone else’s level 5+ Mines for a few gems if it’s been idle at least 9 hours. But I’d expect most of these players to be difficult to beat because they’re either cashing early, or they’ve been playing a while and have had time to build up power. Newer players aren’t that likely to be beating up people with level 5+ Mines, but you could still try. I would prefer targeting players with red forgestones that are beatable, however.

As Jani mentioned, the rate of production of gems in a level 5 Mine is 5 gems every 3 hours. The cap, if there is one, is no less than 40 unclaimed gems (24 hours’ worth) though high level players will start looting you if they see gems.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Service re-open

So getting back to the topic of the game being open again, and with the long-awaited World Event, I have some feedback:

1) With this timing of the World Event, I can only do it on weekends. My prime gaming time (and perhaps that of other players) is in the evenings. If you’re keeping metrics of player activity, surely there’s more active times to put the event.

Based on my own past experiences, I’d suggest either moving the time of the event forward ~6-8 hours (which puts World Event in the afternoon/evening hours for United States players) or maybe even removing the time parameter and let the event go on until the mob count is depleted. If the latter suggestion is decided upon, I’d make the total mob count adjust itself depending on the length of time it took for the previous event to run its course — increase the mob count if it took too short a time, decrease if it took too long.

2) The World Event button covers up the “Leave Party” button, making it impossible to leave a party in that manner.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Thanks, but good-bye

Eh, I can see both sides of the issue here. Having never been around to see what evolution was like, I’m sure it would be something I’d find useful. But at the same time, I’m guessing that when people got to those level 80 legendary/mythical teams, they really had nothing left to do but PvP, or grind out arena quests when those were up. Getting that rate of progress right is a very tricky balancing act for devs.

As it is now, I think it’s okay-ish. Would be nice to get sacrifice material for those legendary (and eventually mythical) units that I’ll otherwise ignore for lack of levelling potential.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] [Guide] How to Rule Hell with an Iron (insert weapon of choice here)

I can access it as well. My guess is that it was down when the game had an outage.

Also, I feel I should finish the guide at some point…I would be adding in some more detailed explanation of things that I repeat in the last (tl; dr) post, along with a few other details like challenging for your server’s player Demogorgon position.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

Would be nice to see the opponent’s total honor amounts, I’m pretty sure it’s based entirely off of that and not of whatever they have in the party at that moment. =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lucadian Chronicles] Flash draft thoughts

If I might suggest something, look at having perhaps two different hours of the day to do a Flash draft. Being an American is nice, but I think Europeans need some attention too. ;)

The time that was used during the test (7 PM PDT) worked alright for me personally.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

If I might point this out, some big Kongregate games have closed in recent(-ish) times. Games like Fantasy Online, Yu-Gi-Oh BAM, Backyard Monsters to name a few, as well as several smaller games. I’ve pretty much accepted that every game will see its end at some point, regardless of how big it gets. At least some of these have had a story that distracted players from the grind, too. So I’m not convinced a storyline alone would help a game succeed — the element of cooperation among players is usually a much larger driving force, at least from my point of view.

Pretty much every game out there has to keep the player on that fine line between making progress and not doing everything in the game too easily. Without progress being made a player may feel like their time truly is being wasted, but if there’s no challenge to be had then you get the same result as well. The usual tactics to keep people from plowing their way through the game these days involve the use of time (construction/upgrade timers, energy/stamina timers, time it takes to earn resources, etc). I think this game does an okay job of showing progress being made for the time invested, but that’s just my opinion. Each person will form their own opinion on whether or not a game is worth spending time/money on.

I will agree about developer interaction. If the developers don’t appear to be enthusiastic about their game, then it can be difficult to expect players to do the same.

Overall, I’ll probably keep playing this game for a while longer, but I thrive in places where I can assist other players. If I can’t get that satisfaction of helping my fellow players because there’s nobody really left playing this, I’ll probably move on to something else too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

Well, I’ve been attacked once. My understanding of being defeated when defending your (main) asteroid is that 50% of your resources (crystals, microchips, minibots) and weapon stocks gets taken and your base is basically turned off until you can rebuild a radar and a cannon. While the base is offline, you can’t use the Astromarket, explore nearby objects or do Arena, but you can do base development with what you’ve got.

I am assuming that you cannot be chain-attacked because of this mechanic, and you determine when you take your base back online again.

The game has some definite potential here. Some people won’t even care all that much for a storyline, though I’ll agree on the point of holding out a carrot in the form of “50 Quests” — while I understand that it’s a dangling carrot to entice people to pay up quickly, it’s going to annoy people when they can more visibly see the difference in power between paying players and free players. If the reward for 50 Quests was a “random artifact” instead then it would be a bit harder to see that difference.

There are plenty of Kong games that have gone cross-platform before; it’s almost expected at this point that a game on Kongregate is also published somewhere else. Resetting the game server wouldn’t make much sense, but a fair number of games have gone the route of having a separate server for just the Kongregate players to compete amongst themselves. Would that be the right thing to do in this situation? Probably not as of now, as there’s not a lot of chance of attaining a decent enough player base for just the Kongregate players.

On the bright side: No energy systems. So catchup is really much more a matter of just grinding it out, methinks. Also, getting involved with the community by doing group raids should help with making at least a few friends that won’t just attack you for your resources and battle exp.

Apologies if it seems like I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I haven’t really seen much else on Kongregate recently of particular interest to me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Balance changes - Wizard/Vampire

Originally posted by 109studio:
  • Other changes
    • Skill attack can now hit critically but with 50% reduced critical rating. (For all classes)

So I would assume this means that, if I had 40% critical rate my skills would now be able to crit 20% of the time?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Balance changes - Gladiator/Human

Some questions I have about Gladiators:

1) About how much Block could I expect on a typical level 70 Gladiator?

2) Can Block affect damage received from flat percentage-based attacks (e.g. Arachna’s “Poisonous Cloud”)?

3) Will level 62-70 shields (rare and up) ever get the STR core stat like the shields level 60 and below?

Right now, this looks good. I can live with a nerf to my max attack speed, it might actually make me use skills for damage. =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Buy missions

Well, how else are you going to fail a mission? =P

Fyi: Expect a lot more of those. Free players are pretty unlikely to finish the “50 Quests” goal successfully.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lucadian Chronicles] The campaign guide (spoilers)

I’ll help where I can. In fact, I just found a solution for Act 2, Chapter 1, Battle 6 which doesn’t require you to draw a pack, so I went in and edited it. (Though it might be unreliable, I did win with it.)

(Also, I finally cleared Chapter 1 with 100%, hehe.)

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Star stone problem

I’ve tried fiddling around with two that appeared in my own bag from clearing out Hell Dungeons, and haven’t yet figured out how to actually use them. My own screenshot:

(You can directly link images by surrounding it with exclamation marks.)

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / MINT

More specifically, mint comes from the Firelands event on Saturdays as a bonus reward for choosing to attack with one of the four diamond options (as opposed to just clicking for free). These diamond options are a one-off boost that enhances that attack attempt only. Mint cannot be earned without paying diamonds as far as I know (though as a suggestion it would be nice if we could earn some Mint through some means other than spending diamonds to hit, such as including it as part of the final rank reward).

As it is, I don’t really see much of a reason to hit with diamonds right now. Some people spend diamonds on the event, though. I can at least tell you to expect about 1-1.5k mint per diamond spent, though results may vary (and you may very well hit a high multiplier on mint earnings).