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Topic: Inferno Legend / [GS Recruiting]

I’m usually able to partake in Human Invasion, World Boss, and Dark Tournament. On average, I would say I play Inferno Legend around 3-5 hours daily, mostly centered around evening/night server time. I am, perhaps, not the most dedicated player — but I’m online when it matters. Even if I’m not playing this game, I’ll likely still be somewhere on Kongregate where people can whisper me.

As for personality, I’m usually relaxed and helpful. If I’ve been there and done it, I’ll try to help others do the same. Not much more to say than that.

@Zeeecon: Your jokes aren’t that bad. XD

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Topic: Inferno Legend / [GS Recruiting]

I’ll apply as I’m a Kongregate S1 player, although I should mention that Kongregate S2 seems to be the most active server.

In-game Character Name: Bob10110
Server: KR1 (Kongregate S1)
Level: 71 at time of writing, but nearly 72.
Class: Faerie

Your Country: United States
List any languages that you speak: English
Related experience & other qualifications: Kongregate global chat moderator, temporary QA (Quality Assurance) position with Kongregate.
Anything else you want to add: I do have a KR2 character as well (level 67 Faerie), although I intended that one to be more for experimentation purposes. And recently I’ve begun to hang out in the Raidcall chat with players from the Gamebox servers.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Compiled Quiz Questions and Answers

[[ Reserved for editing ]]

That should do it.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Compiled Quiz Questions and Answers

[[ Reserved for editing ]]

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Compiled Quiz Questions and Answers

[[ Reserved for editing ]]

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Compiled Quiz Questions and Answers

Grand Central Terminal in New York is the world’s…

Largest railway station
Longest railway station
Highest railway station
None of the above

What is the first sign on the zodiac calendar?


In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase a basic charter to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. They met in…

San Francisco
Dumbarton Oaks

Fuse wires for power outlets should always have a…

Low melting point
Low specific heat
High melting point
High resistance

Blaze Pascal is associated with…

Calculating machine
None of these

How many non-permanent Security Council (UNO) members are from Afro-Asian countries?


What do people typically purchase from Lloyd’s of London?

Fancy cars

Editor’s Note: Sushino, I am not a sidekick, stop trying to eat me. =P

What is the primary purpose of sidekicks?

Assist main character
To eat
To drink
For entertainment

According to a popular expression, what is in the eye of the beholder?


Joule is the unit for measuring…


What is Philology?

Study of languages
Study of bones
Study of muscles
Study of architecture

A person described as a towhead has what color hair?


Montezuma was the legendary leader of what ancient people?


The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves around the sun was…


Editor’s Note: This question SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

ESCAP stands for…

Economic and Social Commission…
Economic and Social Commission…
European Society Council for…
None of the above

On most remote controls, pressing which button will keep the picture but reduce volume to a minimum?


On a radio, stations are changed by using what control?


What are Gravity Settling Chambers used to remove?

Suspended particulate matter

What is the main ingredient in a traditional hamburger?


Who was the surgeon who pioneered antiseptic surgery in 1865?

Joseph Lister
Edward Jenner
John Sleeman
Henry William

The USSR previously comprised of how many Union Republics?


Which of the following drinks is traditionally made by putting chunks of fruit in red wine?


A college graduate who receives a B.S. degree holds what official title?

Bachelor of science
Baccalaureate staff
Business scholar
Business science

Who was the founder of KODAK?

Sam Walton
Jack Dorsey
All of the above

Who was the first Emperor of Germany?

Walter Simons
Friedrich Ebert
Hans Luther

Which of these is not found in a standard deck of 52 playing cards?

Prince of tides
Queen of spades
King of hearts

The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are what?

Geographic grids
None of the above

What article of clothing is a garter belt typically used to hold up?

Men’s girdle

Editor’s Note: This question is wrong, Jasmine actually first appears at wave 5. Which isn’t even a choice.

Jasmine appears in which wave of monsters in the Scepter Defense event?


Which is the largest strait in the world?

Tartar Strait
English Strait
Bohol Strait
Banks Strait

By definition, a person known as a prevaricator has an inclination to do what?

Tell lies
Read palms
Clean things

A circus is most commonly associated with having how many rings?


In what country would you find Banff National Park?


Which of these French dignitaries is the principal villain in the 1844 novel The Three Musketeers?

Cardinal Richelieu
Cardinal Mazarin
Louis XVI
Louis VIII

Mercury is also known as?

Quick Silver
Fast Silver
Hot Silver
White Silver

In the United States Air Force Air Commodore is one rank higher than…

Group Captain
Squadron Leader
Air Marshal
Air Vice-Marshal

Which of the following types of beer is typically the darkest in color?

Mint juleps

Rollerblade is a brand name of what kind of sporting equipment?

In-line skates
Street luges

Who is credited for inventing the computer?

Mac Millen

FFC stands for…

Film Finance Corporation
Foreign Finance Corporation
Federation of Football Council
None of the above

The great Victoria Desert is located where?

North America
West Africa

Whose life is the basis for the popular musical Annie Get Your Gun?

Annie Oakley
Raggedy Ann
Christie Anne
Anna Harrison

Pyrotechnics is the technical term for what?

Welding torches
Barbecue pits

If something sets your blood boiling, what word best describes your attitude?


A serrated edge is usually found on the blade of which of these items?

Steak knife
Safety razor

In which year did Sir Edmund Hillary reach the summit of Mount Everest?


Editor’s Note: Didn’t catch all of the last answer, will have to edit it in later.

Dr. Zakir Hussain was…

The first Muslim president of…
First speaker of Lok Sabha
First president of Indian Nation
Vice president ???

Which method can help and improve in-game lag?

Hide other players
Speak in the World channel
Change the city you are in
Run back and forth in-game

Which type of Bladesoul offers stat boosts to other party members?


When the police secretly watch the activities of a suspect from an unseen location, it’s called a what?


Which of the following inventor and invention combinations is wrong?

J. Perkins: Penicillin
J.L. Baird: Television
A.G. Bell: Telephone
James Watt: Steam Engine

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was…

All of the above
A German Physicist
Devised temperature scale
Developed the mercury thermometer

In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is…

30 trillion
15 trillion
20 trillion
25 trillion

What type of salute is traditionally given to U.S. war heroes at their funerals?


What opera tells the tragic tale of a flirtatious gypsy, a lovesick soldier, and a bullfighter?

Madame Butterfly
The Rape of Lucrece

Indira Gandhi was assassinated in…


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Topic: Blade Hunter / Compiled Quiz Questions and Answers

Heya guys, Bob here. I’ve been wanting to do this thread for a while to help out players. This thread is by no means complete, since I only recently started writing down the questions, but I hope that this helps people out.

I’m debating splitting this thread into two sections — one with the full question and answer set, and a second with an emphasis on the keywords I personally look for to identify the question with only the correct answer following it.

Allow me some time to get questions in my notes. I’ll try to add new ones to this thread when convenient for me.

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Topic: Inferno Legend / [Annoncement] Please check it here if you are unable to bet in World Cup

Thanks for the help! Any chance we could know when bets open up as well? (I’m guessing it’s 10-12 hours prior to the deadline.)

Also, I’ve been hearing that some players may be unable to bet on one Kongregate server, but at the same time able to bet on another. This might be triggered by checking too early (for the first server that they’re checking on).

I’ll pass this thread along in hopes that it helps some people.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / still no Contest Grounds on S2

So how was Contest Grounds on S2 last weekend? =P

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Topic: Inferno Legend / 【Free Events! 】Game Improve Suggestions Collected with Abundant Reward

Username: Bob10110
Server: KR1
Character: 69 Faerie
Status: VIP0

Heya, thanks for listening to the players. I’ll try to be brief here.

I particularly like the activities (Human Invasion, Dark Tournament, Tower of Triumph, and Planar Wars). They encourage participation at a specific time of day without being too specific (I’ve seen games where a world boss would die in less than 60 seconds). On the flip side, the game’s chat is something I don’t use very much — the censor is too strict, and it could be a bit hard to follow a conversation when you can view only 8 lines of text. Kongregate’s own chat is used far more often.

PvP is something I don’t have much interest in — I’m content with what’s there, but wouldn’t mind more ways to compete. I’m more interested in PvE content, especially if there are any parts which can be overcome with player cooperation. The lack of anything truly cooperative in this game has at times made me consider moving on, but the feelings of progress being made somewhere (by myself, my alliance, and its members) has kept me playing fairly persistently. The amount of free diamonds doesn’t hurt, either. ^.^

I would really like to see more in the way of cooperative elements, as well as another way to earn Alliance Currency (I’m having to save up 60k for a serum at this point, which will take weeks as is). Something I would really like to see is outlined below:

Alliance Resource Battle

The basic premise of this concept is similar to the idea of a persistent Human Invasion; that is, most of the same systems as Human Invasion but can be done at any time of the day.

Anyways, the idea is for alliances to work together to control a specific resource, and the alliance that can best demonstrate their dominance over a resource can take a cut of that resource for all their alliance members. This can be done by doing battle against a resource guardian, a powerful enemy with effectively infinite health and immunity to all debuffs. Resource guardians can use a varied skillset, usually culminating in some super attack on the fifth turn (can be tweaked to be earlier/later if desired).

The amount of damage dealt to this resource guardian contributes towards your alliance’s control. At the end of a guardian’s cycle, whichever alliance has the most damage points dealt to the resource guardian receives its reward. The damage totals are then reset for the next cycle.

There are various tiers of resource guardians:

Tier 1 — Small
Cycle duration: 3 hours
Reward: One of the following list, chosen at random:

  • 50,000 Gold
  • 500 Power of Lineage
  • 500 Power of Faith
  • 500 Alliance Currency

Tier 2 — Medium
Cycle duration: 12 hours
Reward: Two of the following list, chosen at random:

  • 100k Gold
  • 1000 Power of Lineage
  • 1000 Power of Faith
  • 1000 Devil Metal
  • 20 Uncommon (blue) tier essences
  • 1000 Alliance Currency

Tier 3 — Large
Cycle duration: 48 hours
Rewards: Four of the following list, chosen at random:

  • 250k Gold
  • 2500 Power of Lineage
  • 2500 Power of Faith
  • 2500 Devil Metal
  • 10 Advanced (yellow) tier essences
  • 1000 Learning Essence
  • 30 Diamond
  • 2500 Alliance Currency

Remember, each player is limited in the number of attacks they can do each day, so smaller guilds can focus the smaller guardians with a good chance of winning. Larger guilds should try to ensure that they win the biggest rewards before using spare attacks on the smaller prizes. And everybody can gain minor rewards from participating (each battle could award a small amount of alliance currency).

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Topic: Inferno Legend / wilderness map one bugged

I don’t think it’s bugged, but the weights on discovering each location definitely seem to be different. You’ll find a bunch of key wilderness locations like Tree of Talent, Thief Stronghold, Bloody Altar, Ancient Library almost immediately, but I only recently finished off page 1 with Scarlet Castle (recruit Demon Baron elite servitor). And I was all the way into page 5 by that point.

Just keep going, you’ll get those last two page 1 locations soon. =)

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Topic: Fortuna / Bugs/Minor Annoyances

One of the nastier bugs I’ve seen so far — sometimes, clicking a link to claim alliance escort rewards results in a loading bar that hangs, forcing me to refresh.

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Topic: Inferno Legend / Maintenance and update at 7th May

Wondering when Mummy will be a playable class.

As to class balance, I think it’s okay right now. Faeries have a strong early game, but the others really start coming into their roles in mid and late game…

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Topic: Inferno Legend / S2:New server celebration event

Awesome, though I’m wondering when exactly Kong-S2 will open up. Still says “Coming soon ^^” when I try to go there. I’m also curious why we couldn’t just post our screenshots in a thread here on Kongregate’s forums, or for it to be coded into the game itself to recognize these goals for the new server, but I’ll accept this arrangement too.

There’s a formatting guide too if you want to make the post look a bit better. Kongregate accepts most HTML and Textile formatting. Alternatively here’s what I’d make it look like:

Originally posted by gameboxcy, formatted/edited by Bob10110:

New server celebration event

To celebrate the launch of Kongregate S2, we’re having a new server event! Gain superb rewards for a limited time only! Each day within the first week there is a task to perform. As long as you complete 5 of 7 tasks, you are able to claim Growth Fruit III + Ancient Icefire Crystal.

Ancient Icefire Crystal:

  • Gold +200,000
  • Devil Metal +1,000
  • Fire Crystal +200
  • Frost Crystal +200
  • Dwarven Dark Iron +200
  • Totem Fragment +500


  • DAY 1: Level up to 30
    Reward: Vigor*20
    Tip: Pass Main Plot dungeons or Abyssal Trials
  • DAY 2: Any three totems reach 16
    Reward: Totem*200
    Tip: Bank or dungeon raids could give you enough gold
  • DAY 3: Open all the 3 chests at Arena
    Reward: Wickedness*100
    Tip: Enhance your equipment, recruit powerful servitors, and use Power of Lineage and Power of Faith to become even more powerful. Of course mind your formation and skillset, and adapt to tough situations should they arise.
  • DAY 4: Enhance any of your weapon to 30%
    Reward: Fruit of talent*200
    Tip: Enhance your equipment at Item window.
  • DAY 5: Obtain at least 30 blue enchantment essences
    Reward: Vigor*20
    Tip: At Alchemy you can free draw to gain enchantment essences. You can also combine 100 white essences for 10 blue.
  • DAY 6: Recruit Helmet Crab (elite servitor)
    Reward: Dark Signet*3
    Tip: Use soul function at the Infernal Fortress to gain souls.
  • DAY 7: Pass 5-7 instance
    Reward: Alliance badge*3
    Tip: Remember everything you’ve learned from the past days, and go out there to prove yourself!


1. To get rewards, you should post a screenshot for each day’s achievement in its respective thread no later than 5:00 pm (PDT).
2. Reward will be sent out at the next day, please check at event function.

Main thread on the Gamebox forums:

List of threads for each day:

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Topic: Blade Hunter / ESCORT

In R2’s defense, programming isn’t that easy. Especially when they’re trying to repackage MMO’s produced in China for a western audience. =P

That being said though, yes, the longer-standing players here already know the game is prone to buggy updates and lack of support/attention. Contest Grounds didn’t get fixed for a whole month (probably because it was a weekend event, it was only broken on the Kongregate server, and programming is hard) and there wasn’t any compensation I know of for the diamonds people sunk into missing rewards. Caused at least one top player at the time to quit after being out a few thousand diamonds for nothing substantial.

Right now, I’d wager the broken things to fix at this time would be the weekend lottery (missing icon) and the escorts mysteriously vanishing sometimes without any reward for the used attempt. Perhaps related is the escorts not unlocking at level 45 as I remember them being. To a lesser extent, the “extra” Excalibur bladesoul pieces for new players also needs fixed.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Obligatory bump so new players can read up on some info. ^.^

And to say I’ve made a couple fixes in the guide regarding recent updates.

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Topic: Inferno Legend / How do I Use Devil Medals?

Once you’re level 58, you get access to Demonic Armor which is where you will use Demon Metal (to upgrade its capabilities, much like you’d use Power of Faith for your miracles or Power of Lineage for your lineages).

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Originally posted by xXkillerXx:

oya,do u know the mechanism work for team-mate in virture pt to get both reward and virture?
cos sometime i have both tries and stamina left,i get virture,while other times i get both reward and virture.

Originally posted by Bob10110:

Virtue Parties Explained

  • Your rewards (as party leader) are unchanged. The top damage rank from the other players will forfeit their normal reward (even if they could spend the stamina and attempt), and get 10 Virtue Points instead. The other players after that can get their normal dungeon reward (assuming they can spend the stamina and attempt to get it) plus 1 additional Virtue Point.

There you go. ;)

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Unfortunately, I’ve kinda forgotten most of the hero and nightmare unlock levels. Yeti King nightmare is notable enough for being the last R4 nightmare to unlock, at level 88, since that opens up the possibility of a purgatory dungeon.

The excavation artifacts, meanwhile, can be fairly easily found if you click the item icons. Clicking the (unfinished) artifact opens up the menu of what materials you need, and clicking on a material auto-paths you to select that map — even setting the correct number of blitz attempts too. Very useful at level 80+ when everybody gets free turbo blitz.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Unfunded

I was top 10 in levels for a brief time, as a free player; granted I started early (back during the 3-day Kong beta about a month ago). But I intend on staying here awhile and helping people enjoy the game. =)

All I’m really missing out on is wings, high level gems, and perhaps faster rate of progress through content (growth quests, etc). Which isn’t a huge deal to me, since I tend to get stuck in mid-game anyways for various reasons.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Regarding treasure chests, yes, there are some dungeon goals that ask you to open them. The stages with chests always have them in a fixed position, though the type of chest may vary between attempts. Higher level stages tend to have a higher chance of having the exquisite chests.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / Hall of the Spaded Sword (Bob's Guide and Notes)

Personally, I like Excalibur. For a basic Bladesoul, it’s pretty useful for general purposes.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / [Patch Notes] 03/06 Server Update

Eh, Hyper, the diamond cost for socketing high level gems has always been there. It’s just more visible now since people can get to high level gems a bit more easily via Pumpkin Smash. Honestly, I would appreciate some sort of gold option alongside the diamond one even if it’s absurdly expensive (say, several million gold) but that’s just my opinion.

Also, Citadel’s level requirement seems to have changed from 79. Still looks like it needs VIP for the free attempts though. Sigh…

The mount summons during battle looks nice at first, but then I find the mount tends to do less damage output than me. Maybe it’s just me being stuck with the free horse mount but I expected at least some improvement in my damage. Guess I need to buff it up some more. =P

(Thanks for removing the level 50 cap on mount skills though, might be able to do just that now.)

Meanwhile, Battle Royale is broken (again). Nobody can queue up, and the shop no longer displays the royale points earned either.

The rankings list seems to be non-functional too, just a blank page in all categories.

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide

Boss Strategy Guide

Ever face an annoying boss that just wouldn’t die? Here’s some tips on how to beat ‘em. Note that this largely goes for Nightmare Dungeons, but I’ll toss in a couple from other sources too.


• Aurora Bubble – Creates a sphere very similar to Valkyrie’s Aurora Blast
• Ranged Energy Orbs – Attacks at range with some large orbs of energy

Usually Jasmine will use her bubble as she gets up from the ground, occasionally her laser (I’m pretty sure it depends on what she was doing before she got comboed). The best spot to stand is either up/down from her, or far far away horizontally.

If Jasmine’s using her bubble, it is possible to space yourself that this bubble won’t hit you, but you can still hit Jasmine (H-key knockups are useful here). Once you’ve hit her, she’ll flinch and the bubble will fade away. Proceed to combo her up into the air for another 100 hits. If you’re not feeling brave, another option is to get some horizontal distance away so as to draw out her ranged orbs attack. She leaves herself wide open when she does this, so as soon as you see her going for that ranged attack swoop in for a combo.

Captain Black

• Fury Swipes – Several close-range slashes
• Sliding Slash – Slides across the ground in a charge, dealing damage

If he’s by himself, he’s fairly easy to dodge. Once he gets up from the ground, he tends to slide if nothing is within reach of his fury swipes. Just stand up or down out of the way of his attack, then run in and start comboing once he’s stopped attacking. Of note, Captain Black’s slide tends to show him going a bit further than he actually went, so keep that in mind.

In Nightmare, Nadfall (the blue lizard) gets tossed in the mix. Dealing with him may prove a bit annoying because being hit by slows can hamper your abilities to run in and combo Black. It seems preferable to focus on Black, and if nobody else is around to occupy that lizard (and it doesn’t walk into the combo) you may have to take hits from it.

Skipping Spider King and Novabot because it basically boils down to not standing right in front of them if they hit the ground.

Red Baron

• Impaler – Deals area damage in front of Red Baron
• Black Hole – Sucks nearby players into the hole, dealing area damage…and then usually followed by an Impaler

This one is definitely harder than the previous bosses; you’ll find he’s not so easy to flinch. He’s only vulnerable when he’s moving, so use this to your advantage — try to let him come towards you via the Z-axis (standing up or down from him) and he’ll fall right into a well-planned trap. Even a normal physical attack can get Red Baron to flinch if he’s on the move, though more cautious players might opt for a finisher (I-key skill) to initiate on.

His attack pattern upon getting up is to use two Impalers followed by two Black Holes. If you can’t get him to flinch by the second Impaler, flee…Black Holes really wreck HP bars. Fortunately he’s not that hard to dodge if you utilize air-dashes.

Oh, and in Nightmare, you’ve got an annoying Tribesman to deal with too. You’ll probably still want to focus on the boss. May be worth saving a bladesoul until you can strike them both, though.

Overlord is skipped largely because it’s a case similar to Spider King and Novabot — don’t stand in front of the guy when he falls.

Sand Devil

• Vacuum of doom – Sucks the life out of nearby players, dealing area damage.
• Whirlwind – Sends a quick-moving whirlwind to knock players away.
• Sand Blast – A strong Area of Effect skill.
• Teleport – As if the annoying breath wasn’t making this boss annoying enough, he’ll vanish if there are no nearby targets, only to reappear on top of you and start sucking away again.

Area control is key here. Approach from the Z-axis (up/down) after Sand Devil starts attacking some other hapless target(s) and get some duration skill going so that it’s damaging him between breaths; he’ll flinch and you can combo from there. Examples of area control skills would be Valkyrie’s Thunder Field (L), Mechanist’s Bear Claw (U) or Cyclone Flurry (L), or any class’s finisher (I-key skill).

Sand Devil rarely gets to use its other skills (because it tends to flinch and reset the order of skill usage), so you’ll largely be avoiding the vacuum of doom.


• Arrow Rain – If players are nearby, she’ll leap into the air and rain arrows down dealing area damage for about 2 seconds.
• Crystal Arrow – If players are far away horizontally, she’ll fire an arrow towards them. This arrow usually multiplies from one into five, sweeping pretty much everything in its way.

Bait out the Arrow Rain, and run up/down before it can actually hit you. Right as she falls toward the ground to land, the area damage stops — learn this timing and run in as soon as you are able to catch her for a combo.


• Large energy ball of DOOOOOOOOOM – The blue face fires a slow-moving yet extremely large energy ball. Will knock you up quite high if you get hit.
• Ice Rain – Three bursts of icy rain fall upon the player’s current position.
• Medusa Laser – The black face fires a hard-hitting laser, enough said.

First off, always stand next to the boss. There’s no sense in running away since the Medusa Laser is very difficult to dodge and has a large hitbox. Second, you’ll notice Fates has a pattern to its attacks: Energy ball, Ice rain, and then Medusa laser. You can dodge the energy ball by going to the side the blue face isn’t looking; this is easiest to do if you’re on top of the boss pounding away at it. You can dodge the icy rain by performing a dash-attack at the right times; the first one comes right after the third burst of light from the blue face, and the other two in roughly 2-second intervals. The Medusa laser can be skipped entirely if you hit the boss during the Ice rain “dance” since it is prone to flinching at this time (unfortunately you can’t knock Fates airborne).

If desired, you can use your finisher (I-key skill) during the icy rain phase — for Knights this works great due to the invincibility, but everybody else will be taking some damage. The constant damage should keep Fates flinched for a few seconds though, and in group settings you could possibly chain these together to keep Fates flinched for a while (or just outright burst DPS the boss down).

Otherwise, just stick to skills with quick animations (i.e. don’t root you to a spot for a length of time), physical attacks, and dash-attacks.

Credit to Sushino for giving me the idea to dash-attack. ;)

(More bosses to come later)

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Topic: Blade Hunter / In-depth Class and Boss Guide


Knock-up: ☆☆
Combo stability/ease: ☆☆☆
Combo power: ☆
Area control: ☆☆
Initiation: ☆☆☆

Mechanists are a class with a plethora of tricks and contraptions. They’re a threat to their enemies both near and far, able to initiate by casting a long-range stun or by swinging their giant hammer in a frenzied cyclone. Potential for comboing is quite viable, if a bit weak on the damage per hit. That low combo damage is their main drawback, relegating them to a support role for PvE encounters.


H – Earthquake Hammer
30 Mana • 2.5 second CD
Knocks enemies upward with a mechanical springing fist.
Across 3 hits, deals total damage of 300% SAtt at level 1, +6% per level.

L – Cyclone Flurry
40 Mana • 4.5 second CD
Spins that hammer right round baby right round for 3 seconds, allowing for very slow movement and pulling all enemies it hits toward your current X-axis position. Does not knock up grounded enemies, but will keep airborne enemies airborne.
Across 12 hits, deals 500% SAtt at level 1, +10% per level.

U – Bear Claw
40 Mana • 20 second CD
Instantly strikes an area a set distance away with a mechanical contraption, inducing stun effects for 2 seconds on whatever it hits.
Across 5 hits, deals 700% SAtt at level 1, +14% per level.

I – Stormfire
100 Mana • 30 second CD
Deals area damage for a duration of 3 seconds.
Deals 1500% SAtt at level 1, +30% per level.


As a Mechanist, your primary goal is to disable the enemy and gain control of the tide of battle. Bear Claw (U) can do this from a distance and Cyclone Flurry (L) can do this at close range.

General tips: If Cyclone Flurry (L) is being used on a group of enemies, some of which are in the air and others which are grounded, you may want to immediately follow with Earthquake Hammer (H) to knock the grounded mobs up before continuing your combo. Speaking of which, your combos are extremely sustainable (more so than any other class) due to Cyclone Flurry (L) persisting for a lengthy time of three seconds. Alternate these with double-aerials (jumping and striking the opponent in midair exactly twice) and you can keep juggling enemies for quite some time. Practice this L-K-J-J combo, especially the timings of the double-aerials since they can be tricky sometimes.

Solo PvE: You’ll want to group up mobs with Cyclone Flurry (L), as this skill is insanely useful against anything that’s stupid enough to walk right into you. Against bosses, use Bear Claw (U) to stun them; this prevents the boss from moving or attacking for long enough that you can start a combo. Continue pounding away until you approach 100 combo, at which point the boss will automatically break your combo.

Group PvE: Fairly similar to solo, except the Valkyries and Rogues will be able to shove enemies together a bit more efficiently. For the boss, your stun will be insanely useful to initiate on most bosses — just watch out for potential attacks at range from some of them (e.g. Red Baron). Keep combos going if you must (your combo hits with Cyclone Flurry (L) are rather weak), and be wary when the total group combo may be approaching 100 on the boss.

World Boss: Stick to Stormfire (I), Bear Claw (U), and toss the occasional Earthquake Hammer (H) in.

AI PvP: Bear Claw (U) is probably your best friend here as AI tends to walk right into that trap. If that’s not an available option, go for Cyclone Flurry (L) instead to initiate (or re-initiate). Once they’ve flinched, you can knock them up into the air and combo until 50 hits. Stormfire (I) may be useful during a combo to get some much needed damage to charge your Bladesouls.

Live PvP: Plays out similarly to AI battles, but don’t expect players to fall into the Bear Claw (U) trap so easily. Still try to catch them out with it if you can, and if they get close, Cyclone Flurry (L) is usually your best move. Watch out for finishers (I-key skills) as those tend to outlast your Cyclone Flurry AND deal lots of damage to you.