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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Pvp what a joke

I have to say, some of the classes are more suited than others for PvP. Warrior is not usually a strong pick in 1v1 — Rangers can rush better, Mages can stall better, and Priests can make sure that just about whatever they want to keep alive does.

2v2, however, I would wager Warrior would be a valuable ally that complements any other class pretty well.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Unfair spell

Well, there’s two ways I could see someone countering that strategy. Either rush the mage down before they get a chance to unleash their more powerful spells, or summon a Guard unit next to your main hero (and keep that unit there — Warrior can do this nicely with Sentry Command, for example).

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / 666death and win trading

You can spectate his battles, you know. See if there are any patterns to who he’s fighting. From what I can tell, he’s fighting real opponents.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Do you have to buy gems?

Yeah, all you really need to grind are those 24-hour reward timers. The first week has a special set of rewards (including the Queen of Flame, an early 4-star mage); after that it cycles through a set rotation with 100 gems on the 6th reward. So you’ll want the 13th and 20th 24-hour rewards to pay for that level 5 Mine, and after that it becomes considerably easier to earn gems for other things.

It’s also possible to rob someone else’s level 5+ Mines for a few gems if it’s been idle at least 9 hours. But I’d expect most of these players to be difficult to beat because they’re either cashing early, or they’ve been playing a while and have had time to build up power. Newer players aren’t that likely to be beating up people with level 5+ Mines, but you could still try. I would prefer targeting players with red forgestones that are beatable, however.

As Jani mentioned, the rate of production of gems in a level 5 Mine is 5 gems every 3 hours. The cap, if there is one, is no less than 40 unclaimed gems (24 hours’ worth) though high level players will start looting you if they see gems.

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Topic: Blue Moon / [Notice] Service re-open

So getting back to the topic of the game being open again, and with the long-awaited World Event, I have some feedback:

1) With this timing of the World Event, I can only do it on weekends. My prime gaming time (and perhaps that of other players) is in the evenings. If you’re keeping metrics of player activity, surely there’s more active times to put the event.

Based on my own past experiences, I’d suggest either moving the time of the event forward ~6-8 hours (which puts World Event in the afternoon/evening hours for United States players) or maybe even removing the time parameter and let the event go on until the mob count is depleted. If the latter suggestion is decided upon, I’d make the total mob count adjust itself depending on the length of time it took for the previous event to run its course — increase the mob count if it took too short a time, decrease if it took too long.

2) The World Event button covers up the “Leave Party” button, making it impossible to leave a party in that manner.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Thanks, but good-bye

Eh, I can see both sides of the issue here. Having never been around to see what evolution was like, I’m sure it would be something I’d find useful. But at the same time, I’m guessing that when people got to those level 80 legendary/mythical teams, they really had nothing left to do but PvP, or grind out arena quests when those were up. Getting that rate of progress right is a very tricky balancing act for devs.

As it is now, I think it’s okay-ish. Would be nice to get sacrifice material for those legendary (and eventually mythical) units that I’ll otherwise ignore for lack of levelling potential.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] [Guide] How to Rule Hell with an Iron (insert weapon of choice here)

I can access it as well. My guess is that it was down when the game had an outage.

Also, I feel I should finish the guide at some point…I would be adding in some more detailed explanation of things that I repeat in the last (tl; dr) post, along with a few other details like challenging for your server’s player Demogorgon position.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Chaos Arena!

Would be nice to see the opponent’s total honor amounts, I’m pretty sure it’s based entirely off of that and not of whatever they have in the party at that moment. =P

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Topic: Lucadian Chronicles / Flash draft thoughts

If I might suggest something, look at having perhaps two different hours of the day to do a Flash draft. Being an American is nice, but I think Europeans need some attention too. ;)

The time that was used during the test (7 PM PDT) worked alright for me personally.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

If I might point this out, some big Kongregate games have closed in recent(-ish) times. Games like Fantasy Online, Yu-Gi-Oh BAM, Backyard Monsters to name a few, as well as several smaller games. I’ve pretty much accepted that every game will see its end at some point, regardless of how big it gets. At least some of these have had a story that distracted players from the grind, too. So I’m not convinced a storyline alone would help a game succeed — the element of cooperation among players is usually a much larger driving force, at least from my point of view.

Pretty much every game out there has to keep the player on that fine line between making progress and not doing everything in the game too easily. Without progress being made a player may feel like their time truly is being wasted, but if there’s no challenge to be had then you get the same result as well. The usual tactics to keep people from plowing their way through the game these days involve the use of time (construction/upgrade timers, energy/stamina timers, time it takes to earn resources, etc). I think this game does an okay job of showing progress being made for the time invested, but that’s just my opinion. Each person will form their own opinion on whether or not a game is worth spending time/money on.

I will agree about developer interaction. If the developers don’t appear to be enthusiastic about their game, then it can be difficult to expect players to do the same.

Overall, I’ll probably keep playing this game for a while longer, but I thrive in places where I can assist other players. If I can’t get that satisfaction of helping my fellow players because there’s nobody really left playing this, I’ll probably move on to something else too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

Well, I’ve been attacked once. My understanding of being defeated when defending your (main) asteroid is that 50% of your resources (crystals, microchips, minibots) and weapon stocks gets taken and your base is basically turned off until you can rebuild a radar and a cannon. While the base is offline, you can’t use the Astromarket, explore nearby objects or do Arena, but you can do base development with what you’ve got.

I am assuming that you cannot be chain-attacked because of this mechanic, and you determine when you take your base back online again.

The game has some definite potential here. Some people won’t even care all that much for a storyline, though I’ll agree on the point of holding out a carrot in the form of “50 Quests” — while I understand that it’s a dangling carrot to entice people to pay up quickly, it’s going to annoy people when they can more visibly see the difference in power between paying players and free players. If the reward for 50 Quests was a “random artifact” instead then it would be a bit harder to see that difference.

There are plenty of Kong games that have gone cross-platform before; it’s almost expected at this point that a game on Kongregate is also published somewhere else. Resetting the game server wouldn’t make much sense, but a fair number of games have gone the route of having a separate server for just the Kongregate players to compete amongst themselves. Would that be the right thing to do in this situation? Probably not as of now, as there’s not a lot of chance of attaining a decent enough player base for just the Kongregate players.

On the bright side: No energy systems. So catchup is really much more a matter of just grinding it out, methinks. Also, getting involved with the community by doing group raids should help with making at least a few friends that won’t just attack you for your resources and battle exp.

Apologies if it seems like I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I haven’t really seen much else on Kongregate recently of particular interest to me.

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Topic: Blue Moon / [Preview] Balance changes - Wizard/Vampire

Originally posted by 109studio:
  • Other changes
    • Skill attack can now hit critically but with 50% reduced critical rating. (For all classes)

So I would assume this means that, if I had 40% critical rate my skills would now be able to crit 20% of the time?

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Topic: Blue Moon / [Preview] Balance changes - Gladiator/Human

Some questions I have about Gladiators:

1) About how much Block could I expect on a typical level 70 Gladiator?

2) Can Block affect damage received from flat percentage-based attacks (e.g. Arachna’s “Poisonous Cloud”)?

3) Will level 62-70 shields (rare and up) ever get the STR core stat like the shields level 60 and below?

Right now, this looks good. I can live with a nerf to my max attack speed, it might actually make me use skills for damage. =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Buy missions

Well, how else are you going to fail a mission? =P

Fyi: Expect a lot more of those. Free players are pretty unlikely to finish the “50 Quests” goal successfully.

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Topic: Lucadian Chronicles / The campaign guide (spoilers)

I’ll help where I can. In fact, I just found a solution for Act 2, Chapter 1, Battle 6 which doesn’t require you to draw a pack, so I went in and edited it. (Though it might be unreliable, I did win with it.)

(Also, I finally cleared Chapter 1 with 100%, hehe.)

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Star stone problem

I’ve tried fiddling around with two that appeared in my own bag from clearing out Hell Dungeons, and haven’t yet figured out how to actually use them. My own screenshot:

(You can directly link images by surrounding it with exclamation marks.)

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / MINT

More specifically, mint comes from the Firelands event on Saturdays as a bonus reward for choosing to attack with one of the four diamond options (as opposed to just clicking for free). These diamond options are a one-off boost that enhances that attack attempt only. Mint cannot be earned without paying diamonds as far as I know (though as a suggestion it would be nice if we could earn some Mint through some means other than spending diamonds to hit, such as including it as part of the final rank reward).

As it is, I don’t really see much of a reason to hit with diamonds right now. Some people spend diamonds on the event, though. I can at least tell you to expect about 1-1.5k mint per diamond spent, though results may vary (and you may very well hit a high multiplier on mint earnings).

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Topic: Inferno Legend / Bloody.H's share (wilderness Pets)

I would still recommend getting Sunflower even as a non-VIP, by the way. ;)

Sunflower can remain relevant for quite a while, since it dispels debuffs. This is arguably the more important factor later on when 4k healing is less meaningful. The other easy-to-get debuff cleansing options are in Snow Vine (common servitor, cleanses two allies every turn) and Mastema (miracle obtained from 22 logins, heals and cleanses multiple allies), both of which also have their shortcomings (Snow Vine has some fairly weak stats and Mastema only helps you out for one turn). There’s also a fairly late game elite servitor for cleansing those debuffs dwelling in floor 16 Abyssal Trials, but I’m not there yet to see just how viable it is for my party.

Hell Merchant is likely going to be lower to mid-70’s if you’re not going to cash enough for VIP6. I got mine at a very late 72; almost might as well call it 73.

I don’t really have any dedicated healer on my team right now, but it’s hard to say who I replaced my healers with. My Faerie tanks up front and has lots of health regen essences socketed into her equipment, among other things that make her a respectable tank (especially when Frost Net and Beacon buffs are active). I could justify swapping a healer back in if necessary, though I usually don’t bother in most settings when my Faerie is tanking well enough.

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / Diamond/Gold Spending Guide for New Players (Read before you start!)

Something the diamond spending guide skips over a bit, with my current knowledge: Equipment Refines and Forges.

Refines give your equipment +1, +2, etc. I’ve yet to figure out any consistent patterns, but you could expect roughly ~8% going from +0 to +1.

Forging an equipment can give up to one extra stat boost on an item. The cost is always 20 diamonds, and the extra stat depends only on item type — higher tier items seem to have no effect on the possible rolls.

Might be useful for the later game when you have good quality gear you want to keep using.

That being said, I’d still highly prioritize levels in the early game. You will experience power spikes as you reach certain key levels, the most notable of which is level 42 for the goddesses. Stamina packs help you get there faster.

As for Tower floor resets, floor 3 costs 30 diamonds if I recall, and awards 20. I would say the tower resets are important to do, but mostly because of the daily quests being a thing. If you don’t want to lose diamonds on the paid resets, you can opt to use your two diamond resets on floors 1 and 2 and then claim the dailies for those floors respectively to recoup those costs. Resetting floors 2 and 3 instead puts you 10 diamonds in the hole, but you get a rather decent amount of blue badges and exp for the cost.

My current strategy is to reset [4, 3, 2, 1] in that order, and I have a net gain of 20 diamonds per day from doing Tower (I can’t quite finish 4 yet). I feel like I can justify the loss of potential purple badges to gain those diamonds.

Friend limits are pretty crippling early on and it’s not that bad to buy the first couple slots. Depending on how tidy you can keep your list to ensure at least 10 active players are sending you stamina daily, this may be a good idea for some of those diamonds a little later on.

That’s about all I can contribute.

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / King of server1

Sure, I’ll sign up. I have a question though — will the players be seeded in the bracket based on their arena ranking, or is it just in order of signups?

Character name: Bob10110

@42nd: It looks like they’ll recognize the top 3 at least, as there is a Bronze Match next to the finals, though I’d also like to know how many people will be given rewards.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Elementress raid

First of all, I should probably mention Kongregate has some formatting options to embed images into your post, by surrounding the image URL with exclamation points. ;)

Now, a Destiny (or Fate) leader with Wind Witch Skyris could definitely work out for Master with a bit more HP (I’d recommend your team to have at least 9.5k-10k before helper), but Heroic is gonna take considerably more effort (the team needs at least 13k HP before helper, if I remember what I’ve been told).

I would also recommend having at least 30k HP worth of flat damage skills (Stampedos, Serratozoon, or their lesser evolutions) or some other skill(s) that can get you to do that much damage within a round or two. Take two 20k skills if you don’t have a 30k. Main reason is that Destiny/Fate is going to proc on the boss hit, and then the minion on the right side will just take that last point of health if it’s not defeated yet. It’s got probably 40k HP or so on Master difficulty (I never bothered to look for an exact number as of yet). Some of the waves towards the middle (wave 5?) might also be dangerous enough to warrant the use of these skills, to knock out one monster quickly, but you NEED to have the skill up at the boss.

Caesar is a good idea, his AoE for a percentage of current health will make the boss grind much more bearable. He’s not an absolute necessity, but he’ll speed up the process.

Or stick to Expert. It’s a lot easier than Master, and can still drop the Elementress. Once you do have the Elementress, you could look for another friend who has the same Elementress and challenge the higher difficulties using the double Elementress strategy (though you do rely a bit on finding hearts for healing doing this).

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

In regards to the Inferno Legend badge (it’s likely to only be one, anyways), I’ve done a bit more thinking about it. Making it “achieve level 20” would probably be better than “achieve level 30”, or at least there’s not a whole lot between 20 and 30 that you learn about the game. Granted, either one of those would be a perfectly fine badge; anything below 20 is fairly insignificant (except maybe 15 because of the skill tree unlocks, but you’re still in the forced tutorial at that point if I recall), and anything above 30 won’t exactly be doable in one day. Both 20 and 30 open up fairly “essential” game features; 20 brings alliances, 30 brings event stages and encounters.

It’s been sitting on the to-do list for a while now. The game is decent for an Asian MMO, and I’ve been playing it for a couple months now (as a level 75 Faerie on Kong server 1). May want to just pick a level to reach and get this out of the way sometime soon so we can look for more awesome single-player games to badge. =D

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 35 clicks

Just curious. Does Energize stack with itself? That is, if I used Energize, waited an hour, used it again and then used Clickstorm, would it increase Clickstorm’s effect by more than 2x? Could be a much easier method for the achievement if it works out. I’ll go test this myself when I get some time to let this game idle (I usually don’t leave the game up for idling when I’m playing other games).

Also, Mouse Keys seems to be ignored — at the very least, the game leaves taunting messages instead of damage numbers if it realizes you’re trying to use them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] Drops from flames

I may as well post these two lists. Note they were done on separate servers.

My KR1 Faerie

My KR2 Faerie

If you want my guesses at the percentages:

Advanced Essences: ~40%
Rare Essences: ~20%
Epic Essences (Creator’s Hearts): ~1%

Fruit of Growth: ~15%
Learning Essence: ~15%
Stat fruits: ~10%, but most likely a bit less than that.

Legacy Crystal IV: ~1%
Legacy Crystal V: Minimal, probably ~0.1%

Flame Dragon Blood Bead: Haha good luck, I don’t remember seeing anybody report one of those.

Succubus Jenelle: Also probably minimal, may have similar appearance rate to Legacy Crystal V, but I’m not really sure how people can test this — can she appear more than once (assuming you never ditch her)?

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by greg:

- Inferno Legend will be the next multiplayer game to receive badges. I don’t know what they’ll be yet, but I’ll try to keep it shorter than Last Stand was.

As a regular player of Inferno Legend, I’d suggest one easy/medium badge for level 30. Here’s my reasoning:

  • There’s only two stats on the API (and yes, I checked /?debug_level=4 to see if there was anything hidden). The other stat is “Power”, which I would recommend against if designing badge requirements — not only is it liable for formula changes (as with a recent update which included something new in the Power calculations and thus gave everybody a notable increase), but it’s also naturally larger on those players that spend Kreds to get the shinier things in the game faster.
  • If I recall from my prior experiences, level 30 is attainable within the first play session, or very close to it (the game has energy limiting how many instances you can run in a given time). It does take a fair length of time though; expect to be at it for about an hour.
  • It reaches a point in the game where you have one of your first real challenges, if you progress logically (specifically, Stage 2-7 on the Main Plot, though I’ll expect players that find 2-7 too difficult to turn instead to raiding 2-6 for exp).
  • It unlocks a decent amount of game content: The Sacred Temple and Hydra Lair for a daily allowance of resources with which to upgrade your characters, access to game events (both daily events like the World Boss and the festive holiday events with unique rewards) and the first tier of daily activity rewards. There’s also new equipment to be had every 10 levels too.
  • Luck/grind/cashing is still a minimal factor at this point in the game. Getting past the final bosses of every Act is a rather huge undertaking, and many of them will require some preparation in terms of gear, stats, and general levelling. Even as early as Act 2-7, I would recommend players to be level 30 before fighting the boss there (partially because if you’ve done the right things, you should have a level 30 amulet which will help considerably).