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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

This is difficult but I’ve tried all that I can, there’s still no Unity support on Linux and some of the HTML ones didn’t work for me, kind of wondering why, and one couldn’t allocate enough memory (!!!), and I didn’t bother with the .exe which would require running in a virtual machine if I even dared trust it.

I think I’ve got to choose the two I found the most interesting so:

Simple, cute, fairly complete, lovely “square planet” gravity dynamics, unsure if I reached the end (there were plenty of bushes and flowers on both sides of the box sitting on a manicured lawn with no rocks in sight), clicking the box in the beginning felt a bit annoying The bot was incredibly likeable and it was nice to “mistakenly” not follow orders too. I want to suggest renaming the game to Bossboxbot :D

2. GiTDtron 2016
Old school, more or less complete, smooth, a bit cryptic to me at first where & who I was. I tried using the mouse from the start, did a lot better going straight for the keyboard, no idea what to do to use ice but maybe I should have been able to figure that out (using the mouse?).

3. Raiding party
Basic, lots and lots of potential, might need some polish on the “move then attack” coding and/or a bit more user control (skipping attack and skipping move was a bit non-intuitive and perhaps buggy to me).

Also want to mention:
Game in Ten Seconds. An anti-idle game? Would drive me mad but funny
Snaker. A new variation on snake, liked the bonuses.
So you want to go on an adventure? Loved the new take on text-only games based on single and doubleclicking.
I’m Sorry, This game Is Impossible. Funny, and less impossible for me than many of the other entries :P

It was hard to choose between the ones I liked the best, and those are the only ones I’ve mentioned, there was lots of effort and/or potential in others as well.

Didn’t really like the Aisleen game, sorry :| (way too disturbing with the stick figures/old drawings crying for help: what’s wrong with Aisleen? Not every drawing can be a hot babe…) but it seems it was just me who thought that lol :3

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Topic: Kongregate / Beta testers needed for Battalion: Arena (edit: first 77 pages given access)

A whole lot of people already but if you need any more I’m in :)