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Topic: Wartune / More than duels in guild chamber

i do hope they implement this. Would be fun to see KE fight off 4 people :P

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Topic: Wartune / Guild War Idea

Hey all.

Right now, guild wars are very boring in most cases for us big guilds. The big 3 (Wolf pack, BH FH), if they don’t face each others, gets a REALLY easy match, which has 0 interest, where in most cases the smaller guild will ask for mercy and nothing happens.

Here is my suggestion to fix this:

Before the match, the stronger guild can decide to give an handicap to the smaller guild. A % based BR boost. If they win, they get a bonus reward based on this same %.

So for example, let’s say Force Honor face Seafood, they could offer them a 88% BR boost, and if they win, they get 88% more honor insignias. But if they loose… well.. hehe :D

I think with a 88% BR boost, seafood could actually be a challenge. a single 20K BR dude would become like a 38K BR guy!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Bugs and Problems

Originally posted by singee8000:
Originally posted by Revokz:

-I purchased an “Elite Ninja” for 25 kreds and never received it.

-My game is not loading any more.

I purchased one and didn’t get it either. My game still loads though.
Edit: Nevermind, now mine won’t load either.

same here tho. i had also bought the super ninja and now my game doesnt work… unless i play under another account.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Bugs and Problems

i don’t know why but my game won’t load anymore under this nickname. But if i try to play under another account it works !?!? i think my game is bugged =/