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Topic: Swords & Potions / NEDM - The guild for people more attractive than you.

Expected Attributes:
Active – I’m doing P90X, and I’m a college student. I know these are contradictory statements, but I’m as active as Jack’s raging bile duct.
Not a noob – Shops here? Shops there? Ever been to Mexico? I put that place on the map. All of it.
Not retarded – Let me tell you a little something about me. You see how all of these things I be sayin’, are in the same order you were be sayin’um? Yeah. I used Copy and Paste. ctrl+c and ctrl+v version. Yeah, I don’t play around.
Minimally decent – Moving right on.
Not a hipster – Remember that part where I said I put Mexico on the map? I didn’t.
Over 18 – I thought the not-a-virgin part came a bit later…

Desired Attributes:
Strong carp and/or tailor – I eat strong carpenters and tailors for breakfast. I am an omni-carp-tailor-bro-man. Comparable only to Jesus, and Jesus Christ.
Staunch – My underwear are quite stiff, thank you for noticing.
A bit of a troll – I’m such a troll that I actually don’t even play this game, but I wish I did, even if only to be a part of a guild that involves this thing called a brain.
Some commercial nous – I have a commercial noose. Quite convincing.
Not a virgin – I am an anti-virgin black hole. Hymens implode within 500 feet of my being. Including my own hymen once I discovered this ability.
At least 20 push ups – I’m such an intense merchant that I could buy 50 push-ups, none of that mamby pamby 20 nonsense.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shutter Island: Teddy Daniels or Andrew Laeddis? (omg spoilers)

Personally, I think that ‘crazy’ is the easy way out, I’m still trying to figure it entirely out, but I have strong arguments on both parts, almost everything in the movie can go either way, the only part I’m hung up on that says he was insane without a counterpart are the photos at the end, except they could’ve made him crazy to the point that he put the faces into his dreams because people hardly remember faces in dreams anyway. Things that people don’t mention that point to his sanity include, they have an entire transcript of his conversation with Noyce, which is plain weird since they just let him get choked by a patient so if they wanted him dead that was an easy way out, but once he swung the fight in his favor they went back to silently watching him. His main psychiatrist, the guy they said he talked to for 2 entire years is still considered a complete stranger to Teddy, yet he recognizes Noyce. The note at the beginning of the movie didn’t have any place at all, so it may have been planted by the doctors, when he’s talking to the bald man the man says ‘You don’t have a partner’ which is weird because why would they try to stress his sanity, his partner is the one who told Teddy that he wanted to leave because it seemed like they trapped him there, all of the patients are saying the same scripted thing, and they all know about Hydrogen bombs, which, if you ask me, is weird because Hydrogen bombs aren’t the kind of things I would discuss with people who are insane as it is, so it seems like they were breaking their grasp on reality with fear. I dunno, I have lots of points in both scenarios and I don’t think I have a clear direction for either point yet.