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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

Tyran NM, We lost a lot of time and only on 91% (Bout 2 Days left)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

I got a question for you first, Do you use Mozilla? (Broswer) , Great if you do because you can use these add-ons.
There are some options to feel free to look around. I have the first 2 of them.
Example: resource://jid0-gxjllfbcoax0lcltedfrekqdqpi-at-jetpack/as-ff/data/edit.html
Simple capture, you can crop page. Capture only visible area or full page or entire window.
Capture the whole page then edit it and add shapes or writing. (Guide Included)
About the same as First but has X-Ray feature and re-size your page for the part you want only.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs


It does not really matter, Since you won’t really get anything from it as I noticed a few times. I never really did get anything once, I’ll investigate the next time I get one and capture picture of it.
If you do happen to get the Box in inventory, Whatever you do do not touchie Box double or it disconnect

Expect the unexpected, I want you to simply to capture your whole page with time if possible after you summon raid and tell your Current time and time zone.
Later when it does happen capture again when it does bug out. You must use your brains,Think of it, A raid has at least a couple of days till it dies.

Is it possible it is still locked right now? Can you take a screen shot of that?

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / LoTS isnt loading :(

Originally posted by emroth:

Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Oh right,
Install following add – on to Mozilla then take picture and I’ll do whatever to help
Oh and if you can,name Broswer using and all current Add-Ons,check your Firewall to make sure no Trojans or Bugs are inferring.

Some Advice: Most people will understand more with a Picture, so we can see what’s wrong
Is there an Error message every time you try to load this game? All the things you did though do not work,and I think you could have made it worst for other objects.

If I can’t help,provide more information,Computer(Software,Cores,Type,Class,Model,Creater etc.)
Message back and I’d try to narrow things down to you.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Trolls

Originally posted by markboy11:

Am I the only one who had expected this thread to be locked a long time ago already?

Nope, I’m with you but I saw a post getting removed and I had a post here a while ago too

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Suggestions and Improvements

Yes I would like to know more about Termius, and all the other Bosses that we attack though out the day, like Genesis,Walsh,Mastard(Just because)

Originally posted by Zomok:

OK so was just chatting in chat not to long ago and came up with an awesome idea we should have Alliance Missions. Using honor and maybe energy on some side story’s for the alliance would be cool I think and it would be a nice way to use some honor other then on raids. I think it would be a separate story line from the main missions but they could connect or reference each other at times.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

Originally posted by Loller13:

I had 128 hour left form a raid, and 1 hour later the game said me that I have 0 hours left and raid is failed.

Ok,I can’t help you there but if it happens again then please take a picture for me.(When it still has many hours and then after that part)
If you guys what so ever do not know how to take a picture of your current page, I advise you to use this Mozilla Add-On as it captures whole page. Thanks
Sorry, Mozilla only folks

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / {Bug}Quest Boss defeat?

Try to hit the Quest Boss,only at certain times and not at lagged up times,This happens because sometimes game can be really slow and it can’t process your actions resulting in a bug like that. But as of everything M4a1Master has explained everything eles.
By the way, If you like to have this fixed, I would like you to capture a picture of this. Mozilla Only,sorry

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Trolls

This whole topic was pointless, Let me get it to you guys and Topic Creater(Well mostly him). Don’t start such pointless topics and act as if you did nothing.
Trolls are the same as Bullies/Trolls in real life, and they have one thing they like to do, same as Bullies and they keep going until you had enough and give them what they want.

The only thing this topic has done is create less Forum Space for the players and more Stupid actions for people who don’t know what their doing. Its like “Oh I’m sorry, its just a joke. Dude you have no sarcasm.”

Who do you think you are? Everyone in the internet is not your friend, so don’t go around posting random junk in our portal, What he said was not troll but the Topic has become about a troll.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / No full refill

Originally posted by Schattensang:

Erm, I first refreshed and wrote after that. I know that it sometimes don’t show the right value, but for me it really was the wrong number.

That’s just a glitch, it happened in the other games also.

By the way, there is a Bug Topic already so don’t go and make another one

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / (Noob) Raid question?

Originally posted by Gendalf31:

1. What is a good lvl to start a raid? I mean I was maybe lvl 10 when the first essence dropped but I have no idea when to “cash” them.

Level does not matter, it depends on your Legion (Power,I suggest you start hitting Easy Raids when you Legion has at least 55 power, 20k damage for every 20 S/H)
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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / ADD FRIEND POST

Just Started This Game Yesterday, If your going to add me(Shout or PM me you want to add me or otherwise I won’t know) – xDCS

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / How do you increase your fleet size?

Originally posted by xXsupermonkeyXx:

i have lots of friends playing this game and still after refreshing a million times my fleet is still 1
any thing devs can do to sort this out ? …. thanks

Make sure your friends add you as friends also or it won’t work

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Mystery pack

I don’t think anyone has,maybe at least 1 person got 500 GSs,but I know a lot of people have gotten 250 GSs
The suns are a rare rate and are not a lie,as of today I have gotten 1 Golden Sun from Shipyard

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Alliance thread

Originally posted by Dunark:

Also i would like a list so that i can see which of my ally members donate what…

@ Dunark Suggestion is awesome,we should be able to see what our Alliance Members have donated(BA and Gold Coins),it would be really useful to see and be more detailed for us and Alliance :)

Originally posted by FeatherLite1992:

You can see there contribution points..Isn’t that enough?

No,it would be better if we could see more and this game has everything we ever needed so we need to add more to make it better

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

Originally posted by nevers7:

In the exchange area of the shop,the Empire Guard’s Ring (with a magic boost attribute) is titled “Empire Guard’s Sword” in both the set lists below all the items in that set, as well as its title when you scroll over it. Additionally, the Empire Guard’s Horse is titled “Empire Guard’s Ring” in the same two places.

Could be a spelling error,should be corrected to “Empire Guard’s Magic Ring” and “Empire Guard’s House”
“Empire Guard’s Magic Ring” is in a set and “Empire Guard’s House” is not in a set.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Low Battle Achievement

Originally posted by FeatherLite1992:

No it is your hero level.

Yes it is your Hero’s Level that makes it decrease(Main Hero) and get lower

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Suggestions (archived)

Originally posted by FeatherLite1992:

To avoid alt abuse via the warehouse..(The main reason against having it)

Could be the alliance has to buy it..And pay more to add more “slots”/storage space to it.
Would be a great way to get rid of the millions of gold most the alliances have that won’t be going anywhere otherwise.

Like..50-100mill to unlock it..No ones going to spend that to abuse alts.

Note:I might be adding more to this post just to fix,change or add more details.

@ FeatherLite1992 Great Idea,we can add a Alliance Warehouse to add in for a storage for unwanted Forted items we don’t need and do not want to sell it to shop.(Other part of this below of this reply)

A vague idea,how many items can we get?Limit it to an amount a week(Maybe suggesting 3-5 Items a week),and spend maybe 30-50 mill to unlock slot for Alliance Warehouse,Finally we get rid of that gold we don’t need.

Refer to 1 I would only say 5-10 mill to unlock the Alliance Vault for us to use,since it takes a month or so to make a alt to get at least to that point where we have 5 mill donated(Contribution is what counts towards your goal to unlocking Guild Vault,10,000 points = 1,000,000/1 mill and your wage would be 1000).

Originally posted by GordonGecko:

The Alliance Warehouse idea has been brought up a few times, and I happen to think that it is a great idea; as long as it is properly moderated by alliance deputies. For the stronger lot of us, it would be nice to donate rare, weaker items rather than sell them in the shop for next to nothing, or attempt to sell them in the auction house for 5 diamonds, which for most unfortified equipment is way overpriced.

Part of the great idea, it goes like this:(Just example,I apologize if your name is used here)
There should be a person which accepts your request vaild on approve that you can take it from vault.

Denied Request:(You can ask for a reserve for an item you want to avoid getting denied depending who needs it the most,and if you don’t often donate a lot.To avoid being robbed after a player quits from an another Alliance and joins a better one,they must pay an additional fee of 5 – 10mill to access vault).

Player Castle546(Rank:Soldier):Requests for item Blight Sword +21
Player Xen(Rank:Deputy):Denies Request on Blight Sword +21

Accepted Request:(Shows if it was reserved and if it was approved,if you get it reserved/approved then you get it from vault anytime you need it and you cannot get another one until you take it. You can only have 2 items approved or reserved for you and you won’t be able to request for another item unless you take one of the 2 items you requested for in Alliance Vault).

Player BlazingSword(Rank:Captain):Requests for item Magic Book of Lich +13
Player YellowY(Rank:Deputy):Accepts Request for Magic Book of Lich +13

Note:Reserves can accepted by Alliance Leader,Deputy or other High Ranks of Alliance(Reserves asked can be viewed in Managements by High-ranked Members of Alliance to approve).

Player Shadow456(Rank:Soldier):Asks for Reserve for Noxious Worm Armor +7
Player HardcoreDude(Rank:Alliance Leader):Accepts Reserve for Noxious Worm Armor +7

Originally posted by escorpiona:

In another game I played,when players donated an item to the guild warehouse,the leader and vices “priced” item,the items depending on the value,level etc they had(Rarity).
Until a item isn’t priced,non items could be taken and once priced only the players with enough contribution points where able to take the item.

-Edit 4/22/12 April 22,2012 5:55:50 GMT-06 After reading @ escorpiona post
-Plus a few fixes and changes to post,well maybe a lot more fixes
Refer 1 So escorpiona talked about a game where he played and had an another system with Item Vault for Alliance/Guild. How Contribution affected his game and suggested it be also used for something eles in this game.
Well I played a Game called Dream World and if you wanted an item from Vault you had to be in Level of which 10 Levels lower(Ex:Demon Blade +4,Lv45 So you can be Lv35 to get that item).

I think there should be a Lv5 limit,where if you were Lv40,then you can get a Lv45 Item(This will avoid people making stealing items for future but still benefit them)The items you can get will depend on your Town Hall,and equip are by your heroes’ level(Since it takes a long time to upgrade castle its a good option)

@ GordonGecko I agreed that trying to sell items/equipment in Aution for 5 Diamonds or something Un-forted is not even worth it so why not just be able to give to Alliance to help lower level members,over-priced items that we can’t afford to Fort because we can only fort one item at a single time.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Suggestions (archived)

Originally posted by vyvynet:

1. Could you please add level 80-100 area in next update?
2. Could you please raise hero’s level cap to 100 in next update?
3. Could you please provide us with list of engrish words devs will correct? It would be nice if you just put that list when you reply to this post.
Thank you!

1. I guess it be great to have another area for 80 – 100 Players since the 3th Level Areas are full and cramped up
2. Should be raised since “The Abyssal” Area requires you to be Lv100 – In addition,an another book should be added for that update,just so you still have something to do
3. A list of English words to correct? This game needs more Caps to words as I see,and it needs an extendtion to the titles of things,Ex:When clicking Abyssal Area its title will show “The A…”,you have to roll over everything to see it

Originally posted by xsvenson:

So, since higher level people need more gold and the alliances have gold they don’t use.
Every member can take a contribution amount gold “loan” from the Alliance Treasure. However, he cannot take another loan, until he has payed off the first one (with some +% if You will)(in the usual contributing way). This would mean, that for the time, when I fort expensive gear, I can take out the 300k gold from alliance. Once the gear is done, I can pay back.

Your right it would not do any damage to guide,but we need some kind of other way to spend that gold(I’m in the Guardian Alliance in Eloir and we got 838 mill+ Coins)
You could just loan and pay back,just a backup if your broke and you really need some Coins to use. Lets say it this way,so you borrow some coins from Alliance(Maybe 1 mill coins) and there should be a Time Limit for each time you can do that depending on when you return the loan(Ex:Return Loan 2 Days later 1/4 Amount(Take 6 Hours to do loan again). If that does not work then,add a limit to how many time you can loan from Alliance a single day.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] What's wrong with this game?

Originally posted by mykael:

I don’t want a game that I have to keep continually logging back into throughout the day just to keep up.It’s not the only MMO with this problem by any means

Monsieur mykael, Have you ever though of getting tips from player or pros?
Most players that come in new have problems or they find advantages! Bénéfice!!!

Mine is,when you go to sleep and wait till next day and log back on(Maybe after work or at work,or after you come home from school,wake up),you can do that every 4 hours for max bonus.
Its like sports ya know? If you stop playing for a while you get bad or behind in it

No one is forcer you to play this game,am I wrong? If you don’t like it then get over with it.
It’s fun if you say it that way. This game was made though patience at the most.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Growth tasks that cant be completed

Originally posted by Iv4ldy:

Reinforcement is the only one that doesn’t work for me?

This might be in the new Frost Server,so if you guys are having a hard time with these tasks then state server your in also because Frost is recently new(9 Days old as of today)
By the way,send a screenshot :D

Originally posted by Maestrom:

I have baptized by clicking baptize, confirming, and then confirming again. Done the same with purify. Yet I can’t get the tasks to complete. I have prayed several times yet can’t get the task to complete. I have a subordinate, but can’t get conquer. I’ve been to the village and won all 6 fights yet can’t get reinforcement task. And my formation has upgraded twice yet I can’t get Tactical Accumulation.

Username: Maestrom,Frost Server

Can’t do much for you unless you have screenshots,Formation is when you switch Formations of soldiers(Then set as a default),Make sure you are doing it right and you have to have that formation in a fixed amount of time to level it up 1%
Soldiers in Village Task,does not require you to defeat all 6 Soldiers to beat(After you do,wait a while for it to submit)
Edit 4/20/2012 April 20,2012

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Growth tasks that cant be completed

Originally posted by Hyppy:

My list of non-functioning growth tasks:
Sacred Purification,Holy Light Baptism
Melt Iron to Gold

May I suggest providing screenshot(Go to link if you don’t know how to take one),
Above shows both text and video guide for screenshots

-Take screenshot of Growth Tasks Page and try some tasks again then take another shot showing the time or including it. To show some prove.
-It takes a while and a couple of tries for Reinforcement and Soldiers in Village to submit. Please wait for it to.
Takes all for now

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Growth tasks that cant be completed

Originally posted by ben2929:

For example the Holy Light Baptism I have wasted Diamonds trying to do that and it won’t complete. Reinforcement can’t be completed as well.

Reinforcement,Requires you to switch formation of your Heros/Troops,either just put a hero in another formation and the set that formation as a default and you can switch back after that.
Holy Light Baptism is completable(If your having a hard time then tell me what your doing more information,etc. Diamonds,options,steps) Simply put in diamonds and accept option(Unless you don’t like it then you got a problem)

Originally posted by zqgame:

We have submitted the reinforcement problem to our devs checking. Please be patient.

Dear zqgames, So I did not know how to do that task so I started doing stuff in Barracks and updating formations and getting more troops and it worked

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Hackers are Back

Originally posted by beowolf2:

Snip3rNL and eric7739 have hacked the leader boards again. They need to be banned from kongregate altogether. They’ve hacked too many times now.

The Moderators and Admins of Kong(That does Banning and Scoreboard)does not check the forums of all games,so why not just report them and explain to them.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Bugs in the Game. (Put all of them here)

Originally posted by hugonaty:

I definitely know other people have battled me since 2/16 but none of those are showing up anymore. Sometimes I like to see the equips of who killed me, that’s why I’ve noticed this.

Look it happens to everyone,so if you get hit by a lot of people. Later some of it clears away and depending on how many you have,besides people that attacked you in the current dates.(It happens to me often,as I get hit on a lot)
The only thing that will never be erased are your messages with other players.

Originally posted by Plangeek:

There are other raids with more attackers and less health remaining on the board, so I don’t see that it’s off because it’s either full or too low on health. I won’t be able to finish the raid without more help than I have and if they can’t see it, they won’t join me.

It might be suggesting that its a really low Tier Raid and I remember at that point it was took off when at that percent. Since many players also that reached to a certain Tier can’t do Tier 1 Raids. The link you posted works so if anyone goes by here then they can join(If not above limit)
Edit:Monday,April 02, 2012 7:15
When did it disappear? What remaining percent was it? Right now its as good as 27%
You will be able to finish raid,you still have about 1 and 1/2 Days left