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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Patch today

“Thunderbird Achievement reward was replaced with a Halefire Humvee”


Zeus (Fusion of Thunderbird and Fury)

I guess no zeus for me.

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Topic: Dino Storm / special event items are not so special

Poor game devs milking what they have to do as little work as possible for as much dollars as they can get. There is nothing special in the game. It’s a fairly poor excuse for an rpg in general. Amazing that it has so many high ratings on kong likely from the one time players for achievements.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Leather Raiding- a beginners guide

An extra note about the faults in using solo thieves against T1s:

Once detected, a solo thief will fail against t1 rangers; It will lose a majority of its health or its life. I would suggest 2 lvl 6 thieves over 1 thief of any level (level is irrelevant because the loss is caused by an AI weakness).

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Topic: Dino Storm / Special Kongregate Skin

Not sure why you’re advertising this game at this early in the beta stage. It has many critical issues and problems that will likely drive off most of the people this kind of promotion might bring. Sorry to be negative…

Thanks for the skin.

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Topic: General / Why am I getting spammed with links to this forum?

Same… Stop with this spamming. It doesn’t make me want to play your game.

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Topic: Technical Support / Chat problem

For some reason I can’t connect to my guild’s chatroom. Dream World chat room #12… that is where we all hang out and chat while we play, and for some reason, it is gone from my list of available chat rooms.

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Topic: Kongregate / Post here if you need a blue portal shooter or orange portal shooter.

I have 3 blues – shoot me and I will reciprocate

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Topic: Kongregate / I have blue Portal's, Need orange Portal's!

Need oranges, will send blues to whoever helps me.

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Topic: General Gaming / Guess that Kongregate Game!

Aha! I was looking in the wrong place. ShellCore Command!

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Topic: General Gaming / Guess that Kongregate Game!

Edit: Found it!

I played a game on here last year. The graphics were fairly simple: green ships are good, red ships are bad and it’s on a gridded black background I think. You controlled a small helpless ship in the beginning and you are lead to your first base. You can talk to npcs here and maybe there is a shop? In this game you can add as many parts as you want to your ship. These parts add more weapons, health, and/or speed to your ship. The main way to get more parts is killing enemies. After they drop something, you have to bring it back to your base (one part at a time) and speak to a particular ally who lets you access a construct screen.

People sometimes go over the top and add tons and tons of parts to their ship making them totally amazing. Bosses, who you can get to come out by going out of bounds drop really cool weapons and gigantic parts that add lots to health.

It was a very linear game and going out of bounds killed you if you stayed there too long. You often wander onto battlefields and find a cool enemy ship that is upgraded kinda like you and you have to destroy their main base that spawns ships while protecting your main base.

There are also quests you receive from your allies at bases or out wandering.

I’m going to keep looking through the games on here, but feel free to post if you think you know what game this is.