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Topic: The Grinns Tale / zoning permits

I’ve got 1 of the 4 permits I need for my next zone expansion…. I haven’t seen a permit drop in the last month of grinding. Are they on specific levels, or just hyper rare items? I’m loathe to use my pramins, but this is becoming ridiculous.

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / mine (& logging camp?) failed

Is anyone else having issues with metal (or wood) not accruing at their stated rates?
My mines are supposed to hit their 4200 limit at 20hr; I didn’t get a change to play for 24hrs, but some (not all) of them still hadn’t reached their cap. Anyone else notice this?

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Leg count

Am I missing something? Just went back through Highland Falls, all the levels, and there were no turkey leg dropping baddies to be seen.