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Topic: Off-topic / fun with flash

That was awesome. Pretty darn funny.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Introduction Thread

Kongregate Name: “comiclove” Although this seems redundant due to the fact that my name is like an inch to the left. Anyway, it should have been comiclove4jamesdean but it was too long
Age: 19
Location: Hanover, PA

History: Not too much of one online, I played here and there, was a big part of a few forums but nothing special.

Anything Else: Well, Growing up all my friends were guys so I was hardcore into console games for a long time, I love any kind of action adventure or anything that really makes me think. I was big into resident evil on the PS1, loved GOW, POP, Anything Tom Clancy. I am woman enough to admit I’m not very good at fast paced first person shooters, I can stay alive but not usually dominate the game. I’m the person in Halo who is more than willing to commit suicide just to kill you. I used to be part of a Group that met up twice a week and played Halo till all hours of the night, but then there was some drama, and then every one moved on to separate collages. But one of the guys from that group recommended Kongregate to me at like 3 am one night so I could help him with something (gotta love insomnia) and here I am.

I am finishing up my first novel and beginning the second so I often find myself playing games and letting my mind wander when I have writer’s block. Seems to work well. I can’t seem to get into making my own game, I get too into the story line. I guess that is about it.


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Topic: Off-topic / scrubs thursday at 9:30 nbc new episode!

well then how about that, look like my boyfriend has new shows to beef up his little scrubs love affair.

Good show though.

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Topic: Off-topic / american dad

Yeah American Dad is nothing special.

I love family guy though. Great great show

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Topic: Off-topic / hi im new

welcome, I also added you as a friend, no such thing as to many in the infinite universe known as the “Internet”

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Topic: General Gaming / god of war 1 and 2

I have beat the first and the second

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Topic: Off-topic / Video Game Controversy

I did my sociology thesis on what causes violence in today’s youth. I found that real life scenes of war (from sources like the news, youtube, anything) causes more of an upswing in violent thoughts and feelings than video games. Video games actually where the lowest in my test groups, and in some cases, violent video games actually reduced stress and and feelings of malevolence. SO yeah, I don’t think there is anything wrong with video games.

And damian, I think the name os the movie in question IS Leprechaun.

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Topic: Off-topic / First game

Fancy Pants, I got the link sent to me by a friend, and now this is my virtual home away from home.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite music Genre and song/band?

Nice to see some true punk fans.

Clearly I go all out for the punk, Favorite band has to be the Street Dogs. I couldn’t pick one song alone to be my favorite.

I also really into, Flogging Molly, Alkaline Trio, The Pogues, Misfits, Social Distortion, The Tossers, Blaggards, Finnegan’s Lads, Anger Flares, so on and so on…

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Topic: Off-topic / Best or worst pick up lines

Are you Irish? No, would to like to have a little in you?

Clearly Irish can be switched with just about anything. I wish I could spend like 30 seconds as a guy just so I could say this without sounding stupid.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite Internet Slang Term!


Related closely to LMAO, but more rolling, cursing and laughing involved.