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Topic: General Gaming / For the love of God ... please stop with the defense games ...

I’m 95% certain Xeno tactic copied my code to DTD and 100% certain he copied the graphics to Alien Breed. Original? Not in the least.

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Topic: Game Programming / Firing bullet with rotation

A ‘dumb’ bullet with constant speed and rotation just needs the dX & dY calculated on load, then applied every frame.

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Topic: Game Programming / Making Money From Your Game

ummm I never said $100K to anyone. They took my best month and multiplied it out! What I would like to say, and hopefully not ruffle Emily’s feathers too much, is that ~90% of the revenue from Desktop TD was generated on my own site and not on portals. And I think that is because the back end to DTD has proven to be quite sticky. The portals did the job of advertising nicely tho :)