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Topic: Off-topic / Had My First Driving Lesson

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

rolby payed his aunt to give her a ride

I, too, had a raised eyebrow at that.

Anyhoo, I don’t remember.
I do remember when I was working as a delivery driver though, and I was in between two trucks on each side, a truck in front, and one was about to merge into my lane (they didn’t see me).

Since there was a car decently behind me, I braked hard, slowing down nearly 30mph, switched lanes to the left so the car behind wouldn’t hit me, and sped up back to 70 so the car that was even further behind wouldn’t smash me into bits.

I’m fucking sexy.

(I may or may not have pulled over to catch a breath for my near-death experience)

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Topic: Off-topic / Popeyes vs. KFC

I find it surprising crows dated back this far. Didn’t realize your fetish

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Topic: Off-topic / mods are asleep

The Santa Caws

Starring crow as divorced dad Scott with custody of his son, he accidentally kills a man wearing a santa suit.
Surprise, surprise, he’s now Santa Caws!

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Topic: Off-topic / A strange man is in your walls | Cool looking names thread

You had me chuckling at the “discuss” in flaming helltext.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you hate school?

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Gabidou is kind of right, an independent study is a lot better than a classroom where the teachers attention is divided by the 20 students in the class. Don’t Aren’t home schoolers usually smarter and quicker at covering something that the schools?

Note, home schoolers are taught by their parents.

Independent study implies independence, meaning a high degree of dedication, attentiveness, and pragmatic thought are required, which much of our generation lacks!

The best form of education is usually dependent on the capabilities of whom is bequeathing the knowledge.

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Topic: Off-topic / Make a name that's almost similar to your name


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Topic: Off-topic / Westerners start joining ISIS: countries consider harsher anti-terrorist laws

Nah dude, mint has always been my favorite

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Topic: Off-topic / Your Ideal OT (YIOT)

More silliness
Less flaming

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Topic: Off-topic / So..

Why are crickets in a cup?

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Topic: Off-topic / Why are we in a mikkpacolypse right now?

Originally posted by HalfCutHenry:

find it funny that im thought of as the worst oter and most hated while i never was based off a spam yet.

whoa whoa whoa did you just go from “best oter rn” to “worst oter and most hated”

calm your bipolar self down

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Topic: Off-topic / Side View Generator

I remember I once did a floor plan generator
I ended up sharing a bed with a girl I had a crush on at the time

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Topic: Off-topic / Amankar

Take turns role-playing as Amane and Mikkmar in this thread

Amane is dominant
Mikkmar is submissive






Collar on a Leash

remember keep it SFW

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Topic: Off-topic / i just realized something.

Click the x in the top right corner of the screen.

I have a little thing that opens my notification station
instructions unclear

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Topic: Off-topic / How many broken bones have you had before

My finger once
punched a bit too hard and off-angle

got his jaw tho

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Topic: Off-topic / A place for amane and adv0 to sort their differences.

Originally posted by AEONFLX:
Originally posted by TheAznSensation:

I wonder how much that set-up cost


Right now I have a cross (I like to call it the “Crucifixation Station”), one of those stretchy things, and a sink to dunk heads in
It ran me about 2 grand for the woodworks, piping, and metal

So I’m curious how much the actual image costs

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Topic: Off-topic / i just realized something.

I know you’re all too young or immature to have a job, but let me explain.

Kongregate is a website which takes money to maintain.
The administrators make money from Kongregate’s ad revenue.
In order to get a net profit, and get paid, they must have more ad revenue than maintenance.

So, here’s what they’ve probably found.

If there are less users who harass, then there are more people who stay!
Because you’re right, butthurt people leave.

Usually there’s one harasser and multiple butthurt people.

Therefore, they get rid of the harassers to maximize ad revenue!

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Topic: Off-topic / Main account Zicit permanently banned for posting rude messages on other users' walls (locked)

Take it up with the administrators, little boy.
This is their site, their money, their rules.
You come here?
You play by their rules, whether you disagree with them or not.

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Topic: Off-topic / i just realized something.

The 28th Amendment: The Right to Flame

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Topic: Off-topic / in french class and it is boring as fuck

imagine hot frenchies
and wooing them with romantic words

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Topic: Off-topic / Main account Zicit permanently banned for posting rude messages on other users' walls (locked)

Originally posted by GeorGeKiLLeRx:

I’m even worse that zicit and not banned.
Luck is real.

nah, having a crappy personality ain’t against the guidelines.

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Topic: Off-topic / RollerCROWster's dox (includes pics of him and his house!!!

I’m flying there right now to raep you.

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Topic: Off-topic / How many years are you in Kongregate?

apparently, nearly 6 years

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Topic: Off-topic / Largest shit you ever dropped outta you

Congratulations, you minnesotan you.

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Topic: Off-topic / Every gang in America Vs. The US Army. No weapons. Who wins?

Actually some of those gang members are enlisting and learning tactics to use back in their gangs.

I’m well aware.
Monkeys repeating what they see doesn’t help their cause though.
Makes them predictable.

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Topic: Off-topic / Every gang in America Vs. The US Army. No weapons. Who wins?

US Army = people who are disciplined, wake up, work out, and possibly use critical thinking skills on a daily basis

gangs = people who do every kind of drug, talk loud and cuss a lot, drop their pants low, and walk around in groups because they’re afraid to go around alone

pretty straightforward