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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Alright, like American Idol (not that I’ve ever watched it), let’s have our contestants step forward in a dramatic elimination style.

nowaitforme102 with Maowee! Please step to the left.

You’re wrong.

I, um.. the posting style described and Maowee’s are pretttttty different.
Maowee is definitely capable of posting with that style.. but she doesn’t.

Eliminated into the shark pool full of hungry sharks.

TerribleToaster, who thinks I have identified myself.

While clever in noting that the me yesterday has been here a slightly shorter time than the me today, if you calculate my posts per day, I end up with around 6.98.

A bit too far off!

However, I do use sarcasm frequently, and dark humor and blunt vulgarity do pop up enough for it to be a bit noticeable. So, you’re well on those counts.



Mr(Adjective), Legendary, The(MisspellingofAznSensation), Elixir, yada yada.

throws TT at a wall covered in glue

Then, steps forward GraphicDesignC, flaunting puppy eyes, presenting cesarcurado.

I start to say something about cesarcurado definitely being profane, but not sarcastic, but just pull out a gun and shoot them both between the eyes.

SpearDudezor suggests DMinor.

1) Do her alternate accounts make use of alliteration?

PsychoPanda, ParanoidPanda, yada yada. Check.

2) Have they stayed consistently popular?

While this question is a bit subjective, DMinor’s approval rating remains consistently high.

3) Sarcasm?

Anyways, I think anybody over the age of 18 should be sent to the front lines for 10 years. If they come home alive they deserve to use our resources.
This thread makes so much sense.
You should tell her to stay in the kitchen, obviously she’s living proof that video games are for men.


4) Blunt Profanity

Total horseshit.
Well fuck you too!


5) Dark Humor

I’m tired of quoting posts so just yep.

6) Time

11084 Posts/1775 Days = 6.24 Posts/Day.

You win.

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you pronounce Mafefe?

Originally posted by TerribleToaster:


I think I know… x=

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Not quite, Alex!

On one count, TerribleToaster is older than me on Kongregate!

But it’s boring if I use something like that to rebuff you.

TerribleToaster is, indeed, proficient in the arts of sarcasm.
It’s a general trend in his less serious posts.

However, he doesn’t really lean that much towards the dark humor/profanity feeling of posts.

His have a more “silly, playful” feeling, with the relatively frequent serious interjections where he actually expresses something straightforwardly.

slaps Alex diligently


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Topic: Off-topic / How do you pronounce Mafefe?


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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Your mom should go to new grounds.

If she frequents the old ones too much, she’s bound to get in trouble.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Oh yeah, my equation was reversed. Mind blurp.

The calculation is correct though.

Originally posted by CowFriend:

mafefe amirite

Didn’t fact-check the post count, though.

While Mafefe does use sarcasm and dark humor, his use of blunt vulgarity is not so flagrant that it would be mentioned as a defining quality.


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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Who’s that OTer? @ __ @

This particular individual has graced Kongregate with their presence for a slightly shorter time span than mine.

Their average post count, since their kongbirth, per day is 6.24.
(This is equivalent to their [Posts]/[Days on Kongregate].)

(Only accurate for the exact moment I posted it.)

Their posting style generally consists of sarcasm, dark humor, or blunt vulgarity.

They’ve stayed consistently popular during their lifespan.

Several of this person’s notable alternate accounts made use of alliteration.

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Topic: Off-topic / Go fuck yourself

Mah dick ain’t long enough.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite type of fabric?

The one that puts girls to sleep.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had to pick one OTter...

The long armed (finned, flippered?) otter. That slap must be magnificent.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you watch

I watch you
through the window
while you’re sleeping
through the foggy glass doors of your bathroom (if you have them)
from under your bed
from the hole under the closet door


I’ve been recently into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).
I’m all caught up. Watched all the one-shot shorts, films, etc.
Looking forward to GotG and Avengers 2, need to watch Agents of SHIELD.

Also watching Arrow from DC at the moment.


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Topic: Off-topic / Which OTer would you sleep with IRL?

Originally posted by DMinor:

I bet somewhere close to 100% of the responses in this also apply to this thread.

Spot on.

Originally posted by TheAznSensation:

Fishy, so I can use his belly as a pillow.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sex

Yes, yes, yes.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could meet any kong user IRL who would u meet?

Fishy, so I can use his belly as a pillow.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is your favorite couple of OTers? (Hardcore thread)

I used to argue with myslef on my alts.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's currently the biggest troll in OT?


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Topic: Off-topic / Your partner is bisexual and you are not, are you ok with them seeking the otherside?

No, loyalty is loyalty.

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Topic: Off-topic / It is me, or no one seems to take "xD" smiley seriously anymore?

It meant shock? I thought it meant “Hah xD”

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you a picky eater?

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

Not at all, I love trying new foods all the time. Though once I find a single menu item at a restaurant that I particularly like a lot I won’t order new things after that and I’ll always get the exact same thing each time. I mean if a friend offers some food to me so I can try it out I’ll eat it, I just won’t bother ordering something new after.


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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever fallen for a scam?

I used to think friendship was real.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever had someone send you a super long message?

This was when you pissed mme off

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Topic: Off-topic / WHAT if YOU were NAILED to a CHAIR?

Nails are naily

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Topic: Off-topic / Back-stabbed by a friend

He just grabbed a katana and stabbed me through the heart when he was behind me!

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Topic: Off-topic / What seperates a boy from a man?


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Topic: Off-topic / Let's talk about Pikachus

I used to be the pikachu guy.