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Topic: Off-topic / The Walking Dead

Are there any others who enjoy this series (even if it is mainstream and zombies are totally overrated)?

I do.

Although this season appears to be disappointing me so far.

If you watch it regularly, here are my thoughts on the most recent episode (I tend to watch it a couple days following the release):

1) Their security protocol is crappy.
They never considered that someone might die in the building, and become a hazard?
You’re hiding in a prison where you can each lock each other up in a cell for night time to be safe and contain potential deaths and you don’t?
You don’t have night guards !?!?!?

2) Their defense is crappy.
Seriously, you have that many people and you don’t bother creating fortifications for that flimsy jail fence?
Or creating a bunch of cheap and easy traps to keep zombies out?

3) Their health inspections are crappy.
You have a doctor who immediately identified the disease as cholera, yet you don’t spend time checking people up… ?

4) Their resource management is crappy.
You have that many people doing what?
2 people farm?
5 people kill?
60 people play cards?

That’s all.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just Finished the Job Interview

Job interviews are too generic, in my opinion.

They need to be death match style.

Last man standing gets the job.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Is DarkRainyKnight?

Originally posted by Haruhion:
Originally posted by DMinor:

He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector… A DarkRainyKnight.


And I came into this thread ready to type it.

You confluggerous deniferousizing bastards.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag thread (NO SPOILERS)

Isn’t divulging the information a breach of your contract or something?

I would like to apply for blackmailing you.

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Topic: Off-topic / The "NEW" Kongregate/OT.

If I recall correctly, expletives are allowed as long as they are not used with bad intent.

They can be used primarily for emphasis.

Let me illustrate.

“How are you?”


The capitalized and bolded expletive allows for emphasis of how the person feels.

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Topic: Off-topic / The pseudo intellectual thread

By making this thread, you’ve become a pseudo pseudo intellectual.

Take that pseudo remark for your pseudo pseudo evaluation.

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Topic: Off-topic / Junk Food Streak

What is the largest amount of unhealthy consumables that you have eaten in a single period of time?

I just finished a whole bag of candy corn within the hour @ ___ @
My belly hurts ..

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Topic: Off-topic / New forum mods, DarkRainyKnight and Stots

Well, for me, the Moderators line of the forum screen now takes up two lines!


At least demod someone so it can return to one line.

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Topic: Off-topic / Isn't science interesting?

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

I recently learned about the tongue eating louse. It eats the tongue of a fish and then attaches to where the tongue should be to be the new tongue. It also switches genders 4 or 5 times through out it’s life to breed with the other ones that attach to the fish. A type of parasitic crustacean.

Cool read =w=

That reminds me of the lizard who squirts blood through his eyes as a defense mechanism against predators!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Originally posted by Kasic:
Does that have any … ?

It’s a cop out, and directly contradicted by all the times in the Bible where he supposedly enforced his will/interfered. God clearly can and is willing to negate free will according to the bible.

His response to that, albeit paraphrased in my muddled words:

“After the sacrifice of his son, Jesus, God ceased his intervention since humans now had the choice to follow Jesus or not, where they previously did not.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Petition to Change SD slogan

You SDers seem to have a pretty large breach between talking and action.

You’re completely aware of your flaws, and express how you should fix them and the steps needed, but there’s no real progress occurring aside from discussion.

“We should change our slogan to make it seem more friendly but continue to do as we do!”
That way, MORE people will come and we can drive them away too! Hooray!"

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX:Evil must be punished simply for being evil, or should it?

I believe that the appropriate mindset is responsibility.

You should understand the moral schema of your environment, and the consequences of potential actions based on the moral scenario.

Your mindset should be simply to accept the responsibility imposed on you based on your actions.

So essentially, no right or wrong, just evaluate the general moral alignment and perform actions while knowing the consequences.

Whether you’re punished or not is based on your decision.

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Topic: Off-topic / Isn't science interesting?

Hydrogen Bombs involve hydrogen, and it kills a lot of people
The sun has lots of hydrogen
the sun is a bomb and will kill all of us one day

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Topic: Off-topic / Have YOU ever been afraid of someone else in the internets?

I’m afraid of CowFriend because he’s mean

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent.

I’ve heard Christians (cough) my brother-in-law (cough) come back at me with this:

“He is able to prevent evil, but not willing to because he is giving humans the choice to do so themselves.”

Does that have any … ?

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Topic: Off-topic / What was my first post ever, and in OT? On this alt

Since you’re clearly asking for my first post in OT, let me share.

It also happened to be my first thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

I walked 10 miles home from work today, since my bike chain broke earlier.

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Topic: Off-topic / Nationalism, Patriotism, Love for one's nation

Originally posted by MrSalvador:

It’s symbolic that the greatest patriots are now laughed at. This kills me. Damn this liberal shithole where being a White Nationalist is equatable to a Babykilling Kikeburner.

I agree that anti-racism racism (if that is phrased correctly) is excessive these days, but you realize the US (if you live in the US) is not composed of merely white people?

Ethnic diversity is a significant cultural component of the US, and to be patriotic (or love one’s country) means you must love our ethnic diversity and multicultural environment to be truly patriotic.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had to...

…characterize OT for someone who was curious about your honest thoughts (this is me), what would you say?

The following is a bit long, so you can skip over it and just post your opinion or do whatever it is you do.

Here are my thoughts:

OT is a land of extremes; you are either sardonically logical, super silly, obnoxiously inane, or excessively unaware.

The sardonically logical people establish a social hierarchy by their own arbitrary methodologies, and wait silently for someone to reveal a weak spot, which they then tear apart, unless the person is too high up in their hierarchy. Otherwise, they stick together subtly and support each other by teaming up on others.
Their words are incisive.
These are the people who will read this thread, find some fundamental flaw and rip me apart, or will rip the people apart who are trying to rip this thread apart, whilst using ceremonious words and coherent sentences.

The super silly people simply come to OT because they want to, and they post whatever they desire, whenever they desire.
They generally lack any open hostilities or meanness towards others, simply because they have better things to do.
OT is a place they enjoy, because they make it into what they want to.
These are the people who will probably ignore this thread or post in it an innocuous self-reflection simply because they were intrigued as to their own thought process.

Then there are the obnoxiously inane people.
These people choose to be inane, incoherent, and idiotic, because they realize that it is obnoxious.
They often are attacked by the sardonically logical people, and understand, but they couldn’t care less.
They will continue their traits simply because it gives them the entertainment that they desire.
They are the ones who will post an incoherent jumble of words and letters regarding the length of this post, most likely.

Finally, the excessively unaware person.
These people are similar to the obnoxiously inane people, but they don’t realize what they are doing or when people are attacking them.
Because of that, they are oblivious to anything that might change their pattern of thought.
This person will probably derail the thread if he/she gets a chance to, but won’t even be aware of it.

So basically, the excessively unaware and obnoxiously inane people fill up the forum with poop because they find it fun, the sardonically logical people rip apart wherever they can because they find being mean fun, while the super silly people just post whenever they feel like it.

Of course, there are the rare and balanced people who can jump from whatever they need to according to the situation, and I’m sure they enjoy OT the most, since they have complete control over the experience they obtain from it.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pledge of Mindfulness (Or BSG's last ditch effort)

I’ve been lurking for a bit, and observing your whole expansion of self-awareness regarding your decline

It’s kinda funny how it parallels with OT constantly posting “OT is dead” and “I miss old OT”, etc

Whereas they just whine about it, you guys over-analyze it =3

This is the way I see it

Issue: SD is too harsh of an environment (forum regulars) for the forum to truly prosper
Solution: Be less harsh

One of the reasons why I lurk and don’t post, is because a brief expression of my opinion appears to have the fatal consequence of:

crush[ed] random musings

There are people who are nowhere near your degree of intelligence, some who are on par, and those beyond.

There are people who are not informed to the minutiae in the realms of knowledge that you own, or who lack in certain perspectives, or bother to memorize the SD Guidelines and follow them to a letter.

Accommodate them, discuss with them at their level of knowledge, discuss with them considering their intelligence, expand them and help them grow.

And once they’ve grown, what do ya know, you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new SD Regular who can hold his own and who can develop his own well-stated arguments.

“Be classy” seems to be the most important rule, although I would have phrased it differently, “Use social tact.”

Tip: I don’t like walls of text either


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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

you’re squishy ~ !

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Topic: Off-topic / Friends Never Join My Side

Wait until they aren’t paying attention.

Sneak up to them stealthily and quietly and secretly and surreptitiously.

Wait until you’re standing nearby.

Turn your side to them.

They’re at your side now!

Just follow them around and be inconspicuous and they’ll always be at your side.

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Topic: Off-topic / HoW oFtEn Do YoU fOrCe YoUrSeLf To PoSt In RaNdOm ThReAdS?

I personally feel it is sadder when someone must state every thought that goes through their mind oro

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Topic: Off-topic / OT Is Dead Again

You guys make OT sound like some kinda phoenix, with all this dying and rebirth that happens every month.

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Topic: Off-topic / HoW oFtEn Do YoU fOrCe YoUrSeLf To PoSt In RaNdOm ThReAdS?

I have learned the power of keeping my thoughts to myself.

It took many years of training.