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Topic: Off-topic / if you where a prostitute how much would you charge?

I charge about three fitty

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Topic: Off-topic / Happy Birthday Ruudiluca!

Happy Birthday Ruud. :p

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

With less than 12 hours left and with clear winners in place, I hope you guys aren’t too Shell Shocked about the results. Don’t go Bezerk about it right now as we are about to SHIFT into Round_03. So Tukk-un cover, as next rounds votes determine which games are going to be put in the Kong Battle Royal Quest!! Remember to vote for your FAVORITE games and always Learn To Fly 2, and may the best game win.


Burrito Bison vs Infectionator: World Dominator: I wonder how bad things would be if a deadly zombie virus were to be released in the Lands of Candy. Would the Bison prevail, or would he be over ran by the zombie gummy bears? YOU DECIDE!

Learn To Fly 2 vs Shopping Cart Hero 2: Whooooo! Flying Penguins & Shopping Carts! Let’s see which one flies the farthest though in votes. YOU DECIDE!

Enchanted Cave 2 vs Sonny 2: Fight monsters and slash your way through numerous dungeons or be the monster and fight your way to justice and freedom? YOU DECIDE!
(Thanks Turkey Pie)

Upgrade Complete 2 vs Frantic Frigates: They don’t start out tough, but with enough time & money, these two make for a pretty big match up. Whatever ship becomes the stronger whether it be a space ship, or a pirate ship before the 3 days are up wins. How do they become stronger you ask? With your votes of course. YOU DECIDE!

Bloons Tower Defense 5 vs Cursed Treasure 2: Let’s see who can defend their position better in this round to be in the quest. May the Divine Sun Gods defend itself from the demons, ghouls & goblins that defend the cursed treasure. YOU DECIDE!

Red Remover vs Company of Myself: Can the man in the black top hat remove his opponent, Or are we going to have to rename Red Remover into “Black Hat Remover”? YOU DECIDE!

Music Catch vs Rebuild 2: I don’t even know how Music Catch is still here, but it looks like you can go far with TEH POWAH OF MUSIK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see if it can stand against Rebuild 2 though. Rebuild can defend itself against zombies, let’s see if it can defend itself from this game. YOU DECIDE!

Bloody Fun Day vs Age of War: This is the age where a lot of blood will be spilled. Lots of blood. Where is Andrew when you need him, he’ll definitely enjoy this. Will Age of War gather enough xp (votes) to advance into the next round, or will the grim reaper take their souls from them. Leaving the whole match up in a big bloody mess with lots n lots of blood. YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that concludes our future match ups into the next round which starts later today. YOU DECIDE!!!!!! AND MAY THE BEST GAME WIN!

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

@Squideer you don’t have to worry about btd5 because its beating Kingdom Rush.

LTF2 pretty much decimated Wonderputt though lol.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which weapon would you choose?

A hammer. Just like a badass BGO paladin would.

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Topic: Off-topic / The hell happened back there

Care to elaborate aguspal. I have no idea what is going on right now.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE Shorts Reloaded: Ep.3 Icey Huh? 7/29/15

Originally posted by IceBomb45:

Why do I have Elsa powers now?

I would think maybe if would be more appropriate if I could spawn ice bombs from my palm at will sort of like Bomberman..

You have that power too. That’s why that blue orb was right infront of you lol.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE Shorts Reloaded: Ep.3 Icey Huh? 7/29/15

EESR EP. 3:Icey Huh?


Holy: The city is a disease, plagued with crime that works for the city that I choose to build. A city that I run, a city that shall be glorified in the world of Everybody Edits. I watch though, for I am the cure of this disease the city has. I am what makes this city thrive. I am Holy Two-Three-Three-Four.

Holy: Just look at that pathetic human. Scribbling on my statue with some thing that looks like MS paint. What does this C stand for? Criminal? Crime? I’m gonna go check it out.
Criminal: Hehehehehehe this is best crime my low budget can provide.
Criminal: (Scribbles everywhere) AHAHAHAHAHA You fool, I will scribble my marks all over this worthless city.
Holy: You will pay. (Chases after crook)


Shiny: Aww look at this flower. So majestic and beautiful looking.
Criminal: That’s if you can catch me first.
Shiny: (Sees Criminal) Huh?
Holy: Crap, SHINY LOOK OUT!!!
Shiny: !!!!! (Throws out Ice bomb)

A few minutes later….
Cops: Thanks kind citizens, this guy was an escapee from the prisons.
Holy: What was he originally in jail for?
Criminal: I tried to rob a bank. (Smirks)
Holy: Hmmm. Give him max security so that he doesn’t break out again please.
Criminal: This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me Holy. And Shiny, don’t let your new powers get ahead of you.
Holy: Yea, shiny why do you have Ice Powers now?
Shiny: Because I’m no longer Shiny?
Holy: You finally decided that you wanted to change your name?
Shiny: I am Icebomb now, but I still don’t know why I have these powers?
Holy: I know a guy….

Hummerz: Ok Shiny Icebomb, I have made a special chamber just for you. It’s chilled down to about 10 Degrees Fahrenheit. Just enough to make ice everywhere.
Holy: So what, Ice Bomb just magically has Ice Powers?
Hummerz: Elemental power is something I haven’t seen before, but I heard about.
Ice Bomb: Hey look at what I can do lel.
Hummerz: Then yet again, this is your show. You shot lasers from nowhere, however so did Ice Bomb, but it looks like he lost that one as a trade off.
Ice Bomb: Awww
Hummerz: I’ll try to figure all of this out. In the meantime, do something else. I have enough here to do research.
Holy: Ok, thanks! Icebomb, wanna do some episodes of EE Shorts with us?
Icebomb: Yea! I would love to do that.

End Song

Icebomb: So, how is it going? Like what is the progress on the shorts?
Holy: Well I’m looking for new people, gather back some older folks, etc. This criminal though is starting to become a problem though.
Icebomb: Well who do you have so far?
Holy: I have Battleship, You, Panda, GFG, Mich and Hummerz.
Icebomb: I think I might help you find more people.
Holy: Ok I trust you, but I think we should be good soon.
Icebomb: (Sighs) Hi Mich.
Mich: Ewwwww It’s Wya-
Holy: …… We can fix this.


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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by Bluji:

I feel like that to balance this out, someone should make a “worst badged games” tournament and see which 8 come out at the top, then harass the admins until they make “Worst. Quest. Ever.”.

You might as well rename it the Papa’s Badgeria Quest then.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE 2.0 Sneak Preview!


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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by LouWeed:

well obviously the quest will suck
but how much?

the quest will be:
burrito bison revenge
learn to fly 2
enchanted cave 2
upgrade complete 2
bloons td 5
company of myself
rebuild 2
age of war

About the same suck level as the 2011 quest

Meanwhile it has to be the most favorite quest of a few.

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Topic: Off-topic / How many calories do you eat a day?

Originally posted by ninjaChameleon:


Originally posted by Rolby:

wtf do u think were professional bodybuilders who write how many calories they eat or something

Originally posted by Rolby:

wtf do u think were professional bodybuilders who write how many calories they eat or something

How the hell are you still alive if you only have 9 calories a day?

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Topic: Off-topic / OT IS IN TROUBLE

This is why you don’t do bath salts kids.

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Topic: Off-topic / Card Games

Originally posted by abraaz:

Go Fish
Ring Of Fire
Magic The Gathering

No Pokémon?

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Topic: Off-topic / Worst games you've ever played?

Originally posted by 22radioactive22:
Originally posted by ninjaChameleon:
Originally posted by 22radioactive22:

E.T. on Atari.

You actually played that?

Yes, I did, after rummaging around in my Atari games, I found the most horrifyingly bad game on the face of the planet.

Imagine, you could’ve sold it for a lot of money. UNTIL THEY FOUND THE SPOT WHERE THEY BURRIED IT! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyways the worst possible game that I’ve played was Yaris because I had no idea wtf I was doing half the time. How do you manage to make a free game nobody wants because it’s that bad.

The game though imo that I heard was the worst game possible is crazy bus which honestly I wanna give to people to play just watch how pissed off they get playing it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Happy Birthday, KongBaby!

Originally posted by Gevock:

Bumping because I found this thread earlier in the month and figured to wait until it was that time again.

Happy birthday Molly! You can now read and write and stuff now. How cool is that?

So much ancient in this thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / Card Games

We need an OT poker tournament.

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Topic: Kongregate / When my laptop upgrades to W10 will i lose all my Kongregate

So, back up all my game saves just incase I lose everything. Got it. Because there is no way I’m losing my Anti-idle save file again for the 4th time.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by graveyard890:

What I mean to say is that the games that win Round 2 is already determined and obvious. If it is obvious already, why not start early? Just suggesting. Mainly its because I dont want to see Wonderputt humiliated more.

What if one of the games makes a comeback?

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:
Originally posted by ninjaChameleon:
Originally posted by Heather:

EEEeeee, so cute! I hope we get a bat Kongpanion, and a skeleton and other spooky things!

For Halloween?

You know what’ll be a super spooky Kongpanion to release during All Hallows Eve? Something like a murder weapon, preferably a shiny knife stabbing into something.

Something purple perhaps and looks like a bun. Even has it’s own game already. Idk.

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Topic: Off-topic / Windows 10 Comes Out Tomorrow

Are you upgrading to Windows 10 tomorrow? I’m gonna wait a few weeks to make sure it doesn’t blow up my computer or something like that. But you guys go ahead and try it out first and tell me how it goes. :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate offers you a job

We live in a day & age now where nobody wants to become moderator anymore. Instead they want to be an admin that controls the users on the site.

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Topic: Off-topic /

Welp, I’m on the list throws out computer

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! ROUND TWO!

Originally posted by HsssH:

I’m surprised that CT2 is leading against Gemcraft, but as much as Age of War likely getting a second win. What the hell people? Its probably one of the worst games that participated in this competition.

Everybody has played Age of War though. I’m pretty sure it’s aged nicely over the years. Learn To Fly 2 though will probably win because everybody has also played that and it’s very well made. And when you are a developer that has that AND the first one as the top 2 highest rated games in that category, you know it’s a serious contender.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hungry dilemma

Originally posted by occooa:

I said I can’t make food in kitchen at 2am. Everyone’s sleeping.

Originally posted by Niceman21:

drink your own cum

I would 100% do that if I were male.

You don’t- never mind.