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Topic: Kongregate / Why make impossible badges for luck-driven games?

“There’s no reason that impossible badges have to involve skill, and there’s no reason that they shouldn’t. They’re just there.”

I don’t quite get the view that impossible badges are fine if luck-driven or actually virtually impossible. If Kongregate is here to have fun playing games, then I’d hope the badges support that by setting fun, challenging goals.

Is repeating a random task hoping for a low-probability win fun? Personally, not for me, and I’d guess that’s true for the majority of badge-hunters. I think Kong has done a good job with the goals set for most badges and I recommend the hardest badges be reserved for the highest degrees of skill and/or endurance. Otherwise, for people like me who’d like to get all the badges, it’s pretty frustrating.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why make impossible badges for luck-driven games?

Hey Greg and Kong staff,

Can you please explain why Pandemic 2 got its impossible badge?

To me, an impossible badge should signify the highest degree of skill and be fun to shoot for. Even though I haven’t gotten the impossible badges in Streamline, Desktop Tower Defense, or Hexiom (and might never), I think these are great badges because they’re fun games and achievable with practice.

The current Pandemic 2 impossible badge is a small amount of strategy and a TON of luck and restarts. Why promote hours of restarts because of Pandemic’s poor infection algorithms? It’s pretty much a lottery every five minutes; we had a dozen people spend 5+ hours on it last night to no avail.

I’m okay with some measure of luck and endurance in badges – for example, Dino Run – but Pandemic 2 has too many flaws and requires too much luck. Here’s a vote for future impossible badges to be more skill-based and fun.



To below replies:

I don’t think people are opposed to badges being hard or taking time; it’s badges that are mainly luck. If you think it’s fun to wait for the 1 in 500 chance when the win condition happens, then we have different definitions of fun and what impossible badges should be.

If you think Pandemic 2 isn’t luck-based, I respectfully disagree. We’ve had a lot of sharp players studying the game for days and even with optimal strategies, winning comes down to things out of the player’s control: boat generation, the order of countries being infected, random death rates. Why is that fun?

(I do like the Hard badge of winning in relaxed mode. That’s definitely achievable in a reasonable amount of time.)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

For us Type-A, badge-collecting folks, it’d be nice to see what percentage of badges I’ve collected.

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Topic: Kongregate / Card game update?

Hi Greg, any update on when the card game will be released?

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Topic: Kongregate / Way to get past cards?

Hi everyone, is there a way to get cards from past challenges?

Congrats to Kongregate on creating a wonderful site that keeps me coming back!