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Topic: Dream World / Suggested to death and back

I don’t imagine that is too hard of a tweak though. I assume that each item has a type associated with it so that things go to the correct spot currently. So updating the types shouldn’t be too difficult. kingk would need a damage type and utility type (for the e rings and the sp ring, although I doubt anyone uses the sp ring)

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Topic: Dream World / Suggested to death and back

Originally posted by pibedetorres:

I second all but #4: a second ring slot would most likely be used by everyone to wear two “damage boost” rings at once and in the end the issue of forgetting to switch to an “energy boost” ring would still be there. Of course it could be set that one of the ring slots can only be used for a dmg boost ring and the other only for en boost ring, but I doubt there would be a notable work on the code just for this minor feature.

iirc the request for a 2nd ring slot was always to have a dedicated e ring and dmg ring slot so that people don’t need to waste a bank/inv spot and to avoid forgetting to switch when offline, about to lvl, buy e refill or premium item 21 gems or more. People all understood that allowing for 2 dmg rings would be too much, we just want one less thing to worry about.

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Topic: Dream World / New Mini Game Incoming!

if it has to do with sets or certain cards giving certain bonuses or something along those lines then kingk better expand the collection to as many spots as there are cards or be able to at least keep track of cards you have dropped towards those bonues. I have a feeling it will be something card game in time world. Just curious how cards like MS or wonders play into it compared to more standard mob cards

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Topic: Dream World / Fusions

going off of the items in the example above you should really not be worrying about a seed at this point. I say that because your main still isn’t soft capped, so all pots should be going on that until it is. Once that happens then you can build a seed for the next time you upgrade your weapon.

Most likely that means that you will not be soft capped by the time you get a nice extended drow staff (lvl 96), but if somehow you were able to make that happen it would go a little something like this…

You just your seed high enough to cover any pots lost in the fusion process which should be ~150 going from lvl 93 with 900 pots to lvl 96 (with 7 pots on it, always get the easy 7 pots on a new item before fusing onto it). So you would need your seed to have a little more than 150 pots (~160 if using a lvl 96 seed, ~175 for a lvl 93 seed) so that you can cover the loss of pots from the fusion.

Doing it this way though would allow you to go straight from a 900 pot extended gfallen staff to a 900 extended drow.

Like I said before if you don’t have 900 pots don’t worry about potting anything else, just get your 7 easy pots on the new weapon and then fuse your main onto it. As long as you are going to a significantly more powerful weapon you will always be stronger even after the pot loss.

As a word of advice, hold out for enchanted drow+9 unless you are a long way from lvl 90 where you can get one from guild vault. It is worth it to just pot what you have and avoid the excessive fusions if you don’t have too long to go until 90 and can get a nice drow staff. If you have a long time to go though then only upgrade within the gfallen tier if an enchanted +9 happens to fall in your lap.

Also once you do get that nice enchanted staff don’t settle for anything else as you move up to the next weapon tier. A +9 wis/agi drow staff would not be better than a +9 gfallen enchanted, and since drow is vaultable there is no reason to settle for the +9 wis/agi.

hope this helps

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Topic: Dream World / An idea for after level 102

level 102 should be able to wear an atk and e ring at the same time, and travel to island with any e ring crystal or above

I kind of like the idea of starting over with current gear/stats. Also some sort of permanent perk. The true dual class being allowed isn’t a bad idea. Or a talisman that gives a perm stat boost. Or every item equipped gets treated as having x free pots (that would allow the item to go above 1000 pots)

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

An addition to my last bug…Now I got a few in Hell bosses in a row that it got items or coins on, did 10%+ and still got no quest progress. I seems to only happen every so often but it is happening. I even checked the quest itself to make sure it was active and that it wasn’t counting them and just not giving me the message, but it the total did not go up when the message didn’t appear so it is not working at all at random times. I would say that I have missed out on 4-5 that I noticed so far so will quit collecting at the moment until you can check it out.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

I just claimed a H6 boss that I had done over 10% on but was in the 6th spot so coins instead of an item drop. However it did not give me credit for the hell quest. Have never noticed this problem with anything that I got an item on so it seems that it may be a minor glitch with spots 6 and lower. Paste of the dmg/rewards below

ShadyMel 364,349,501 devil armor of wisdom +3
Niv 142,168,942 devil gun of agility +2
Saint Rocco 121,611,788 devil armor of power +1
y_salvas 121,435,469 devil staff of life
diaversai 120,947,123 devil armor
DumMetlHed 117,528,786 4701151440 coins
Lord Garra 112,398,687 4495947480 coins

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

Ignore everything below…I thought the badge did nothing

I understand that the e will increase when you fix the novice collector badge but folks that get it early will miss out on the free e refill that the badge I assume will also give. I know there is a mechanic now for a free e refill from the Guardian for certain criteria being met. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble to add a flag that grants those that got the badge early 1 free refill as an additional line of criteria it would solve the issue. I understand it may not be worth the effort for the extra code but just throwing it out there if it was reasonable/possible in case that issue hadn’t been thought of before.

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Topic: Dream World / Hardcore....Give it Hardcore

yeah for it to work those types of bosses would need to be immune from triggering the reset otherwise everyone would just do 9 hits and run before #10. Which leave mine, island, and hell bosses since those don’t have a killshot it would just force people to ignore them until they were absolutely sure that they could survive both atks. So that leaves mobs to be a possible way of triggering the reset and really who can get killed by mobs that can survive all the bosses around their level outside of the killshot bosses

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Topic: Dream World / free 100 gems from time world

After scanning this thread i think i figured out what it all comes down to…

nvillian just really wants omarks orange and hat.


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Topic: Dream World / Next expansion

There definitely needs to be a lvl cap raise. The amount of people that are at or near cap has grown quite a bit and if he goes another update without one I think that a lot of those 100s or 99s are going to drop off even faster.

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Topic: Dream World / lvl 93 wearing posi armor and staff!!

not sure how strong the rest of the folk in your guild are, but if you can get a few people that can survive h3 to shadow you it could cut your e cost for first place by quite a bit

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Topic: Dream World / Lack of lvl cap rasie

It seems like you don’t realize exactly how long it is to go from lvl 99 to lvl 100. Adding lvls beyond that with the release of hell 4-9 could easily take you to lvl 120 for a new cap and take players a month or more per lvl. The mechanic is there with what you introduced in hell 1-3 it would only require new mob art and a few new item sets.

For the majority of the people capped that 20 lvl grind would represent a large investment of time or a huge investment of gems to get through it with any speed, most likely a lot of both. So most people would take the better part of this year to get to the new cap. And those that did it faster would have done so padding the playmage coffers instead of spending nothing to just build stats and slow grind stuff (or quitting all together) while waiting for the lvl cap raise to come

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Topic: Dream World / Def info

but not always cheaper…If you have a maxed weapon with nothing to put pots on making a super def ring can make a nice difference to the dmg you take.

sometimes cheap solutions work better for people, all just a matter of what play style works best for the player

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Topic: Dream World / Class switching?

don’t forget to use lilith or valk to make h2 and h3 easier if you need to. I know I forgot I had lilith for protect aura since I stick with only ep or huntress now, and I wasn’t the only person in my guild to make that mistake and waste a few e

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Topic: Dream World / Lack of lvl cap rasie

Assuming that people don’t quit or slow down significantly (which is unlikely since I have already seen and talked to people that are intentionally slowing because there is no point to ‘rush’ to cap) you could expect to have 20-30 lvl 100 in a month.

These people need a carrot to chase to keep their interest and frankly this update isn’t it for people at or close to cap. With a lack of new gear, new lvls, and badges that I will probably have all of by end of event (and I know I am not alone in this) the only thing really keeping folks like me around is their guild or their own personal milestones that they decide to chase.

With no real visible progress though that can only hold someone for so long.

You seem to have a mechanic for areas that can cover the 100+ crowd. If you follow the same pattern as hell 1-3 which iirc is 98-100-102, hell 4-6 could cover 104-106-108 (or if you want to stretch it out a bit 105-108-111) and would require only new artwork and and gear set (new gear for h5, greater version or enchanted version of new gear for h6). You could even go so far as open hell 7-9 with level 110-112-114 bosses if following the h1-3 formula (or 115-119-123 if increasing the lvl gap between bosses by 1 from h1-3 to h4-6 and then again from h4-6 to h7-9)

Because it would not be instant kill bosses like ms it would be that carrot people need to get them playing and lvling or buy a crap load of gems to get con/def high enough to survive when under lvled. Either way it wake up the lvl 98+ in your user base and hopefully gets them grinding again.

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Topic: Dream World / Lack of lvl cap rasie

I don’t think I am alone in wondering why there was no lvl cap raise. Most people that have lvl capped or are close to lvl cap were hoping and I think expecting to see a cap raise.

Now one of the reason I can see for the lack of cap raise could be that the database field that stores xp to next level is maxed out which means that any level above 100 would either need to use the same amt of xp ( (2^63) – 1 ) needed to go from lvl 99 to 100, the field size would need to be increase (maybe by making it an unsigned int64 instead of signed) or there would need to be a new way to track lvls beyond 100.

Just throwing my 2 cents of a way around the problem of lvls past 100 if in fact I am correct as to what may be holding it up.

Have a branch when xp is rewarded that check for lvl >=100. If that triggers then divide the xp reward by 2500 (the amount of the lowest boss that grants xp/dmg). Make the amount of xp needed for next lvl then follow the same idea and calculate what the amt would be using your normal progression and divide that number by the same 2500 as the reward was cut by.

That way you give your self some breathing room inside of that field and while the amounts to lvl may look like they are easier to get because both the reward and amt needed are cut by the same factor they stay equivalent to trying to lvl below 100.

And if you wanted to give yourself even more room to allow for lvls above 100 you could use a bigger factor instead of 2500 since really what lvl 100 is going to waste their time and e hitting a demon gate boss.

Anyway just a thought I had, my assumption as to why no lvl increase may be way off, but on the off chance I’m not wrong I figured I would throw out a solution that may not have been thought of yet.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Two suggestions that apply to the few people that have level capped or will cap in the future (regardless of if the update brings a cap raise or not)

1. Have the cap lvl (currently 100) be treated as lvl.5% instead of lvl.0%. It sucks to lvl only to lose 20-30k off of you atk because all the bosses lvl increased but your lvl relative to them never can. While this is ok for lvls before cap because you can build it back up as you work towards next lvl once you cap it serves as a permanent mini-nerf to you dmg because you are stuck at .0%.

Another option would be to not have bosses lvl higher than what they would be for a person that is 1 lvl before cap. Either way there should be a slight dmg boost against bosses when someone caps not a reduction.

2. When lvl capped genius should not be a mbox drop since it is of no use to a capped player. It should be a simple if/case statement to replace the genius drop with heroic for people that have capped.

These may not seem like a huge deal since there are only 10 current capped players (15 if you count those that could legitimately hit 100 by end of this week if they try) but if cap does not increase with update it will become a bigger problem with time. Even if cap does increase people will eventually cap again and run into the issue all over again.

When motivation to play starts to slip for people that have lvl capped there really is no excuse to have simple oversights in planning punish them.

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Topic: Dream World / new offensive fame system

It has always been linked to the reset

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Topic: Dream World / Fighting Banned players in MW

i thought the same thing…would have been funny to see a lvl 100 un-level and re-level over and over. Free e refills and lp for all

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

The curse of mp5f and Wynoth got me twice too…

each of my wins was meet with

You received 0 coins!
You received -1,318,440,976,376 experience!

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Topic: Dream World / NO CAP XMAS

Originally posted by weezyfosheezy:
Originally posted by AlbertoV05:

Everybody has been a prick this year. No Santa. It’s time for a hard candy Christmas.

Just to you as you know dicks fck assholes who just want to shit all over the place. It’s our duty to keep the assholes from covering pussies and dicks in shit

Team America World Police FTW!!!

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Topic: Dream World / I'm quitting DW

extended reg fallen would be better, would lose less when whoever gets it fusing into higher lvl gear

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Topic: Dream World / Any updates coming?

Originally posted by omark96:

The only update I see coming is tweaks of already existing things. This update will most likely be around christmas. And the only thing that Kingk really needs to add to make me happy is a new lvl 96+ pb.

+1 to that…also wouldn’t mind a new boss/area/mechanic that allows people that are too high for any of the mw stone/o-fame giving bosses to not need to slum against lesser mobs in order to help with those two aspects of the game

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Topic: Dream World / Pumpkin bar.

Originally posted by Angel_Ray:
Originally posted by DumMetlHed:

last year you could avoid the bar with max sp. I have a feeling that one of the minor tweaks kingk mentioned was that the max sp trick no longer avoided the bar, after all the button does say trick or treat so there needed to be a chance at one crappy drop. Consider the bar as the trick.

kingk mentioned in another thread that all 4 drops are an equal 25%, so if you are getting the 1 trick way more than the one of the 3 possible treats then that is some crappy luck. Hopefully it turns around for you

I took the into consideration, though I don’t think it’s a 25% drop for each. I think it’s more like 20% for box, 20% for epot, 20% for candy and 40% for the Pumpkin bar.

small sample size can make any supposed avg look wrong. If i was going off my observations of the trick or treat i would say it is 30% e and pots, 25% mbox, 15% bars. If we were to look at everyone playing over the course of the event I am sure the avg would be close to 25% for each outcome

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:
Originally posted by DumMetlHed:after all the button does say trick or treat so there needed to be a chance at one crappy drop. Consider the bar as the trick.

That’s not how Halloween works.

It means bribe me with a treat or I will pull a trick on you. (Egg and TP your house)

I understand how Halloween traditionally works but considering that it can’t be duplicated in dw the game has to give both the treat or the trick.