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I normally don’t even use this account when I’m here. I personally don’t like that you have to have an account to chat or comment/rate games.(even tho I don’t even wish to chat or rate)

Having said that; after months of never logging in, I decided to just to post this one suggestion.

When browsing the new games at ; you should be able to get AT LEAST A LITTLE sense of what kind of game your about to try to play!

I love this site; I visit it EVERY day to see the new games people are making.
But with SOOO many people now abusing the site, it’s REALLY hard not to get annoyed.

Let’s say (for instance) that I hate tetris games with a passion and somebody makes ANOTHER remake BUT the title AND picture have absolutely NOTHING to do with tetris.

The only way to find out it’s a tetris game is to load it up, which; if it is a tetris game, would be a complete waste of my time, and it would add another number of times played which the author does not deserve. (at least from me)(this is just an example, I acually like tetris games:)

My suggestion has two options.
#1: Make it mandatory for the game’s picture and/or title to have at least a little something to do with the game itself.
#2: Make a space next to the title for a short game description.

I should not have to load every single game just to find out that half of them are complete crap. Sorry if that sounds a little insensitive.