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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Best Gemcraft game?

I also do not like the way shrines are handled in GC_CS…

You speakum truth, and many would agree. Unfortunately, I basically ignore them.

Labyrinth had basically the same problem, but even worse because it had a “one true strategy.” No matter the map, no matter the level, no matter anything, just make a couple lime/yellow gems and you win. …

Is lime the multi hit? doesn’t matter, it is. Grinding seems to be an element in a few of the GC games, at least for me. I will defend Labrynth for these points.

1. When one starts, one is clueless as to what the “proper path”. A lot of fields are dead ends, and thus one needs to explore quite a bit. Is that a good thing???

2. The crafting pylon fields are quite a challenge to get the 50X multiplier. That takes some planning and some simple math skills.

3. The 7k kills achievements/amulets are a serious test of one’s skill. Getting all 4 is non trivial.

Anyway, just imho, but 2 and 3 make Labrynth a good GC game.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Shadow cores?


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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Shadow cores?

edittting i fthe or

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Shadow cores?

since kong got off on

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / what level do i move from poolbound to bloodbound?

when ever u want. once a gem is available, one can use on all level other than the ‘specials’(vision, etc).

actually, move when you can post something more than ‘the title of my post is the content of my post’.

now would be a fine time

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Glitches

I’ll attempt to help.

first: prob on your side. not necessarily your fault, but on your side. this game exists for a year on many platforms, wif alotta happy gamers. the pouch is an in game “extra”, not prob, forget for now.

second: what hardware are u using, exactly. see first, seriously doubt you found magic bug on existing successful software.

third: iffin kong user, try using different browsers, same prob? I’ve played on armergames (sic) and have stream (sic) code. Game works fine for me on all.

Fourth: define ‘defrag’, again exactly. The GC series is er ah, cool. How do the previous game behave in you ‘situation’?

Five: My bad. I just need more info to destress. That and I found an actually bug in the game!

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Creating Level 12+ Gems

interesting. Wonder if it ever causes any key conflicts,. or just POSTs to queue. Nevermind. Amazing what people can do for the sake of a game. Grade 12 + U for me!

Next up, a bot to play the game for you!

I really should pony up the Kreds for the MP. After all the hours I have enjoyed across all GC games, I should contribute a little. Actually, I’m gonna do that…

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Creating Level 12+ Gems

Thanks. Fair enuff, and I figured as much… Heaven forbid I ever need to create a grade 18 or so….

What is wGC? Never heard of it…

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Creating Level 12+ Gems

As the Gem creating grid has only 12 levels, how does one create a level 13+ gem easily? The grid doesn’t scroll, that I can tell. I know you can create 2 level 12s and then combine for 13, but that takes 3 steps.

What if I need a level 14? That’s 7 steps? Is there an easier way?

Btw, I know one can U and upgrade an existing gem, but that is not what I want. If I have a dual level 13, and just want to upgrade one element(gem color), I need a pure grade 13 to combine with existing dual gem, right?

Wait, create grade 12 pure and then upgrade that in grid is less steps than creating bunch of 12s and combine, combine, combine… Still less than ideal.

Is there an easier way?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Best Gemcraft game?

I would say this one, GCCS is the best, but a very,very close second is GCL.

As I played GC1 when it came out, I enjoyed. IT just got to a point where I could not improve, even trying almost everything. I even recently went back, as I had not made the Hard Achievement and couldn’t improve…

GC0 was rather enjoyable, but, as far as grindy, GCL takes the cake. It took me months to complete, mainly due to the optimum path not being obvious. Thus I completed almost all of the fields before completing(which is not bad due to XP gained). What I liked is once complete, there were some really challenging achievements to complete. Especially the kill 7k monsters, that probably took me another few months to complete.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Special Abilities on a given Wave

Specifically, when a given wave has the ability to “burn 5.4% of total mana when banished”. What does that mean? Does your total mana get reduced by 5.4%, or does the individual monster lose 5.4% of its mana when killed?

Inquiring mind would like to know…

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Need help - mana farm or other leveling ideas

The game is gemcraft, version4ish. Not farmcraft. So allow me to poise some ?

wl105? Why mana craft?

Beat the fields, gain XP, gemcraft, baby!

Mana farm? Enrage, trait, earn XP. Lvl up.

WL502, never mana farmed, that I know of, just keep creeps off me orb

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Any tips for getting a level 12 gem

Well, hmmm…. Been so long since my first lvl12. Also, I didn’t specifically try to make lvl 12, it just happened via stronger gems and more levels. There is no magic formula, just enuff mana to do.

Having skills for mana and crafting at 20 may be too much for crafting at least. Im lvl 467 and have crafting at like 12-13.

More important is using battle traits to up the XP multiplier and #waves. Then enrage every wave u can to as much as can. I use almost exclusively grade2 gems to enrage. You may need to start with grade1, but I’m pretty sure grade2 is most efficient when you start enrage greater than let’s say 5 times. (every 5 times summons beacon that is fairly weak, yet XP rich).

Now you may say XP mult and Beacon XP dont do sh*t for mana, and they dont, but more XP = higher Wizard lvl, and thus mo skills, far more important than gem lvl12 achievement.

Regardless, you either need enuff mana to create grade12 gem, or 2 grade11 and the 250mana to combine. I generally have 4-5 kill towers (start with 2 towers and upgrade/add as more waves are beaten, that I upgrade evenly. This allows me to upgrade whilst still having active towers, and/or allows me to manage upgrade gems to be socketed instantly via spell. Thus by the end of a battle you will have a pretty good idea of how powerful a gem u can create. 4 grade10 gems are 2 combines away from grade12.

Lastly although the advice to sell a bunch at end of battle may work as a desperate move to make achievement, selling is inefficient. Why buy a gem at 100% only to sell back at 70%?

Gain mor ZP/Wizard lvl, and youll be crafting grade12 and beyond in no time….

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Filter achievements on each field

For E1,E7 achievement

…and so is fusing n(grade-1) gems into the main gems."

That is a great tip.

I easily completed by shear force of towers and amps. Just play field for achievement, no traits, Looming diff. I used Crit hit(yellow) and Armor Tear(purple) gems(had these skilled up to some extent). Crap load of towers and as gain mana, augment with amps and add even more towers, gets to a point of overkill, but gotta do something, and you just want the achvmnt and 3 skill pts….

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How far can one go w/o MP

Seems I may have tapped out free2play….

Completed X5, in fact X1-X7 minus X6

Other than locked/MP hextiles, S hextile visible, but no fields

Y1-Y6 done. Also V9, V12….

Basically completed all fields on Looming from N hextile on, including Wizard and Tomes, that are available, excluding V10, V2, V7….

Almost all hextiles/fields prior to N, completed on Looming and Glaring, throw in V4,V14,V8,V18….

Going back and crushing earlier fields on Glaring can be tedious, new fields seem like mo fun, imo.

BTW, WL 311, 2k Shadow Cores, 484 unused Skill pts, All nonMP traits unlocked, though still have 3 skills locked/unavailable(believe these to be MP, though unlocked in ‘wilderness’).

Can provide more info upon request….

Are there ways to unlock more fields, like S hextile????