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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Filter achievements on each field

For E1,E7 achievement

…and so is fusing n(grade-1) gems into the main gems."

That is a great tip.

I easily completed by shear force of towers and amps. Just play field for achievement, no traits, Looming diff. I used Crit hit(yellow) and Armor Tear(purple) gems(had these skilled up to some extent). Crap load of towers and as gain mana, augment with amps and add even more towers, gets to a point of overkill, but gotta do something, and you just want the achvmnt and 3 skill pts….

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How far can one go w/o MP

Seems I may have tapped out free2play….

Completed X5, in fact X1-X7 minus X6

Other than locked/MP hextiles, S hextile visible, but no fields

Y1-Y6 done. Also V9, V12….

Basically completed all fields on Looming from N hextile on, including Wizard and Tomes, that are available, excluding V10, V2, V7….

Almost all hextiles/fields prior to N, completed on Looming and Glaring, throw in V4,V14,V8,V18….

Going back and crushing earlier fields on Glaring can be tedious, new fields seem like mo fun, imo.

BTW, WL 311, 2k Shadow Cores, 484 unused Skill pts, All nonMP traits unlocked, though still have 3 skills locked/unavailable(believe these to be MP, though unlocked in ‘wilderness’).

Can provide more info upon request….

Are there ways to unlock more fields, like S hextile????