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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

Why is everyone missing the point of my argument?

It’s “challenging” for the wrong reason. That reason being that the design of the battle forces a large number of casualties on you unless you use very specific units that can spread out before the inevitable fireball barrage, many of which aren’t even available to the player at this time. I am loathe to even call that challenge, as nothing is being challenged except the player’s desire to throw away money.

A challenge, as I stated above, is something that makes things difficult, but leaves success/failure in the hands of the player and their ability to read the situation and react accordingly. Bad design, is something that punishes the player outright, then asks them to clear it anyway. Even if you win the battle, you lose more than you gain. Even if you play near perfectly, you lose more than you gain. Coming back to it isn’t an option as there is NOTHING gained from coming back to it at all, ever, regardless of level or situation.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

Inquisitors are 8 medals. Assuming you have every medal prior to this area, you have six medals. So, no, inquisitors do not come into play when you reach it.

Once again, it’s difficult for the wrong reasons. Even playing far beyond the skill level of anyone else at that level, you will STILL not make money off this quest.

Challenge = Winning requires the player to play perfectly, or at least far above what is normally asked of them. e.g. Dark Souls.
Bad Design = Winning requires either luck, or things the player does not have access to, or the costs of winning make the achievment pointless.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

Originally posted by gundamomega:

:| There are always quests that you CAN NOT do it right away when you reach an area, I’d have to say that, as it’s adapted from the full game version. There are even deadly battles in the full game version right in the 2nd area of the game (you can think about it as similar to a town in this game). I’m confident that I can finish some quests quite sooner than some people, because I don’t mind losing units. That’s why I said level up a bit more, and you’ll meet much much harder quests. They are challenges, and every game should have some. Most other quests are easy enough though. If they nerf them, I don’t mind at all, but an easygoing game doesn’t sound very attractive.

Missing. The. Point.

I’ve played the retail versions myself, and cleared AP on Impossible. These are daily quests designed to be done repeatedly as a source of income/forces/spells. The quest gives 4 fiery arrow or 2 fireball, and around 5k gold. And eats FAR more than that. Please don’t act as though a non-plot, entirely skippable, small reward farm quest deserves to be rendered pointless by costing more to complete at most any level than any quest before or after it. And for the record, double demonologist fireball at any level will eat more than 1200 of your gold to repair.

It’s simply a touch of bad balancing and difficulty curve. If the player doesn’t feel rewarded, or is outright punished for completing a quest, something is wrong.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

Being able to do it later when you’re several zones ahead still doesn’t excuse having victory/defeat determined by luck alone now, regardless of what tactics or team you use.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

Originally posted by gundamomega:

Level yourself up and you’ll find even harder scaled battles, both story quests and daily quests. I don’t find any reason to complain except that the reward is a little low, but as soon as you level up a little bit more, or get some inquisitors, the quest will become easy as pie. My opinion is : it’s an ok quest, a bit challenging, and I always have a choice to skip it if I don’t want waste money.

You can skip it, but that’s no reason for the horrible idea of doubling up demonologists with two stacks around the leadership of the player.

As for levelling up and finding harder quests, dailies scale with you. It won’t fix at higher levels.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily: Eastern Fort issue.

This fight needs to be nerfed, plain and simple. Up until here, and even after it, I’ve had no qualms with the difficulty, but having to face 14 demonologists, and at least 15 alchemists, is simply not a fair fight for someone who can only field 12 or so immortals per stack. Double Demonologist fireball at this stage of the game, considering splash radius, makes the costs FAR more than any fight remotely around this one. Not cost/intended level, but cost, plain and simple. Even if you win, a first turn double fireball will eat more units than the battle pays out (battle gives about 1267 gold, cost of resurrecting a single immortal is equal to its leadership so 100-120 each on average. Most of the time, you will lose 3 units/stack/fireball on at least three stacks before you can act with almost any unit and certainly not any ranged) That’s a cost of, at minimum, 300/fireball per turn if they both hit a warrior type like Ancient snake (resurrection cost 100 per) if it runs ahead. That is simply if you are lucky, and STILL eats half the reward first turn, and this is a minimum cost on first turn.

Fiery arrow, or similar attack spells must be upgraded multiple times to guarentee a single kill on a single stack. A FULL stack of 43 archers can get a chance at a SINGLE kill dispite being super effective against the demonologists, which makes it absurdly difficult to kill all 14, due to the sheer volume of attacks it takes to bring down a single stack, and the dwindling health of your forces.

The daily itself gives 5000 gold for completion, and with around 1300 gold per battle, that’s 7600 gold for the fights. given the rate of minimum casualties to earnings, this fight is simply not balanced.

TL:DR Lazarus Cult Punishers Daily Costs too much to complete and depletes gold at an absurd rate, assuming you actually manage to win due to having two overly large stacks of Demonologists.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / KB: Crossworlds Player. My thoughts.

It can be defined as either scales or purple leather, and either way, it’s far too revealing.

Patrols as gold gain is ENTIRELY to give players a final option for income. Difficulty to level could be toned down, but if you factor in the stamina system and such, this would either kill the problem so long as players were dilligent with patrols, or at least almost kill it.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / KB: Crossworlds Player. My thoughts.

Having... not made it to a high level in this, but having cleared the Armored Princess campaign on King's Bounty Crosswords on impossible, Defender of the crown on hard (Demon version) Arena on impossible, and working through Orcs on the march......I'm actually a little dissapointed in this game. I can understand simplifying the game to make it better as a flash game, but it's had some nasty side effects of the game, such as: *1.* Peasants seem to have been overnerfed, as in other games, their entire value was in the fact they grew stronger faster based on number due to a removed passive. This multiplicative growth was the only thing keeping them as a viable option in teams, and removing it has rendered them effectively useless. For exact clarification as to this ability, Peasants gained +1 attack (not damage) for every ten of them there were, up to about 10 or 20 attack. This meant that Peasants, though utility-less and prone to mass casualties, had the HIGHEST attack of all swarmer types, making them the ideal swarmer for hunting down high tier units, though not doing much against lower tier units. Removing this robbed them of their role. *2:* Early stamina is too small. I understand the reason for including a stamina system, and have no reason to complain about it, but stamina is still too small. I ran out by the third town levelling at a constant clip. Ideally, it should run out by the time the player reaches the 4th town, where Chaos units are introduced, and have some small room for messing around. Perhaps increase starting stamina to 35 or so, or offer one extra +5 stamina. Just something to slightly increase early game playability, so players have longer to get a grasp on the mechanics and make a judgment. *3:* Patrol should not give experience. As it stands, it is a bad idea to use patrol excessively, as you'll get killed by scaling enemies. If it is rebalanced to a slow, but steady method of acquiring gold, it will be much more player, and gameplay friendly. *3.5.* Buff the effects of longer patrols. I understand shorter patrols equal more ad revenue, and I'm certainly not asking for the 3 hour patrol to be buffed. The patrols only available through cash shop should offer gains on par with the 1 hour patrol, and the 3 hour patrol should be improved with cash shop items as well. This will make people more likely to buy the cash shop item to buff patrols, as they will feel more rewarded. Win-Win. *4:* PvP. As it stands, from all I've read, it's a mess. *4.2:* Units should not be lost via PvP. Plain and simple. If a unit dies in PvP, it should not be considered lost, but instead, it should be considered "Wounded". A Wounded unit cannot be used in PvP until the player recieves their next "log-in gift" for logging in the next day, or after. This INCLUDES IMMORTALS/LEGENDARIES. There should also be a cash-shop item to allow you to instantly "heal" all wounded units, for more PvP. *4.2.1:* Just as a side note, the reason for the wounded state is to encourage buying more units, so one can PvP more. As many of the better units are mostly acquired from cash shop, this is effectively a win for you, twice, and a win for the players. *4.4.* PvP materials dropped by kills should be acquired regardless of victory or loss. This makes players feel punished. *4.6.* Reward cash shop currency for first win of the day. Not any actual remotely valuable amount, but a single point of currency. This keeps people playing. Simple skinnerbox technique, but it also makes people feel like the game is giving them a fair shake. If you compile this with the wounded effect, you give players not only a reason to keep playing, but make them feel rewarded, and give them a cash shop currency sink. Win for you, win for them, win for everyone. *4.8.* Cap leadership for PvP to a fixed amount at all levels, increased by equipment only. I know this sounds odd at first, but bear with me. Higher level players will not find many people to play against, and lower level players will pretty much get rolled by high level players with better gear and much larger troop pools. This, is not good. Higher level players should be rewarded with options in PvP, not free wins. It preserves the source material's spirit of tactics over brute force, and gives everyone access to PvP, regardless of how much they play. High level players have more options, and better gear, but can still be outplayed this way. *5.0.* Player co-operation. This is down the road, to be sure, but, once again going back to earlier king's bounty games, create super-bosses, and allow people to team up with people of their choice to play against them. Larger arena, MUCH stronger than other areas, even given the extra player (it should be impossible to 1v1 for someone a much higher level) *6.0.* Unit growth. Make them grow stronger and scale, but have it fall off at extremes. For the first... just throwing out a random number... ten levels, they should scale with the player exactly, then the first town should fall off (so, about level 15 is where the first town you ever visit stops scaling). Any group that stops scaling should be worth NO exp, but still full gold, with its drop chance being 50% of normal to prevent ultra-high levels farming immortals remotely efficiently. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are simply suggestions from someone who absolutly loves this style of game, and owns Armored Princess and the Crossworlds expansion, as well as plays ALOT of games. I'd love to see this game make its way to the top of Kongregate, as the core gameplay alone is more than capable of it, but it simply feels a little too rough around the edges. *P.S.* If you ever bring the full Demon list over to the game, please, please censor the Demonesses. *P.P.S.* Demoness/Paladin/Inquisitor/Archdemon/Scoffer Imp. With Paladin hero. Stacked for morale, and abusing Stoneskin. Just for anyone who wants to know how to deal with AP on Impossible. Also, formatting failed.
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Topic: General Gaming / Anyone here ever played Rift?

I was around when it first came out.

Rule of thumb. Play a warrior. Whatever you intended to do, a Warrior does it better (healers being the one exception.)

At release, battlegrounds were 10 warriors vs 9 warriors and me. Warriors were casting. Warriors were playing burst rogue types, and warriors were being tanks. And there’s an entire warrior tree dedicated to screwing over mages, who they oneshot anyway, making it redundant.

I played a mage for the record. We did less magic damage than warriors, died almost instantly, and were best played as healers.

Story was also crap, but dungeon content was better than WoW. Gear is TERRIBLE looking though.

I’d say wait for Guild Wars 2. I’ve heard nothing but good things from people I know who got into the beta, as well as press releases.

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Topic: General Gaming / Looking for people to play/train with on Tekken 6

I would offer, but I have no Xbox live at the moment.

Lili main, little online practice, and need to work on my defensive game, but have a solid, if not anything impressive, offense game.

Honestly, just about everyone is viable in Tekken. Except Zafina. Avoid her.

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Topic: General Gaming / Violence in Video Games

1: No. I can say from experience that having played violent games since my early childhood did not make me a violent person. Sadistic, perhaps, but not violent, and even then, there are alot of things that could have contributed besides videogames.

2: Really, it’s the same benefits that are from watching it. It’s a method of destressing.

3: In my opinion, it’s acceptable in any situation where it’s not being abused. It’s perfectly fine to play a game like Saint’s Row 3, take a single pistol, and murder ten thousand masked wrestlers firing back at you with grenade launchers, have the police get involved, and end up in a massive three way shootout where there’s no shortage of carnage. It’s another to have something where the realistic depiction of events such as Columbine are idealised. The more realistic we make a game, the less effort it should make to make violence, war, or similar something to be admired. Nobody has a problem with Cloud in FF7 walking around a giant city above another city, performing acts that can be considered terrorism (seriously, that opening bit in FF7 IS an act of terrorism), because he’s doing it with a sword the size of a minivan next to a guy with a giant minigun for a hand. Many more people have a problem with playing the undercover U.S. soldier in Call of Duty infiltraiting a terrorist cell in an effort to…. I can’t remember, get rid of them somehow, because the game at least has some mild respect for the laws of our world, and attempts to set it in a “real” place. Even the aforementioned Assassin’s creed makes an effort to distance itself from reality. Afterall, you play as a guy reliving ancient memories of his great great… etc grandfather who was a ethically justified murderer using what is essentialy a ancient ceremonial tool that also shoots bullets, and… well, just play it, however realistic the setting, it deaws the line between reality and fantasy very well. Point being, the less realistic the game, the more acceptable the level of violence.

4: The ESRB is fine as it is. Most retailers do a good job of enforcing it as well. The issue lies with parents who cave in to their child’s wants and buy games they clearly should not be buying for people who are clearly not the target audience, then see what they bought and complain about it. The government or other groups should not have to restrict things altogether simply because parents are unwilling to make sure the game is appropriate for their child.
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Topic: General Gaming / Greatest Video Game weapon!

I know what you’re thinking seeing that. “It looks useless”, or “How can you kill someone with that”, or just “That’s a weapon?” So I’ll go and explain what makes it good.

1. The enemy will laugh when they first see it. This gives you the advantage.
2: The Tip is made of a very large amount of razorblades.
3: The bending nature of the weapon makes the razorblades drag after impact, increasing the wound.
4: Being hit by that many razorblades dragging across one’s flesh REALLY hurts. Alot.
5: It shoots lightning.
6: Shooting lightning at the wounds can burn them shut.
7: Lightning also REALLY hurts.
8: In 9/10 games that are not shooters, you attack enemies for a very long time before killing them anyway. It is probably more efficient to use something that will cause them so much pain that they will simply kill themselves. Why bother depleting the bonus boss’ 952793873 Health when you can simply get them to give up and let you win.
9: Bleed debuff on hit. Every hit. Stacking.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War MMO

Personally, as someone who doesn’t much care for Epic War, I think I should list what would make it better as an MMO and make it better in PvP.

First off, and this is coming from EW5, heroes are brittle as hell as the game goes on. Oftentimes, there’s very little reason to make them engage in combat. Having them killable is good, but there’s little incentive to not have them camping the back corner. Auras would probably go a VERY long way towards making them viable in combat.

Two, Retreat tends to go VERY poorly due to the hero’s health problem. Losing ground to regroup tends to make the enemy have units respawn same as you, and they can usually get a few kills on your retreating units to make it even worse. Typically, the Epic war games promote all charge, all the time, at least on melee units. Perhaps methods to alter unit movespeed and spawn rates would assist with this.

Three, infinite units. Again, all charge, all the time.

Four. same unit stalemates. If two equal teams meet up, it shouldn’t be a stalemate decided only by spell spam. There should be incentive to fall back and regroup, and means to extend properly. Really, I have no clue how to fix this potential headache. A good example of this problem is spectromancer Astral Horror + Healer spam. Plain and simple, if both sides run this tactic, neither side takes any damage, and both sides have ever climbing healthbars. Epic War’s version is essentially a battle where two all goblin teams or similar run at eachother, and simply get stuck perminantly killing eachother every single time, making no ground past midfield.

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Topic: General Gaming / Dark Souls.

I’ve been playing since this morning. Already dropped 4 bosses.

Wanderer with Pyromancy. Perfected the second boss, beat the third in two tries. Hardest thus far was the fourth due to the arena and general playstyle. Undead Pariah up until you get the Knight shield is an absolute pain though….

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Topic: General Gaming / Anyone know a good RPG game?

Mardek RPG 1-3. Pure RPG, not dating sim.

Expect playtime in excess of 30 hours. Also quite funny. May want to avoid doing any of the Elewyn party dialogue with a small child around though (tends to be sexually suggestive, but makes sense given her character anyway), but other than that it’s fine.

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Topic: General Gaming / The World Ends With You

Shockwave. Vulcan Uppercut. Lolita Bat. Subslot Lightning Rook. Visionary Blend. Whatever pin it is that increases the Visionary Blend stockpile.

Great 4 pin attack combo that is easy to rotate and has very good field control. Lolita Bat can easily pin enemies in the air, and Lightning Rook is amazing for dispatching airborne foes, and it’s not hard to group the enemy up with shockwave.

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Topic: General Gaming / top 10 hardest RPG bosses

Any ten bosses from Demon’s Souls.

Lucifer: SMT Devil Survivor. Oh, hey, all maxed level characters? made it to third form, but let me get a single turn? Game over screen for you. The only legitimate tactic against this guy is zombie rush. Seriously, throwing characters at him just to suicide them doing whatever damage you can before they die, and just resurrecting them before he takes his next turn is THE ONLY WAY TO WIN. Fits on any list for sheer stupidity of design.

As a hilarious side note. It’s entirely possible to reach 3rd form with a single squad consisting of just the main character with no minions by spamming Drain endlessly and having a heal skill equip.

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Topic: General Gaming / Who do you think is gaming's most underated games that are actually awesome,and deserve to be well known?

Xenosaga 1-3. Less so on #2.

Knights in the Nightmare. I’m willing to bet that ALOT of people passed over these games.

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Topic: General Gaming / HoN on sale for $10

Can’t you get WC3 for about the same cost and get the same game included free? WITHOUT the recently released and severely OP new characters?

Or there’s League of Legends as well.

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Topic: General Gaming / Runescape sucks because...

Originally posted by Cammy_Justice:
Originally posted by Ohmaigawd:

Just like with Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead 2, and Evony, the game is great, but the community really takes it down.

Lord no, to all of those.

Eh, L4D2 is quite fun. The other two aren’t that good (CoD being little more than a twitchfest that you could probably emulate via simply drinking enough red bull), and Evony is downright terrible.

Personally, I have an immense dislike of Runescape due to the lack of varied methods of interacting with the world, and little direct interaction to begin with. Combat is easily comparable to the opening moments of a FF game, where you have no skils, and are just going back and forth with the “Attack” command. It doesn’t evolve past that if you are a melee character, and almost all of the methods of interacting with the world come back to this “Click. Wait for success or fail. If Success, continue. If Fail, abort or Retry.” Method of gameplay.

Plain and simple, this is not good design. Little to no player skill effect on events, little to no variation… it grows boring quickly.

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Topic: General Gaming / What video game enemy/enemies do you dread the most?

Also, just as an addition. A combat log of sorts from EO2

You have been ambushed.

Venomfly uses poison.
Venomfly#2 uses poison.
Ladybug used Increase dodge.

Entire party loses 40% health.

You attack, killing 2.

Entire party loses 80% health, all squishy teammates (the healer) are dead.

You attack again.

Venomfly survives.

Game over.

Very accurate assessment of the Venomfly’s power. It’s also a random encounter early game enemy akin to… well… basic slime from Dragon Quest I suppose.

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Topic: General Gaming / What video game enemy/enemies do you dread the most?

Venomfly from Etrian Odyssey wins the award for single most overpowered low level enemy.

Unless you kill them before they act in EO2, odds are you just lost several medical items or your expidition has ended. They do obscene amounts of poison damage for their level.

Lets not even talk about the ones in EO3 that instakill your party members with poison damage.

Oh, and they are small, purple, butterflies….

When it comes to bosses, Kirin from EO3. Full party AoE EVERYTHING. Spams bind. Can counter attacks and instantly lock a character’s skills via applying all 3 binds. Oh, and he has an instakill he WILL spam. Anything with 2+ binds WILL be killed on the very next turn. No exceptions.

Oh, and he is a complete and utter beefcake.

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Topic: General Gaming / Do I really need the mythril chainmail?

There’s little reason why it wouldn’t. It’s easy to justify a character sticking with their current gear, and simply cycling out the enchantments on it as the player desires, as opposed to buying entire sets of armor.

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Topic: General Gaming / Do I really need the mythril chainmail?

Yes, but it should never be the typical “+15 armor or +20 armor for a greater cost” choice. Gear shoudln’t simply give a sense of progression, it should give players additional choice. Choosing between +20 armor, or +2 HP regen/turn, for example.

Gear can easily be used as a means to customise and change your characters instead of simply a means of progression.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best New Game

Dark Souls. I like challenging games that don’t hold your hand.