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Topic: Ballistic / BLACK F%&#ING SCREEN

Uhm… Lol. If you had bothered to look at the entire webpage, you should have seen a notice stating that due to recent updates to Google Chrome, it will no longer play / support Unity. This of course is followed up by a notice to use Mozilla Firefox for compatibility / optimum performance.

Originally posted by Hugothefighter:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] The Ultimate deck

Uhm, incase yah’ll hadn’t thought about it already, all it would take is for the enemy to play something like Plague Burster and then get a wall with counter our poison on attack out and the Orbos die at end of their turn / start of their next one…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Petition] Make Nexus packs buyable with gold


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Post your bug report(s) here.

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: 200: Requires extended permission: read_stream thrown in /home/ss1/public_html/fb/facebook-php-sdk/src/facebook.php on line 515

Is what is displayed in the popup when I click the “Like on facebook for 100 gold” thingy. Not exact quote by the way.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Add People

Ditto for me. Please add me. Will gift and help of course.

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Topic: Dream World / About KE's suspension

Didn’t get the rest of the details concerning his suspension of only being one day while I was writing my Doctorate Theses above lol. Yeah, sounds like a thought out punishment. Though I do still say is should have just been a warning… Anywho.

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Topic: Dream World / About KE's suspension

Originally posted by thepeacemaker:

Rule B – “2. Do not use offensive or sexual explicit language. This includes character names.” 1. This rule applies to all game messages and customizable text, including character name, guild messages, and battle messages.

2. First time reported, the offensive text will be forcibly changed for you (which means you have been warned). Second time, your character will be suspended.

Where’s the “warning” ? Suspension was given without it.

Also, if one player can’t put whatever name he wants, then why offer that option ? Any sensible web application has some sort of mediocre filters applied.

Eg. In a Vbulletin Forum, you can’t register the “Admin” or “Administrator” users.

Also, I think everyone can truly observe that this was not an ill-intended action. It was done with pure fun in mind. Nothing aggressive was made, and no impersonation at all was made, except for joke’s sake (with that being mentioned).

KingK, just let me know if you think you made the right call, to suspend a player, for not breaking any single existing rule, at the time of the user change.

@thepeacemaker |
I’ll third your question.

@addy_kapoor123 |
I sorta agree with you. I’ll explain further; KnowingEyes did not, at any point, break any single rule listed or implied. The absolute maximum KingK should have given him at all, was a warning. Since there was no way for KEs’ name to be forcibly removed – And by removed we know that this means changed back to what it was before the “Impersonation”; which let me remind you, not against any of the rules posted anywhere. – since he had already changed it back from KingK to KnowingEyes. Remember this, at the time of all of this happening, KE never broke one rule.

So now the Administrator – Kongregate nickname of KingK – of the game, doesn’t even have to do anything besides sending a message to player. By sending a message I mean in chat, using the Kongregate commenting or private messaging system, or by posting a Locked and Sticky’d Discussion with the title of, just for example, “Player Warnings & Escalations”. Also proper things to have done might have been some of the following: The reason for the new Locked-n-Sticky’d Discussion; the updates to Dream Worlds Rules; Including the new rules regarding ‘Impersonation’, and what constitutes it.

@josh576 9:

To say that there are all kinds of ways to exploit the game or the games players by choosing certain nicknames is slightly blown out of proportions in this case I believe. The only thing I can actually see it hurting would be as you said, – as well as others in the “do not impersonate game devs discussion” – the up and coming players; but more specifically the new players, away from his game. But not nearly as badly as how much damage I believe KingK could do to his own games community by over-reacting and or going overboard to try and set an example. Lots of ‘examples’ ended up swaying the hearts and minds of people for thousands of years far more than the King – K – or ruler ever did.

Now about anyone that knows KE, – as in personally or just hearsay – , would not and did not do it exploit anything; nor treated it or did it in an exploitative manner. Of course it was all for a laugh and to have a bit of fun while KE dealt with some boredom. That’s easily read and come across pretty clearly in the “do not impersona……” discussion. Within an hour someone had posted regarding they wouldn’t/didn’t like for the Dev to be #1 spot. 1 hour later KnowingEyes changed his nick back to KnowingEyes without having to be asked, told, demanded, bullied, harassed, or anyone saying anything. 3 hours later, topic lock. More hours pass, new rules suddenly appear. KE is suspended.

I’m tired now and getting ready to go finish up a Gate; I just wanted to leave everyone that reads this one more thought; How many other people are about to be Warned and or Suspended? No, this is not some retaliation conspiracy theory, this is the Dev following his rules by the letter: I’ve seen people named all sorts of things that could be taken as or construed as someone who works for, who works in or with, and who might have created or helped develop the game. I know of 4-5 players with names, that I’ve personally seen in game – usually fighting them or passing them by in the Arena – that could get them instantly Warned, and a name change, or worse since they’ve always had the name, it just wasn’t agianst the TOS till now. I’m done now. Sorry for the never ending post.