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Topic: Kongregate / Heroes of glory

Originally posted by dinga92:

If u dont fix heroes of glory soon , i may as well quit playing on kongregate! :@ It crashes all the time, and they are doing nothing to fix that. They just open new servers, and players quit because of this.

Are you seriously going to somewhere to play this thing? Badge aside why you even “play” this

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

for cry at loud change the bloody collection page already! It’s a minefield! When you do hundreds of raids each day, all different you gonna missclick at some point and craft something that you don’t want.

Like bloodtale or kessov keys or skeleton arm and so on. Those are sensible craft and you know it. Why i can’t filter them away!?

Also why on earth i can craft old ice from the collection page but Bats, Trophy, magma stone and giant tooth? No way. There are 2 craft in general for SP that use something qwill and i think 1 that use something from baroness make them more freaking visible for cry at loud.

The whole craft page is a mess and you know it.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / It didnt give me my mobnkey knowledge when i spent 1 hunderd gems

Originally posted by wiifreak20:

For the record, the minimum city level required to earn knowledge packs is 12. This requirement applies to both cities, so you can have a level 100 city 1 but the second city wont let you get any packs until it’s 12.

(And, to be honest, this event is just to trick people into wasting bloonstones on things like rushing production. You shouldn’t even try participating in it until you have the money lined up to spend that many bloonstones in t3 or t4 upgrades)

This is a huge bullshit. I didn’t get my pack and i spent 280 on my main city. Then 20 on my level 11 city then 40 more on the my main. So i did actually use 320+ (was like 329 or 324) on my main but since i had to upgrade a thing asap on my second city i didn’t get my pack?! I sent a pm to the contacts in the game, no one replied me back. I used extra stone to get to my 3rd goal and yet i don’t get my pack!?

This is a scam

(not mad at you wiifreak20, actually thank you because now i understand why i didn’t get my 3rd pack. But as i explained even following their sick and scam logic i used more then 300 stone in my main city!)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / This game just dying

Originally posted by ExSilverWolf:

most idle games have long gaps in updates its nothing new. just because their is a long update gap doesnt mean its dying.

Yeah well is just stupid that they didn’t remove the xmas add. They said that nothing changed but the look, so they simply have to bloody put the previous version on.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

x1000 level on hero shortcut.

Also what about removing the christmas-style update? Gee have you forgot about this game?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Connection has timed out - help

Hi, today the game won’t load:

“The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

This is the message that i get from firefox. Flash is up to date, every other game or site work. The cache is clear. I also tried different browser: Chrome, Ie, Dragon. Nothing change.

Reboot the router; clear every site from this page (as i noticed Lena suggest that in an old post).

I also tried this: "Go to All Programs>Acessories> right click notepad> run as administrator
Then go file>open>browse to C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc and open the ‘host’ file.
Add this at the bottom, after the last line:"

I still have the same problem. Any solutions?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

The Kessov raid is near. I’m sure the MS will be high. I hope that with it you also will include the bloody button to use more then 20 E/S/H.

It’s in Sun! Is not even something that you have to create from nothing.

Give us this present please

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

What about more then 100 points when you upgrade your health?

Bumping up my health was more frustrating then adding point manually (thing that hopefully you already fixed).

Now i get that you want the cap for the other stats and you can put a cap for health of 100 before the next cap but when you really wanna upgrade your health (say for beating siculus quest for instance), this limitation is nothing more than a pain in the ass.

Originally posted by Kazeto:
Originally posted by Nalut:

Thanks for removing the idol as secure reward; that, was a master-dick move I didn’t expect that from you. I’m very disappointed. On second thought..seems your style lately.

Nalut, I don’t want to be a jerk but do check either the craft page or the patch notes before you complain (lest you appear stupid or blind). Now we get tokens, 1 per day, and you can craft 7 of them into an idol. So that particular reward is more secure than it ever was.

You getting less (expect very lucky people ofc). And i don’t have to craft idols, i know you can craft them was in patchnote and in the freaking crafting page. At this point the only use that you should have for token is getting the box and for that you need 300 tokens. So you need at least 300 days in real life and is not even sure if the game will be open for more then 1 year. Bottom line the token are appealing but before you had a guaranteed reward especially if you are a loyal player (and now that doesn’t matter much anymore either).

Potion, volatile idol → for pc (so eventually you get a premium and eventually you get it more often then 1 after 300 days).

Yeah they added a few new things but they could put them in the old reward system (even keeping a base of gamble in it).

This way is just a gamble. Since this change i had way way less then what i had before and i’m not the only one.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / dotd corrupt a wish

Originally posted by soccer_bug:

Not the best at forums, so I’ll do the quote myself :/

Originally posted by IvarsDominiZ:
“Granted, but you don’t spend them in the right place anyway.
I wish I got all the drakes to boost my Logann”

Granted, but the devs realize how strong he is for a free general and decide to give him the base stats of a farmhand.
I wish for someone to read this.

Wish granted

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

What about revamp the daily reward in something that is at least good as the old reward system?

Thanks for removing the idol as secure reward; that, was a master-dick move I didn’t expect that from you. I’m very disappointed. On second thought..seems your style lately.

Another suggestion..what about check those drop chance before releasing a new time event? I wasted potions, levelling 14 times when..oh at my 15th times (first one after the patch) i got all the freaking chunk in one single run.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Ideas

What about a simple loading fucking bar during the mission load so that i finally know if the bloody game crashed as always or is going but simply slow.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Infected Bounties - Brookvale North

North Trenton Military 10 – Dogs 45 – Walkers 55

Now; this is a scam. I’m now at 7/10 Military and still, i killed 12/10 of them. The last 2 during a hospital run and the counter didn’t go up to 9 (and was supposed to be filled up already during my previous run)

So this bug other time but right now, that’s my last bounty and i don’t have time for another run so wtf.

And i was worried about the 20 military in Brookvale North, this is a joke.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

What about rise the horn rate drop? Since wasn’t so low the first time.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

This last change at the Legion system, the fact that i can’t change the legion from the summary, it’s pure bullshit. Change it back. What’s wrong with you guys? Always find new way to complecate things

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

Finally the new legion page and the favorite legion system.

Only problem….crash almost every time i open it and it keep load all the legion even when i put them on ignore (first thing that i did was check all the legion to hide what i don’t use).

Yeah i know that i can press the 3 button (favorite/hide/all) but why doesn’t show first the favorites doesn’t make any sense and also force the game to load all of them.

EDIT: ok i’m a little confuse. After my last crash i open the legion again and the games doesn’t show the hide legion now (unless i press the button ofc) and also i have angel of virtue (O.o wtf) equipped. I never use angel of virtue and that legion is actually hide. I had my GD before the crash.

Now i don’t know if this a bug or what….my suggestion was to show the favorites legions first (as it is now)… why before was all mess up?

EDIT: and now i have to press favorite again every time. Meh

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

Did you close the bug report 3d in here? :(

Anyway, Miniboss on quest. Guys seriously it suck. The damage reduction that you put on is annoying and frustrating. The layout is a problem. You should move the buttons position in a way that you have the attack button and the continue quest button near as well as the closing button for the loot after the win.

Also the % for each quest is another problem. I like the new way, a click = 4% quest bar but why you didn’t change the other quest?

Anyway, i was at my last 4% (1 click). I click and move to the close button and guess what? It turns in a flee button. I didn’t want to flee nor i wanna buy that scroll. Why don’t you move those buttons elsewhere? Why flee in the first place O.o? Ok you wanna leave the possibility to flee is want to, fine but don’t force me to if i don’t want.

This is not the first that happens i click on close because i have to change part of the quest since i’ve done with that part and boom miniboss appear and the flee button pop-up. What if this happened with the yule-miniboss? I was close to do that actually 1 time.

Well anyway thanks for the health remain on raid. EDIT: <- i really mean it, thanks. I ask for that since ever.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Freezing effect

Originally posted by jacksonas:

This serves no purpose other than annoying the players, if you want raids to fight back make an effect that might dodge a hit partially….like my 20-honor only deal 15 worth of damage or something else, deliberate lag effect only pisses me and I hope everyone else.

if you want to go down this road make button start floating around so we cant click them or completely invisible!

You doom us all now ! You and your floating ideas!

Anyway, i have to say this chilling thing, yes is kinda stupid but during the regenerating node it does have a purpose (among to be a huge pain in the ass).

Anyway the trick on chrome work fine. In chat i noticed that some people have to restart the trick but for others it actually keep working and the chill work only as delay

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

Wtf just happens to my account?!

I just woke up, before going to sleep i level up and use all energy/stamina and i also used 600 honor just to be sure to keep it for nodes later without worried about the honor cap during my sleep.

Now i just log in and all seems normal. I didn’t even open the Profile page but after hitting a few raids my stamina was ALMOST full (like 18 stam to get the bar full.). Then honor caped full.

I refreshed the browser and boom. Energy full. Wtf is happening??? Please if someone is wasting my cake/potion do something! And i don’t even get how this is possible i’m online right now!

And no i’m sure i dind’t missclicked ANY potion or buy refill.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

Here’s the deal: we start Rhal a few hours ago (say 5hrs). I did my damage..216m or something like that; anyway more then 100m.

After my refresh (raid refresh) i checked what raid i have already hit and noticed that Rhal is around 70% and i join it to check who hit him already. When i entered in the raid, a message pop up. Rhal has been dispatched or w/e. Anyway..i was like wtf. I know is a known bug but in the moment i was buffled and also a little high so i loot it (i was like what…let me see who did 5b in a couple of hit….then i was..oh snap..that’s right, nobody did, it’s that bug). And ofc i got nothing. I refreshed (browser refresh) but ofc now my Rhal is gone.

So….kind and wise Lena, can you fix it? I don’t mind do more damage to that Rhal to help my guild and ofc i want to loot it too. And to be honest XP and Reputation is what i care about the most.

Oh also a screenshot of me failing (Rhal loot):

Additional info if you need them: Guild is Black Lodge, our Rhal is still alive and i think it will be at least till tomorrow (i assume but i think you can check that)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

NM Tenebra

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

error on action cm06 with error code 1

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Yule Tribe Gift Bearer

Originally posted by slayrv20:

Its actually quite common, i am level 450 doing vornstaag nm for the scrolls of dahrizon on hard and i got around 10 santas up to now… But i just can’t kill them so i have to leave them, and i think i spent something like 15k end maximum

Yeah i spent around 30k each day, minimum. Even 280k in one day sometime. And i found him 2 times each day. 4 times top. I have only 2 troops craft.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Yule Tribe Gift Bearer

Originally posted by CarlKlein:

Oh, it sucks to be you. Didn’t you hear? It’s been fairly common knowledge (since about 3 weeks ago) that Santa is hiding in vornstaag/ryndor!

As far as i can see you are the one who doesn’t hold all the information.

You can find him in Caracalla too but the chance is related to the number of click not to the energy used. Therefore, 35k energy on Caracalla is nothing special.

Vornstaag and Ryndor are actually the best because they cost less compared to the other zones. Anyway, the chance to see Santa is freaking low even now after the fix. It is kinda a shenanigans.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Random Ideas for New Premiums

@AjaAja stop stealing ideas from the “new Generals ideas” (or whatever the name was) thread on the dotd forum.

@jacksonas stop trolling

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

Is this Santa mini-boss a joke?

Srsly, first was bloody rare then..still rare but it’s at least a little better then……..400b WR!

Each craft need 6 different ingredients; most of them x5 each. And also he have a bag which can drop something twice that you don’t need at all (i have 2 red fam…like i need more then one). I’m not sure what the bag can give but well…coal is basically useless, x3 = 1 of 3 rune that i will never use anyway. The gnome troop, useless to have more then 1. So basically have the whole set in time it’s only for players with amazing luck and probably pc/potions.

I play every day. 20k energy each day and just today i used something like 80k on quest and i just manage to craft the 2 new troops and that’s it since i have to finish the 400b wr.

So basically i get:

3 new troops

1 new fam

1 useless rune

It’s very disappointing.