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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / "Get me out of here" needs to be fixed

I find it somewhat interesting how adamant the people defending this objective are, without realizing how problematic it actually is. For the record, I beat it, long enough ago that I just had to double-check and make sure that I had indeed beat it before I started this post. I also enjoyed the hell out of that milk and cookies run at a base level. However, I still recognize that there are problems with being able to complete this objective.

Notice that I said problems with being able to complete the objective, not necessarily problems with the objective itself. I’d be willing to bet that most of the computers of the users playing this game can handle it properly. I’d also be willing to bet that most of the people noting issues indeed did pay enough attention to the game to make the time limit. The real problem, which Collador pretty much hit on the head, is the actual user interface/game’s setup. The single biggest offender in terms of screwing over the player is that horrendous deal with the chests every time a boss drops one. That crap right there is the main reason why so many people can’t get this dealt with, directly or indirectly. The amount of time that each one of those takes up is insane for any kind of timed objective.

Sure, people say “well, just pull up a module to counter that”. Wait, what? Someone is supposed to block 2/3 of their playing window in a mission that they need to be active for just so they can disable an unnecessary effect? I’m sorry, since when is that the fault of the player that something like that doesn’t already have an option? I get showing them the first time you get a chest on that level, but subsequent chests should be treated as they are while you have another module up now. Things like that, or level up all/buy all abilities buttons are things that should have been default in a game like this, so to blame a player for not knowing how to manipulate game speed (when that’s pretty much the only way to succeed in these types of objectives) seems problematic. One needs to cover most of their screen (which can have them accidentally miss a drop, and slow them down) so they can have a 10-15 second time blocker not happen during a timed objective? Eh, no, I don’t think so.

Sure, the objective is possible. But it isn’t necessarily the player’s fault when there are actual game design issues coming into play as well. Hopefully the fix for the chest stuff is coming actual soon rather than “Soon”.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

Originally posted by jetfanno1:

In terms of future events, could you add an additional reward that if you beat all of the event objectives you get a piece of common gear in each slot on both event crusaders? This would remove the luck-dependence of being able to complete the “get all three pieces of gear for Event Crusader X” objectives without giving overpowered rewards. If somebody already had all of the event gear, it would give these event crusaders a couple of extra EP.

I admit that I’m saying this as someone who is currently missing one piece of gear on one current event fighter, but I think it’s more generally applicable. As a longtime player, it frustrates me to play the event how I’m supposed to (all events completed, plenty of freeplay runs) and still potentially miss out on an achievement because I didn’t randomly receive one piece of gear.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I feel like you do a great job reading and responding to our feedback!

All of this so much. Outside of the first event I played since joining (The first Halloween one, where I wasn’t very strong and thus couldn’t do all objectives, so just lots of freeplay), I’ve done all the objectives if memory serves, and still have issues every time getting the achievement. I never did fill that last slot on Drizzle, and if it weren’t for just happening to get a jeweled chest from freeplay on my last run of the last event, I never would have filled out the last equipment slot for Larry. I’m currently in the same position for Alan too. Literally no jeweled chests from freeplay this event, and if the last two resets I’m about to do before the event ends don’t give me that equipment slot, I’m SOL. It’s starting to get exceedingly annoying that I’m unable to complete a task because of randomization bending me over and shoving a broken broom handle up my rear. Supposedly 1 in 4 freeplays giving jeweled from player experience? Hah, right. Easy to fill a simple 6 slots out of 16 minimum equip grants? Guess not.

If not this suggestion, it would be nice if event chests, at least silvers, could prioritize slots not yet filled. Jewels could still stay fully random to try to upgrade stuff, but silvers could at least get us that achievement. I know the “prize” is relatively negligible in the long run, but it is notably annoying to have a limited time achievement that isn’t actually achievable, just hope/luck based.

Edit: Yup, never got that last piece, despite finally getting a jeweled from freeplay. That’s two events now already where I should have had no problem getting those achievements, but have been unable to due to RNG beyond my control.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Latest Update

The more that I attempt to play after this update, the more that I keep thinking “this has to be a joke or some kind of mistake”. Honestly, from what I have experienced, everything has been rearranged in such a fashion that it hurts the player.

My equipment is still bound to my characters, but it has been completely revamped. That Golden Horseshoe, the mythical charm that gave my Marauder some 200+ attack? Now a useless trinket whose only purpose is to be used like a skill and remove stun. The other item I had to boost her attack? Now something that gives 26 speed and 38 luck. Completely changed the way my character was equipped and specced. While speaking of my Marauder, now I cannot use Autobattle anymore, because she continually uses rage, which means that she’s smacking herself for 1700 any battle she can.

With another issue from the update, the fact that none of my Scholars can actually heal anymore, that is a huge issue and tonic drain. Literally, I have 3 scholars that are potentially usable right now. My Surgeon went from healing 40% with heal over time to 10% with heal over time, a status removal, and an admittedly nifty shield. My Nurse used to heal for 60%, but now has a passive extra 1 energy per crit and 20% heal over time. My Shaman, whom I was leveling to take over my Surgeon’s spot, had a 50% heal and remove status, but now has a move that removes status and increases heal received, and a ranged damage attack with silence. What good is a class that is supposed to be primarily a healer class if none of them can actually heal? The Aide only has heal over time, the Orderly only has remove status, and the Scrub only has remove a positive status from the enemy. With how much more the mechanics just turned the game into a damage fest, healing is extremely important if you don’t intend us to grind places 20+ levels lower than our party for potions after every other real campaign battle. Unfortunately, we have no way to do that. That was my whole point of having a Scholar as part of my party: So I could conserve on tonics and progress at an efficient and reasonable rate. If I wanted a complete damage squad, I would have just leveled up a Warden class to sit beside my Geologist and Marauder. As a side note, my Geologist, at least, seems to not have been neutered, so that’s good.

I only kept on with the game after seeing the “facebook game style” crap because I wanted to give the game a fair chance. I like the game, so I kept going even though I couldn’t have nearly as much fun as I wanted because I was limited to 15 minutes of play or less per session. Now, I’m not even having fun when attempting to play when my water levels will let me. I couldn’t care less about Wanted/Arena other than to get rubies, but the main game itself has seemingly become a child’s toybox that was picked up and shaken as much as possible.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.09

Originally posted by olinn:

“- Stats now update after getting hero souls.”

what, precisely, does this mean?

After the primal boss update, when you earned a Hero Soul for defeating a primal boss, your stats wouldn’t update accordingly until you upgraded a hero. Presumably this would be because prior, you only got Hero Souls from ascending, which means there didn’t need to be checks for how many souls one had all the time because you only earned them at one point. From what I can gather, they added something that makes sure your stats increase (cooldown, if applicable, DPS, gold bonus if applicable) happens whenever your soul count increases.

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Topic: KingsRoad / this event is impossible for mages

As each event comes out, I’m becoming less and less interested in the game. Contrary to jooe15’s idea of things to do in the game, most of us don’t want to grind jewels, which cost more gold and is already at a premium, for “something to do”. So, the standard grind is what we have, and events. Unfortunately, RumbleGames seems to have gone from “high level players exist?” to “We have players that aren’t in all artifact gear at level 300?” with events.

This event has a setup that would be very fun. I liked the last one on this map that was a series of boss monsters. But I also wasn’t paired up with multiple ranged bosses who can never miss and take half of my HP out per shot in that one either. Not to mention that I had more difficulty levels to choose from then in case one was unbalanced.

There seems to be some fundamental flaw in how RG is “balancing” things lately. The biggest point is that there is no “miss” factor for ranged attacks. That is, outside of a select few things such as the tornadoes that the winged lion throws at the player, all ranged attacks automatically make contact with your character. With this in mind, if the player doesn’t have an obscene amount of dodge, or parry, or whichever one affects ranged attacks (assuming it works in events, as I saw stated that it didn’t last time), the player is getting pummeled. For Wizards, this means the paltry 4-5k HP goes very quickly when each hit is something like 2k, and it takes me 20 seconds to recover that 2k via cheese because for some reason Turkey Legs cannot be purchased. For the other classes, I assume it is similar, except for Knights, who also have to be close and thus take other hits, which can overpower their larger HP pool.

The last event was “impossible” because the summons were archers that could obliterate you regardless of kiting, because they have ranges longer than one’s view on the screen. This one is similarly lopsided, because I can be taking hits from opponents that I can’t see. Even when I was running the outer edge of the map, I couldn’t see anything except the occasional shot that would take almost half of my HP away. So not only could I get hit, but I couldn’t even shoot back. Add in the no revive bug when I died the first time, and well, all I had was a few minutes of frustration that means at most I’ll log in once a day for the lockbox rewards for now. I certainly don’t really intend to try the event more, if this is what making it easier apparently is.

Again, this is the problem I was worried about with only two tiers for event difficulty. In the company’s attempt to make things easier with “Standard” and “Expert”, someone is forgetting to test the event at level 40 with superior and maybe epic equipment. If this is their idea of standard (the only one I try), someone is forgetting to remove an extra couple hundred skill points and artifact gear before testing. An event that is supposed to be for all players at least level 40 shouldn’t be squishing level 60 players without a second thought.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Reminder: Changes to the next event (event shop + level 40 requirement)

Unfortunately, my previous worries about this part of the road map have come to fruition now that I’ve tried the event with this new setup:

Originally posted by Almandaragal:

This is what worries me with the current roadmap and events. Breaking events down into two categories will make it more difficult to balance, not easier. Right now it takes more time if they have play testing going on for more categories, sure, but they can break it up into similarly powered groups. If they leave it to just 40-60 and 60+, things are going to get a lot more hairy unless they start implementing static difficulties for events instead of trying to let the power creep algorithm set the “proper” difficulty for them. Clearly this power creep algorithm seems to think that there is some big power differential between 59 and 60, so I’d hate to see what it “thinks” in a new, less tiered system.

I tried the event, which seems simple enough and potentially fun, on my level 60 wizard using the easier difficulty. The boss itself was easy, until about 5 hits in he summoned minions. What are you feeding those things, DNA of Superman? I kid you not, these ranged attackers (lots of them, by the way) hit harder than even the ones in the last event. Literally within a couple of seconds of them being summoned, I was down to about 10% health, and dead the next second when I saw my health had magically disappeared. So, I revived, and watched my health carefully, attempting to take one of these minions down while the revive stun kicked in. Three hits into it, I was dead again. Hey, maybe I just need Frost Armor to survive a run-by for kiting, right? So I enable that. What did that allow me to do? Only to get far enough away to actually hit the cheese button once and watch myself live for an extra 3 seconds before they got in range again and killed me. Since, you know, they have range that goes beyond what I can see on the screen.

I understand that RG, as in whichever CSR is talking to us through the account, doesn’t have direct power over the updates. However, whichever of your coworkers was supposed to be balancing this since it’s supposed to be easier to “finely tune the difficulty to create a more enjoyable experience for players” seems to have run into the problem that I was expecting: You can’t finely tune larger brackets easier than you can smaller ones. The variables are too much. I know a good rule of thumb is to make things harder and tone the difficulty down so you get less backlash, but if that’s the case, events should be getting free entries or something while this is done. As it is now, the event is about the closest thing to impossible that I’ve yet seen. It’s not just me either, because I’ve read far more decked out characters of all classes having the same complaints on the official RG forums. I’m sorry that you have to deal with this backlash for the poor balancing, but honestly the only way I can describe this event as it stands when I tried it last night is terrible. If the difficulty stays anywhere near this, I won’t be able to participate in events. If I’m unable to participate in events, the only content I really have access to that would be “new” to me is the dungeons, which at last check still had prohibitive costs*. That still leads to a dead end at some point, since the only real changing content is events, which are getting more exclusionary as time goes on.

*Disclaimer: I have not checked out the newest prices yet, so take that bit of the statement with a grain of salt.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Events getting too hard?

Ironically, I was going to post to compliment RG on how well this one seemed to be balanced after the first run through I did on the 50-60 difficulty at level 59. Then I played it again once I had some time off from work to gather my proper feedback and found that the difficulty had cranked way up after I leveled just once to become 60. It went from feeling “almost too easy” in the 35-50 difficulty and “just right, if tedious” in the 50-60 difficulty at level 59 to “almost too easy” in the 35-50 difficulty and “sucks to be you, squishy little wizard” in the 50-60 difficulty.

I’m aware that monsters scale with your level in the normal game. But why is that still happening in events too? With level brackets on them, they should be able to create a basic, static difficulty. If I am playing the 35-50 bracket and only getting level 35 equipment, it would stand to reason that things would be on the easier side as I hit levels 45-50, not harder. Likewise, when the difficulty felt good (and yes, I see the complaints from melee characters, whom I feel slightly bad for after being shafted for so long as a wizard) at level 59 in the 50-60 range, why did it jump up so astronomically when I leveled up one little time? My power didn’t go up from that to any notable degree, so why did the monsters seem to become 1.3-1.5x stronger?

This is what worries me with the current roadmap and events. Breaking events down into two categories will make it more difficult to balance, not easier. Right now it takes more time if they have play testing going on for more categories, sure, but they can break it up into similarly powered groups. If they leave it to just 40-60 and 60+, things are going to get a lot more hairy unless they start implementing static difficulties for events instead of trying to let the power creep algorithm set the “proper” difficulty for them. Clearly this power creep algorithm seems to think that there is some big power differential between 59 and 60, so I’d hate to see what it “thinks” in a new, less tiered system.

I just don’t know what to think much about events anymore. This one was outstanding for me at first. Challenging, but doable. After one simple level up, things went to hell. Fortunately the level 35 equipment is still stronger than most of what I have on already, but I did end up wasting two entries on attempting to do 50-60 when one level before it was possible, so I’m set back a bit. Just hoping the game stops giving me the RNG shaft (3 helmets and a boots so far) so I can at least collect the set and maybe, just maybe, have a chance to compete in the next event in my proper level bracket of 50-60 (60+, to me, is more like for 90+).

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Topic: KingsRoad / Blighted Graveyard event is to hard

Originally posted by newstomper:

To address your points in order, Alman.

That’s the point of the top level event, which is most often what people complain about. I do admit the level scales are misleading.

Second, I ignored nothing. It’s called gold farming, try it sometime.

Third, the guild perks aren’t why you get in one, it’s for the help.

Fourthly, I pointed out that making a thread HERE does nothing. Again, Rumble cares little about Kong forums, especially since Kong players are a minority population compared to Rumble site and facebook. Who is ignoring who now.

Lastly, you didn’t have to get used to Bane because it lasted a week. This has been going on for quite a long time with no changes. So I would advise everyone to get over it personally, not because I don’t like seeing these threads (though I don’t over and over), but because that’s the smart thing to do, because the devs have done nothing to show that they care.

P.S. about my “white knight” complex I’m not defending the game or the devs, far from it, I agree with most of the complaints.

Honestly, I’m all for the top level event being hard. There is a 50-60 bracket, which makes sense as the normal hard but doable one, and then a 60+ one. The 60+ one I would expect to be geared towards parties or superior gear, and I’ve never complained about that one ‘cause I’m not dumb enough to try that one in my current state. My issue has only ever been with the lower brackets, and only in the past few events.

Gold farming isn’t exactly fast or lucrative without a notably good setup to begin with. I’ve tried it plenty of times, but one can burn the gold spent in an hour of farming in some 10 minutes if they do dungeons, or one or two forges. For forging it makes sense, but when one used to be able to slightly profit in dungeons, but now they do nothing but burn gold until the last section, they’re pretty much a waste.

As for the guilds, I’ll take your word on that, since I play solo. That’s probably another reason for disagreement, since I’ve always played solo. Being able to run through all three difficulty levels of the main story arc alone kind of left me with the impression that the game is supposed to be slightly solo-friendly.

Fourth, I wasn’t actually ignoring that point. Of course RG is going to pay more attention to its base site, that’s kind of a given. However, saying feedback here does nothing isn’t exactly true. I’ve seen RG respond a number of times to concerns here, in fact I’ve had a post of my own responded to. Sure, they are generally standard customer service answers, but there is a bit in there that notes that yes, they look here for feedback too. Besides, if I play the game on Kongregate, Kongregate is where I’m going to be looking to give feedback. If there is a forum for the game here as it’s hosted here, that’s where I’ll leave the feedback. If I wanted an account on, I would have played through that site to begin with.

This event stuff, the way I see it, hasn’t been going on for quite a long time. It’s very recent, actually, mostly the past month. The whole boss trials event was quite good, for example. Even if it got slightly boring sometimes (which is a personal deal), the balance was great. It was more when the Infernal stuff started being the theme for events that the trend of difficulty ramping up faster than it “should”. The first couple of them were definitely doable. The next one or two got to be more frustrating, but doable, and now it’s just not really doable if you aren’t lucky or have enough spare entries to learn where everything is so you aren’t dead before you know what’s coming. Anyway, the whole “devs don’t seem to care so why bother?” thing is again, how stuff stagnates. If one enjoys a game, I see no reason not to give feedback so that one can continue to enjoy the game. If it so happens that they continue to go down this path of “events are only for the best equipped/not for wizards or solo players”, they’ll lose me as a player. Not a big loss, but I won’t just sit around and not say anything if I feel that they are doing things that are detrimental to the game.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Blighted Graveyard event is to hard

Put this to bed, newstomper, really? I’m sorry, but until the RG account comes out and says “we don’t intend to make events doable for players who aren’t at the end game stage, regardless of the suggested level”, there’s no putting to bed about it. Honestly, while we all have our biases, you seem to have one of the more heavy white knight complexes for this game that I’ve seen in a long time.

The point of events is not just to keep the top level players entertained. You seem to have forgotten that they have 4 different setups. One for 20-35, one for 35-50, one for 50-60, and one for 60+. The fact that such tiers exists blatantly says that they want players of all levels participating in an event. After all, how do you get someone to spend money on your best crap if you can’t keep them sticking around to get high enough to want to spend? So, with that point down, I move to your next one, which clearly shows that you are either not reading the replies prior to yours, or are just ignoring them because you don’t have the same problems. When you say that one should do the dungeons, you must have missed that a player who wasn’t already established and set prior to the changes in the past couple of months doesn’t have tons of gold that they are sitting on. The old dungeons cost less or just about the same at the very end levels as the lowest level ones do now. Except that there has been no increase to gold earned, or added ways to earn gold save for the gold lockboxes. The 3k I got from one yesterday doesn’t even buy entry to one of the lowest dungeons. As such, it’s not so simple as “do the dungeons”, because the costs are prohibitive, and have always been so. You probably already saw the complaints then too.

As for guilds, I’ve purposely avoided messing with guilds. I realize that that is my choice, but a guild’s set of “perks” should not be required to complete events. They are, after all, perks/additional stats, not the base ones. If it’s more about having people run you through, well, that again is just another design flaw. You shouldn’t need people to “run you through” a time limited event because the publishing company hasn’t balanced the event properly.

Making a thread does nothing, you say? One one hand it does nothing, later in the same paragraph you advise users to create an account on and use their KingsRoad forum. Which is it? Or is it that you simply don’t want to see the threads? Saying that the devs won’t do anything about discontent with the games says that you think they don’t care about feedback. Did you miss, by chance, the removal of the Bane system when there was backlash about that? I mean, sure, that was more the end game players crying (though many of us not plenty of level ups past 60 realized the game breaking issues of it as well), but they did something. Who is to say that they won’t consider doing something now? I don’t expect it with this particular event, given that it is a limited time thing, but it can be taken into consideration for future. These threads are becoming a thing for “every event” only recently, because only recently have the events increased in difficulty every time. The main thing of note is that it seems to be primarily a problem for the Wizard class, which shows either a need for balance of that class, or testing of the event with that class prior to release to ensure that they can play it. Whether or not you feel the event is fine with your class (and I hope it is, most people seem to think so), if multiple players near the standard level cap have trouble/cannot beat it on the lowest difficulty setting, there is obviously something wrong with the mechanics of the event. The whole “get used to it” mentality is exactly what stagnates games. I didn’t see higher end players “getting used to it” when Bane came out.

Maharid – Yeah, build choice makes a difference for sure, but I wouldn’t say that one’s build should keep them from even being able to do the lowest level bracket. I mean, any Wizard who plans on playing alone ever should be considering the passive armor boost and Frost Armor by default. The problem is the time between Frost Armor wearing off and the cooldown finishing when enemies with “range hack” as you’ve put it before can shoot you from outside of the screen, making it pretty difficult to find them in order to pick them off. I don’t personally care about being the top class, or top player, or best strategist, etc. All I care about really is being able to play on decent footing and enjoy the game. Right now it is pretty difficult to enjoy the game when the only changing content is exclusionary in regards to the Wizard class with that being my primary. I don’t exactly have inventory space for starting up another class, and I didn’t start my character as a Wizard so I could play another class.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Blighted Graveyard event is to hard

I thought it was just me at first, and I was “raging” so much over the first run I had that I literally only logged to get idol/daily lockboxes for a few days until I felt like possibly trying again. Trying the 35-50 one as a level 58 mage, it was absolutely pointless. Not only did they do some dumb crap of taking my 5 lives down to 3, but it was full of ranged enemies. Had it been mostly melee enemies, mages would stand a chance here. I just got done trying the weakest set, where I got trashed again, if only on wave 4.

Whoever is doing testing on these “events” lately clearly has no sense of game balance and/or is not testing them with multiple classes with sub-optimal gear. As a mage, the recent events have gotten more and more frustrating with each one as opposed to being fun. Granted, I just now hit 59 in my latest run, but you shouldn’t need artifact gear with full guild perks to be able to complete an event with a level tag of 35 when you’re nearly 60. Seriously. The last couple of events were doable, but frustrating if you didn’t have a ton of armor or high single target DPS. This time around, it’s just plain impossible. Mages are meant to be mobbing machines, and they’re good at it. The problem is that this event is packed with long range enemies that you can’t target properly because you’re too busy running and hoping you can heal faster than the arrows can kill you while you look for the ranged things to pick off. It’s pretty freaking sad when a level 60 character can’t beat the weakest iteration of an event because someone can’t balance things properly.

I’ve mentioned this before, but as someone who has beaten all three difficulties for the main story arc and is nearing/at level 60, there are three main things for me to do: Attempt to upgrade my equipment via the forge, play the “new” dungeons, or events. The first two are very, very gold heavy. The dungeons don’t give you comparative rewards for the gold output. I mean, if you count just the last one, sure, set equipment is kind of nice, if you have inventory space. Except you have to spend obscene amounts of gold to even unlock those, assuming they can be completed solo by anyone under level 80 or so. So, that leaves me with events to spruce up lots of gold/item grinding. That hasn’t worked for the past month, given how events have been changing to either require parties or far better stats than someone in the suggested level ranges can be expected to have.

It would be really nice if whoever is setting difficulties would, you know, test these things with non-artifact equipment on a guildless character using say, a spattering of epic and the occasional legendary piece for the 35-50 range, and maybe straight legendary with a piece of event set gear here or there for the 50-60. Because whatever they’re doing right now, it isn’t testing to see if someone can play things properly alone with any class. Free events shouldn’t require premium potions/gear to complete.

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Topic: KingsRoad / event for mages

After my experiences in the event playing tonight mirroring my first couple of tries, I was considering making a thread myself. The last event was eh, but doable. I got bored after awhile, and only kept trying because I wanted the other appearance item. Never did get it, but I tried.

I don’t know what the intent behind these events are, but I could do the last one at the 35-50 difficulty level without having too much of an issue. The whole suicide bombers are frankly a terrible idea and the fact that they keep milking them in the past two events has literally cut my play time in half or worse. They’re just a cheap, cheating trick against most anyone, but especially solo players. As a solo mage these fire ones that leave an ignore defense pool of “sucks to be you, die now” in their wake just make me want to say screw it and not play.

A couple events back, we had the one where at the end, you had a forgotten demon thing. It was a standard boss. Hits you, summons crap, whatever. Pretty level playing field, nothing vastly out of left field.

Last event we had the pyromancers that could hurt you not only while charging their super attack thing, but it exploded well beyond the dome that initially charged up. Okay, doable right? Then they had to throw suicide ghouls in, and that’s when stuff just got dumb. So, now, you get to dodge standard projectiles that hit really hard, can’t stand in the fire dome while it charges, and can’t be anywhere near it when it goes off. But now you have to somehow kill the suicide bombers what will likely spawn directly on you while being unable to target them half of the time due to animations or the flying imp things that shoot at you getting in the way. Then, when they go off, there’s a stupid fire pool there for about 30 seconds that ignores armor. I don’t play some of the earlier story maps because I think the pestilisk acid that acts that way is utterly retarded and unbalanced. I definitely don’t like it in an area where I have maybe 20% of the arena to stand in at any given time.

But hey, it was doable. I was playing some 7-22 levels below mine for the event, but I was doing it. Now? It’s just ridiculous. I’m a level 58 mage with decent armor (just shy of 14k), 320-330 damage, 5-15% of each parry and dodge, something like 40% stun chance, and this event is still just hell, no pun intended. The berserkers run faster than I would imagine we even could with maxed out passives and stuff, so you can’t avoid that. As a mage, that means I get beat up on with my lesser defense. Then, they have this fire trail that follows them— Except the game has horrible, horrible recognition algorithms in regards to where that thing should be. If I stun one with a freeze skill, half of the time the fire trail keeps moving (I had this issue with shadow berserkers too, the domes would keep moving to me even when the source was stunned). And surprise surprise, the fire is another set of ignore defense kill-you-in-3-seconds type stuff. But wait, that’s not all! Play now and you can experience that as well as suicide bombers— with imps on the map to get in your way! As if that weren’t enough, with so much going on in this screen, the game has issues detecting where my character is, so I’m getting hit from about 3-4x the distance away that enemies should be able to hit me from. Kinda sucks when you’re running laps trying to kite the enemy only to get randomly hit by something you can’t even see and get rubber-banded halfway across the screen into instant death.

Any one or two of these things are tolerable. The combination is honestly killing my interest in the game. Right now, as an “end game player”, or early stage end game player, I have three main things to do: First, I can try to upgrade my gear via the forge. This requires grinding a lot for gold and superiors/epics. Second, I can try to run the dungeons. Those now require tons of gold as well, which means more grinding of the same old maps I’ve been playing for awhile. Third, there are events. Outside of the grinding for gold for extra entries, they have become less and less fun over time. I liked the first round or two of the whole fire enemies. Now? It’s just like they have been geared only towards full parties of players with some extra 50-100+ SP, and it’s turning me off from the entire game.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Dungeons Updates 4/29/14 (Goodbye, Bane!)

This seems to be largely good news. I know that you guys took a lot of flak because of the way this system was initially released, though I’m of the opinion that most of the frustration was legitimate, if expressed in less than productive ways.

I’m fairly glad to see Bane go, if only because of the restrictive inventory space the game currently imposes on its players. The concept itself was cool, but needs improvement if it is to be used. Something like every piece of equipment Fine or better getting 1~3 “Bane slots” like jewel slots, and mobs can drop Bane Jewels. They’d have to be cheap/nearly free to add and remove from gear though, but it’s an idea. That said, the biggest problem to me was again, the inventory space. Current gear has a lot of time and game currency invested into it, so to invalidate current gear and literally force the replacement of it with notably weaker gear to face enemies you could 1 hit without the inexplicable protection (haven’t we been crushing most of these factions like bugs throughout the story?) really killed it for people, as the company has seen.

Enemies scaling to our level again means no super easy run through just for fun maps now, right? I can live with that, though I do enjoy a nice run through for kicks and giggles now and again. This does tie in with my other main concern about the previous update though: What of the dungeon entry costs? I see a note of how we’ll actually earn XP now, but will the gold earned from the scaling now make it worth the entry fee? I mean, even the lowest of dungeons has an entry fee requiring that one run through one of the last 5 maps on Champion to pretty much get the cost of entry. Having played most of the first set of maps (and only not going further because of prohibitive costs), there aren’t a ton of enemies there, so the gold output isn’t likely to be that much. If the point is that we’re to be running these maps regularly as “end game” material, it would probably be best to do as I saw another user suggest and lop a single zero off of all of the entry costs.

Or, if the entry costs are supposed to be prohibitive, then potentially “fix” the reward gear’s stats. That is, only give a ~5% reduction in stats from the equivalent event gear, since one has to grind so much gold and time at a mere chance for these items. Given the lack of inventory space in this game, having sets just for novelty’s sake isn’t worth it enough that people can hold sets of gear for kicks if it doesn’t compete with their current stuff.

Thanks for the future lockboxes, by the way. As a solo player, it takes me longer to run through the maps with substantial reward, and thus trying to forge myself better stuff or items with specific stats on the various forge days is difficult. That might help a little, as well as running through the dungeons if costs are left so high.

Also, slight apologies for the novels every time I leave feedback, but I like to be thorough. To me, there’s no point in just going “I like it/don’t like it”, one should say why and give suggestions where they have them or the feedback is only minimally helpful.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 4/22/14 -- “Dungeons Expansion” Edition

Just some initial thoughts as I tried it out quick before going on with my normal day’s plans. For the sake of feedback gathering (if that is in the plans), I’m a level 55 Wizard with ~13,700 defense and 314 damage. Nothing super special, but apparently pretty decent compared to random user stats I see around similar level if they aren’t fully decked out in legendary/artifact item sets.

I like the first few dungeons that I played. They’re fun, they’re quick. They remind me of a few of my favorite bounty quests, though I’d never played these particular scenarios before. They have a great low level of difficulty that someone just out of Normal could probably do.

The problem? The cost is not something someone just out of Normal could do. Hell, it’s not something /I/ could do. If I run those first missions for 3,750 gold a pop, I’m literally burning 3k+ per run. Sure, I’m not using food pots due to my current strength, but I’m not making anything back. To top it off, what I normally get as “reward” is about the same amount of XP I’d get running most maps I play for a similar amount of time, just in a lockbox. These shouldn’t be costing more than 200 gold to enter, like the old bounties. Not with the lack of actual reward. They’re fun, I love them as cute little run through maps, maybe as a way to spam the forge with lower level stuff. But they are not at all worth what it costs to enter. Realistically, the first set should be free, especially since you have the new NPC hounding you every step of the way to hurry up and do the next one. It takes me something like 10-12 min to run Adamar’s Dungeon solo on a casual run through with my optimal damage gear, and I get ~6k gold and XP each. It takes me 1-2 min to run one of these new dungeons. This is at level 55, well past the level expected to be playing the first set of new dungeons. So I’m supposed to spend 5x the amount of time farming my entry fee as I do actually playing the dungeons to get… Potentially just 500 XP or something? Yeah, this isn’t worth my time as of yet, not with how much gold you’re having us blow on the constant events with terrible drop rates.

I also noticed, with quite a bit of bitter in my heart, that you found time to remove the Faction: Dagon from Lord Dagon of all things, for the end of this event. So, now all that Darkmage gear I busted my butt for a couple of events ago doesn’t even give me a slight advantage on the “final” chapter of Dagon events, because you took off the indicator that would allow my Dagon Bane to help me out a bit. Not too thrilled with that, given I’ve blown over a hundred thousand gold on boxes to get jewels and 3 sets of gauntlets, but still can’t get the helmet. I don’t have the resources to farm enough gold in a time limited event for such bad drop rates, and now the one thing that would have made it easier with this update was removed. Not super thrilled.

I’m also missing doing Imperious Reach. I was kind of hoping that would stay separate, so I could play it still. That was where I farmed epic gear to try to forge Legendary stuff in an attempt to upgrade my equipment. Now apparently I’m stuck, because the new dungeons are blocked off by prohibitive costs.

As a side note, while playing one of the new Dungeons, the game made me refresh apparently due to an update. When I got back in, I was presented with a screen that said to get the rewards, I needed to pay the 3,750 fee, but it gave me a choice to pay the fee or just run the dungeon. Is this a feature that will be rolling out in general? If so, I’d love it, as I would love to play these maps for fun for no entry fee, but no “reward” lockbox at the end.

That said, while my feedback is largely negative, I do see potential. Because you started at such a high level of entry fee and low payout, you can now tweak things the other way and get good feedback. This is generally how updates should be done: Slightly more expensive/harder than you might intend to end out at, and tweak down to easier as you watch the numbers roll in. I’m hoping that I’ll see entry fees removed on the first set of dungeons, or dropped to 200, and likewise have low entries on the rest, like Imperious Reach was. Having end game dungeons cost more than you get from them to run pretty much kills the whole deal for end game players. The potential “reward” from a RIG lockbox isn’t enough when you have to spend hours farming to get to try at all.

Edit: Forgot to mention the thing that had me most worried in the beginning, and still is here: Is there going to be inventory space added to the player for this? We’re now expected to carry multiple pieces from multiple sets. Inventory space isn’t cheap. To be completely honest, I’ve found things doable to this point, but if I’m just supposed to “deal with it” and somehow manage building 7 new partial sets with only 2 pages and 2 rows of inventory, well, you’ll be killing a lot of my interest off. I have to very slowly get gems, which seems to be more difficult now, to upgrade my inventory. Forcing me to use more of it for unnecessary clutter smells of artificial inventory clogging on the part of Rumble Games. Please, please prove my gut wrong here.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (now live!)

First thing of note is that I’m glad to see dungeon setups as opposed to the bounties, assuming the rewards are similarly useful. Actually, that makes me wonder: will we still be getting some form of lockbox like the current one with Bounty Coins upon completion of maps?

The whole unlocking thing doesn’t affect me, but that’s interesting. Makes me kind of wonder how one would get stuff like the Laughing Jackal set though, as that was notably useful when I got a piece on my first run through. I’m also not that worried about the instance currencies going away, as they don’t take inventory space.

Not overly liking the whole removing gems from sets and instead putting it on jewels, since you have to blow a hell of a lot of gold to max jewels.

I like the idea of Legendary and Artifact equipment being compatible, totally fair and a great move.

The one thing that takes a crap on this update for me is the “Bane” attribute. Rather, it’s not just the overall Bane attribute, but the fact that apparently each faction will have it’s own Bane. That… That really takes a dump on any progress that pretty much anyone has made. We have nowhere NEAR enough inventory to wear multiple sets or keep multiple partial sets to be able to do any damage in the next step up. It is already difficult for me to have workable Shadow Resist equipment alongside my normal equipment (besides it being difficult to get reliably solo), how am I to keep up with needing multiple pieces from multiple sets and still have any space left?

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 4/8/14 -- “Appearance Items” Edition

Originally posted by RumbleGames:
Originally posted by audica:

Got another one! Miracle! So it’s 1 per 12h.

It’s actually 1 per 24 hours this time around, but the time is a set time vs. relative to when you last collected it. To compensate for fewer free lockboxes, this one gives out more currency than the previous ones.

Are we sure about this, or is this a “new” thing? Both the free event bundle (thanks for that, by the way) and the one free Obelisk box I’ve gotten gave me a single entry each. If the boxes were supposed to give out more event currency from launch, there’s something wrong, as I got the same options as the Trials of Doom box: 3 (rare), or 1-2. For the Trials of Doom, I could reliably collect 4 or 5 boxes a day, giving me a minimum of 4 runs, more like 7-9 daily. So far I’ve gotten two for this event, and that’s counting the bundle entry.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

Oh, I understand the point just fine, I just don’t agree that it is as extreme as you feel it is.

I understand that relative power from player to enemies has a much slower curve than it should, but it by no means is so extreme as to call the game “unplayable” as you did earlier. It is an issue, but I don’t think it is so completely game breaking at this point that you might as well not bother. Such an issue obviously hasn’t held hundreds or thousands of players from progressing and eventually hitting that plateau of level 60.

I agree that there should be more of a power differential between “weaker” enemies from earlier game maps and higher level players. I just don’t agree that the current power differential is so small that it completely breaks the game. Definitely hurts balance, but it doesn’t completely break the game.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Forging (open letter to RG)

From my feedback thread under the Cons section:

Complete randomization of the Forge. I like the Forge as a whole, as it allows the player to “force” more chances at item rolls to get what they want. But the whole completely random (from what I’ve seen) thing is slightly irksome. Personally, I’d prefer it if the items used to fill the 6 slots had an influence on what kind of item came out. For example, if you used nothing but staff/wand items, or bow/quiver items, or sword/shield items, the result would have a higher chance at being that class’ weapon/secondary slot. Likewise, if you filled the slots with chest armor, you’d be more likely to get armor/capes. Not guaranteed, just more trending in that direction. Then a player could just farm random results if they were using fodder for a higher Forge attempt, or actively select certain items in an attempt to get a specific equipment slot upgraded.

I’d still like to see something like this happen. Having things trend toward the items you put in would be nice, and would encourage actually thinking about what one puts into the forge and stuff.

As a somewhat side note, I’d also like to see us be able to use Legendary equipment in the Forge. Either in place of an Epic for attempting at Legendary stuff, or as a way to forge “Item Set Equipment”. So, if you’re in the 50’s or whatever, you can forge the Ivory Griffin stuff specifically by feeding Legendary items to the forge as opposed to just getting randoms.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 4/8/14 -- “Appearance Items” Edition

I figure I should throw my two gold in here too. If the boxes are indeed 150k for one or two entries (let’s face it, 3 isn’t going to roll much), then you guys started way too high on the price. I’m slightly hopeful that that was on purpose so you can gauge how things go, but putting entries that high only favors the top players.

Which, actually, is something I’ve noticed. These events are specifically geared towards making the most powerful more powerful, and holding those not as strong back. Whether is is intended or not I won’t speculate, but that seems to be how it is. You need the best gear and organized parties to get efficient score. You also need the same to farm gold if you want to purchase more entries (or cash, but I’m leaving that out of things because it just breaks balance all over anyway). Conversely, if you aren’t as strong, you don’t do as well, and cannot farm as much gold for more entries, so you are inherently left behind. At the end of it all, the strong get more chances at the rare rewards and get strong with them, while those unable to flood the event with entries may get nothing of consequence, thus widening the gap.

As a side note, the “rare” prizes are frankly too rare for time-sensitive events. It took me until the last day of diligent free Tome grabbing to get the two “rare” gem rewards for Trial of Doom. Fortunately for me that was just a plus, as fighting bosses in that format was fun enough for me to keep going regardless. However, this event is all about getting those small additional stats for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of the last Dagon event (it was fun in some ways) due to how these maps are obviously slanted more towards parties, what with masses of suicide bomber monsters and such. This is more of the same: Destroy some obelisks, then go for the boss. In this case, it’s another obelisk, but a big one. Interesting setup, but as someone with an odd US time schedule who plays solo, I have to kind of shoot below my level/potential in order to complete stuff. Pair that up with the ever irksome random number of entries, the stuff we’re shooting for being “rare”, and the time-limited nature of events, and I start to worry a bit. We’ll see.

Finally, if one has read this far, is there ever going to be a way to get medals if one isn’t in a guild? As I noted above, I play solo. I’m not in a guild, so I’m already missing out on a lot of potential stat boosts and stuff, but I’m also missing out on an equipment slot because I don’t join some set of random strangers.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

So, it seems the game has changed notably since this topic was originally created a couple of months ago. Indeed, I honestly had to wonder a bit why it was getting bumped because I hadn’t had that much of an issue. However, I started paying more attention to things, specifically running the same map at different levels, sometimes playing things at different difficulties, and found more of the issue that this topic mentions.

I did notice it a bit in my “initial play through”, that is when I was still running through things on Normal and Heroic, but I figured the difficulty jump in Heroic was all difficulty stuff. What I have since noticed now that I’ve beaten the main path on Champion is that enemies do seem to be scaling with me even as I progress. I beat Champion solo around 44 or so (as a side note, the poison from serpent Adamar is complete BS in any difficulty since we cannot obtain Turkey Legs prior to level 50), and I’m now level 50. Outside of the obvious bosses getting stronger as I do, as evidenced by various bounties and event deals letting me encounter them all over the place, I’m most notably seeing this in The Sunken Citadel.

Most know at this point, that after you beat all the maps on Champion, the game directs you to Sir Roland. Even though he’s been there since level 40, it was pretty obvious that that wasn’t something you wanted to mess with alone prior. But, after beating Adamar, my only real goals are to go to 60 and get better equipment. As a solo player, this is a bit of a tedious endeavor. That is not anything I have a problem with, because what is tedious for me in terms of earning resources will fit perfectly for a small party, and that’s usually the point of an MMO. What is starting to bother me though, is that I’m not gaining much/any advantage over my enemies in these dungeons as I level up. Getting new equipment at this point is laborious now that I’m wearing half or more Legendary pieces, and the rest Epic save for a couple of Superior pieces that I haven’t been lucky enough to get something better. Crafting an Epic is 10k, a Legendary 20k. I definitely don’t make that much gold yet that I can craft Epics to go up to Legends. I basically have to sell all Superior and below and wait until I get 6 Epic drops so I can drop the 20k on a Legend. Otherwise, I’d blow all my gold too fast forging Epics for 10k a pop.

I say all that to say that once you beat Champion, upgrade progression slows down a lot. This is important and relevant to the topic because if upgrade progression slows down, one is simply leveling up. We don’t exactly get a lot of stats upon level up, and I’m currently waiting on 55 and 60 to unlock the active skills that would be most useful to me anymore. So, I have to largely rely on equipment upgrades to increase my power/durability. This is a bit of a problem when enemies, even those in a “lower level bracket”, scale with me, however slightly. Despite going from something like 47-50 AND being lucky enough to get a 40 some damage jump by forging a Legendary staff a couple levels back, the level 40-50 Sunken Citadel maps don’t seem to be getting any easier. The Shadow faction seems to hit incredibly hard compared to anything I’ve faced before. That is, outside of Dagon faction, which was just a renamed set of Shadow enemies now that I have found the Shadow enemies. If they get stronger as I level up, but I don’t always get stronger because my equipment is harder to upgrade, things actually get harder as a "thanks’ for leveling up, not easier.

This is also evident when I do bounties, which is most often the way I replay certain maps. For example, I hate the maps where you fight druids, because I think armor ignoring, 10%/sec life drain or whatever it is the Pestilisks do with their acid is stupid and unbalanced. But, if that’s my only option for the token earning bounty, as it was last night before the daily rollover, I play them. When I do, I find that the enemies consistently take the same amount of hits, regardless of how much I’ve leveled up.

That said, I think a lot of the players in here seem to be overreacting. The game is by no means unplayable, it is by no means pointless until you hit 60. It could definitely use tweaks, but I’ve played solo the entire time, have not paid any real life currency, and have done just fine so far. Sometimes it is frustrating, but it definitely doable. That said, I do tend to enjoy being able to go back to say, the first level on Normal and be able to 1 shot everything. That’s one of the perks of leveling up in RPGs, and it is distinctly absent here. If I want to farm a ton of Common gear, I shouldn’t have to potentially use any potions if I’m going back to the first map on the lowest difficulty, but I do.

What I’d like to see is slight scaling, but for the scaling to have a solid cap based on difficulty and such. So, for example, if one is supposed to be able to beat Normal by level 25, monsters shouldn’t scale up in stats anymore after the player reaches 25. They just stay at that max cap. Same with Heroic at 35-40 or whatever the idea is, and champion at 45-50, unless it is intended to be lower (which I think it is, but solo play skews difficulty for me inherently). Likewise, level based dungeons for bounties and events should respect that. If the dungeon set is for levels 40-50, one should theoretically be able to run solo through it with difficulty around 45, then it should get easier after that. The idea, of course, is that at 50 or 51, the player wants to move on to the 50-60 level set, where it would max out in difficulty around 55. Finally, when the player hits the level cap, they consider moving on to the 60 map set, where theoretically the difficulty can’t be cranked up anymore because the player cannot level up. At that point, additional skill points should slowly give the player advantage as they “overlevel” more.

I really don’t want to be stuck doing the 40-50 Sunken Citadel maps at 60 or something because the monsters just keep getting stronger, and because I don’t have Artifact quality equipment I won’t be able to solo in the 50-60 area. I understand that the 60 solid ones are probably meant for parties, so I can roll with that, but I’d like to hope that I won’t be forever restricted because of a game mechanic that was initiated before better solutions to the “extending gameplay” issue came around still persists.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Major game issue. Why aren't you fixing it? Cheat Codes!!

Actually, Maharid, most games/services have a clause at the beginning of their Terms of Service that states something along the lines of “By accessing/using this website/game/service you agree to the following Terms blah blah blah”. Therefore, by even using the company’s product, you are agreeing to their Terms of Service. Even Kong’s ToS has this as their first sentence:

Your use of this Kongregate web site (“Site”), and your use of any account you create at the Site (“Account”) is subject to these Terms of Use (“Terms”), which we may update from time to time.

Which means that by using Kongregate, you agree to their Terms, period. The moment you create an account on a site or in a game, you have created a piece of property belonging to the company that runs said site/game, and it is subject to any rules they make, even if they are as dumb as “you cannot say the word piddlywinks in this game”.

That also aside, for someone who seems to type as if they have a decent head on your shoulders, you sure have an oddly entitled view. While I think some of the crap RumbleGames has done with their game is utterly stupid, it is their game, and it is their right, not yours, to decide what is considered legitimate gameplay from an official stance. You know very well by now, as a long time cheater, that most developers do not appreciate players cheating in their games. Whether this is via abusing exploits in the game, downloading external cheat engines, or even just finding a standard mechanic that can be notably abused, developers have been banning players and patching things for time in-memoriam. Whether the reason is to restore balance for the playerbase as a whole, or to restore incentive to pay for features (sometimes these go together), developers have a tendency to ban people using external hacks.

So, what makes you think that it is your right, as some random player, to use cheats? They care called cheats for a reason. If you need cheats to play a game in such a way that you enjoy it, maybe that game is not for you. If you need cheats in general to enjoy games, it sounds like gaming is not for you. The whole point of games is to have fun, and often overcome a challenge or set of challenges. If you can’t do it unaided via the proper methods and the game stops being fun, it is time to move on, not use hacks on the game. I personally don’t care if players use cheats in single player games since it doesn’t affect other players, as long as they don’t try to pretend their “accomplishments” are legit. But this game is not single player, so it doesn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you when RumbleGames actually doles out some small punishment when cheating is brought to their attention.

If anything, the people who play legit should probably be more pissy with cheaters, because RumbleGames having to deal with them is time taken away from potentially taking a look at balance issues or any other far more useful things.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Queen's Blessing Change

I’m of two minds regarding this change. On one hand, it is nice not to have the small bit of screen real estate blocked up by a boost that I either cannot use because it’s on cooldown or don’t want to use yet. On the other hand, only having the option to use it at the start of the map is irksome. I’m not going to buy any of the other boosts (or if I was, I would have already done so prior to loading the map), and this somewhat feels like a way to shoot for more sales of the other boosts by presenting them in a mandatory popup to get to your Queen’s Blessing.

I don’t mind it at all only showing up in the player buffs section along with all other buff potions/passive buffs. I do slightly mind being unable to choose when I can activate it when I had the ability to do so prior.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Fairly Detailed Feedback based on a New Player's User Experience

As a note, yes, this will be lengthy. I’ve been pondering and taking notes since I started playing to make sure that I could give decently informed and potentially useful feedback.

I started playing King’s Road somewhere around a week to a week and a half ago. I am, generally speaking, not what you would typically define as a casual player. I’m not the most extreme, but I’m also not someone who plays for 30 min every other day and calls it good. I’m a habitual solo player, often a grinder. I present this information merely as background so that players/the game developers know what frame of mind this comes from. I’m also not a player that purchases things right away. I like to progress in the game and see if cash is necessary, or simply a luxury. If it is necessary, I deem the game not worthy of my money because the mechanics are inherently broken.

In roughly 2 or 3 days I had gone through the entire set of maps on Normal and had gotten myself to somewhere in the 25~28 level area. At that point I slowed down a bit and worked on Bounties, equipment bolstering, and mastering a few maps for gems to expand my inventory. Now I’m sitting at level 42 as of this post, with mostly Epic or Legendary equipment. I have a spattering of Superior stuff, and one Fine item because the ring gives me more damage than other options I’ve had thus far. I’ve solo’d in literally everything that I’ve done save one time where someone on my friends list invited me to a party, in which we did a champion bounty when I was level 38 and he was about 43 or 44. Currently I’m about 5 maps in on Champion difficulty, and things still aren’t all that difficult unless I let myself get mobbed too hard without proper precautions.

Given my player/user experience so far, I have the following feedback, which I’ll mainly list in the form of pros and cons.


  • The artwork. The graphics/artwork are definitely beautiful, and while that may be expected now, I appreciate things like this. A game can be fun and doesn’t always NEED to look pretty, but it’s definitely a plus when it does.
  • I like that things such as Obelisk Keys can be stacked directly on each other in the Vault. That is, say I have 75 of them in my Vault, and I get 5 more from a lockbox. I can just move those 5 onto the stack in the Vault, even if the Vault is full, without issue. It may seem like an obvious mechanic, but I’ve seen games where items would need to be taken out of storage in order to be stacked, then re-placed back in.
  • Speaking of Obelisk Keys, I like that they can be “used” even if they are in the Vault, so that they don’t have to be carried in the character’s inventory.
  • Highest available food/drink dropping automatically. I like that the highest “level” food and drink that the character has unlocked is what drops, especially given how long it takes to unlock each type (which I will get to later in my cons list).
  • Daily freebies. While most of the freebies that we get regularly (Obelisk Key Lockbox, Queen’s Blessing) aren’t significantly huge, they help. They give the player a reason to log on, even if just for a bit, and give a small boost. It is noticed and appreciated, even if we pretty much expect it after playing the game for a bit.
  • Equipment drops/scaling. It seems that a good bit of thought was put into the scaling of equipment drops in relation to the level of Forge that is unlocked and so on. The level sets for the difficulty go up in rarity each time you get a new difficulty, but the rarity level of drops you get increases too. So, when you’re forging Superior items, you are getting Superior item sets from bounties, and occasionally getting a Superior item from a boss dropped. Likewise, when you bump to Epic, the level set for the main maps contain Epic items, and Epics start dropping periodically. It just seems to mesh well, so that you aren’t forever hoping that the Forge will give you that random piece of equipment you need, because you have multiple ways to attempt to upgrade.


  • Inventory/Vault space. The first thing that I noticed was that inventory space was extremely limited, and I’m one of those who started late enough to get the 16/16 sets of slots. I can’t even imagine how limited players would have felt earlier, and honestly I’m not sure I would have stuck around if my storage had been so heavily cut. The costs to upgrade aren’t the worst, even for a player not spending real money, but it is a seriously limiting factor. This is especially felt in regards to the Forge. I’m now at the point where I need 6 commons per Fine, then 6 Fines per Superior, then 6 Superiors per Epic. It will get even worse when I unlock the Legendary Forge, needing 6 Epics per Legendary piece of equipment. While one obviously won’t have all of these things at once in one’s inventory, it can become cramped quite quick. Imagine for a moment having 4 Superior items and 4 Fine items as you work towards a Epic piece. That is 8 inventory slots, but you’ll need 12 more slots for Common equipment to forge into Fine items, just to get one more Superior item. Even once you do the conversion, you still need more Commons again, and this time you have more items sitting, taking space. This doesn’t even take into account food, potions, and so on. I realize that inventory space is one of the ways RumbleGames tries to make money here, but the pinch is a little harsh.
  • Once you claim the daily freebie, the offer still pops up on subsequent loads, even though that freebie is no longer in the shop to get. For example, I can get told multiple times a day that I should claim my free XP lockbox AFTER I’ve already claimed it.
  • There is a distinct lack of performance options. I can turn off damage numbers, which also turns off exp numbers, and I can set the quality to low. I can also remove enemy life bars, but those are kind of necessary. That’s about it. I can’t turn off spell/skill animations, and I can’t turn off map/environment animations. In particular, smoke gives me all kinds of laggy hell. Nothing else really bothers me, as my computer isn’t exactly bad/weak, but for whatever reason, however you are rendering smoke creates all kinds of issues. It would be awesome to be able to disable those superflous animations for performance boosting.
  • Potions unlocked by level, far too late. Holy crap this one has bugged me all to hell. I play a Wizard, and until level 35 I was stuck using Flasks of Ale, which only restore 50 Mana over 10 seconds. I could have legitimately made use of the Steins of Mead (75 Mana) back around level 20. I could have already been making use of Horns of Grog (100 Mana), except that I don’t unlock them for 3 more levels. Likewise, I was waiting on Carrots (2k HP over 10 seconds) for 5 or more levels, and only recently unlocked Bread, which currently works for me, if only “barely”. I don’t even want to imagine how a poor Knight feels trying to use Bread at 42 if I’ve been “needing” Grog as a Wizard since around level 30. It’s nice that the highest one I have available drops, but forcing the player to use sub-par HP/MP restorative items, especially when they do it gradually, is kind of irksome. Yes, I realize this is probably somewhat on purpose to sell potions, but I think it was pushed a bit too far.
  • Complete randomization of the Forge. I like the Forge as a whole, as it allows the player to “force” more chances at item rolls to get what they want. But the whole completely random (from what I’ve seen) thing is slightly irksome. Personally, I’d prefer it if the items used to fill the 6 slots had an influence on what kind of item came out. For example, if you used nothing but staff/wand items, or bow/quiver items, or sword/shield items, the result would have a higher chance at being that class’ weapon/secondary slot. Likewise, if you filled the slots with chest armor, you’d be more likely to get armor/capes. Not guaranteed, just more trending in that direction. Then a player could just farm random results if they were using fodder for a higher Forge attempt, or actively select certain items in an attempt to get a specific equipment slot upgraded.

I know that I’m no special snowflake, and that my opinions aren’t any more important than any other player’s. However, I don’t see much in terms of organized feedback overall in here, so I wanted to contribute what I could since I’m spending as much time on the game as I am. Maybe others will throw their input in too.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by elnub:

If you have unob pick, use it until you get crystal set as drop. Purple and pink ultimately are the best, but for a decent starting set colour of pieces does not matter. Enhance with crit/speed as needed. If you don’t have the unob pick, you want to get the unob asap for the pick.

There isn’t much to HC apoc mining: only purple SI rocks and u7 LG and u7 crystal armour. u7 Purple/pink crystal set is the ultimate thing you want to have as your mining set
Other SI rocks can be found in HC apoc SD (regular rooms work best for this)

If you need unob for unob pick, and if you have WM gem, you can use WM gem with CHAOS IA and Dark Ruler and go to foodlandistan (idle), unob drops there fairly often. You might need more drop /epic rate

EDIT: Thanks to Toa_of_Pi for correction

Hmm, thanks. I’ve had the Unob pickaxe for quite some time, just hadn’t used it because mining has usually been pretty boring for me and there wasn’t much actual need for it. I’m now sitting on a full set of purple, and just waiting for the RNG gods to decide I should finally get that pair of pink pants to round out that set as well. On the side, hoping for more blue parts to drop for outfit creation.

For the HC Apoc mining, I assume you mean the Light Glaive with LG? Are those even still relevant now outside of being a “free” weapon for Robacon as opposed to using Meteoric stuff? Also, according to the Drop Mechanics guide, it says that I can get B type bonus rocks from rare monsters, which seems to be the case while mining normally now. Wouldn’t this mean that I could get both orange and purple rocks from HC Apoc mining, and that theoretically all I’d need to run HC Apoc SD for would be the type A/green rocks? I mean, even based on the language in the guide, I could technically get all of the rocks from HC Apoc mining, I would just have to be clearing out my enhancer inventory to make sure I had space. Or am I interpreting that wrong?

Also, from what I can find (though the info is at least 9 months old at this point), WM not only divides your crit damage by 20, but it apparently subtracts your crit chance from 100. From this, I would assume that Pink Crystal Armor would be best in WM/Apoc (Attack Speed besides defense), while Purple Crystal Armor would be best in the standard modes (Crit Damage besides defense)?

I know, lots of questions, but I like to know the mechanics, and so many of the guides have fallen to the wayside. I can’t tell anymore if this is because the info hasn’t changed, or because the guides simply aren’t updated. Plus, I prefer to have a post’s text to refer back to later in my post history than just venture into chat and forget what I’m told.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

So, starting to feel a bit like a newbie or something with all the questions now that I have a bit of revitalized vigor for the game. With updates winding down and BA mechanics mostly being set, I finally feel like I can start considering how to proceed in a more permanent manner.

In light of my recent rebirth start, which is going horribly slow, it’s become apparent that I need a number of things to make future ascensions and rebirths faster. I’ll need some [S][I] rocks for bonus changing on finalized equipment, and I’ll need lots of Unique Enhancers, especially for low rank but constant things like challenge skin and medal rewards.

So first main question/scenario: Running on the assumption that I’m starting from scratch in terms of mining, but have the level, rank, and resources to jump in head first, how do I go about building a decent mining set? I’ll eventually want to mine in Apoc, but if I have to do two sets (one for normal, one for WM/Apoc), so be it. I just don’t have much in terms of where to start, and even googling within just this forum, information is mostly old, scattered, or broken up.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Last I knew, it was completely possible to idle in Prehistoric Mission with the Dark Ruler. As in, it silences the red bombs so you don’t die. You can do it with AURA too, but the red bombs can still kill you if they hit you, so it’s kind of like a 1/10 chance that you’ll die with the AURA. That is, assuming you have enough evade and dodge chance.