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Topic: Kongregate / Will Kongregate celebrate its 100,000th game?

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

The 100,000th game will be a dress-up game.

I guarantee it.

Lol it was almost a barbie dress up game! but instead ‘Sofia the Painter’ won.

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Topic: Technical Support / '<< Return to (chatroom)' button broken

Everytime I click on someones name in chat, and want to go back to chat, I can’t. The button simply does not ever work, meaning if I’m playing a game such as Just Chatting, I have to exit, which hurts my High Score.

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Topic: General Gaming / Congradulate Notch, maker of Minecraft!


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Topic: General Gaming / Why ROBLOX sucks.

Another few reasons:
1) Nukes Fail Hard, They ‘’Kill you intantly’’ Not raditon kill _