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Topic: Game Programming / Equipment to game creating

Yes, i am very interested in creating games and i figure i would start by asking what equipment will i need to start and how much will it cost? Where could i get the equipment? How can i start? What will be a smart idea/investment? What are good game ideas to start with…. im asking here like simple game like tetris, mmo’s, you those type of game. How should i begin. I am a total newb, so i need to hear it all and so does other future developers like me. I’ve read many wiki’s and forums on the web and even attempted to start creating a game but i still have yet to understand how to get a good and strong start. So plz help me .

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Topic: Kongregate / Beta testers needed for Battalion: Arena (edit: first 77 pages given access)

ill love to join it will be so much fun and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i get picked!!!!!