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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Bugs

I hit level 433 while attacking NM Rhal if it matters much. when I did so, my stamina, energy, and honor did not replenish to full. I now have to burn through over 5000 exp without the free refill, which will take a couple days at most.

edit: oh, and yes, I did try refreshing. several times.

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Topic: Technical Support / Video ad with an un-pauseable ad before it starts.

First off, here’s a pic with google chrome’s “inspect element” opened to the ad’s specific area:

here’s the actual segment of it:
<iframe src="" width="300" height="250"></iframe>

the link within can be put into another tab/window, and an ad will show up:

The ad wont always be a video, more often than not it will be a flash ad of some kind or rarely a still ad. I wouldn’t mind the video ad so much if it hadn’t auto-played, and the only thing I could do to make it stop is just to mute it.
the ad itself consisted of a 30 second forced ad that couldn’t be paused followed by a two and a half minute ad that could be paused. basically a video ad for an ad.

I’m aware that more often than not, the ads supplied are chosen by the ad company and not entirely by Kongregate itself, but it’s ads like these that make me want to pick up ad-block, but I like supporting sites I go to by allowing ads.

Edit: should more information be needed from my “inspect element” or anything else on the screen itself, I’ll be leaving the tab open for a while.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Primary enhancement rock:
If the item enhanced by this rock is fused, it will be the primary item. (or if both have this rock, it’s random again)
instead of adding to the number of enhancements on the item, this rock can only be applied if life rocks can be applied. Once enhanced with this rock, the item will gain the tag “cannot apply life rocks”.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Ultimate Armor Set: Attack Vs Critical

also, from the old formula guide:

Damage Dealt = ceiling ((minDamage + random(maxDamage ~ minDamage)) * (skillPower / 100) – enemyDefense * (100 – ignoreDefense) / 100)

maxDamage = floor(0.7 * sqrt(sqrt(arena rank)) * sqrt(AI level) * Attack * gear+skill attack / 350 * rage power * element bonus + Attack * rage power).
Min damage = Max damage * mastery.
Rage power = 1 + rage bar * (1+ rage power skill level * 0.05). So with nothing in the skill it would = 2, and with a maxed skill it would = 3.
Element bonus = 1 + whatever amount is on your gear that the enemy you’re fighting is weak to.
If enemy level is considerably higher than yours and BA rank then your damage is reduced by: 40 + (enemyLevel1.1/(level + arenaRank * 10 + 50) – 1) * 50

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Ultimate Armor Set: Attack Vs Critical

I cannot comment on the enhancement to use, though personally I could see the critical damage to be much more usefull assuming you’re crit capped (not a professional opinion in any way).

I must ask though whether you’re going to fuse two +10 items, or a +9 to a +10 and ensure that the +10 was the primary.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Fusion

cannot use life stones only applies to the weapon if it’s chosen as the primary.

Also, I’ve posted all the data I’ve collected on fusion here:

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How Fusion Works.

This is what I can understand about the way fusion works due to some small scale testing. So far the numbers are accurate enough, but some further testing would be helpfull.

So, from what I’ve witnessed so far here are some rules:

1. You cannot fuse two items together if one or both have the “cannot fuse” tag.
2. Any weapons can be fused with any weapons.
3. Any armor can only be fused with the same armor slot type. (shirts with shirts, pants with pants)
4. If one or both items have a timer, the shorter of the two timers will become the new timer. (a 10 day item fused to a 5 day item becomes a 5 day item. a timer-less item fused to a 5 day timer becomes a 5 day timer)
5. If one or both of the items had the ability to level with exp. the fused item will have the ability to do so.
6. “cannot apply bonus rocks” only apply to the primary weapon. if it’s only on the secondary weapon, it will not be transferred. If it’s on the primary weapon, then it will stay.
7. I have not yet tested this, but it would still make sense: “cannot apply life rocks” should work the same as #5. please reiterate it for me if you know for certain.
8. Fused items will have the “cannot recycle” and “cannot fuse” tags.
9. stats added by enhancements are considered permanent stats of the item and not simply an addition. they’ll be treated the same as any other stats would (an item with 25 attack that then has 10 attack added would be treated as though it always had 35 attack when it is fused)

Here’s how the stats are chosen:

The primary item is randomly chosen. it’s a 50/50 chance it chooses the one you want.

The number of enhancements is the average of the two previous items rounded down. (a +0 item fused with a +5 item will result in a +2 item). \\This means that it is most optimal to fuse items with one having an odd number of enhancements while the other has an even number//

The rank is the average of the two items rounded down.

The stats are based 70% on the primary item and 60% on the secondary item. Rounded down. If one of the items does not have the stat of the other item, the one that doesn’t have it is considered to have 0 of that stat.

Bonuses as best as I can tell are based on the % difference between the primary item’s rank vs. the fused item’s rank rounded up. (I do not know if this takes into consideration decimals on the rank or not, this would take a lot more testing) an example can be seen below in the raw data I provide.

Raw Data:

While I haven’t tested a whole lot of stuff, I have enough to get the rougher figures I posted above. the following is the raw data I collected:

Strong Machine Gun +10
timer: 26.4 days
Rank 95
81 Attack
30 Attack Speed
30 Defense
59% Crit chance
45% accuracy

15% coin
autosteal Lv. 5

+++fused with+++

Pyrabow +4
timer: 6.9 days
Rank 136
Has the ability to level
190 Attack
14 Attack Speed
50 Defense
10 Crit chance

14% exp
14% ignore defense

=Fused into=
Pyrabow +7
timer: 6.9 days
Rank 115
Has the ability to level
181 Attack
27 Attack Speed
53 Defense
42 Crit chance
27 Accuracy

12% exp
12% ignore defense

the following is personal shorthand I used for determining how enhancements worked. I used Newbie Sticks that had an attack of 38 each. I had to keep making them till I had 38 attack ones since their attack is highly variable when made. the speed is always 13 and the crit chance is always 10. I used 5 attack enhancement stones to test how enhancements affected them. I tested the +02 twice since the data showed that it could be either 55 or 56 and it was correct.

38(0) 43(1) 48(2) 53(3) A
13 AS
10 C

? A
16 AS
13 C

+0+0: 49 – 49.4 0
1: 52 – 52.4 52.9 0
2: 55 & 56 – 55.2 56.4 1
3: 58 – 58.4 59.9 1
1: 55 – 55.9 1
2: 62 – 62.4 +2

That’s all I have so far, I’ll be testing more. feel free to ask any questions.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

For a new arcade game, I suggest a rip-off of Pel