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Topic: Zeus Age / About lost heroes

1. n/a
2. Avka 1000000274
3. All heroes

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Matchmaking SUCKS

Agreed. 8 battles in a row against players minimum 14 levels above me. Thats not even interesting.

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Topic: Star Era / [Vote]which new card of Time has reversed do you like best

S17 Valiska

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Topic: Star Era / [Vote]which new card of Beauty Pageant do you like best

S17 Valiska

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Topic: Star Era / Compensation of sign in activity

s17 Valiska

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Topic: Star Era / [Vote]which new card of Campus Carnival do you like best

s17 Valiska

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Topic: Star Era / About the fairness of draws.

i got a single 5* from each of my 2 superdraws, but 4/5 6* from the last 5 points draws.
RNG ^^

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Wall?

The wall can give you a barrier, for up to 6 hours, during which you can safely experiment with formations, level weak heroes or make ME runs. Pretty useful in mid-late game, not at all in the beginning ^^

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Tips for new players...

Originally posted by BobbieTheFish:

Casters: Full int

Unless its a CC caster like ephos, then its full will.

Originally posted by walkleft3:

Is effectiveness against certain classes important? Is there bonus effects?

Yup, the bonus damage ranges from ~10% for defenders hitting ranged to ~50% for chargers hitting casters. The latter makes chargers pretty decent damagers even in full tank build (if set to enough effective ai to reach enemy squishies)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Roulette Necklaces

There is an orange necklace in each roulette, it has the sats which are “tied to which names”, the neck in the chest will have the same stats + 40 random ele on top

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

Spending energy or ap should NOT reset its regen timer
Make warning pop-ups more clear. For example the one that appears when u left in the midquest – Cancel button Cancels the quest, while standard logic of such pop-ups suggests that button should remove pop-up and prevent entering the quest ^^
Make daily rewards better with each consecutive day. Maybe even ulticharm for 30 days in a row or smth

P.S. Sorry for my possibly bad english, its not my native language.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Daily rewards after day360

Cmon, its ridiculous, and you know it. Players whove logged in for a year deserve better.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / 4-4-4-4 Event Details

I guess my last ticket is opened since… May, no refund yet ^^

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / How to make progress on Epirops?

My epirops progress is crossroads on normal, cant beat anything more ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / World Boss

Originally posted by Zeeecon:

If you do two bosses, within a 12 hour period each..

Also can be applied to other once-a-day activities.

P.S. Never been in world boss or tower or triumph due to bad timing. Also i have to waste 28 diamonds on tourney every day.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Slime and other enemies

and DK got epi all cleared some time ago already ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] Wilderness rewards

Not sure why formatting failed up there ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] Wilderness rewards

Hmkay Zone 1: *Bloody Altar* - Allows Sacrificing Servitors; Tauren Fortress - Goldsouls, Bloodhorn; Scarlet Castle - Demon Baron, average fire DS; *Tree of Talent* - Fruit of Talent farming; Raven Camp - 30-50 Ring with regen-on-kill; Patrol Outpost - 30-50 Gloves; Crawler Nest - 30-50 Boots; Ancient Arena - 40-60 Treasure with class skills; *Thief Stronghold* - Bloodbeads (lineages) farm; Element Altar - Phoenix, average fire DS; Dawn Farm - Big Nuts, average Ice DS; *Ancient Library* - Skill Scrolls farm; Zone 2: Waste Garden - White ds; Sunshine Forest - Sunflower, good fire DS; Thunder Valley - Strom Giant, decent lightning DS if you use other lightning DS; Astama Relics - FD; Crystal Ruins - Legacy Crystal III - upgrades DS' skill from lvl2 to lvl3, get one for spidey; Oracle Throne - 50-70 Amulet with class skills; Memory Stele - Memory Crystal - converts any DS skill into Scroll; Desert Oasis - Legacy Crystal IV - lvl3->lvl4, see above; _unknown_; Lost Watchtower 50-70 Set Armor; Odyssey Field 50-70 Set Sword; Meteor Crater 40-60 Leather armor; Zone 3: Lord Tombs - Queen Succubus, a DS with a nasty debuff; Marsh Tombs 60-80 Set Armor; Dungeon Ruins 6-80 Set Staff; Fire Fort - Fire Dragon, average Fire DS; Goblin Lab - no prize (yet?) Frostwood Forest - Peashooter, freezes the enemy with highest atk Elf King Tower, very tough for its level - Fruit of World Tree - converts white DS to Blue, increasing stats and growth in process *Demon Institute* - Social stars farming Goblin Altar - 50-70 Ring with tons of damage Magic School - Bumbledore _unknown_ Spider Cave - white DS Zone 4: Bat Cave - some recruit Gem Altar - Legacy Crystal V, see above Jade Dragon Nest - recruit Lost Garden - puzzle Archaeology Camp - no prize others unknown
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Inferno Legend] Wilderness rewards

Unique active skills

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Battle droped items selection

Believe me you do ^^

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Economy has Crashed

Originally posted by Atalan:

I’m only stating the facts. Roulette tickets easily eat up tons of gold.

Well i need only 2 last necks, so its temporarily solution too (at least for me)
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

Originally posted by estava:

So take a note and use at least one of each: fighter, caster, archer, defender and charger.

I tend to disagree for several reasons
At first, if you lack at least decent members of some class, its unwise to put, say, weak mages in just to have mages.
Second, some classes (ahem chargers ahem) really lack common decent heroes in the first place, while others (fighters) tend to die real fast (and not doing their job) due to unit stats and ai behaviour.
So, current metagame strongly shifts to “op chargers if i have them + the best of def, ranged and mages”

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Magic Eye reasonable limit

Actually, certain level of “better loot” can guarantee no greens in pp. Thats the only firm border afaik.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / [GUIDE] Counters

I decided to write this short guide on counter abilities due to lots of people seeming to have no idea how the actually work.
Sorry for my possibly not perfect english, it’s not my native language.

1. Any counter can only be triggered by normal attack. It can’t be triggered by rapids or any other skill shots. It can trigger if attacker’s debuff proc.
2. Counter can be triggered by damage recieved from sacrifice passive.
3. Counter generates counter attack, which can be avoided by passives like quick step (the ones that allow you to avoid regular attacks).
4. The amount of damage from this counter attack depends only on attackers base damage (their unit type, unit count, and stats) put against attackers appropriate defense stats. Gems seem to have no effect on this. Defender’s stat and actual damage recieved have no effect on this too.

Still yet to know:
1. Can counter proc if no damage was recived (barrier buff on)?
2. Can counter proc more then once on a single attack (the initial target had counter and nearby hero with sacrifice had counter too)?

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / 4 questions from a newbie...

b) no afaik
c) i personally use mass transfer to get rid of t1s and combine per 4 to get rid of t2s
d) if u r lucky to get several real good high-tiered heroes, yes. So, groups without such are not worth to bother at all.