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Topic: Technical Support / Preview Game Screenshots Glitch

I reported this bug as a ‘non-game bug’ to Kongregate about 2 months ago. But they couldn’t reproduce the bug on their end.

I use Firefox with no add-ons.

1. I can reproduce the bug pretty easily by going to a game browsing page with hovers (obviously :P).
2. Then I use my mouse-wheel to navigate up and down the page.
3. Then I check a hover and click on an arrow.
4. If my actions haven’t broken the functionality of the arrows yet, I repeat point 2. and 3. until it breaks.

Edit: I just broke it again… Maybe I have to check several hovers for it to break (Not just the same hover over and over).

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Topic: Technical Support / Missing info box in recently played list

Yeah, Kongregate seems to like putting hover windows on everything. I don’t get the idea of why that feature was taken away from recently played games either.

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Topic: Technical Support / Adobe Flash Player

You should probably check your computer for malware.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / [BUG?] Micro-manaement stuttering

The short pauses every 20 seconds will appear only, if you did a softreset in your current game session. It is probably some kind of small memory leak. I suspect the pauses are occurring when the game is auto saving. A reload of the page fixes the problem.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

The medium should be fewer than 25 deaths, otherwise it is just too easy.

All the other badges I’ll probably skip :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Black Backgrounds?

Thank god I can change that tiresome dark background in my browser’s console!
I like my new pink background better :P

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Topic: Technical Support / Framing issue

Kong changed it’s white background color on game pages to a dark gray one for whatever reason?

So you don’t have any problems Kaedrian :)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Game Keeps Resetting

Read all of this post, even if you know some of the stuff it mentions

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Forum Mod making game decisions (preventing import/export)

The forum mod did perfectly fine.

Posting a save game in this forum is both spammy and makes it possible for newbies to grab a save game that is better than their current progression, which kind of destroys the fun for them (or should :P).

If you lose a save game send a mail to hyperhippogames, tell them what you lost and they will help you get your stuff back.

Write to either or

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Micro-management - First Weekend Dev Response

I have noticed that after microblahblah was introduced my game pauses for half a second every 20 seconds.
I am pretty sure it didn’t do that before the update. I suspect it is the game saving 3 times a minute or something causing that.

EDIT: The lag seems to start after doing a soft reset (a reload may fix it?)

EDIT 2: And yep, reloading the page made the lag go poof.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.10

Originally posted by Maverik:

Well I’m out. It used to be a game of strategy. Selecting which skills to use when, what order to upgrade heroes, etc. Now it’s just whether you are lucky enough to have the best heroes gilded. Random win = no more fun. Cheers for the clicks.

Agreed – had a couple of weeks of fun, but this lame update kills the fun for me, bye.

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Topic: Kongregate / new browse games layout (again!)

It has been rolled out, probably for everybody… Kong fails… HARD!

Also, I fully agree with hamuka’s post above.

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Topic: Technical Support / buttons not working

If you are talking about a multiplayer game (an MMO), use the bug-link just below the game to report your issue.

Kongregate only hosts the MMO’s and can’t help you with ingame issues.

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Topic: Technical Support / unity screen size problem

You browser is zoomed out.

To fix stuff, click on Kongregate’s white background and then press CTRL+0 (zero).

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

1. A girl in the comments once asked for an option to choose gender.

2. Rename the ‘Hard Reset’ button to ‘Wipe Data’ to minimize confusion for new players.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Kongregate Achievements

Badges are added by Kongregate, not the devs.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Question about AI

Every new angel costs more than the previous ones.

So be careful how you play the game.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Too easy

Originally posted by megaspeed:

If you buy the 3x upgrade with kreds, is it a permanent upgrade for all of your soft resets or is it only for one reset? I’ve hit 1600 newspapers and the game has slowed down a lot for me since the update

It is permanent. All kreds upgrades are saved on the Kongregate servers, so you will have to be logged in and connected to be able to see your purchases, also I believe all purchases work for offline profits :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by TheRealPip:
Originally posted by greg:

All right, so suggest names for Royal Warfare!

Easy: “Alll. Reds!” (Ocean’s 11 reference to the card game/lesson at the beginning….. and red for blood)
Medium: “5 of a kind beats it” (assuming you pick 5 levels)
Hard: “All in”

I know it isn’t a card game… but it is what you will get from me.


For the easy badge I earlier thought about Royal Flesh.

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Topic: Kongregate / Replying

Originally posted by Rich_54321:

How do I reply to post that people post on forums?

If you mean quoting like this^ – just click on the Quote post link in the name field of the poster, that you want to reply to.

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Topic: Technical Support / levels won't load

Kongregate cannot help you with this.

Send a bug report to the developers through the bug report link below the game.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / This update!

Even the lag caused by the achievements menu is cool… (Not really)

What is causing the extra CPU load/loss of FPS?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Anyone know the path for the local save?

Originally posted by miven:

Might not be that smart to post… but whatever…

Originally posted by jxm1985:

Always a good thing to have access to.

Why do you need it?

Well, personally I prefer to make a manual back-up of the *.upp file every day, instead of exporting/importing through the game.

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Topic: Kongregate / how do i only buy 100 kreds?

I am in different countries :P

I do not have the 100 kreds option – not that I care to buy those expensive things anyways.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / BUG - Offline Earning - Time for Science!

Originally posted by IndigoFerret:

@Jeon, I think you may have provided the piece of data I was looking for. After doing some tests online with others, I think the 2x earnings bug is happening for people you have NOT purchased any Kred multipliers.

Can anyone earning 2x offline confirm this?

Was ‘you’ supposed to be ‘who’? :)