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Topic: Rise of Champions / Heaven or Hell recruiting

Lev 10 atm

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

Ingame: Darkname
Current level:
35. Nobody is 40 yet but being ahead of the curve in levels, I assume I have the activity You are looking for.

Age: 19

Understanding of the game:

Although I only started from the kong server, I am an incredibly quick learner and believe I understand the game to a rather deep level. I am the kind of person who have more liking to understanding a game then playing it, and tend to go farther then most when it come to understanding goals, mechanics and the math behind in-game actions.

Willingness to help others:
I have a long gaming history and I have often being the person to be asked to fix drama, and I have become excellent at being a neutral intermediary, allowing all players to be able to have their point equally listened. I am also very good at finding long lasting peace-full situations.

Although I lot more active on the chat, I always have an eye on the forum for any out of the ordinary posts. I am active in-game daily for a duration of at-least 5 hours.

Other toughs:
I am french but fluent in English, allowing me to help a wider variety of players. I also have multiple years of playing a very wide variety of game genres, allowing me to be able to relate to players coming from different genres where they have different expectations.

I also have too much time on my hand.

Edit: As of the time of the edit, I have now reached level 40.

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Topic: Wartune / New Event times

There’s definitively a need for events in the morning. Us morning goers need something to do!

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Topic: Cloudstone / 4Th island complete ! Now what?

I got all 4 parts ( their’s possibly more since me finding a 4rth made some one add it to the wiki so its not confirmed its all of them), but I still did not unlock the 5th island, i’m on my way to completing the 4rth tough so maybe I’l have more info then.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Is Callissa's Armour giveaway broken?

got 5 helmets here, yep…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / DB Weekly Community Questions #1

i haven’t played in a while, mostly due to lack of content so i tough i would give the opinion from somebody who curently dosn’t play anymore.

1. i enjoyed it greatly, the concept is great, the lack of content and variety really killed it for me tough, but that’s to be considered since its beta.

2 pvp, always pvp for me, also the community is pretty good.

3. better matchmaking would be pretty nice. but its biggest problem was the lack of having anything new to do. more competitive modes such as 2v2 and ect is a must for me.

4. 2v2, 3v3 even. was also looking at the crafting. more customization would be pretty nice too, when you fight a class you just know what to expect.

5. not so, warrior got a great kite but their items are so terrible their not even worth buying, meanwhile samu got huge damages and can turn a game around but barely got options.

6. i would if you would be closer to my level! :D

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / tsubame vs counter

yeah tsubame countering counter is just odd, for the same reason tsubame/counter attack block somebody trowing spikes at you it seem!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] HACKER ALERT!

never seing a hacker personaly ( or atleast no player used visible hacks against me.) but with this game now on the front page there is a lot more players, mostly casuals thus the chances of a hacker increase by a lot, so its entirely posible there is an hacker, but with that:

you shouln’d point names in the forum, that you are right or wrong, instead you should simply pm one of the devloper about the isue.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Things that needs a fix in my opinion.

Its can be hard to bait out counter attack/tsubame, but even harder is to be the one to use counteratack and tsubame at the right time against a smart player.

Also when your opponent used hes ep, dont let him recharge, ep is as important as health in this game.

I am also part of the duel blade league of veterans.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Suggestions in the eyes of Darkname.

Well, here it is; my list of suggestions. Prepare yourself; this is going to be long. Some of them I thought of myself, others I took from problems other players talked about in chat.


A lot of players play on touchpads, and they have huge problems when it comes to clashing. Additionally, some players are better at one thing over the other, so what about some different clashing games?

Such as:

• Clicking numbers from 1 to 5, faster player win (speed).
• Arranging blocks from the bigger to the smaller on top in the form of a tower (reactive thinking).
• A small slider puzzle or so ( logic)

The clash games would be random putting players even more on their toe and making players with different skill sets have more of a flavor of the game.
With that in mind, there’s been a lot of talk to what you can do when you’re out of AP. so what about making it possible to practice clashing. Combining with suggestion one it could become a series of mini-game with high-scores.

This is my opinion, and only an opinion; do take note that as the further the game go on, the more strategies and knowledge will be about the game.

Knight: knights are great in terms of having options and being able to get out of rough situations, thanks to their shield skill, but I still think they are lacking.

Earthquake: the skill is great, but its priority is incredibly low, although I like the idea of it having a low priority in exchange for wider range, I still believe its priority should be upgraded one level.

Shield: I think shield should cost less; down to 3. At 4, it feels like a risk, while at 3, you can safely use it when you want. Although, I am honestly afraid of people abusing shield spam, so flavor-wise, what about making them unable to move when they use shield? That way it keeps its use of blocking big abilities without being abuse-able to force a time out. It also brings the flavor of somebody taking a stand.

Samurai: although I believe samurai themself are in a good spot. The class has its well-known issue; being a one trick pony.
Tsubame, it’s scary!!! Its damage is huge and counters everything, I do believe there is a need for an ultimate counter though, but the skill should be nerfed due to its current strength. I originally thought of decreasing its damage to 1.4 or so but the realized that flavor-wise, that was terrible. The skill should stay feared as the ultimate counter, so what can be done instead to fix the issue? Raise its EP cost to 10 and its damage down to 1.8, putting it on level to a fury; you could even replace the samurai fury by it!

On the other hand, tri cut and open wound is worthless. Its damage is ridicule for the amount of effort you need to do with it. It’s hard enough to land 2 attacks in a row, why make it obvious to the opponent you have to be aggressive in the following turns? So let’s make some change:

Tri cut. Reduce its damages to 0, but have its bleed last 5 turns, making the opponent question when you are going to use open wound.

Open Wound, it needs to be stronger, and it’s so much work. It should be considered the ultimate damaging skill, but then I remembered all the times I one-shotted a player, so higher damages is a bit out of the question, so what about giving it a more narrow angle but much longer range. It would make it a way to counter the fact that players can run away all day long, making it something interesting to attempt to dodge (take note this is why I said a more narrow angle, making this something truly about skill). Regarding its damage, flavor-wise, open would doesn’t feel, open-woundy, so I think instead it should do no damage but triple the remaining time of bleed. This would give it flavor, make it a great opener and give samurai a wider array of way to play. Tripling the remaining amount of bleed time will also give a reason to use it early, but keep its mystery of if you truly will use it as soon as you have it.

Rogue. So far I think they are where they should be, but ask a rogue player about it, not me, I don’t know about them enough.

Ninja: here’s my opinion on ninja, I think it’s a bit well know they need to be buffed, but not on the way most peoples believe.
The problem with ninja isn’t with their skill set, it’s on how it combo with each other.

Stealth and clone are in my opinion great skills, but problem arise where, after you cast it, you don’t have much EP left to use your skills. So I think the ninja fury should be reduced to 7 EP and go back to 2.5 power. This would allow ninjas to clone and then use fury, making them much scarier. Also, I believe stealth should last up to 3 turns, being broken upon being hit or attacking/using a skill (hit or miss) or charging up.

Overall game suggestions:

For me a game like this is all about PvP, and it being all about PvP require tournaments. So although there is one upcoming, it’s my suggestion, or rather my plea, make it work! It’s my belief you should currently put a big amount of effort into the tournaments as it is what going to make the higher level players stay to the game. Also, possibly different bracket of tournament would be good. It’s a bit unfair for me to fight a player who is under level 19, due to that no player level 18 or under will join the tournament, unless of course there’s a bracket for them! With of course a slightly lowered prize pool and everything.


currently, I believe I could leave the game for 1 week and still be in the top 10 in term of BP. this is due to BP being awarded from the level and not from the actual skill of the player, making players sky rocket in BP, but also everybody having about the same amount per day. so what about the amount of BP you win/lose is dependent on the opponent’s player BP. a bit like an Elo system, but adapted for the fact that there’s not 1000 players in PvP. It’s going to make the top player have a harder time gaining AP making the lower placed player have a chance to catch up, this should make the ranking a bit more interesting instead of: who played more matches.

edit: thx to zonata aka wartorn for doing some correction to my dear grammar <3 also aparently theres no edit feature so i had to delete and repost, a edit feature on the kong forum would be much needed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Suggestion

well i already said it in the chat but for those who din’t see it and for the sake of keeping it on the treadh heres my oppinion.

1. I like the concept, but i don’t like its efect. its have 2 problem, one is balance wise the other is commitment wise.

balance wise is mostly due to items. in this game altough having a beter item make a difference, its not a big ammount % wise due to the amount of stats you get from the skill tree. having to take skills will lower those stats by quite an ammount resulting in items being much more of a factor, this could prove problematic balancing wise and give the edge to paying players a bit more without ( i beleive) realy increasing sales.( due to peoples tend to not buy because of how much stronger it is, but simply for the fact it is indeed stronger.)

the second problem is commitment. the current skill tree is great in a way that you can put one point in lets say samurai and then go toward another tree, allowing players to have a more vague amount of gameplay. with having to put points in the skill tree it force players to commit to it. making peoples unable to have multiple classes unless they are incredebly high level. multiple class can mean multiple items meaning need for more gold wich could value to peoples buying gold for the hardcore players out there.

while typing a 3rd problem arised also due to balance. its a problem i voiced my concern before and might get fixed but its about the skills. by example samurai is realy a one trick pony. bleed and open wound are rather weak and too hard to pull off. while tsubame is incredebly strong. this make samurai only having to put one point into learning skills. on the other hand the knight need both hes earthquake and shield. while the ninja and assasin also need multiple skills. but this is an isue that could be fixed by the time the skill tree would change to that making this more of a personal conserne.

and your 2nd suggestion. this one i like, i personaly want to build more toward agi but am sadly constricted to the linear tree. but due to the engine it might be a bit hader due to class advancment being bassed on being in the skill tree thus you cant split points too much. maybe a tree with a lots of crossroad? such as

/—\ /— —\ /—\ /—-knight— \__/ \ /———-warior — \__

— \/ \samurai ect ect ect
\_____thief ect ect ect

and for flavor purpose the more at the bottom the more ofencive it is while the more at the top the more defensive it is, but with a good mix.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / New Dueling Blades Build Issue!

so thats what was hapening, hoping the isue get fixed soon ( along with the others :D)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

When you copy past a raid link in the raid option, it would be nice if it automaticly emptied the text box, as there is never a need to re input the same raid link twice.

A tool tip for what stats give when you over your mouse over it would be great.

a marketplace would allow peoples to have an actual inpact on each others. it would also most likely increase the amount of items big planet coin buyers buy whil allowing hardcore non buyers a more free to play experience.

more things to do with money, only investing isnt the most active thing to do.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / ADD FRIEND POST

oh hai guis, i want friends too!

mostly to actualy be able to win colo propely!

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Point of Bloodbound gem?

blood is amazing at the start, its the best gem in my opinion for evrething exept the last few levels, where you tend to make higher level gems that increase faster then the number of kills you can get. it also shine in traps against swarms. for premium users endurence with giant monsters make bloodhound a bit whortless though. its a good gem, and a good addition, its just that the clasic is still better.