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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 7

I’d like EW4 and EW5 combined. Three heroes’ story, with their sidekick heroes (i.e., pick Viegraff the Red and he’ll have with his journey Cassandra (the archer in EW4) and Kara (the one with a big sword))

Plus auto-attack included with special attack and innovative gameplay like in EWS. Equipment hierarchy also and such like in EWS but more light and easy for a quick one-week enjoyment and not for a millennial hardships. That’s for gamers that plays games as a hobby only and not as an addiction.

If applicable, a twist can be added also. It can be like The Bravest Hunter, where the Hunters were replaced by EW series heroes.

Another twist, the travel map can be interacted on like a side-scrolling adventure. The heroes along with their initial soldiers (Another addition: every start of the battle, a unit selected by a player will be summoned automatically with stat bonuses. We can call it initial soldiers) travel the whole world, occasionally stopping for missions or cities with trouble.

Another option, its mission acquisition and goal can be like in Feudalism 1 or 2 where you’ll have to invade (or save) the whole world, with occasional upgrades on the way.

That’s all.
Cheers. XD

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Topic: General Gaming / the Bravest Hunter

I came here to ask..

How to get to a secret shop?
It seems to appear only when I’m out of money..

PM me the answer please..


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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

I suggest having two more heroes to accompany your main hero, like those of epic war 4. It would be more epic XD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Thop Wars: Combat, the game inspired on Battalion Arena being made by Thop Team!

Is the beta still open? I missed battalion arena so bad :(

EDIT: Make it free if possible and downloadable, it’s ok for me even if it’s not multiplayer I only wanted to play the map editor with my siblings (Please make it 2 Players, Party, etc. in one computer, like chess titans)
(sorry for bad description and english XD)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Help me with my deck

Sorry if there is another post like this but you know I didn’t play Tyrant for a year so that’s is why my cards are a little outdated by 2-3 expansions. As of now I’m using a Mono-Imperial deck. Forgot how to post pictures so I will just type what is my deck. Please help me improve it and its win % starting from Valhalla. Please note most of my cards are from Standard and some Enclave and Nexus.
-Fighter Jet


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

This is easy

Rule 112B: Sum of atk, hp, and delay of counter card must be an odd number.
Edit Edit Edit:From cerberus and blood grunt here is chopper

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Topic: Kongregate / How did YOU find out about Kongregate?

It was a link given to me when I was younger, I visited it… and once i fell in love with its neatness and adfree-ness (the awkward feeling your whole desk is clean because your computer sites was adfree, so nice…) so I sticked to this. Though there are Armor Games, Newgrounds and the now gone Bliss Games, and all have nice games, I sticked to this; Armor Games was messy for me; Newgrounds was slow and black, barely can see; Bliss Games is gone. My first multiplayer games here is Battalion Arena, then Critter Forge, Elements, Lord of Ages, RoS <too> , and forgot some blah blah blah and now I play Tyrant…. IT ROCKS! \m/

…..til I play Empires and Allies in Facebook then.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Thanks synapticon

I thank the artists <whoever> for hot commander chicks!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Critter Forge] What's with the boobs in this game?

Hey edgebee drew the characters anime-style. Normally anime characters must have big boobs or else they will look like fat because of their super-sculpted body has no match :S

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [DEV] 10/6/2011 New Promo Cards Released!


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Topic: General Gaming / Medieval Character Maker ScreenShots!

Originally posted by DinDonSon:
Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

Guys, this is the first thing he made, most people make a stupid button game! You wouldn’t say “button sucks, no shading.”

Some unity games lag on my computer…that’s this one as well D: So I don’t go on this. I did once though =).

Yes I would? If the person was actually serious about it I would give them FEEDBACK so they can IMPROVE instead of being stagnated and only able to do shit because nobody made suggestions, helped them or told them where they could improve.

And demanding players can quit trolling around some hard working dev’s game forum and search the internet about how to even draw/model one clothing or even animate it. Then you will realize how HARD is it just doing it ALONE with a rather old computer. Try it. It isn’t hard,isn’t it?

Anyways I didn’t visit this forum without posting my dream character (if you’re annoyed,this will be my last dream female ninja.Ever.)

She’s Liyala.Her name comes from “liyab” which means “flame” in verb form and “pula” which means “red”. I don’t know why I like (or have an obsession for) fire or something red……whatever.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Suggestions

Originally posted by Wesleus:

I thought of a few new card skills that could be interesting:
I read somewhere before that someone thought there should be a Cure skill, that cures things like poison, jam or immobilize. And I thought that would be cool, especially for poison because there really is no counter to that, so +1 there. It would be good as a commander or an action card

Then how about a skill that some cards have that speed up the timer of another card? Call it Boost or Hasten something. Boost 1 would choose one card and lower it’s wait time by one, Boost 2 would decrease the timer by two. And I could see that getting crazy so it could be a 50% thing, or make it where the card cannot be “Boosted” to anything less than a 1 timer

On the other hand, have the opposite of that, a Slow skill. Same principles could apply

Then I thought of a complete opposite of the evade skill. Maybe call it Block or something, but the card would have a chance to completely avoid direct damage… that would probably be a 25% chance because that would be unfair otherwise. On the other hand, cards with Block are still definitely hit by strike or jam or anything.

And how about a skill that one card or commander has that chooses a card at random for them to be focused on. Call it Focus or Target or something. It can be 50% too… but once the enemy card has been focused on, all strikes or jams or anything are directed towards that card for that turn. (I can see that being unfair too but just an idea)

Those are my ideas, anything sound plausible?

+1 for all of that…
And about skills
Blockade: All attacks directed to the commander will be inflicted here
Hidden:Cannot be damaged by strike
Stealth:Cannot be damaged by assaults
Support:Add damage to the right of the card
Defy:When this card attacks first,deal additional damage
Infect:When affected by Poison,etc.,the next attack this card will do will have that.
Spawn:When destroyed,this card will add n same cards into the field

And about a more epic battle
How about making a “field”?
A fire field will Weaken Imperials,Jam Raider, and Enfeeble Bloodthirsty
A force field will Enfeeble Bloodthirsty,Strike All,Rally All Xeno
Etc. i’m bored making examples.

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Topic: General Gaming / Medieval Character Maker ScreenShots!

Originally posted by Snipe27:

WOW. That thing is great, inc pictures!

Kamzack, Emerald Paladin. He will be my main character when the game is done.

More will follow, im working on a Chinese/desert army.

Note: He has no archtype B/C priest decreases STR/CON, vice versa for warrior.

EDIT: I decided to hit the random button then base my army around what came out, this came out and i edited it slightly:

Desert Savage: Skilled with a axe, there lack of armor alows them to move faster then other heavy warriors, they also carry a light crossbow for backup.

I plan on making this into a big army, but theres only 1 save slot… hint hint

EDIT once more: New guy again.

Desert Skirmisher: They are lightly armored, but are masters of the horse, and there lances can cut through almost any armor combined with a desert horse.

Feel free to use any of the guys i make in game, with the exception of Kamzack.

speaking of horses…Vinicius wouldn’t you attempt to make one in game? Dragons,Basilisk,Hydras,Werewolves….Dinosaurs? It will be a great addition to your game!!!

BTW here is my new character….based on Snipe27 cool characters….

Itak’ana: Her name comes from the Tagalog words “Itak” and “Pana”,which means sword and bow,respectively.
I don’t know what her class would be but I think she would be a Kunoichi.

Galith: His name comes from the Tagalog word “Galit”,which means anger;hate.
His class is first-class Warrior.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Suggestions

There should be Type, not only faction…like…
Infantry,Irradiated Infantry,Sawblade,Arc Trooper would be like “Imperial Infantry”
Poseidon and other high HP-ed Assaults would be like this “Unique Imperial Fortress”
Unique like Tiamat would be “Unique Imperial Ace”
Whilst 2-CD assaults like Hellion would be “Imperial Reinforcement”
Armored Assaults like Fortifier would be “Imperial Tank”
Assaults with Heal,Rally,etc. would be “Imperial Support”
Assaults with Weaken,Enfeeble and negatives to enemy like Nimbus would be “Imperial Tactic”
Assaults with Strike and other Activations except Flying like Sabre would be “Imperial Front Liner”
Assaults with 2 or more Combat Modifiers like Cluster Ballista would be “Imperial Battlemaster”
Robotic-like Assaults like Exo-Drone and Cluster Ballista would be like “Imperial Robotic”
Flying Assaults like Cerberus would be like “Imperial Flying”
Vehicle-related Assaults like Stormrunner would be like “Imperial Transport”

And there should be like combinations of it…
Ex. Cerberus would be Imperial Flying Support
Sabre would be Imperial Front Line Infantry
Poseidon would be Unique Imperial Support Fortress
Aegis would be Imperial Support Tank
Stormrunner would be Imperial Support Transport

I hope this will be in the next release along with some action cards that targets certain Types like
Disaster {Rare Action} {Skill:Enfeeble All Infantry/Weaken All Transport/Jam Support

I really hope….

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Topic: Dream World / Who drew Dream World's Art?

Originally posted by 609trenton:

it was me fighting donkeys for pencils while people shot us with paintballs and threw uhm nm

Besides that?

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Topic: Dream World / Who drew Dream World's Art?

Like I said,who drew this game’s beautiful art? It’s so cool. I guess it have professional artists like Castle Age’s. You know?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Any Anti-II deck?

Yep. II rush and other rush decks made other lame people to moan at its presence, even making a thread about card limits .Some factions vanished down the ranks because of that. That sucks. So please,can anyone be so kind to make a cheap deck for their cheap minds? I love II rush…but I modified mine with some cool cards (Aegis, Stormrunner,etc.). So I wasn’t actually using a generic II deck.
My idea is Thadius or Atlas with Tiamat or Predator. But with the defense deck first,Tiamat have 50% to live or die,or you have 50% chance to be eaten by 10 II with your cards useless,dying before activation. That. Sucks.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] What if all the cards had a limit?

I think simplicity would often finish harder missions than creativity .
I think they are the same in an odd way,too much simplicity would be considered creative and vice versa
So I don’t want this to happen.
In Elements, I tried to make a simple deck full of Spark,Photon and Fractal….but lo! 6 cards maximum. One of the reasons I left the game.
I don’t want this happen.
Tyrant is simple. Make a deck,do a mission,wait for energy,stuck in a mission,make a deck,then click your way to Victory. See? No 30-60 cards limit. Only 10 cards. No mana. Just cards with cooldown. No thousand attack or hp thingy. Just one to two digit numbers.
So no. NO NO NO NO. I don’t want to have another great CCG game down.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Favourite Tyrant Race?

Imperials are the frontier to most of the skill.
Xeno’s owned most general Mimic skill,and second to Imperial in skills.
Raiders got exaggerated skills (Rally All Raider 2,Rally Raider 3,Armored 3,etc)
Bloodthirsty’s got more exaggerated skills especially rally and heal.Owns most leech guys, but lacks other skills. Just plain fun.
Overall,Imperial is the best,I moved on from Mission 10 past the Enclave campaign until I was forced to use other race. Then I saw that every race has its own characteristics….
But now,Xeno is the most flexible if joined with other races,like Imperial and Bloodthirsty. In this,Raiders suck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Discuss Orbo

Originally posted by RainbowBlades:
Originally posted by Willhelm:

Orbo became an Enclave King and switched factions. He rules the universe even more now :o

So true bro

Orbo’s not unique:IT"S LEGENDARY! :O

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] when will the enlighten expan come out

Somewhat,weeks before the last expansion,I saw a post that says that the next major expansion will be released 6-10 months after. So please be patient, I think it will be released either October-February 2012…. I don’t know…

OFFTOPIC: Is there any expansion before the Blight Expansion?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Quad walker...

Originally posted by coolguy31337:

It looks like the Bloodthirsty did a bit of engineering the way Xeno did: The resemblance is a bit off for the barrel things sticking out of Mawcor’s side but otherwise they look fairly similar.

i……posted that…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Orbo Resistance Group of Youth (Not a Faction)

Well I dont’ have a picture of how an Irradiated Infantry ****s Orbo in many situations….
Gonna do it in a Pokemon style..
A wild Orbo appeared!
Go, Irradiated Infantry!
Orbo uses the skill Weaken! and attacks Irradiated Infantry for 1 damage!
Irradiated Infantry is slightly affected!
Irradiated Infantry attacks for 1 damage!
Orbo flies and misses the attack!
Orbo uses the skill Weaken! and attacks Irradiated Infantry for 1 damage!
Irradiated Infantry is slightly affected!
Irradiated Infantry attacks for 1 damage!
Orbo fainted!

Yeah, I swear. An II is alot better to be praised than Orbo. Hear that,ye PAGANIST!

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Topic: General Gaming / Medieval Character Maker ScreenShots!

Robin the Hood inspired,plus with a 2H Falchion!

Originally posted by ViniciusSanctus:

If you want to make your screen shot appear in the forum thread using, just right click the image and select View Image.

The image will appear alone, then all you need to do is copy the link paste it on the post inputting it between the ! symbol.


instead of the raw link : I did what previously instructed and obtained the direct image link.

Hope i helped! =)

BTW awesome characters you’ve posted there friend. Thx for you time, they really look great, especially Ranger/Rogue Girl and Axe Berserker! =)


BTW thanks for teaching me that!
(And I hope the girl’s got boobs…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Alliance vs Covert Ops (and everyone else) : The movie!

Originally posted by Draconavin:

In recent news: M. Night Shyamalan has approached Hotshot2k4 to direct his new feature film
Tyrant: A story of betrayal, love,and hate!
When questioned for comment, M. Night Shyamalan had only one thing to say: “Oh, what a twist!”

Disclaimer:This is just a joke, please don’t take it serious, and flame me. Thanks :P

Either it’s trolling or I’m wrong.joke. anyways it’s so funny!!! I hope i can’t dream of that…lol