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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / What Do You Think Is The Most OP Deck Right Now?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Should the Devs let TU do a Players' Pack like WMT?

Let’s face it: what we experienced with WMT is exactly the same with the EU. The EU is a failure and a joke to all Europeans. Those who call themselves the most civilized in the world. The US government says fuck EU. I say fuck the EU, too. I say fuck community development as we are too stupid or lack the time to self-manage ourselves.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Should the Devs let TU do a Players' Pack like WMT?

The thing with democratic politics is that the more individual minds that participate, the more anarchistic it becomes. And those factions that the controllers support will always have their voice outheard over those who the controllers do not support. Which is why we have tools such as frameworks, rules of law, universal truths, and logical reasoning.

I couldn’t possibly imagine that ladolcevita is a social saboteur working for a certain Chinese gaming company seeking to destroy its American competitors from within. Chinese executives should not be able to possess such levels of cunning. Shanghai, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and other cities where the East meets West, however, is a different story. Where the labor is cheap and the women are expensive, how low can one go?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Players' Pack] Survey Results

The results are flawed.

1) People could have accessed the same survey multiple times from various computers (e.g. home computer, smartphone, work computer), easily voting up to three times. Obviously, it would be in the best interests of those who were actually able to participate to vote more, while those who don’t care would only vote once.

2) If you check the URL of the images, the images have been modified and reuploaded on an image sharing website, rather than the original surveymonkey link. The OP could have tampered with the data during the visualization process to make himself look better.

3) The inconsistencies in visuals one and nine (e.g. bolded YES) obscures objectivity of data visualization, thus skewing bias towards having an additional /s/player’s/s/ players’ pack.

I’m calling shenanigans!

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Science of F2P Models

Originally posted by bunky_luv_luv:

I’m not sure I agree. I think the enlightened have been shafting the unenlightened since time began. Human nature. And while I think the information age has indeed added a lot, I think it’s equally created a dangerous precedent for mistakenly thinking they understand that which they don’t. Best example to date is the almost laughably bad propaganda videos I see emerging from the middle east including Gaza. Yet I have intelligent muslim friends happily sharing videos from completely different conflicts filmed years before citing “look at the awful things happening out there.” What’s more dangerous. Knowing some terrible things are happening thousands of miles away, or mistakenly sharing videos that have nothing to do with it to incite racial and secular hatred in your own country. :)

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

Not really since time began, but as the European “Enlightenment” began. Before then, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, and Koreans had the wealth of knowledge but used it with great responsibility (paper, mathematics, psychology, gunpowder, sex). It wasn’t until the Europeans discovered knowledge and turned everything into a weapon to harm others (lies, artillery, brainwashing, guns, obsession). And the EU continues to do so through mob politics and snubbing. Out of any group of people on this planet, the most coniving are those from Romans, Vikings, and Germanic bloodlines. And such behavior continues to spread as ways of peace can never defeat ways of war.

“They have only one purpose and there is nothing they will not do to accomplish this, no matter how vile or loathsome it might be. These abominations mean to destroy everything proud and noble, everything we hold dear and have fought so long to achieve.”

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Science of F2P Models

I wouldn’t say that the world has gone to shit, but rather knowledge disparity has become so great that most of those who are more knowledgeable take advantage of the less knowledgeable. Inherently, we are all bastards as we seek to take advantage of one another in some shape and form. Some may seem more noble causes than others. In the past thirty years since the dawn of the information age, all that has changed from then and now is that we got smarter in doing so without coercion.

“Who is to judge what is right and what is wrong? Great and powerful foes surround us; unknown miscreants gnaw at us from within. We are threatened with total annihilation. In days such as these we can afford no luxury of morality.”

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Science of F2P Models

It’s not really a science, by the way. It’s more like a carnival game.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / [WTF] Mathala's Sabatons

Why are Mathala’s Sabatons weaker than Mathala’s Gift Sabatons? A red versus a purple to boot.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Bloodrealm is WMT + TU

Originally posted by yeasy:

raa275, your math is wrong.

You must assume that WMT > 0, TU > 0 or smth like this.

We need to intersect mathematics with philosophy on this one. If it exists, it must be at least zero. We haven’t discovered what exactly constitutes anti-matter, so perhaps one day we will eventually find an anti-game such that it is less than zero.

But today is not that day.

Perception-wise, however, would be different as people can have positive and negative reactions.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Bloodrealm is WMT + TU

A simpler way to put it:

Bloodrealm = TU + WMT
WMT = Bloodrealm – TU
TU = Bloodream – WMT

Bloodrealm > TU
Bloodrealm > WMT

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / [Lag] Effin' Pictures

The new zone is out… but it took twenty minutes just to change zones!

I demand an option to stop downloading pictures in its entirety and make it text-based!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / That feeling ...

Sell everything except event promos and marmodas = end game

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A soufflé is not a soufflé, a soufflé is the recipe

Try 4chan.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Insider DEV info!!

I don’t think you’re supposed to talk about what goes on in a manager’s conference to the public. Unless Gamestop intended for you to talk about what went on during the conference to the public.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Will Players Who Played WMT On Facebook Be Left Out Of The Appreciation Package?

Your business is with Mark Zuckerberg, not Kongregate.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Will DEV compensates us something when tyrant closed?

Lolz, kids these days don’t know the value of the time they spend helping an SME. Warmetal Tyrant was the number one game on Kongregate for one to two years before Chinese and Japanese developers entered the fray.

The Yu-Gi-Oh BAM package, run by the Japanese Konami, is generous as an advertising tool to absorb players from Konami to Synapse Games.

But for WMT, run by Synapse Games, to TU, also run by Synapse Games, is a brand tool to improve the reputation to and loyalty of players for future games.

It’s good to know that someone at Synapse Games and/or Kongregate isn’t completely incompetent in how to handle “social gaming.”


Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Tyrant Unleashed Welcome Package Details [Official]

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Apocalypse Missions][On hold.]

It should be a canonical bad end parallel to current world politics, as WMT and TU are both based on historical politics. Or just leave it up for speculation

1) Katana Faction (USA+EU Democrats/Socialists) tries to fix the Imperials and unite everyone under one banner
2) Halcyon Faction (USA+EU Republicans/Imperialists) continues invading other territories
3) Typhon (Putin) makes a comeback and has been taking over Imperial territory that was once the Raider’s (Ukraine) by reviving ancient Razgoth (China)
4) Razgoth (China) continues to grow and assimilates everything into Bloodthirsty
5) Xeno (Middle East) are trying to combine their ships and arsenals into a massive fortification (IS) with some rogue Xeno showing up every once in a while, even converting a few people from every faction
6) Righteous (Japan) continue defending their Pantheon and the Bloodthirsty (China) keep on attacking it

Ending: Halcyon Faction (USA+EU Republicans/Imperialists) and Typhon (Putin) launch captured Xeno weaponry (uranium bombs) and destroy all of Acheron. A few years later after the ashes settle, Progenitors (Earth) rise and begin clearing and rebuilding the lands as it once was. Katana Faction (USA+EU Democrats/Socialists and splitoff Republicans/Imperialists) emerge from underground bunkers, few Raiders (Russia) survive and are stronger than before, Razgoth (China) once again sleeps, Xeno (Middle East) are still orbiting in the planet’s atmosphere, Righteous (Japan) was protected by the Pantheon that is now obliterated.

Alternative: They keep on fighting.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / How did we do?

Imperials got the short end of the stick. You should have made a framework before creating new cards so cards would be at least somewhat consistent and balanced with one another.

All I see is bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty, and more bloodthirsty. Why you guys like China so much?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [TU] Criterion for Commemorative Packages?

What are the criterion for a commemorative packages in TU?

I plan to liquidate my entire WMT collection, with the exception of a few useful cards, to purchase the new, powercreeped pack.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Apocalypse Pack

WMT End Game. RIP Tyrant.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [TU] WMT Commemorative Package

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

it is no longer worth the cost to do so

Not only the cost factor but everything else as well. I have been playing TU for about a month and hope devs won’t shift their focus from TU to anywhere else. I just joined a #185 guild today and looking forward to get better reward from next GW.

Good news everyone, apparently Synapse Games is looking for a Unity programmer to develop their next game, most likely the same concept except better graphics and possibly unit placement on a grid… IN TTHREEEEEEEDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (on a two-dimensional screen).

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] What about those packages for veteran WMT players you talked about?

Originally posted by testeria:

Aaaah, newbies from the second (Kong) version of Tyrant… children, You make so much noise :)

btw. few days ago get lvl 171 on my FB account :D Maybe I’m old, but still kicking!

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Change this unhealthy war format. We have not slept in 3 days, it's harming us.

I think y’all have the wrong priorities if you lose sleep over a game when you have a job, business, and/or wife and kids to support. I’m all for a larger pool of “attacks” though.

And by the way, have you heard of the macro clicker? You can actually program your pointer to do certain tasks after certain times, such as click that pesky “attack” button every fifteen minutes so you minimize your wasted attacks.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [TU] WMT Commemorative Package

Originally posted by Naidsipo:

Image with some nerfing

(Another Version)

Nice job with the pictures.

The key here is to have something that could be useful in any deck but not enough to bump an entire deck up a notch, alone. This would incentivize the Tyrant Unleashed cash cows to click on Warmetal Tyrant to rack up those ad revenues while making sure that Warmetal Tyrant players would still need to purchase WB to make a decent deck. Not to mention giving them and current players an incentive to stay with Synapse Games in the future. And I don’t think the average player can get to Mission 300 and level 100 within one year without purchasing at least some WBs, anyways.

Damn, Kongregate should hire me as an executive rather than rely on volunteer work.