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Topic: Game Programming / [Performance?] Array access oddity

64 bit Mac OS 10.7.3 x86 Release PlugIn
Array as Array 190
Array as * 243
Array as Object 245

64 bit Mac OS 10.7.3 x86 Release PlugIn

Array as Array 176
Array as * 202
Array as Object 199

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3: How to prevent multiline TextField from scrolling vertically?

Mouse events can’t be canceled so you can’t use preventDefault().

Disable the mouse and find another way to make hrefs interactive.

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Topic: Game Programming / problem with boolean and if statements [solved]

That is what I ment, I obviously didn’t word it very well. Thanks for the lesson that is something that won’t cause me hours of work trying to establish why my code doesn’t work in future.

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Topic: Game Programming / problem with boolean and if statements [solved]

To clarify if i declare a var in a loop then it is scooped to the function I create. I assume it is not availible to that function though untill the conditional loop runs.

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Topic: Game Programming / problem with boolean and if statements [solved]

you are declaring you variable in side the if statement so once the if statement has finished exicuting the variable is destroyed. it needs to be declared higher up for example at the start of your class. Do abit of research on scope and you’ll under stand the problem.

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Topic: Game Programming / TypeError: Error #1009 How should I fix it?

change stage to this and then constantly set the focus.

this.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, kcd);
this.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, kcu);

then to make sure the cube has focus

var cube1:cube = new cube();
stage.focus = this.cube1; //also add this line to the start of your movment function.
cube1.focusRect = false;
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Topic: Game Programming / TypeError: Error #1009 How should I fix it?

Untill an object is added to the stage you can’t access the stage with in it. you need to add you keyboard event listeners outside of the classes constructor.

you’ll have to check but their is probably an added to stage event that could be utalized to add these.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why is this code wrong?

Go Back to the basics very few people know the language better than it’s developers here is all the information you should need to get started.

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Topic: Technical Support / I am confused, help me out

1) How can i test if ads and scoreboard are working BEFORE i upload game?
Play your game on your local machine if you have set mochi ads up correct they will run whenever your game is played and an active internet conection is availible

2) If somebody grabs my game from the kongregate website, will it still show ads and make revenue?
Yes this is exactly what is hoped for when using ads

3) Don’t i need to setup a scoreboard somewhere before i upload game?
scores can be using mochi see their supporting documents if you want to use kongregates youneed to implement the kongregate API

4) If the game has MOCHI ads that are surpressed on the kongregate website, will they show up when somebody grabs the game and uses it own website?
see answer to 2

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Topic: Game Programming / constructor method of baseclass

class b extends a

now class b is made from class a

what you are trying to do is bake a cake without using flour or use your computer with out any RAM installed.

if you don’t need to call super then you don’t need to extend a class.

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Topic: Game Programming / Can making a game with AS2 be justified?

Originally posted by Draco18s:
Originally posted by darkscanner:

Do you think making an AS2 game can be justified? For example, if the game is mostly only made up of buttons is it really so bad to make it in AS2?


If you’re making a game of only buttons, the game is not worth making regardless of language.

You could make a point and click adventure game using only buttons?

If you can program and think logically then learning a new language should not scare you so why not learn the most efficent and newer language.

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Topic: Game Programming / Copyright and Legality questions...

Originally posted by Senekis93:

Ideas can’t be cpyrighted.
Don’t use their code, name or media and you’ll be fine.

Exactly what i would say. I wouldn’t worry to much s long as you don’t improach on another games name or characters etc thats when they kick up a storm. The media industry is more concerned with the branding than the actual implementation. You could make the worst game every but if you brought the rights to call it mario you’d still sell millions of copies.

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Topic: Game Programming / ideal solutions

Idealy you would always follow object orientated methods inheritance, encapsulation and inheritance. With computers always increasing in speed it becomes more important to reduce the time taken for the programmer to do his job.

One solution i’ve strted to use is for storing and cycling my objects is to make use of interfaces you then type a vector as the interface it will be holding that way you know every object in that array has the same public function availible.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] MouseEvent and Bitmaps

Originally posted by qwerber:

No display there sky

He’s right InteractiveObject inherits DisplayObject.

grid location will be

new Point( - bMap.x, - bMap.y);
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Topic: Game Programming / A Petition for a Wii-U API Release

If your idea was good enough to be considered by any major console manufacture you would easily make enough money from flash version of the game to buy the Dev kit.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash game development -- a realistic career?

Originally posted by Flexcool354:
Originally posted by GameBuilder15:

Well, I can’t keep sending MFZ new versions of the game, if it was on Kong I could update it but not MFZ. :P

If you have such a need for updating your game don’t upload millions of different copies.
When uploading your game make an swf that simply downloads the game from your website. Then you can update the game on all websites at once by simply replacing the old file on your website with a newer

I’m sure his sponser would object to this at the moment.

Just send them an update after you have ironed out all the issues you shouldn’t off released the game yet if you had found some decent testers you may have recieved a higher sponser deal. use your earnings so far to higher an artist for a sequel. Art is currently your biggest let down. Maybe you don’t need to pay some one to do it for you just spend more time on it.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] Accessing another class's variables

Your doing it wrong player should send a move event to main asking to move to a certain tile then main checks in map if that tile can be moved to after this it tells the player if it can or can’t move.

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Topic: Game Programming / Breaking into this forum

Originally posted by skyboy:
Originally posted by Senekis93:

Hardest thing to achieve in the Programming forum. Good luck.

i didn’t aim to become a respected member, yet…

i just came to get some help, and ended up having more to offer than to request

Being reconized as knowledgable in a subject and being respected are two different things. I think you maybe confusing the two.

helltank, the first step to being respected is realizing names begin with capital letters.

Read everything adobe has published on the Actionscrpt 3 language. When you understand the principals read the live docs. Also look around the internet for people who have developed there own classes/APIs where the stand ones were not sufficent for there needs.

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Topic: Game Programming / Variable Class.

Originally posted by Flexcool354:

but what is the best way to handle global variables then?
something like the player, and array of enemies, the active level

Would i then just pass them around when they are needed?
like if i want to update my player, and i call an update function and pass the level and enemies?

These are part of your game so are instanced in your game object. something like a gun would not be as that would be part of another object.

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Topic: Game Programming / MOUSE_LEAVE event, AS3

Sounds like you need a boarder around the out side of your game so the player never needs to drag the mouse to close to the edge.

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Topic: Game Programming / "if not" statement?

You should read or atleast scan the few pages under language elements here it covers most data manipulation in actionscripts

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for As3 Programmer.

For a new developer producing that game in a day is a decent achivement just keep going a day is no where near enough time if you want a polished game that will generate enough game plays to see you get a little money. Take a bit more time those game you see hitting the front page take a couple of people months to make.

An escape game can be very simple to program if yours was you could probably find some one willing to do it. You should prepare all the art if its of good quality i’m sure a programmer will jump at it for 50% share. sort the music to the programmer would have to see what the finished game is going to look and sound like.

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 lvlArray Question?

Originally posted by Rich112:

I have tried all the ways that have been talked about here with just a simple test vary small level didn’t have any issues with any of the was but it seemed fastest for me to do it with an array of arrays.

This is the way to go when first starting on the path to game making it’s easier and works just fine plus skills need to be developed to use more advanced methods.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] help me clean up

Do you mean something like a monster attacking the player. both monster and player are children of a class and each one has equiped items which are then children of these classes. so for attack to take place the monsters weapon damage needs to be sent to the players armour.

The highest level of this chain calls the attack function of the monster but wait we want the monster to take care of it’s self the monster should not be told to attack it should be telling the handler that it is attacking how do we do this we set up a custom event the monster despatches the attack event which our handler is listening for this event contains a referance to the attacked object which has it’s attacked(……) function called.

But now we have another problem the monster needs to know it has a target to attack once again we don’t wont the handler to tell the monster it can attack we want the monster to request possible targets from the handler then check it’s self if it can attack now we create a bunch of events for retrieving info from a parent when the parent listener fires it calls the;

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Topic: Game Programming / Pixel-Perfect HitTest [AS2]

No he means use the hit test found inside the graphics class of AS3 pretty useless to someone after an AS2 solution.

Two places for OP to look 1 2

And using google isn’t that great as this thread is the 3rd result.