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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / [Rant/Suggestion] Jeweled Chests

The mechanic of jeweled chests kind of bothers me. I know it boils down to luck, but I just opened three jeweled chests and got a bunch of buffs, some dupes on non-dps crusaders, and some click trinkets. Considering the buffs/time it took to get them, it’s sort of a slap in the face.

Since jeweled chests are currently the only way to get epic gear, is there any way to maybe have them give one piece of epic gear the player doesn’t have, per chest? Or at least one guaranteed gear the player doesn’t have? Or possibly have enchantment points for non-dps crusaders do something else?

Or maybe kick out some of the basic stuff you see in the silver chests. I’m glad that gold drops aren’t in jeweled chests, but it still really sucks to get click buffs and common trinkets you could find in regular chests.

I mean, I get that there are probably some rich people that will keep buying the jeweled chests and hoping they get that last piece of epic gear they want, but I don’t see the average player spending on it if they aren’t guaranteed something useful when they buy some. Unless something changes, I won’t buy any in the future and honestly it’s sort of a deterrent to play the game at all.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] Buy to max button

Just chiming in again that this gets even more important every update, as other numbers get bigger :P

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] Buy to max button

Yeah, it works for workers, but even then it kind of doesn’t. If you’re buying geneticists (for example) it will only buy if you have enough food for the total purchase, as opposed to buying the max amount you could. Same with trainers.

Maybe this is only for late game players, but this would be the largest UI upgrade that would affect me. It would turn dozens of clicks and several mouse movements into just one click. For anyone around z100+, this would be huge. Please consider it!

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] Buy to max button

It would be super handy to have a “buy to max” button. That or while structures/jobs are greyed out if you can’t afford them (and let’s say you have buy 10 on) that if you click them anyway it will still buy as many as you can afford.

I regularly want to buy max tributes, max warp stations, etc. So some method to do this in a smaller amount of time would be much appreciated :)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] Travel to world map when repeat is off

I support this!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

I’d also like the ability to toggle which of the faction coin exchanges are purchasable. It’s easy to accidentally click them if you’re saving up, or to forget which you are saving up for. Also, a button to purchase all possible upgrades (starting from lowest) would be extremely useful when starting a new run.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why so much Idle?

So, developer strategy. We’ll assume there’s three categories of games. Idle, non-idle, and mmo. The reason these categories are chosen will become clear since they have significantly different impacts on developer strategy. Let’s assume someone developing a game cares about and desires to optimize four things: 1) number of plays 2) rating 3) money made through IAP 4) Time/Financial Investment

1) Plays

A game that has 30 hours of gameplay, but encourages a player to space that out as many times as possible is going to get a much higher play amount than one that doesn’t. (We’re assuming 30 hours of gameplay takes the same amount of time to “create” in any genre.) Games that give you some kind of reward/compensation for time passed are going to win out in this category. This includes progress in idle games, energy for those facebook games, and games with some kind of event/bonus timer (MMOs, generally). So MMOs, Idle games, or energy based games (can you believe some are single player?) are the winners for this category.

2) Ratings

Many factors go into increasing the rating of a game that are genre specific, so it’s pointless to compare specifics. However, if a game has high enough ratings and is a non-idle game, it will get achievements. Achievements increase the number of plays a game has but decreases the rating. Why is this? Because before a game gets achievements, only fans of the genre will be playing it (and thus only rating it versus other games in the genre). If a game gets achievements, fans who don’t normally play the genre will be rating it (and often rating it lower because it isn’t the genre they normally enjoy). Sucks, but it happens. Almost every game that gets badges tanks after the badges are introduced. (I can think of only one exception.) There is only one category of games that don’t get achievements, idle games (with one exception I can think of.) Thus, idle games will get the best ratings, other factors aside.

3) In-app-purchasing

Aside from any money they make from game plays, developers can earn money through in “app” purchases (typically shortened to IAP). There are three basic categories of purchases a player will make, and sometimes a fourth.

i) Advantages over another player

In any sort of competitive environment, you will have players wanting to beat other players and who are willing to spend money to do so. Since this can be “matched” by the other player, it can become a “bidding war” and the amounts someone will put in can be astronomic. MMOs win out in this category.

ii) Convenience/Single Player Advantage

A lot of games take significant investments of time (grinding) or mental energy (strategizing) in order to win. While a player is less likely to spend money in this category, oftentimes people are willing to spend money in order to avoid having to grind or avoid having to strategize. Generally, games which rely on heavy investments of time or mental energy are going to win out in this category. (Idle games for time, RPG/strategy games for mental energy).

iii) Content

Sometimes people are willing to pay money, not for any advantages in a game but just to experience new content or something cool! (Don’t know how successful this is, and I’ve often seem developers get blasted for suggesting someone PAY to get more game content when they could just go play other games for free.)

4) financial/time investment

MMOs require startup capital above and beyond the other genres in order to cover server costs to keep the game world running smoothly. Idle/non-idle generally don’t. For argument’s sake, let’s assume that creating 30 hours of gameplay “costs” more for a non-idle game than an idle one (Arguing this point is beyond the scope of this analysis).

Using a simplified ranking system…

A) # of plays

First: Idle games/MMOs
Second: non-idle

B) Ratings

First: Idle games
Second: MMOs/non-idle


First: MMOs
Second: idle/non-idle

D) Investment

First: Idle
Second: Non-idle
Third: MMOs

Let’s go with a very basic metric of a low score being the most desirable and places first through third being given scores of 1-3. The total scores for each genre become….

Idle: 5
MMOs: 7
Non-idle: 8

It’s not too hard to understand why a developer would want to make an idle game on kong. The reason why we haven’t seen this beforehand is because it wasn’t until recently that it was demonstrated that people are willing to IAP for an idle game (Adventure Capitalist being the first I can think of that utilized this.) From a meta perspective idle games have become the best option for a developer, with MMOs coming in second and non-idles coming in third.

TL;DR: Best options for kong developer is to make idle games.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why so much Idle?

Originally posted by BrainpanSonata:

This won’t last forever, at least not here. A very important factor that we need to consider is that Greg doesn’t badge idle games unless they’re spectacular and/or innovative. With everyone jumping on the idle bandwagon, we’re getting flooded with games that aren’t badgeworthy. Soon enough, either someone at HQ will realize that idle games are crippling a key component of the site or the badgers will revolt and force a change.

Or gamestop/kong will follow the money and start badging “idle” games. Imo it’s only a matter of time…

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Event tier rewards

Originally posted by TheKomboKing:
Originally posted by UltimateChaos:

Ah, I was wonndering how some players had tons of diamond cards from this event. I figured they bought a lot of chest keys, but I guess they just were on the old reward tier. I just started, and after furiously throwing all my energy at this event, all I’m walking away with besides coins are one non-event gold and the bear magus. :(

Well I mean the absolute max number of diamond cards that you used to be able to get during the old reward system was 3 (which was and still is unheard of). Most people would be lucky to get one, most got gold or diamond upgrades or worse…..a gold final form. As for the people who have tons of diamonds it’s probably because they dumped money into sale packs or portal spins. I personally threw a couple pretty pennies into pack sales that are released after I finished an event with a prize pool I liked.

Yeah, I ended up with a gold final form that I ended up recycling for dust. I guess I thought the old reward system used to be sort of guaranteed to get 1 or 2 diamonds per event, (which coming up against people with multiple level 5 diamonds just wrecks me in pvp). Those gems would be nice, but I guess not having them is -bear-able.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Event tier rewards

Ah, I was wonndering how some players had tons of diamond cards from this event. I figured they bought a lot of chest keys, but I guess they just were on the old reward tier. I just started, and after furiously throwing all my energy at this event, all I’m walking away with besides coins are one non-event gold and the bear magus. :(

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Thoughts/Suggestions on Gilded heroes

Been enjoying this game for a while, pretty unique and great. Gilded heroes are a pretty interesting mechanic that can add a lot to the game. They’re really cool, new outfits and extra damage are fantastic. But there’s bad aspect as well that could/should be fixed.

Bad aspects:

- No control over which heroes get gilded. It’s just not fun when you don’t get the hero you want gilded. You may never get to see the new outfit of your favorite hero or see them upgraded to gilded status if you’re unlucky.

- Lack of balance regarding gilding. From a mechanics/gameplay perspective, there are huge differences to gilding Treebeast/Frostleaf versus Betty/Midas. This is because while Betty and Midas are valuable for boosting party dps/gps, gilding only boosts personal hero damage so heroes with damage boost upgrades will be the ones benefiting. There’s nothing shittier in a game than working hard for a reward and feeling like you just got NOTHING.

- Can’t see which heroes are gilded without clicking on the “Spend Kreds” button. This is more of a minor thing, but it feels very money grabby that someone must go partially through the “buy with real money” process before seeing the gilded hero roster.

Suggested fixes:

- Give the player the choice as to which hero gets gilded. Earning new gilded heroes is tough and should be a nice reward! It’s true that a player might select poor choices, but give them the option to reset their choices and select different gilded heroes (but they should be stuck with their choices for the current ascension to prevent abuse).

Another fun and cool solution, which has the benefit of giving the player control while minimizing imbalance, is to make it so that every hero must be gilded at least once before a hero can be gilded twice. That way people who just enjoy playing for fun can choose their favorite heroes to see upgraded while strategists can choose/determine gild order/paths. No choice resets necessary.

- Make the gilding bonuses be unique to the hero. I know it may take a little more work/effort, but for the non-pure damage heroes getting them gilded just makes it feel like a complete waste. 50% bonus to dps may work for most heroes, but here’s suggestions for some others…

Betty (some bonus to party DPS)
Alexis (bonus to critical hit chance or critical hit damage multiplier)
Midas (some bonus to gold drop or chance of encountering chests)
Hero with a skill (increase efficacy/duration of skill)
Ahmenhotep (increase primal boss encounter rate)

The possibilities are endless! A lot of creative freedom and fun to be had. If it’s tough to come up with ideas, I’m sure a lot of people could suggest a lot of really neat bonuses.

-Add a button on the front screen that took you directly to the gilded heroes roster.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
TL;DR: Let players select which heroes to gild, give different gild bonus depending on hero.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Most efficient Hero Buying Order?

Gilded heroes kind of throws this off and there are some exceptions, but generally I’ve found the best buying order is to upgrade according to certain sets of rules.

-Before you get a hero to a milestone level (10, 25, etc.) make sure the hero before it is already at that milestone.
-Only upgrade a hero to a higher milestone level if the hero after it is at the same milestone that it is currently at.

There is some leeway with upgrading, even with those rules, but you’ll find that 95+% of the time the optimal upgrading path falls within those guidelines.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why only teens on kong?

Originally posted by bobby71983:

I could be 5 years ago…

You could be… the past?!?!?!?!?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Scripts in Grinns Tale

Are there any pramin images for medium quality? It’s what I tend to use most. Low quality looks too ugly for me and high quality lags a bit.

Or, if I wanted to go about it myself, how exactly would I do it?

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

I didn’t see this being talked about: Ninja Warz. This is absolutely terrible badge design, because one can literally ‘buy’ the badge. This badge is for reaching level 15, in a game where you can spend a little bit of cash to get an instant level up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dev made a bit of extra money because of that poorly designed badge. Though the developer could be to blame for even including this feature, I’m sorry, but the blame will have to be moved over since the bad badge highlights the bad game design.

Yeah, I agree. I talked more about it in my third post, except used Bloons TD 4 as an example. Ninja Warz is another good example of this.

I’ll just go off on a tangent and say that when the badges came out, two friends and I who hadn’t played before were able to play together and go from start to finish in under 2 weeks, the only high-level help (if you could call it that) was on the last battle, where we had another couple people join us to even it out a bit (I’m sure we could have done it ourselves, or at least would have spent maybe 2 more days leveling to do so). I could hardly call this a multi-month game, and in actuality have yet to find any multiplayer game that took more than two or three weeks to go through in entirety.

Yes, I acknowledge that you accomplished this multiplayer badge, and others, faster than most people did. Without discrediting your accomplishments, it sounds like you have good timing with these badges. The best time go after multiplayer badges is right after they are released. That’s usually when other people are attempting the badge, actively discussing it in chat, and the time when the badge requirements are usually most reasonable (since the badges are really for the state of the game at the time of badging.) The dynamic of a specific multiplayer game can drastically change the nature of the achievement over time.

To bring this back on topic, we can clearly see this vocalized by many throughout this thread, upset at the difficulty of trying to earn multiplayer badges in a much less active or changed community. In kong’s defense though, they really can’t and shouldn’t plan badges based off of how a game is going to be like years in the future or once the community dies out. It does seem like this bothers a lot of people though, trying to earn multiplayer/pvp badges in a dead game, but I can’t really think of a good solution for it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges


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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges


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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

The fourth worst type of badge… I feel a little guilty choosing this game because I love the developer and love the game, but it really exemplifies a few problems with badges. In his defense, I don’t believe he even sponsored this badge and it hurt his ratings more than most games that get badged.

The impossible badge for Pyro is an example of several bad qualities in a badge. The first is that….

This badge is impossible to earn for some operating systems/computers. For those of you that are not aware of the requirements of this badge or the game, it involves slinging a fireball into some torches, and once all the torches are lit you beat the level. You can beat a level perfectly by igniting all the torches in one shot, and this is called “acing” a level. For the impossible badge you have to ace every level in a certain time limit. All in all, sounds pretty typical and a good choice for an impossible badge.

Here’s the first problem… one of the “perfect” shots requires you to do so on a level that was never intended to get a perfect shot. However, someone figure out that you could do this by aiming the fireball at an area above and to the left of the game window. The problem is, not all computers or operating systems would allow you to do this. I recall at the time that the current OS for macs wouldn’t receive any input if the cursor was outside the game window and thus you could never beat this level perfectly. It’s really frustrating for badge requirements/difficulty to be affected by the type of computer/operating system you use (as you can’t really change this) but especially frustrating when you simply CANNOT earn the badge with your operating system. Of course, there is absolutely no indication that you can’t if you were on a mac (and some other operating systems that I don’t presently recall) and so could spend hours obsessing over a level that was impossible to complete. (Another game that had this issue was either “Take Something Literally” or “Take Something Literally 2” in which a badge’s requirements were impossible on either a Mac or PC. Kong changed the badge offered and fixed the problem hours within the game got badged, so kudos to them =D )

The second problem was also something that a player had little to no control over. There was one level that was pivotal in determining whether or not you made all the levels under the time limit. In this level, you basically had to do absolutely nothing while the fireball slowly ignited the whole screen and completing the level. The problem is with how the timer was programmed (and in the developer’s defense, the timer was never intended to be used in such a way) was based off of the framerate, processer speed, and general lag on your computer. The end effect was that this one level could take somewhere between about 5 (or 12, it’s been awhile) seconds or 40 seconds, which was is about a whopping 30% of your total available time for only 2% of the levels. Some of the top of the chart high scores COULD still earn the badge with this handicap… but it’s pretty unrealistic even for an impossible.

The third is really less of an issue, and I can understand why it’s not always an option. If the developer was consulted, they would have either been able to make a few adjustments to how the timer/levels were to adjust for difference in operating systems and computer speed or would have chosen different badge criteria. I think all developers should be contacted before a game is badged and be told what the suggested badges were and have a chance to replace them with some of their own or agree/validate with them. Give them some sort of timeline during which to respond, and there you go. I know some developers will actively ask for certain types of badges, but I’m sure many more just assume their game won’t get badge and are caught by surprise when it does. Which I’m sure is super exciting, but… frustration between players and developers could be mitigated to a degree.

Summary: Developers should be checked with before badges are chosen/offered. Also, badges shouldn’t be highly dependent on the operating system or what type of computer a user has. Finally, a badge shouldn’t require you to lag your computer a high amount or change your operating speed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

Choosing a type of badge for the third worst badges was tough, as was choosing a specific example. I just want to say that the badges I am showing as bad badge examples does not mean they are bad games. A game being bad is highly subjective, and since only games with higher ratings are being chosen means that there are a lot of people who like them and can’t really claim to be objectively bad.

The game and badge I’m going to go with for third worst type of badge is for Bloons Tower Defense 4, the hard badge. This game can be pretty challenging and fun, although some may not agree. The reason I’m choosing this badge is because this game is punishingly hard when attempting this badge. Now, I’m level 65 and an extremely avid gamer, I would never speak out against badge difficulty. The problem with this badge is….
That you can pay kreds to basically circumvent it. For someone not willing to pay kreds, it’s is frustratingly difficult to get this badge compared to all of the other hard badges on this site. It would definitely be one of the most challenging ones. But there is a HUGE gap in difficulty if you choose to spend even a small amount of kreds… instead of almost being worth of an impossible and being punishingly difficult, this game simply becomes challenging. Not only that, you have to know in advanced WHICH of the premium things you need to buy with kreds.

I’m not speaking out against premium content, or even premium content giving an advantage. Premium content, while hated by a lot of people, is a perfectly viable business model and way to donate to a developer whom you appreciate in order for extra goodies and bonuses for a game you enjoy. But having a badge almost directly purchasable by kreds? It makes the developer come off very greedy and kong come off very greedy. Now, I love kong, and I love you guys (<3 for greg is mojo, the admins, and everyone else involved with kong including the community and developers) and I really believe that these badges aren’t designed to manipulate people into paying kreds, but that’s the way it comes off to the players. A game is very difficult, we feel forced to pay out of frustration, and we feel guilty of doing so, annoyed at the developers, and angry at kong for badging in such a way. (Note: I enjoyed this game and played through without donating any kreds, then donated some to see how it would affect the challenge of it.)

Summary: Please don’t have badges for games where you can just “buy” the badge. It seems greedy by those of us who are willing to pay/donate, and it angers and frustrates those who are unable to buy/donate for whatever reason.

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

The 2nd worst badge (that exemplifies the category) would be Berserk: The Cataclysm. I realize that this makes it the 2nd MMO of the worst badges I’m listing, but I’m not trying to speak out against MMOs. I fully realize that there are fans of the genre, and there are enough people complaining about the category that I don’t need to mention anything about them.

The badge in question is the medium badge for this game, where you need to win 3 battles with 3 squads. The reason this is a problem is because in is very difficult to figure out how to get this badge. I don’t mean difficult to figure out as in “This boss is difficult to figure out.” The goal of a badge like that is clear, kill the boss, the challenge comes from determining how to kill that boss and managing to do so. The reason winning 3 battles with 3 squads is so difficult is because as a player there is absolutely no clue how this is done. The majority of the battles you’ll come across in the game are 1squad or 2 squad, and 3 squad battles are almost impossible to find. Logically, you think the answer would just to make progress in the singleplayer campaign, but as it turns out there is only a single 3 squad battle in the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN. If someone puts in the effort to complete this, they still have no idea how to get those last 2 squad battles. Now, I believe you can use premium currency to redo stages in the campaign, and while you get enough premium currency to do this… it’s easy to have spent some previously and without knowing you need the premium currency for this because there’s only one instance in the campaign is really unfair to ask of a player. This leaves the player annoyed and frustrated, because they have no idea where to look or how to find what is required for the badge. There is absolutely NO indication anywhere of how to even attempt this. (It turns out that the way to earn this badge is to visit a friend who is inactive in the game and fight the barbarians who have moved into his land. And even then, the chance of encountering a rare 3-squad battle is very low so you will have to spend quite some time fighting these battles. So even if you tried looking for a 3 squad battle here on a whim, chances are you would have dismissed it because there didn’t seem to be any appearing.)

Summary: This is a poor badge because the player has no idea what the requirement of the badge is even asking, or where to begin attempting this. Not knowing how to complete a challenge is perfectly okay, but a player shouldn’t be frustrated trying to figure out HOW to attempt a challenge.

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Topic: Kongregate / Absolute worst (and I guess best) Kongregate badges

I’ve been putting off replying to this topic, in case I got any more ideas, but I probably wouldn’t come back and reply unless I do it now, so… here goes =P (

First off, I just want to say that I basically have every badge (except for 7 =/ ) on kongregate. This isn’t to brag, but just to say that I have tried every badge. Also, I <3 badge hunting. The worst badges, and the problems they exemplify, are…

1. Sacred Seasons 2 – The 2nd hard badge or the “endurance” badge
Now, a lot of people hate MMOs. Some people like them. That isn’t the problem with this badge. The problem is very much how Sacred Seasons 2 works as a community/game. This game and the core community are highly dependent on helping eachother out and leveling eachother. A lot of the main quests could probably be started and done as a team of people who begin the game together, that’s not the issue. The issue is those giant level gaps between dungeons where, if you just have a team of people about the same level playing through the game together, you’d have to grind for hours everyday for weeks to be able to handle the next area and months until you finish the game. This is really demonstrated in the first Sacred Seasons, where all the quest and areas you find only get you up to about level 30, and the final area requires you to be of level 100 to reasonably survive in battles and contribute at all. This means that you have to clear the final dungeon literally thousands of times (If I recall correctly, it was over 2000 times needed) to reach that level.

The problem: This means that with help from friends around your level, you once again have multi-month long grinding sessions (again for hours per day) to make progress. OR, you can find a high level friend who has been with the game for years to basically carry you through the final quests. This leads to almost everyone playing the game for badges to be constantly begging and harassing what few high levels there are around to carry them through the game. Naturally, the community outright ignores the majority of them, and who can blame them? It takes a non-trivial amount of patience and time to run someone through the quests needed for the badge, so they have to be very select in who they help. If you’re very popular, have a really good friend who is a high level person, or you’re a mod, you can usually find someone to help you eventually without too much trouble. Everyone else is just shit out of luck.

Summary: This badge encourages harassing/begging other players to carry you through and earn it for you, and is impossible to earn on your own merits for those who cannot or will not do so. It annoys the existing player-base of the game and literally requires 6-8 hours daily for months to be able to earn it without high level help.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

It was a game where you could fly around on and control a dragon. PC game, probably at least…. 8-10 years old? Man, I’m really dating myself. Anyway, the game seemed to be two part, an rpg where you controlled some woman that wasn’t that great, then when she got to ride on the dragon. Both were like… third person view iirc. Anyone got anything?

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Topic: Kongregate / Is it POSSIBLE for someone to get 44 Impossible badges in one (ONE!) day?

@ Maistlin:

If someone has been playing for, let’s say a year, then gets every impossible badge on the site during the same day, then they are probably hacking.

@ BHA:

I am not convinced that SME got those badges legitimately/within that time period.

As for getting anywhere near this amount of impossible badges in one day… the only way I could see this being anywhere more than theoretically possible is if someone practiced for a long time being able to string together impossible badges and practiced earning all of these in order until they had gotten it down to a science before trying on numerous new accounts until they were able to achieve this feat. In other words, I could only entertain the possibility of this happening on an account explicitly stated to be doing this exact thing.

IMO, enough of an indicator that somebody is hacking is if they have all of the impossible badges before coming anywhere near achieving the amount of badges that are on kong. They are difficult and frustrating to get, and not that many of them are “fun.” Other than the ones that are challenging and fun, most people would rather “force” themselves to get badges that are easier to get than those.

Furthermore, I haven’t personally known anyone (and been 100% convinced) who has every impossible badge on this site earned completely legitimately. Anyone who has, I’ve either found to be cheating, admitted to me they were cheating, or had a very loose ethic on what is or isn’t cheating.

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Topic: Kongregate / PETITION: stop badging MMOs where you have to wait

Originally posted by ne0pets22:
Originally posted by bjjdude:
Originally posted by Anubis579:

Hear hear! I agree with this petition. They are a nuisance!

>implying kong gives a buck

Sadly, they probably don’t. No response, like usual. No response from the Kong staff, it’s like they don’t even care.

What do you mean, they listened and badged King’s Bounty =P

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Topic: Kongregate / Mechanical Commando Impossible Badge

Mmm, I remember the good old days and the difficulty those games had. This badge isn’t… I don’t think it’s fair, by current standards. By my guess, the game originally ran a lot slower when it came out and that explains the original high necessary score of 20 waves survived. As time has passed and computers have gotten faster, that score is much harder to attain. I feel like the two requirements, perfect every level and get fair enough in survival, ought to at least be similarish in difficulty. As it is now, it is MUCH easier to perfect every level. A better amount would have been 10 survival waves for the hard badge and 15 for the impossible were it to be released today.

That being said, I have seen less fair badges. shrug But we all know games that have gotten much easier or much harder with time. For example, Mud and Blood 2 has vastly increased in challenge and difficulty since the original badges came out. The hard badge now takes a lot of strategy, grinding, and luck compared to just a couple of tries with a good strategy. Then you have other games like Dream World that are much easier than when they came out, now that there are guilds with EXP bonuses and such.