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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

I’m here on a mission to identify some anime from vague statements. Hope you can help

It’s part of a community riddle thing going on over at Legacy of a Thousand Suns, and it turns out we don’t know a lot about anime…and the riddle thing is 100% anime related. So, I’m reaching out to other forums for help. We are trying to identify the anime/specific scene in which the follow statements refer to. And how perfect is this? On Kong and like anime :) Keep in mind this is a “riddle” so words will have multiple meanings/puns/etc.

1. How do we tame this thing? Maybe Dizzy Charlie will help?

2. What am I smelling now? Stone? Does this mean she can fold a paper crane? I hope so!

3. Is he a World Chat moderator? That nickname would imply so! Hmm, but he’s also a turncoat… now I feel redundant. No, let’s take the young girl instead, she’s quite the fighter! (For reference, World Chat moderators have their names colored yellow. One is nicknamed the stampede, which made me think Trigun, but I don’t believe Vash is a turncoat, so maybe someone called the Yellow or a coward who is also a turncoat?)

4. She needs someone to talk about discords and water sources? Yes, get her one of those!

5. Are you sure this will work? It barely made a scratch when she tried it against the one opposing All Hallows’ Eve!

6. Good thing the brothers didn’t have this! Otherwise their iconic moment would’ve been rather awkward!

7. Make sure that your opponents won’t change their ball tosser. Otherwise the blond guy will use this against you!

Any help identifying would be appreciated. Thanks a lot :)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: News and Announcements / [Feature] Guilds on Kongregate are Levelling Up--Guild Chat is Here!

Is it possible that some guilds aren’t recognized as guilds? My friend says that there’s a guild forums, which I also do not have access to. In the guild: Nameless

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Topic: Dream World / This game should have a bigger level capacity

99-100 is a pretty discouraging level.

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Topic: Dream World / Most Coins Thrown Into Well.

I doubled 2.7 tril once. Then the other day I lost 16 tril? Win some. Lose some.

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Topic: Dream World / Things DW could use

This is a small list of things I was thinking DW could use. Things that would make daily play a bit better. I focused on areas, instead of things like more/better hot keys (which we also desperately need). I’m sure there are lots of things I missed.

Submarines – A submarine in Atlantis would be a well equivalent. 1b coins for 25% rage. Plus, submarines are cool.

Mystic War
Wars go up and down extremely fast, and if you miss one it sucks. There’s also a good chance you’re going to be diplo locked. I suggest 6-12 hour diplomacy changes and 50-100m per stone repair.

I’ve always been fond of both mainland and Isendel, but the coin drain is magnificent and the xp is awful. I’d like to see the coins level scale like mines, and the xp based more on FW levels. I feel they’re underutilized for no real purpose.

Feel free to add more ideas.

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Topic: Dream World / Invincible Mystic Foiled

There are some pretty nice changes in there. The scroll bar is immensely annoying. Did you manage to fix the HP thing too? Where if you attack before your heal fully heals you the whole thing bugs out and it looks like you’re full/dead regardless of what your hp is?

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Des: As some of you may have noticed, we ran into a timing issue with our World Raid caused by Europe’s Daylight Savings. Due to Daylight Savings happening right in the middle of the raid, the timer was showing improperly for some users. This caused some players to believe there was an extra hour on the raid, when in fact there was not. In an effort to do the right thing for those that were close to a new tier, we are inviting you to contact us directly. If you feel you were within an hour of achieving the next tier of rewards, please read below.

How it will work:

You will send Lena (forum Gk Lena) the following information

Character Name
Platform Played (ie: Facebook, Kongregate, etc.)

Then we will look up your information and if we feel you were close enough to the next tier to warrant the rewards, we will grant them to you.

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Topic: Dream World / Alot of exp strategy FOR BUYERS OR PEOPLE WITH ALLOT OF GEMS.

I’ve thought about dolling something all day long. If I had infinite money.

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Topic: Dream World / Extra Eggs?

I can’t understand the complaints. It’s 23 extra mboxes/day + 24 eggs.

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Topic: Dream World / just curious (Atlantis)

If you’re trying to mist cap, you basically have no other choice. FW is preferable but often you’ll be waiting for your guild mates to cap. It’s logistically easier to hit Atlantis.

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Topic: Dream World / Faction Wars - when?

Thursday at 7pm→Monday at 7pm

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Topic: Dream World / Catch-22

I’d personally much rather do Atlantis than Hell for posi…

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Topic: Dream World / Catch-22

I’ve enumerated the problems with Atlantis before, and I think the primary issue is still that there’s no good reason to go into Atlantis if you’re not going to be top 7 (more realistically top 5). Even after the xp change, Atlantis is 11% worse xp than FW and worse for coins.

Increasing the damage cap would help it to die, but would not really increase participation. It’d just be 7 people killing it instead of 10. Instead, I’d suggest having damage over 200m add to your xp bonus at 1%/20b up to 15 or 20% (300m-400m damage). I don’t even care if the top 5 don’t get an xp boost increase. Of course even then level 100s who have their Positron gear would have no reason to ever enter Atlantis (if they’re playing for max coin efficiency.)

Edit: Also, FW gives permanent XP bonuses over time.

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Topic: Dream World / Hell Evaluation

So, playing around in Hell for a week, I’ve decided that I don’t really like it.

1) Great Offensive Fame.
2) Great for Mystic Wars
3) Badges

1) Prohibitive cost of opening (36b for a cycle of 3)
2) No personal benefit to assist raging because
3) Only top person gets extended gear (combined with cost of opening and raging I think it’s cheaper to get Posi gear out of BM and you’d probably get more XP/coin ratio too)
4) Have to cycle through all 3 to get the boss you want. (I assume this is true at every level. If people can kill 1s and like to kill 1s, they’d have to wait for 2 and 3 to die.)

I’d like to see the cost of opening gates reduced or removed. (I spent 500b coins in a day, and didn’t open/rage that many gates), and I’d like to see extended drop for the top 3 or 5 players on a boss (maybe at a certain damage level) to encourage more guild participation.

It’s similar to raging Queens to get into Hell gate. The benefit is hitting the Queen, and the raging is so costly that most people just hope someone else will do it. It’s more extreme here because of the huge opening costs, and the fact that there is no benefit to helping anyone else rage aside from Ofame (which you probably capped already), or Stones (which are only relevant if there isn’t currently a war up and you do not currently have a Wonder).

Personally, I doubt I’ll ever return to Hell after I get the badges, regardless of whether or not I got that coveted Positron gear.

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Topic: Kongregate / Anniversary Giveaway

Apr. 13, 2009. I actually remember how I started. Someone suggested Hero’s Arms to me, and well…now I’m level 65.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

What’s the best way to master level 9000 IAs?

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Topic: Dream World / Lack of lvl cap rasie

I don’t think the level cap has to be raised but I think it’d be nice if xp did something. Even if it’s every quadrillion xp = 1 learning point or every quintillion xp = 1 con. Something. Or trade large amounts of xp for chances at gear, or mboxes, or turn them into coins.

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Topic: Dream World / lvl 93 wearing posi armor and staff!!

Yea, if 92s can get posi 9s, more power to them. Side note: DW+9 is better than enchanted posi +6 or so, so you’re still better off with faction war in most cases. You have like…a 1/150 chance to get a +7,8,9.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Guide] Post-Explosion LolMarket

I “recently” started (40 days ago, haven’t ascended yet), but I love the lolmarket. I have technical lights set up for it for 1200 buy/1800 sell. I watch fairly closely (cause I work from home, and the technical light tells me when to pay attention) and I probably make >20m green coins/day. I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not. I run demand master constantly. I haven’t yet maxed gem trader career.

What I’ve noticed is:
Gem 1 will often hit 450/2550.
Gem 2-3 will can fall under 1000*gem level and usually hit 2000*gem level.
Gem 4-6 I’m willing to buy at ~1100*gem level and I’ll sell whenever technical lights tell me to.
Gem 7-10 have a huge radius, so you can buy them at 1-2k over their low boundary and still make 3-4k profit/gem by the time you sell. So buy 7 at 8k, sell for 12k. Maybe you get lucky and it goes to 14k. I think 12k is my limit on my gem 10, but you can usually sell that off for 18k.

I don’t know if this is the ideal way to run it or if it’s repetitive or helpful, but that’s what I do.

As a side note, for demand control I’ll do whatever I have more of. If I’m holding 6 gems, I’ll increase. If I’m holding 4, I’ll decrease. Maybe increase it anyway, if I’m holding gems 7-10, but tbh, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not convinced demand control does a lot compared to demand master.

P.S. Control + space + click buys and sells all you can with one click.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

I’m starting to have some yellow/blue/green coins to spend and I’m wondering what people spend them on. I’ve bought all the one time buy things, boosts are maxed, etc. I always run autoharvest, and I’ll use demand master if I can watch the screen. I also run a few careers and feed the dragon 500x/day.

I’m guessing yellows go to insta-progress, but I could be wrong, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with the greens/blues. I can’t find any information after 2011 on how people spend them. :)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Acquiring infinity-cards in T-FCG

I’d make an anti-benediction deck and farm him on Level 10 for a while. He has Awesome Faces and I think some other expensive cards. Use that and branch out to other level 10s with things you want. You can even use a mostly unupgraded anti-benediction deck.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

Not sure if this is a bug, but I just got an Orc Ring from a Mystery Box. As I already have a Positron Ring, I assume this should not have happened.

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Topic: Dream World / Total Stupidity

As a level 98 mage, I have to say that the primary reason I’m a mage is that I don’t want to switch weapons to heal. If I could drop any +9 weapon in my hand for the purpose of winning the game, I’d probably go sword.

It’s more or less impossible to compare the various classes at the very top end since everyone has vastly different stats/pots/weapons, but last test I ran against a gunner, the gunner did a bit higher damage with ~the same stats using non-enhanced fallen weapons in Invasion. I’m curious how powerful sword block is vs. Atlantis.

Sword and gun also have a significant Black Market advantage, since their weapons are vastly cheaper. Not to mention guns cut through any player in MW and no one wants to hostile a guild full of high level swordies.

Still, nothing trumps laziness.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Don’t crystal and xyphite sell for less than Alien? I wish all my Alien/Crystal drops were coins, actually.

Anyway, my suggestion is a tournament area with no wells/gemmable imps, but with stat normalization. (IE everyone has the same hp/does the same damage/has the same defense). Maybe have it appear once/6 hours, and it’d be a race to see who can get 1b damage first (presumably a player would be able to do 1-200m damage/run). It could cost no energy (maybe an entrance fee), mobs could give no coin/xp, and the reward for placing would be either level scaled gear or a personal XP bonus (or both).

Alternately, mobs could give xp/coins (FW/ATL style), and it could take energy. A race like that would be cool to show who the best(quickest) players are…and would probably be an easy way to spot scripters. :)

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

A few people in guild who never had problems sharing crystals had problems sharing crystals today. DW ended up on their blocked lists without them blocking it. The always publish function is also blocking DW again.