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Topic: Kongregate / Can you please make it impossible for a comment to go below 0 rating?

Originally posted by bobby71983:

So you are asking for a system in which people arent so gullible that they let trolls get to them?

Nope, never gonna happen. People are stupid and are easily trolled. I don’t think it’s right to disturb the natural order of the world.

I think you’re overreacting by saying that someone is stupid and gullible because they downvoted a troll. If they get offended and write angry comments on a troll’s profile, then that’s different, but just downvoting doesn’t really do anything. I downvote any comments that I disagree with, even trolls; the trolls aren’t “getting to me”, I just don’t care what the troll thinks of it since it doesn’t affect me.

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Topic: General Gaming / I love Unity games!

To me, the appeal of Flash games have always been the fact that they’re free (being able to run them on my laptop from 2009 with integrated graphics is simply an added bonus). It’s convenient being able to play a decent game without having to spend anything at all. Unity games are therefore just Flash games with better graphics.

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Topic: General Gaming / Warrior, Mage, or Rogue?

I always try a bit of everything, but it’s mainly either rogue or warrior. I always find melee classes to be the most fun. It kind of depends on the game, though.
On subclasses, my rogue is either an assassin or duelist, although that might sound vague since those are usually the main rogue subclasses in most RPGs. For a warrior, it’s usually 2-handed.
What I can never every play in any RPG is a support class or healer. I just find it really boring, no matter what game I play.

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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

Originally posted by aguspal:

I think this thread isnt even about CoD anymore…

That’s funny coming from you, since you were the one who derailed it by turning it into a thread about Minecraft.

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Topic: Kongregate / Would would you do if a big tall huge guy came up to you in Gamestop and demanded your account?

Assuming that the mugger in question is a professional lie detector, I would just give him one of my alts. He never said which account he wanted, did he?

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Topic: General Gaming / Can we filter out "idle" games from the hot/top games?

Games are games because you play them. Seeing that the point of idle games is to be AFK 90% of the time, you aren’t really playing them which is why I don’t really consider idle games to be “games” even if there are some of them that I like.

I think it would be best if there was simply a customisable filter where you can just omit any genre you don’t like.

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Topic: General Gaming / It's a sad day..

I still like idle games, but they’re becoming too common. It’s sort of like the launch genre.
Not to mention that there are only so many tabs I’m going to keep open in the background.

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Topic: General Gaming / What are the worst things you've done in video games?

In Dragon Age: Origins, I sacrificed a group of elven slaves, then let their diabolical slave trader roam free. Also, my entire party started to hate me after that.
What did I gain from this, you ask? A +1Constitution bonus. Totally worth it.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3]

Originally posted by Anjo33:

I to knew he is very ill but cancer… Lets hope he makes sonny3 before his death, because it will be the finishing hit game he made. By the way, im very sad that he has cancer.

Just because someone has cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to die.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why does this game has only 4.2 rating?

4.2 is already quite high if you ask me.

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Topic: Kongregate / What is the weirdest thing to ever happen on Kongregate

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

I like when knowledge star tried to make kong crash by spamming the forums with about 700 alts and his own website which stated when he would try again. People kept posting the link to get him to freak out.

It was funny because there were people who actually took that guy seriously.

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Topic: Kongregate / Err...

When you do a Google search for “Kongregate”, this website comes up on the first page.

They’re both Flash gaming sites, although they’re still a bit different. The only thing that is really copied is the name, but is that allowed?

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Topic: General Gaming / Grindquest. Where did it go?

There was a blizzard last night and GrindQuest was blown away.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best Story

Originally posted by The_Atari_Kid:

Have you tried the Sonny games? I enjoyed the story and voice acting. It is a turn based RPG (which may or may not be your thing).

Sonny is good, although I find that it’s better for the gameplay. Half of what happened during Sonny 1 is unrelated to the sequel, and the lack of dialogue means that there’s very little character development.

Also, if you do not like point and click, then you’re pretty much missing some of the best stories on Kongregate. Just saying.

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Topic: General Gaming / Toss The Turtle

Originally posted by AllStarDominatio:
Originally posted by Hamsters_R_Boss:

Toss the Turtle is the best launch game I have ever played.

I hate because I can’t get the hard badge, but overall, it’s a pretty neat game. :P

The hard badge is pretty easy if you use enough nukes.
Anyway, @OP you really should ask that to the actual developers of the game, rather than creating a whole forum thread about it. No one is going to read it here.

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Topic: Kongregate / I'm still waiting for that next awesome Kong game.

Games take time to make. If every sequel mentioned in the OP was released now, we wouldn’t have games – we would just have a whole bunch of random clones full of bugs and glitches.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] coming!

This thread should honestly be locked. Krin only just finished Sinjid, and hasn’t even started on Sonny 3 yet. Remember the time gap between the release dates of Sonny 1 and Sonny 2, and every single other major Flash game sequel? Yeah, you’re not going to see Sonny 3 until at the very least 2014.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] when is sonny 3 coming out!

Originally posted by lkoiuj317:
Originally posted by Backyarddefender:

Guys there will be a sonny 3, right after sinjid 3 is made, so its gonna be somewhere in 2013-2014
just go to for more info.

P.S : after sonny 3 is gonna be Colony 2 :D Have fun!

No offense… sinjid has been in making since like 2008, he highly gave up after 6 years…

Maybe you should check the developer’s website first, rather than posting your uninformed opinions.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is it legal to share your account or use alts here in Kong?

Actually, I’ve shared accounts with two other people in the past with no consequences. So unless that condition was implemented within the past year, account sharing is allowed.

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Topic: General Gaming / MMORPGs

LoL and DotA aren’t MMORPG’s, just saying.

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Topic: Kongregate / Anyone notice...

People are allowed to rate games however they want to rate them. More than often, the general audience is going to disagree with your opinion.

If you’re thinking that Kongregate is being overrun by gamers with bad taste, no one is stopping you from leaving.

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Topic: Kongregate / How many people

And how many of those 9.8M accounts have been online in the past week, aren’t alts and haven’t been banned?

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Topic: Kongregate / Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate

Why did he leave AG?

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Powerful Combination Attacks

Originally posted by Ectoplasmose:
Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:
Psychological Combos

Combo Y: High Voltage —> High Voltage —> Shock Coma —> Shock Coma —> High Voltage —> Retrograde (kills an enemy for 120% of their health; optional additional moves include Traumatize to buy time for the first part of the combination; does not repeat immediately)

Retrograde can only be cast on a friendly unit.If it can’t be cast on the enemy this combo is not possible.
Could you explain this to me?

The second rank of Retrograde can be used on either enemy or ally.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mardek 3 vs. Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Tried Mardek 3 for 5 minutes
Conclusion: How is that even a competition? EBF 3 >>>> Mardek 3