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Topic: Astroflux / 1000 Flux to reset upgrades??

Saying this game is only P2W is ridiculous: you can easily gather enough flux to pay for a reset. The other FLux benefits can be nice (XP/loot safegaurds) but would not give you an immediate edge vs other players in pvp, it might help you level up faster, but hey they have to make a buck somewhere…

As to the reset: to me it’s really amusing how some higher lvl players complain about this, who should have been aware of the increasing upgrade costs (FC_Brazil, seriously don’t tell me you only figured it out that late).

I do agree with a free reset, but it should be a one-time only deal, and I think lvl20 is already to high lvl. I’d say around lvl 10, with all kinds of warnings/bells/whistles that it’s the only free reset, and a reminder that upgrade costs are incremental. Done.

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Topic: Astroflux / Suggession - Pirates vs Police

Bit of a late-ish reply to this topic, but maybe we could have a system which is actually more pvp oriented:
- make it attractive enough for pve farming
- but cause pirate players to be permanently hostile
- and probably put in some more pirate spawn points, maybe less police/non-hostile safe harbours

I’m personally fine with most of the pvp system, but maybe it would be more fun if we have a ‘war’ zone (which should have nice loot/farming too, bigger risk pvp wise = bigger reward)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Food update

Originally posted by Seizan_7:

Finally someone who understands food mechanic. For a moment I was worried that instead of being normal guy surrounded by stupid people I’m some kind of genius, since nobody seemed to understand such simple matter.

My advice for OP and his supporters? If you don’t like new food system, quit now and spare us your childish QQ. You won’t be missed.

…Wow, what brought that on? I keep being amazed by how infantile some people can get when faced with an opinion they don’t like.

Who’s whining? I’m just pointing out that this update just made the game far less enjoyable, at least for me. The devs could read it and do something about it, but I guess they are marketing this game to a different crowd anyway. For gamers that e.g. like good storylines, nicely progressing games (without too much grinding) are likely to be disappointed by this food system upgrade.

For me, this means that I won’t bother grinding anymore, I might check in every now and then to upgrade mines (take a guess why mines, and yes, they all are at lvl8+ already)) but other than that, its probably not worth it. because it was done in an update, most of my heroes just got nerfed being above lvl30. Yes I did use croissants, consider it a dirty trick if you want, I personally don’t think you should consider the use of game features to be ‘dirty’.

The theory behind food mechanics (and game mechanics, and game marketing) is actually pretty complicated (with a lot of psychology, sociology and profit models involved), but that’s a topic best shared with those that don’t troll around calling people stupid whiners (apparently by their own ignorance, gotta love the irony).

aaanyway,pretty much finished all the games I like to play, and am bored with Grinns for now, so I guess I better stop whining and go to the gym, grab a pint and enjoy the weekend.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Food update

Sure, if you buy all premium farms, you don’t have this problem.
And If you but a butload of Pramins, you can solve pretty much any problem in this game.
I guess that’s sort of a sliding scale, making the game easier with real cash, or toughing it out without paying for progress. But this food update just shifted the (non-paying) grinding in this game from “somewhat lame but still meh…acceptable” to “too much hassle/too repetitive, bored now, quitting to play other games”.

Grinding for loot was already tedious enough, and with this food-update it forces you to rely on metal (which is the only ‘real’ scarce resource anyway, wood isn’t half as bad), which I formerly already had to grind for to pay for equipment/upgrades.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Food update

The new food update blows: Now I’m stuck with lvl 35 heroes, and a bakery which is not yet capable of of producing lvl 30+ food. All my croissants are now useless.

On top of that, I now need a shitload of metal to hunt for loot, which I just don’t have. Wood has always been fine (both from production buildings and drops) but metal is a pain. It’s not like getting the loot I want was easy, drop rates seem jinxed anyway (nobody ever gets the loot they need, almost like they programmed the game to be annoying that way).

Anyway, with the new food update, I would have to grind just to get enough metal for food, just to get enough food to grind.
In other words, screw this game unless they fix it. I was so far still charmed by the game (love them toothless bastards) but Kongregate has enough good games out there, without requiring players to either be stupidly patient or pay cash to play.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official - Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge

hmm game still says i’m cheating, no idea why though. Feels pretty lame to be called a cheat whilst not reaping the actual benefits of cheating :(

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Topic: General Gaming / Favorite Video Game

I’d say the first donkey kong country for the snes, that game had some really scenic backgrounds/music and good gameplay at the time. Similar goes for ecco the dolphin for the megadrive. pretty hard to choose a best game ever though, different generations of games can hardly be compared. I mean, when i think about it chronologically i can think of a number of games that left a big impression on me, but how can i compare digger/double dragon/secret of mana/final fantasy 7/unreal tournament etc etc with each other?

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

This post is just too funny not to reply to… so here goes:

When it comes to pure opinions, I think younger persons (thos that did not grew up during classic star wars) which started gaming on xbox etc will claim Halo wins because “Master Chief Pwns” or something similar (like “needlers own” etc etc)

I think such opinions are pretty worthless as actual arguments, you can’t just rip out individual characters/weapons and declare which realm would ‘win’. I’m sure a 1 on 1 fight between e.g. Boba Fett and Master Chief would provide top-notch entertainment value, but match up Master Chief against Vader and you’ll end up with a real boring fight (that is, Vader force-choking Master Chief).

I actually like both universes (read the Halo books, grew up crying as a little boy because they shot r2-d2) but overall, I do think a hypothetic ‘war’ between the star wars universe and the halo universe would be won by star wars.

To get to this conclusion, let’s look at the broader picture:
- ‘unknown’ factors/civillizations referred to in both star wars and halo have to be disregarded for the outcome of the war. A race like the Forerunners from Halo cannot be said to get involved in the war since not enough is known of them / they no longer exist / are extinct. Similar reasoning goes for all kinds of ancient civilizations of the star wars universe: too little is known of them, so any conclusions based on such wildcards contributing to the war are irrelevant.
The same goes for any technology left by those races: Both warring factions (Halo and Star wars) could benefit from such technology, depending on who is able to secure it / figure it out.

- Next, we have to compare technological states and economic / military power of those factions most likely to do the fighting. Technologically, i’d have to say Star wars seems superior.
Why? The human race from Halo seems to be based on a technoly level inferior to that of star wars. At best, covenant technology approaches the level seen in star wars, but then again the covenant primarily imitate forerunner tech ( : “Covenant technology is repeatedly referred to as more imitation rather than innovation, unlike their human enemies.”)
examples of superior star wars tech:
- Weapons : any weapons found in Halo have their equal And superior in Star Wars, remember Jedi’s have the Force, Jedi’s choose to use light sabers, Jedi’s could use explosives and big-ass machine guns/repeater blasters if they would prefer going back to the primitive…
- Space tech: ok, at best, lets call this a draw, I’m sure both factions can shoot the crap out of each other in space
- Biotech: The holy grail of Halo are Spartans like Master Chief, but face it, Spartans aren’t that advanced. The whole spartan project was sort of ‘the best the earth could come up with’. Star Wars has clones, advanced biotech, and i’m sure they could come up with something similar to spartans. If you ask me, you can already approximate a Spartan in the star wars universe by squeezing a Wookie in Storm Trooper armor (if you can manage that without the wookie ripping your head off).

And ofcourse, the Force. Even if you would consider the technological, economical and military might of both universes to be equal, No species in Halo has learned to use the force. Again, Darth vader will force-choke the living daylights out of Master Chief.