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Topic: Game Design / Designing

Don’t smoke marijuana. It will make you lazy and hard to concentrate. Play a lot of games. You will get bored with time, and irritated that every game has >>something<< – and thus you will change the >>something<< in you game and make it original.

Read books, watch movies, talk with friends about their playing experiences.

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Topic: Game Programming / Multiplayer Game Dev Contest - Play Entries!

Away3D uses both Alchemy and Stage3D – doesn’t that mean it uses flash player premium features? I’m not sure, all I know is that you’re under special licensing (revenue share above 50 000$ or something like that) if you use both Alchemy and Stage3D.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / *normal* authentication

Zero-knowledge proof is not an authentication method. There is much more to security when authenticating a user, I recommend using a framework that deals with authentication for you.

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Topic: Collaborations / Batch Programing

Originally posted by qwerber:

batch is considered programming?

I made a labyrinth game in .BAT file. You have variables and conditionals there.

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Topic: Game Programming / Bwuh? Embedded font not displaying....

You don’t use Actionscript, but the class You use (TextField or TextArea or similar) does.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS2] Accessing a class variable from nested movieclip

Please be more specific like what language You code in. In actionscript 3 there is no _parent property, there is parent, without underscore. Before You access parent You need to be sure You are a child of someone, that is, You can’t access parent in constructor, unless the ‘parent’ (creating class, really) passes itself into the constructor.

Also, because I see You use Flash and put some Movieclips by hand on stage to access from code, make sure they have name property assigned. I don’t use Flash, only Flashdevelop, so I can be wrong, but tried to help You as You’re probably not going to get an answer otherwise.

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Topic: Game Programming / Uploading Problem

How do You import the file? Is it AS or SWC and therefore compiled into the game, or is it maybe RSL or SWF? Put some debug textfield and write errors there. Do You use some file from web? Do You use SharedObject?

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Topic: Game Programming / Javascript Userscript help.

What ‘userscript’, what room, where? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Topic: Game Programming / Actionscript 3, still problem with localtoglobal.

You check points in Movieclip’s constructor, when it’s not yet placed on stage. You use HSoldier probably in this way:

var hSoldier:HSoldier = new HSoldier(); //Check points. hSoldier .x and .y are obviously 0 now.
hSoldier.x = 150;
hSoldier.y = 100; //Since now checking points will succeed.

So what You need to do is either:
1. Move Your code from constructor to ADDED_TO_STAGE event; remember to add hSoldier to it’s parent after setting x and y properties.
2. Move Your code to an init() function and call it after setting x and y properties:

var hSoldier:HSoldier = new HSoldier(); //Don’t check points.
hSoldier.x = 150;
hSoldier.y = 100;
hSoldier.init(); //Check points.

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Topic: Collaborations / Composer here, new to the site!

I like it too. The Road Ahead reminds me of Colonization intro theme. Now, when I listen to the latter, it’s quite different (and obviously worse, the memories like to tune things up, lol). Maybe Your music let me think about Colonization intro because of the mood in the track, it’s really a road, an adventure.

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Topic: Collaborations / Sam and Dan Game is looking for a programmer!
I remember such games from times of Flash 4. :D

May I ask how much do You pay? You probably don’t want to talk with a pr0 (I don’t mean myself) for a long time and then he asks for 20 000 $. I also would think to (try to) join if the money were nice. Give us just a range.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / API & monthly prize

Oh, so ‘outside login’ in this case mean outside not from Kongregate, but from my game. Sounds logical. But I think when I’ll send an email to Kongregate anyway at some point, just in case. Thank You UnknownGuardian.

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Topic: Collaborations / For the 'idea' people

No, no, no, You are all wrong. Idea is 50%, Programming is 50% and art is another 50%. This is the truth.

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Topic: Game Design / Making a great strategy game

Nice post! I agree with most, everything but one point – why strategy game should be complex? I can tell You my 3 favourite strategy games titles:
1. Civilization2, yes, quite complex, and on large maps with lots of cities it’s extremely boring.

2. Worms Armageddon. What is so great about the game is that You can personalize the gameplay: make own schemes (weapon ammo, chance of crates falling, what’s in crates, chance of medic supplies falling, how much they heal You, mine fuse time, number of mines and oil barrels on map, switch indestructible terrain) and own maps. That’s why currently more then 95% games on wormnet are based on custom schemes.

3. Neptune’s Pride. Played it much less then previous two, but still have very nice remembrances. This is a very simple game, but still I really felt like a strategist!

These surely aren’t as wise words as Yours but I hope I contributed something.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / API & monthly prize

I believe, we mean same thing, the statement You have to check when uploading a game:
“This game does not contain any outside login or microtransaction systems, including Mochi Coins or Armor Games Interface (AGI) features containing a login system.”

UknownGuardian, You’re a bright guy, tell me what does it mean, exactly? Thanks in advance!

What’s confusing is MMO part of developer centre:

I understand what’s written there as:
You have Your external server, not Kongregate.
You have accounts on your server, not on Kongregate.
You must login with Kongregate login/password, to create new account or assign Kong account to Your existing account.

But I can’t put let’s say Google Login?

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Need group of flash developers for stencylworks

Show examples of graphics you make. The more cool they are, the more cool coders You’ll get in Your team.