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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Rate my team/ Suggestion?

From a purely f2p point of view, does a single portal key really have impact in comparison to actually having the bear card? I don’t feel it necessitates a restart as much as the latter…and since he already has it, one off-chance of a diamond card gamble that he wouldn’t really have a remote chance of fusing as a f2p…nah.

I wouldn’t restart, but that’s just me. But as for deck suggestions, reduce most of your 3x by at least one.

I would avoid having that many demons. Or golems. Or deaths. Or water. Chinchilla, Wizard, Knight. Maybe a dragon or two. Ash works well with Chinchilla, Superhero, Knight, and Wizard.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / GCC drop rates with Lucky -- something screwy!

The RNG gods have shunned you because you are calling boss cards as GCC!

Seriously, first time I saw the topic, I wondered what boss actually drops a Gold Combo Card(that’s what GCC usually stands for around here).

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Why haven't I had a new event in two months now.

EVERYONE who has finished the Monster event has no new events, not just you.
And if you know how to post you also know there is a stickied thread at top that discusses an ongoing development. So take your whining and leave for good, or suck it up and be patient.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Please rate my deck

Originally posted by Sebliend:

Hello, i have played for about 4 weeks now and i have tried to put a deck together, i’ve got extremly lucky because i have gotten Adventure Kid, Gummy Bear and 2 Bear cards in the huntress event, and i’ve also spent some money so i have a few cards from the Aviary pack, anyways, please tell me what you think about my deck:

Final Form:
Adventure Kid
Eagle Rider
Gummy Bear
2 Stymphalian Bird(Im planning to fuse them)
2 Thunder Bird(Im also planning to fuse them)
2 Bear Magus(also planning to fuse thoose)
2 Nosfearu Duck, also planning to fuse thoose.
and 2 Parrots, and im also going to fuse thoose.

Combo Cards:

3 Bear cards
3 Wizardss
3 Knights
3 Undeads
3 Demons
3 Water
3 Metal
3 Tridents

I need to find 1 more combo card that i can have 3 of in order to finish my deck. But other than that, what do you think about it, almost all my cards can be combined with any other card in my deck. I thought about taking Eagle Rider and Emok out of my deck because if i have too many FF cards i risk getting 3 or more FF cards onto my hand so i cant make any combos.

Way too many final forms. Bear Magus looks great but I would focus on the diamond FFs more. I don’t know for sure which ones have Critical Strike or Crushing Blow, but also consider focusing on the ones that gain these abilities when fused.
I would limit FFs to four in a deck of 35-38, unless you really know what you’re doing.

And as said, tridents and demons will hold you back. Cut back on Wizard by 1 or 2, add Magic, Void, and Knowledge when they appear. Superhero would definitely help.
I like Sword far more than Tridents, although they take far more dust to upgrade they create better combos.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Can i get some "Deck Optimisation" from the pros... pls?

I’m not a fan of golem or angel. I didn’t see a need for Human in my deck, not a whole lot of good diamond combos, were there?

Living Algorithm kicked my butt in the top 150s, it’ll serve you well if you improve it. Great Wall works wonders in tight places.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Alchemist Types and Level Values

Originally posted by yokevick:
Originally posted by viperus1:

Isn’t the price for Master Healer 3 – 1650 orbs and not 1280?

After acquiring levels 1 and 2 of Master Healer, level 3 costs 1,280 orbs.

Does anyone know if they have increased the orb price for Tiebreaker (currently in store right now, but since I purchased it before I can’t see it right now)? Chin said they were raising the price of it and I wanted to verify it.

Just bought it a minute ago for 400 orbs so it hasn’t changed still

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Fix Sci-Fi's stats

I’ve seen the pair of cards and the combo it creates in my hands while battling. It may be highly unlikely, but such is Murphy’s Law. Whatever that could happen, happens.

Unless all your cards can combine with each other, there eventually will be a hand of cards that will force you to choose between playing one of the three combo cards that won’t combine(and screws your orb count) or play that weak Magic+Science combo(and maintain your orbs)

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Question regarding star count vs. deck strength

Originally posted by BellaAnimorum:

Well I guess you need to realize the only examples of avatars given at all in this thread are rewards for Level 5 cards and Fusions, both of which have nothing to do with the Arena (despite how critical they are for winning in it).
Furthermore, Arena reward abilities, while requiring many weeks of saving up to acquire, are not any kind of factor in determining a deck’s strength.. Said players may have gotten those abilities when the cycle first came around, and have since retired. Was the question of whether or not people are eliminated from the rankings if they do not opt to ‘Win 5 Battles’ answered in another thread? (I want to say it was, but cannot recall which..)
Finally, be wary of making claims of ‘proof’.. The topic of the thread is considerable, as there have been quite a number of wannabe jailbreaking exploiters in the time I have been a part of the community, and the obvious disparity of their deck strength as opposed to their standing pretty much made them walking targets for the ChinTeam to eliminate.
In the end we could beat the subject to death and still not fully be able to grasp the exact mechanics that regulate the Arena.

If there is a player who seems highly suspect of cheating then make a post here about who it is and why you feel something is amiss, or send it to Chins email.

Honestly the Arena has always been kind of wonky ever since it was updated, at least it feels as such to me.

Actually, bought alchemist classes ARE a sign of relative deck strength, unlike what you claim. At least until the requirements are changed, most classes are only available for Masters 1 and above, no matter how many dark orbs you could amass at lower tiers. Even now, the Lobotomizer 1-3 have the requirement of minimum Masters 1.

As for avatars, I came across plenty of Masters 3 avatar players in Masters 2 opponent pool on my way up the rankings. Could almost say for sure there were some in Masters 1 too. For the most part though, I can only guess that they just simply dropped out of the top tier due to lower activity, not outright inactivity.

And keep in mind, the three “proofs” of low-star high-strength are observed in Masters 2 and maybe Masters 1 where it’s quite possible, while there hasn’t really been a claim of them appearing in opponent pool in the far lower arena tiers…in regular occurrence without a quick action by Chin.

I’m not saying our three observations are bulletproof evidence, but for the most part, the outlier incidents of low-star high-strength decks are still appearing in their respective strength peers of Masters 1-2-3, instead of appearing in their ‘star count’ peers. When someone sees Diamond/Onyx lv6 combos repeatedly being used in Diamond, Gold or Silver arena tiers, THAT’s a cause for alarm.

I didn’t like the new arena too, but it grew on me as I upgraded my deck and rose up the ranks.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Question regarding star count vs. deck strength

@BellaAnimorum: keep in mind THAT is exactly being seen in the arena. Low star count, high rank avatars/alchemist classes, and stronger deck than peers of similar star count.. and it’s still not a true cause for alarm because of the likelihood of an inactive player.

But at the same time, all three cases (mine, Andilek’s, and jungleman12’s) prove that there’s probably a hidden approximating value like deck strength or # of fused or highest ranking achieved, something that keeps them appearing in the Master 2 opponent pool rather than have them appear in Gold 3 or something where people with those star counts normally appear. They may belong in Master 3 opponent pool, but it’s certainly not as bad as settling in Bronze 1.

It’s not a simple 25% star reduction and reappear in opponent pool later on in the tier that people of that star count belongs, as the first poster and people in that other thread thought.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Not cheating

If you know how to post, you know well enough you should be checking the FAQ.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Question regarding star count vs. deck strength

There was one player I regularly have come across in arena matching in the upper Masters 2/lower Masters 3 ranking. Can’t remember the player name but something like lyndyst or syndyt…whose star count was several hundreds lower than the other two matchings. And his deck had bunch of diamond lv6 combos and onyx-based combos. Needless to say I got my f2p deck butt kicked easily. I haven’t seen him/her in the matching lately, but that could be because I’m in the top 220’ish now.

I don’t know the exact mechanism that keeps players in the rankings or not to keep, whether that affects those flagged for cheating(I would assume those flagged are completely taken out). But my guess is that they keep wherever ranking/tier their stars landed them in before they stopped logging in, and simply not count towards the rankings. They’d still be among the pool of opponent matching though, in a relatively similar strength tier. Which would make sense to me, since none of us are part of the new ranking at the beginning of a new arena week anyway, but still matched in relatively similar tier/rankings. Whether there’s a hidden Deck Strength parameter or a hidden saved Rankings, I don’t know, but I feel its needed with this weekly star loss.

I would argue against removing inactives entirely from the ranking if they are kept among similar strength/ranking players, and not strictly based on star count. If you can’t beat someone inactive, how can you hope to beat and rise above someone active and similar strength?

Now, if the inactives really do end up clogging the lower tiers where the other decks are far weaker, I can see your point. But I’m not willing to intentionally drive my star count down to see if I come across the same low-star high-strength player, so I dunno.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Veteran Players, how awesome are your decks? :3

My actual deck as a pure F2P floating in and out of top 300:

Great Wall lv4
Thor’s Hammer FUSED
Master’s Apprentice lv4
Vamp Crunch lv3

Gold CC all but missing Bear lv5 x1:
Energy, Food, Life, Monster, Life, Science, Space, Time, Villain, Wind

Silver CC:
Chinchilla x1 fused, x1 lv4
Knight x1 fused, x1 lv5
Knowledge x1 lv4
Magic x1 fused, x1 lv4
Superhero x1 fused
Sword x1 fused, x1 lv4
Void x1 lv5
Wizard x1 fused, x1 lv5

Bronze CC:
Ash x1 fused, x1 lv4
Death x1 lv4
Dragon x2 fused
Elf x1 fused
Fire x1 fused
Metal x2 fused
Radiation x1 lv5
Undead x2 fused

Aside from the above, I have a pair of lv4 Ottos that I intend on fusing, as well as a lv4 Void and Radiation in line for fusing with the cards in deck.
Been realizing the lv3 Vamp Crunch has been a weak link in my deck… Great Wall has kept me from outright losing matches more often than I can remember, and the sole Crushing Blow card Thor’s Hammer comes around rather easily by the time I have a full set of 5 orbs.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Veteran Players, how awesome are your decks? :3

Originally posted by Megabexxx:

I’ve got one each of metal, ash, rad, drag, and elf to 4. :3 the silvers are still at 2 :(. And really on the FFs? What’s a good number and any boss cards I should grind for? I’m doing theo for swords and Knights :3.

I don’t like to waste dust where I can avoid it. Silver FF cards are inherently weaker than Gold FFs, for that purpose has no place in a deck, and definitely no need to upgrade them to keep them equally useful as your other cards. Personally I carry 4 FFs in my deck of 38, and still often find myself preferring a combo card where the FF finds itself in my play hands.

Otto is the most sought after for his Crushing Blow ability when you eventually fuse him at level 5. I still hunt him, takes a good deal of patience and luck to get 6 of him to fuse…

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Veteran Players, how awesome are your decks? :3

For sure 2 more of Knights and Superhero would go a long way.
I’m not that big of a fan of Sword as most of the combos for it have weak defense complicating the high attack.

If that list is what you actually have in your deck, I would take out some of the FF silvers, one horse(take out all once you start the events), one wolf, and one fire. Replace with Undeads and Void/Knowledge if you come across them
Bigger question though is not now many of each card but what level you’ve got them to. I wouldn’t invest much or at all into Horses, but high level Ash and Metal will help

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / What cards should I drop from my deck as soon as possible?

Originally posted by Andilek:

Is CB really better than CS?
If I take Otto as base then CB is better only for def 26+. I dont know how often 2+def cards are played in top tiers but what I meet in arena its quite rare.Also CB is countered by Curse, Double def.

Combine the Otto’s CB with the Elementalist’s unavoidable damage per turn per orb and possibly Master Elementalist’s damage at the start of fight. At minimum (Master Elementalist 1) you have -4 at beginning. Play a 2orb or 3orb combo, doesn’t matter how horrible because the orbs deal another 2-3damage(assuming the opponent doesn’t counter with Healer). Play another 2-3orb combo for a full 5orb damage. By end of round two, your opponent is down by 11hp at minimum without taking in consideration any damage your combos dealt. You only need 19 unavoidable damage, which Otto’s 25 satisfies, for a quick 1-2-3 win.

Critical Strike on the other hand relies heavily on opponent card’s defense, or the lack of it. It helps against Healer players where CB has a harder time

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / A better deck

On the one hand I highly doubt you’ll still get three Monster cards when it comes.

On the other hand, I hope it does so that the rest of us have a valid reason to raise up a whole hell of a stink.

I envy you and the others that have been there with the better event rewards

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / A better deck

Originally posted by Mr_Andersam:
Originally posted by knight8183:

How in the world can you get so many gold combo cards as a self-claimed f2p?
Be mindful of labels. That one means ‘free to play’ where you haven’t spent money on the game. iTunes gift cards count as money.

But aside from that, yes, a few fused final forms would be needed

You could get that many of each of the event card without spending money. It was a small window but a few of manged to be lucky enough to have our events happen in it.

But without activating the Monster event yet? I was of the impression that THAT window of opportunity was long time gone and the change applies to any ongoing/future events aside from the yet-to-be-released Heroics

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / A better deck

How in the world can you get so many gold combo cards as a self-claimed f2p?
Be mindful of labels. That one means ‘free to play’ where you haven’t spent money on the game. iTunes gift cards count as money.

But aside from that, yes, a few fused final forms would be needed

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Trading - Ideas + Questions

My honest thought? Why add a potentially abusable feature when they could merely fix/change existing issues?

If dust penalty for upgraded cards is the issue, they could simply eliminate the whole penalty (or a portion of it, just not what it currently is) and refund the dust and revert the card to level 1. That would enable us to more freely explore and experiment with a different card synergy rather than ‘focus on only CS/CB cards’ mentality.

I imagine multiple accounts being easy to do. Forget the issue of hackers, since it’s easy enough for Chin to flag cheaters in the arena. But no amount of preventive measures are going to stop a person with multiple accounts from inter exchange with trading systems.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Finally

Coming after y’all, just broke comfortably into top 400 at currently 369.
May take Master Elementalist 2 to get into Masters 3 grouping…long and rocky is the road for pure F2P

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Arena rank problems

Originally posted by mjboc09:

I was up to 105 stars and put my phone down and went to bed. The next morning I went back into the game to find my ranking gone and only 75 stars. It said I had to battle five times to be ranked. This has happened twice now. Why are my stars missing? Why does it take my ranking and stars away when I’m not playing?

That is what the pvp arena system does, regardless of whether you played or not. You joined the world-wide pvp, and it just happens that a few hours ago one cycle of it ended. A new cycle started, and it costs 25% of your current stars, plus remove you from ranking.

THAT is a different matter from the others where they’re flagged for cheating, whether they actually did or not being beside the question. That results in rank 0 and being matched against top players.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / 1.31.30 iOS & Android Update Notes

Originally posted by Amiac:

I’ve submitted a “bug” 5 times now over the last 2 weeks. We have this game on 2 iPads. The arena in one ipad has been messed up for months. He has 0 stars now because it keeps matching him with people with 2000+ stars. The arena on the other ipad was fine until this update. Now it’s doing the same thing! The game is great and fun, but it’s frustrating to not be able to battle in the arena because you always lose due to improper matching. Please fix this so my boys can battle in the arenas again!

Sounds less like a mistakened cheater flagging, and more like one of your kids finding out the effects of changing the iPad clock on the adventure energy, and then teaching the other kid the same trick. As much as I don’t like energy systems, and overpriced gem costs, cheating is a no-no.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Free to Pay

It would be interesting to have a Free-To-Play ladder arena separate and exclusively for F2P players, versus the main arena that includes all.

But the definition of fair is tough to implement. How fair is it for other players if they have spent time and effort as Free-To-Play, or spent money as Pay-To-Win, if some change is made just so you’re catapulted far higher in the arena rankings with much less effort?

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Rigged game

Originally posted by Ckoge:

Can you all then explain why 95% of the games the 4* and 5* cards i have are at the end of the deck? while 2* and 3* are permanently at the beggining?

My deck is not the best, as can be seen since i still have some 2* cards, but 5 weeks ago i battled for 500 Stars, and now i have mere 200… and going down game by game (lose 13/15 games in arena..) against weaker opponents.

Even if i ever considered paying money, i now def know i never will… I dont pay for rigged games…

I won’t argue against what you see as rigged, but as others mentioned, have an actual statistic with sufficient data pool to back your claim.
I would mention though that pulling Silver and Gold cards is fine, I can only assume you mean those when you say 2* and 3*…if they are combo cards.
How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing for only 3-4 months now, but all my Silver combo cards in my deck are level 4, 5, or fused. I still use Bronze cards, but with exception of Death at lv4(it makes diamond Death Ray lv6) the Fire, Dragon, Undead are all fused.
It’s not the rarity of the cards but the quality of them. If you aren’t taking time dusting and upgrading the cards, obviously you won’t fare well against thousands of players that do.

And before you label me a p2w player, I don’t. Refused to take part in a rigged gambling mechanism of the card packs and their atrocious costs both gem-wise and gem-to-pack. It takes time and effort as free-to-play, and my effort has just got me into the top 1100’s Masters 2 arena tier with 640+ stars.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / player feelings re crackdown on small time cheaters

To an extent, time cheaters if not punished CAN affect arena.

Consider the possibility of a time cheater blasting through the Anna event to get the Bear and Portal Key, not to mention an extra 70’ish dust plus whatever gold from inbetween 20-30 tier rewards. Many players otherwise normally will NOT get that high in the event. Such a cheater then obviously has a permanent and unfair advantage over anyone that played legit in the arena and couldn’t get those.

I myself am one of those that don’t have the early gold combo cards, having too weak of a deck and not enough energy to do so at the time. 3 months in as a f2p.
That difference in a gold combo card is pretty big early on. Less of a difference as I tread through the events, but still a big one to miss out on.

You didn’t specify how much of an extent in time cheating. That is an example that affects me. If you were such a player with unfairly gained combo card(s) via events, I would never want to face you in pvp. Never.

If you truly want casual gaming, you’re looking in the wrong place. Don’t look for ones with pvp element, no matter how small.
That, or accept the risk of cheating, and the possible punishment that comes with it.