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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Arena rank problems

Originally posted by mjboc09:

I was up to 105 stars and put my phone down and went to bed. The next morning I went back into the game to find my ranking gone and only 75 stars. It said I had to battle five times to be ranked. This has happened twice now. Why are my stars missing? Why does it take my ranking and stars away when I’m not playing?

That is what the pvp arena system does, regardless of whether you played or not. You joined the world-wide pvp, and it just happens that a few hours ago one cycle of it ended. A new cycle started, and it costs 25% of your current stars, plus remove you from ranking.

THAT is a different matter from the others where they’re flagged for cheating, whether they actually did or not being beside the question. That results in rank 0 and being matched against top players.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / 1.31.30 iOS & Android Update Notes

Originally posted by Amiac:

I’ve submitted a “bug” 5 times now over the last 2 weeks. We have this game on 2 iPads. The arena in one ipad has been messed up for months. He has 0 stars now because it keeps matching him with people with 2000+ stars. The arena on the other ipad was fine until this update. Now it’s doing the same thing! The game is great and fun, but it’s frustrating to not be able to battle in the arena because you always lose due to improper matching. Please fix this so my boys can battle in the arenas again!

Sounds less like a mistakened cheater flagging, and more like one of your kids finding out the effects of changing the iPad clock on the adventure energy, and then teaching the other kid the same trick. As much as I don’t like energy systems, and overpriced gem costs, cheating is a no-no.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Free to Pay

It would be interesting to have a Free-To-Play ladder arena separate and exclusively for F2P players, versus the main arena that includes all.

But the definition of fair is tough to implement. How fair is it for other players if they have spent time and effort as Free-To-Play, or spent money as Pay-To-Win, if some change is made just so you’re catapulted far higher in the arena rankings with much less effort?

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Rigged game

Originally posted by Ckoge:

Can you all then explain why 95% of the games the 4* and 5* cards i have are at the end of the deck? while 2* and 3* are permanently at the beggining?

My deck is not the best, as can be seen since i still have some 2* cards, but 5 weeks ago i battled for 500 Stars, and now i have mere 200… and going down game by game (lose 13/15 games in arena..) against weaker opponents.

Even if i ever considered paying money, i now def know i never will… I dont pay for rigged games…

I won’t argue against what you see as rigged, but as others mentioned, have an actual statistic with sufficient data pool to back your claim.
I would mention though that pulling Silver and Gold cards is fine, I can only assume you mean those when you say 2* and 3*…if they are combo cards.
How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing for only 3-4 months now, but all my Silver combo cards in my deck are level 4, 5, or fused. I still use Bronze cards, but with exception of Death at lv4(it makes diamond Death Ray lv6) the Fire, Dragon, Undead are all fused.
It’s not the rarity of the cards but the quality of them. If you aren’t taking time dusting and upgrading the cards, obviously you won’t fare well against thousands of players that do.

And before you label me a p2w player, I don’t. Refused to take part in a rigged gambling mechanism of the card packs and their atrocious costs both gem-wise and gem-to-pack. It takes time and effort as free-to-play, and my effort has just got me into the top 1100’s Masters 2 arena tier with 640+ stars.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / player feelings re crackdown on small time cheaters

To an extent, time cheaters if not punished CAN affect arena.

Consider the possibility of a time cheater blasting through the Anna event to get the Bear and Portal Key, not to mention an extra 70’ish dust plus whatever gold from inbetween 20-30 tier rewards. Many players otherwise normally will NOT get that high in the event. Such a cheater then obviously has a permanent and unfair advantage over anyone that played legit in the arena and couldn’t get those.

I myself am one of those that don’t have the early gold combo cards, having too weak of a deck and not enough energy to do so at the time. 3 months in as a f2p.
That difference in a gold combo card is pretty big early on. Less of a difference as I tread through the events, but still a big one to miss out on.

You didn’t specify how much of an extent in time cheating. That is an example that affects me. If you were such a player with unfairly gained combo card(s) via events, I would never want to face you in pvp. Never.

If you truly want casual gaming, you’re looking in the wrong place. Don’t look for ones with pvp element, no matter how small.
That, or accept the risk of cheating, and the possible punishment that comes with it.

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Topic: Kongregate / adverts

Originally posted by SugarMonkey:

You might want to run a malware scan on your computer. Our ads don’t pop up or cover anything (i.e. the chat box as malware ads tend to).

Is that to imply the Kong “Rate this game” that cover the chat box is kong-endorsed built-in malware? Because I sure view it as such.