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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / combine server event

Same here also, was 3/6 now 0/6 after the unscheduled extended downtime. Anyone else noticing an event trend yet?

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / Siege boss reward

Eomry is 100% right. The Siege Boss event lasted an entire week. Daily rewards were not awarded on the same day and had to be claimed the following day. The same held true for the Total reward and last Daily reward which was only claimable after the event finished, on the following day, but the event was removed.

Logged in at my usual time and the event was already gone, I had zero opportunity to claim the rewards. This is not because anyone forgot. It is not the players fault. To try and shift the blame by saying so is disrespectful of your customers.

I have still not received anything, answers to my earlier questions and missing rewards.

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / Siege boss reward

I’ve not received anything yet either Closefamily.

Scrubing did the items just appear in your inventory/storage or were they delivered some other way?

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / Siege boss reward

Is there a reason why you don’t load the backups from before the update on a test server, then login to the admin account and look at the scores? There’s only 3 servers and it should take no time at all to do.
If you can’t, what is your recovery procedure in the event of a catastrophic storage failure that wipes all character data?

Server 1: Total Event Rank 4 (~5500), Daily Rank 5 (~650), Character Level 56, last time I looked.

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / Bug: Text Input in Fullscreen

After switching to fullscreen, using the button in game, I can no longer type in any input box.

Anywhere that would normally accept keyboard input for amounts (guild donate), text chat (world, guild, private), etc, fails to do so.

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / Siege boss reward

I’ll second this. I was placed in both the daily and total rankings and missed out on both rewards because of the removal of the event. Hopefully this will be addressed sooner rather than later.

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Topic: League of Angels / collect all mail is deleting

I’m not sure if this is related to your problem tosdo but attachments from email saved prior to the start of Tycoon apparently no longer count towards Tycoon totals.

From the patch notes of version 3.0216 (Viewable in game from Daily Loot – About)

Improved the function of collecting all mails one time. Collecting resources of the mails which are out of the Tycoon duration will not increase the points of Tycoon.

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Topic: League of Angels / Tired of Crap Not Working?

I’ll start by saying I have not spent a single penny on LoA because it is a money pit and once you do start spending there is no limit to it. I do however play it just to see how far I can get without diamonds. So, here’s some of my thoughts TimM54.

All you can reasonably do is vote with your feet if you are unhappy.
Yes, you could do other things but why throw good money after bad and waste your own time?

Issues that affect only 1 or 2 servers out of the fleet of 200+ r2, 600+ gtarcade, servers will be so far down the priority list as to be practically irrelevant. It’s far more effective to task programmers with adding new cash features to the trouble free servers than it is to fix the bugs.

I could be wrong but the fixes that have happened only occurred after Kongregate staff became involved. Even then the big meltdown (18 or so hours during which the server pretended to be a pinyata for most daily reset tasks) on S4 has been left completely unaddressed. Anything other than an immediate rollback to the previous day is unsatisfactory and it’s now too late to do so. Momentum is what keeps people playing and a rollback breaks it. Besides which hopefully you will just drop some more money in the pit to “catch up” (which a lot of cash players will do to protect the money they have already spent). I suspect that there isn’t adequate logs/tools/staff (no one in the office over the weekend or outside of working hours), hence the requirement for screenshot proof of everything and anything before individual compensation will be considered.

There’s loads more I could add to this, but that’s just more details and I come here to play games.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Colonies with shields and/or completely destroyed should be marked.

Colonies with active shields, or outside of your allowed level range, have a red border on their icon shown in the box that pops up when you click on a system whilst in the Galaxy View. Green border means attackable.

Just above your list of in game friends there is a location navigation bar which reads like this:

Galaxy > Solar System Name (X,Y) > Planet Name

If you click Solar System Name the view will zoom out to the Solar System view. Clicking on Galaxy will zoom out to Galaxy view centered on the current Solar System.

That’s 2 out of 3 covered. I can’t help with the destroyed colony issue though sorry.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Adding, Friends Problem

Most of my Kong friends are autoadded to my Galaxy Life friends list but some of them are stuck with an “ADD” button below their portrait. Clicking on this opens an add friends dialogue saying “No more friends available to select” and greys the button to “PENDING” until the next reload when it reverts to “ADD”. When I send out daily gifts these stuck friends are shown as valid recipients which implies at some level the game thinks they are already in game friends.

Is there something I’m missing? Does anyone know what’s going wrong?


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Level 15 barely beats Level 1

Each time the mastery level goes up the difficulty increases. Could this be what’s happened Zanarky?

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Topic: Elements / I lost?

Any chance you ran out of cards? i.e. opponent finished his turn and you lost because you couldn’t draw a card at the start of your turn?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone

So many replies!

(I’d like to help out as well soon as you manage to dig this far down)