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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] How 'Bout Dat Update. (List of Complaints)

Hello there,

I dropped by to play a game with Lilium :) and then I noticed that you’ve finally patched the problems… I must’ve been a pain for you to hear all the criticizing, but in the end, people only do that because they love the game and want it to get better. It may very well be worth your while to listen. ;)

Originally posted by FlightTribe:

Hi !!

Well without going into too much detail about the company and how many people we have and how they’re spread on our different projects, I will just say that for a hundred different reasons things take time… sometimes a LOT of time….
I’m sure I could pull a list of 10 things off the top of my head now that BHB needs fixing or improving, but that doesn’t mean they will (or even CAN) happen in the next 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months.

I’m pretty sure everyone would’ve loved it if you just reverted back to how it was before that terrible update, and built a little more slowly, instead of adding new guns and completely changing the stats of the already existing weapons. Going back to how things were usually aren’t that difficult (unless you forgot to backup) … and removing things is relatively easy most of the time too… And if your organisation is built in such a way that it has to take 6 weeks for something to go back to how it was, you may want to reorganize ;P

Originally posted by FlightTribe:

Sure there are annoyances, no one is questioning that, but I just wanted to make you all understand that we’re not EA or Ubisoft and don’t have infinitely deep pockets for unlimited resources. We’re still a reasonably small indie developer. Just all of you please remember that when we take a long time to do anything or a patch doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped or other such things.


I don’t know about others, but I don’t have the illusion that you’re capable of doing things on a really large scale or really quickly… but dropping a comment when there has been a barrage of complaints doesn’t cost much time.

The thing is, and the reason why I left the game is, that you don’t do anything with the community that has formed around the game. Players can be a great source of ideas and sometimes even solutions, and they know better than anyone what the game is like and what might improve the game. But instead of listening to your players and taking them seriously, you seem (or that’s the way I see it) to be treating them like they don’t know anything, and that they’ll just have to wait for the devs to do their thing. You think that the developers know far better than the players what’s best for the game… They might, but it’s much more likely that the people who play this game multiple times a day know how to improve it.

Use your players, provide them with tools to connect… For example, higher levels may well be interested in teaching newbies the basics of the game… no tutorial needed… Or maybe you can hold a contest to let players create their own (bashy) design. It would save the “art team” a lot of work. Heck, there are probably loads of people interested in playtesting new weapons…
The more you can help the community, and provide it with ways to help you, the more they’ll help you.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] The Big BIG HEAD BASH guide

They weren’t all about you. :P

Okay then, if there are hackers, they aren’t unbeatable. (But I still haven’t found anyone who clearly hacks, yet)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Retirement

I’m leaving. I’ve posted the guide I’ve been working on for a long time. For me, the developers have failed with the latest update, and then haven’t done enough to fix what was wrong. I’m not going to sum it all up here, as I’ve made several complaints in different places already.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you in other games, it’s been great playing with and against you! Now I’d like you to recall the greatest games you’ve played, pinned to the edge of your seat by the tension, and then resulting in 29-30 or a draw. Good old times, putting a smile on my face (and on yours too, hopefully)

Have fun. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] The Big BIG HEAD BASH guide

The big BIG HEAD BASH guide

Last updated on: 24-5-2013

I post this guide unfinished, because I feel like the developers do not care about the game anymore, and they’ve left the game in a state that simply awards spending cash and then spamming away ingame. I do not want to put any more effort in supporting a game that isn’t supported by its developers.

This is not how it used to be, so some information may be outdated. This game used to be fun, but now I strongly advice you to not play it. It’s become a waste of your time and money.

~ zalanar


-Welcome to the Guide

  • Introduction
  • How to start playing
  • Controls / skills
  • Game modes / configuring a room
  • Basic strategies
  • Some tips

-Regular players

  • Introduction
  • Earning tickets, tokens and exp
  • Personalizing and collecting
  • Weapon groups and strategies
  • Weapon combo strategies
  • Map strategies
  • Boosters
  • Some tips


  • Introduction
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Advanced strategies
  • Manners and retiring
  • Some tips

-List of terms and abbreviatons
-List of bugs and errors
-Other guides and interesting stuff
-The End

Welcome to the Guide

Hello there! This is a general game guide for Spicy Horse’s game Big Head Bash (BHB abbreviated): an multipayer online sideview arena shooter.

Before you start reading, there are some things you might want to know.

First, this guide is made by me (with a some help from Lilium, thanks :), and though I’ve played Big Head Bash more than most players, I’m not all-knowing or perfect. If there is anything in the guide that you disagree with, please contact me with a PM, so I can fix it. This includes false information and spelling errors as well. Furthermore, this guide is not objective. I try to get the numbers right, but how you play and what you think works best is personal. So don’t shoot me if you think differently. (well, you can try to do so ingame to see if my strategy or your strategy works best :P)

I’ve divided this guide in three sections, based on the “stage” the player is in. This doesn’t mean that the information in one section is not useful to someone who thinks he’s in a different section. It’s just a way to create some order in this chaos.

Last but not least, I hope that you find this guide useful (because I’ve put a lot of time in it (don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know) and that you enjoy playing the game. Have fun. :)



You’re probably reading this because you’re new to the game and you want to play. In general, there should be no problems, and if that’s the case, everything written here may be a bit overcomplicated. So, just start playing, try things out! If you get stuck, you can always return to this guide and see what you need to do in order to enjoy the game. Have fun. :)

How to start playing:

To play this game you need to have the Unity Web Player, which you can download here.
Once you’ve installed the Web Player, you should be able to play without any problems. (except the bugs from the game itself, see “List of bugs and errors”)
Loading for the first time might take a while. Also, your pc has to meet certain requirements. (which I do not know, but the game is in 3D, so that might give you an idea of what you need)

Once you’ve got the game running, it is all pretty straightforward. You’ll be asked to enter a nickname, and you’ll recieve a welcome package, consisting out of I’ll show you how to start playing after that, by using this video.

Video: how to start playing

If you’re not interested in watching videos you can follow this textual walkthrough:

You can start playing by:

1. Joining an existing game:

This means browsing list of games and selecting one which isn’t full (= the two numbers on the right aren’t the same, e.g. 5 / 12 or 6 / 10) When you’ve selected a game, you press JOIN to join the lobby of that game. You then press the green button in the downright corner, which says either JOIN GAME, or READY. You’ll then get a screen where you can pick the two weapons you want to play with. Press the green Play button to start playing!

2. Creating a new room:

You can create a new room and play there by pressing the blue CREATE button after entering a server. You can then name your room and select the type of room (TDM, CP, etc. for more see “Game modes”) If you want to, you can put a password on your room as well, preventing others from joining your room, unless they know the password. This can be useful if you want to practice. Once you’ve chosen your name and game mode, you press CREATE to create the room. You’ll then automatically enter its lobby. When you’re in the lobby you can follow the instructions above to start playing.

Controls / skills:

Video: controls

And the complete list of all controls:

-“A” and “D” to move left and right
-SPACEBAR to jump, press it twice to doublejump
-“S” to move through soft platforms
-jump on a jumppad to bounce back up, or press space to jump on it when you’re walking past it
-“W” to roll, do this while moving in a direction to roll in that direction, you are invincible while rolling
-after you’ve rolled off a platform, you can still use your doublejump. This is the quickest way to move

-shoot with the left mouse button, by some weapons you only have to click, and by others you have to hold the button down
-you can reload manually by pressing “R”, but you’ll reload automatically once your “active ammo” reaches zero
-right mouse button to switch to your other weapon (you always have two weapons)
-“E” to pick up a dropped weapon
-mouse over an enemy to score criticals. You hit critically when you shoot when your crosshair is red. Criticals deal additional damage, and they can give you extra XP.


There are several pickups in the game. Just walk over them to pick them up and immidiately use them.

Ammo packs refill the ammo of your active weapon

an ammo pack

Medpacks refill your health, bigger healthpacks restore more health

a small, medium and large healthpack

the box with a lightning bolt on it will instantly maximize your head’s size

the lightning bolt box


Most maps have portals.. These simply teleport you to the portal it is linked to. Most of the time this is done to make a “round” playing field, by placing a portal at the far left and far right side of them map, so there aren’t any dead corners. You can go through portals, but BOTs won’t go through them, which you can use to your advantage by sneaking up on them, and quickly jump in a portal when they start following.

When playing against players, you can use portals as an ambush place, because players can’t see what’s at the other end of the portal. Also, you cannot shoot through a portal, so it can be used to escape fire as well.


When you’ve got a really big head (that is, your bash meter in the bottom left corner is full and says BASH), you can activate BASH mode by pressing SHIFT.
When you’re in BASH mode, you’ll shoot and reload and move faster, and you’ll regenerate health.


-ENTER to global chat
-“Y” to teamchat
-“Q” to change your weapons during a respawn (the eight seconds after you’ve died)
-TAB to display the scoreboard whilst playing

The following controls are not covered in the video:

-ALT+“F” to toggle Fullscreen while playing
-“M” to toggle the music while playing
-“P” to toggle the sounds while playing
-ESC to open a way to go to the lobby or quit the game while playing

Game modes:

the current four game modes

Game modes define what you have to do in order to win. In general, this will involve shooting people, but this is not always the main goal. When you create a room you can pick out of four modes (they might add more later) Once you’ve picked a mode you can’t change it anymore. You’ll have to create a new room when you want to change the game mode.

There are a range of other things you can change, however. (Note: to change the room options you have to be the host (you can see who’s host in the lobby) Also, you can’t change options when people are playing, so you have to be quick if you want to change settings)
To start tinkering the game settings, press the purple CHANGE button which has a cog on it (it’s above the green READY button)
You’ll then see something like this: (minus the red stuff)

the room options / lobby configuration screen

a. Pick a map. All maps have a different battlefield, and there are differences in how many players can join as well (e.g. the Toy Store is the only map that can have twelve players in it)
b. How long each game will take (if the set score is not reached, the game will stop after a while, and the team with the highest score will win)
c. What score must be reached in order to win
d. Whether players can join in the middle of a game
e. Whether BOTS should be put into the field when there are no live players (In short, BOTS are A.I.‘s, computer controlled enemies. They can fill up gaps in the teams. E.g. When you play 6v6 and there are only eleven players, the twelfth “player” can be a BOT)(however, BOTS are only available for certain TDM maps)
f. The maximum and minimum amount of players that can play at once
g. The maximum and minimum level of the players that can join the lobby and thus, the game (so if you’re sick of all the pro’s joining your room, you can exclude everyone with lvl 30 or above) (or you can exclude all newbies)
h. The speed of the games (you can see the differences between each mode in the picture) Higher speeds means that games end faster, and that you have the opportunity to get exp and tickets (more about this in “Personalizing and Collecting”)


This is the most straightforward game mode. Your team has to shoot more people than the opposing team. Whichever team reaches the score limit first, wins. There’s a time limit as well: if you do not reacht the score limit in time, the team with the most kills when the timer runs out, wins.You can play this game type on any map, and you can alter the time and score limits.


This mode is slightly different. You have to reach a certain amount of points. You get these points by capturing flags and having captured flags (that is, once a flag belongs to your team, it starts generating points for your team) These flags are stationary, and there are three of them. You can capture a flag by standing close to it. However, the opposing team may well try to kill you, to protect their flags. The team that reaches the set amount of points first, wins. This game mode is only playable in the Jungle and Toy Store map. When you capture a flag you’ll get some experience and your BASH meter will fill up.


Currently there is only one map in this mode. The goal is to reach the top of the map as quickly as possible. To do this you have to activate buttons and dodge projectiles. It’s a neat way to train your movement skills, because you have to do some difficult jumps as well.

Hot Potato:

A 1 versus 1 mode, it’s like the juggernaught with only two players. When you kill the Hot Potato, you become the Hot Potato. Your goal is to be the Hot Potato when the match ends. But when you are the Hot Potato, you are moving more slowly and you have less health, so you can be killed more easily. There is only one map for this game mode. I’ve never actually played this type of game, so I can’t say much about it. Others have thought, and the general opinion is that it’s not fun. Or, as zAcEz put it:
“Hot Pot sux”

Basic strategies:

Note: these are strategies to win, not to get the most kills or the least deaths (though it can be related, in TDM not dying is good for winning too)

In TDM and CP, it is vital that you stay alive. When you’re alive, you can kill people, you can capture flags, and you don’t give the opposing team any kills. Make sure you refill your health often.
On extreme speed, a large or medium healthpak will completely refill your health in most cases, but if you pick up a few small healthpacks, you’ll refill a good deal, too.
On lower speeds, it is a better idea to just try to inflict as much damage as possible, while taking as less damage as possible. You can try to pick up large and medium healthpacks, but you’ll need a lot of healthpacks to completely refill your health.
On any speed, when retreating to a healthpack, don’t stop shooting! As long as you shoot, you do damage, which is good, but with a bit of luck, you’ll scare the one chasing you away because he has low health too.

In TDM you’re an easy target, so try to stick with a higher level or with other newbs. Because you’re probably not seen as a threat, people will try to kill higher lvls first, or you get lucky and they just don’t kill you instantly. This gives you a little time to shoot at the attacker, lowering his health and possibly killing him.

In CP, you can be very annoying by trying to sneak to the flags of the other team to capture them. Even if you don’t succeed, this will make sure that the other team doesn’t get any points. Avoid the main fighting areas when doing this. In CP the strategy is to spread out and attack as many flags as possible. Don’t group together under a flag, because the opponents will always go the the flag that is being attacked. When there are other people from your team are standing under a flag, only move to that flag if it is nearly captured, so you can reap the exp and BASH reward.

Also, roll. When you roll, you’re invincible, so do this as often as possible.

Some Tips:

  • Avatars do not make you more powerful. Someone with a different avatar can run and jump just as quick as you can. The only thing that affects your “power” is what weapons you use, and what boosters you have. (More about boosters in “Boosters”)
  • Rolling is the best move you can make in almost every situation. If you suddenly find yourself surrounded by enemies, roll. If you need to get to something faster than everyone else, roll off a platform and jump. I’ve played against someone who didn’t do anything besides rolling from left to right. He was the one that had the least deaths at the end of the match.
  • When you start, you get a SMG and a Rocket Launcher. Since the last update, these are not as powerful anymore, so it might be a good idea to buy a new gun. See “Weapon groups and strategies” to know which one.
  • Figure out for which weapons it’s useful to critically hit. In most cases it is a good idea to try to score some criticals.
  • There are no hackers in this game

Regular players


You now know everything about the rules of the game and how to play it. In this section, I’ll discuss what you can do with the tickets (and tokens) you’ve earned while playing the game, and how to play with and against certain weapons.

Earning tickets, tokens and exp:

Tickets are the free currency in BHB, tokens are the premium currency, and exp(erience) is required to level up.

a token

Tokens are used for buying most weapons and toys. Also, it is needed to buy boosters.

There are only two ways to earn tokens:
1. Do the daily quests. When you complete all three tasks, you’ll get a small amount of tokens. When you come back the next day, you’ll get some more tokens. This is a very slow process, but it’s the only free way to get tokens.
2. Buy them by pressing the green GET TOKENS button on the HOME screen. Occasionally there will be offers to buy tokens for less Kreds than normal.

ticket icon and an ingame ticket

Tickets are used for buying weapons and toys.

You can earn tickets by:
1. Killing people, and picking up the tickets
2. Making a neutral flag the flag of your team, and picking up the tickets
3. Completing daily quests, complete two out of three tasks to earn tickets
4. Trading in tokens for tickets, press the green GET TICKETS button on the HOME screen.

exp ingame

When you have a certain amount of experience, you level up. This unlocks new action awards, and it will place you higher in the leaderboards. Apart from that it doesn’t give you any benefits.

There are several titles related to your level:

lvl 1-5: Sitting Bird
lvl 6-10:
lvl 11-15:
lvl 16-20:
lvl 21-25:
lvl 26-30:
lvl 31-35: ?Blazing Dragon?
lvl 36-40: War Master

You can get experience by:
1. Killing people
2. Making an enemy flag neutral, or making a neutral flag a flag of your team
3. Action awards, perform certain actions ingame to gain additional experience. You can check which actions you can do to get extra exp by going to INVENTORY and pressing PROFILE
4. Completing daily quests, complete one of the three tasks to get experience.

All currencies are displayed at the top of the screen

Personalizing and Collecting:

After you’ve played a few games you’ll have some tickets. (and if you play regularly, some tokens as well) Now, what on earth can you do with these? With tickets you can buy new weapons and toys. To do this, go to the STORE, and press TOYS or WEAPONS. You’ll then see a list of toys or weapons with the prices, in tickets or tokens, beneath them. Try saving up for a toy you like!
Buying toys and weapons will increase your collection value. (When you click on an item in the store, you’ll see Toy / Item Value, with a number and a diamond next to it. This is the collection value of that item) When your collection value is high enough, you’ll get a new collector’s title. Higher collector’s titles will give you more tickets and exp when you kill someone.

The titles are:
Commencing Collector
Humble Hoarder
Pernicious Packrat
Greedy Gatherer
Accomplished Accumulator

!! !! !! !!
you get a new icon with every new collector’s title

Just buy what you think is goodlooking or fun to play with. Try to be a little unique. :D So please, no more Sergeant Smalls and Harleys. (Yes, you can disguise yourself by dressing up like a newb who hasn’t changed his toy yet, but really, you can do better)

Also, for weapons, don’t forget you can pick up any dropped weapon ingame by pressing “E” while standing next to it. This way, you can try out guns without actually having to buy them.

Weapon groups:

You can divide all weapons into groups with roughly the same characteristics. Here I’ll talk a bit about these groups and how you can use the weapons which belong to a certain group.

Group 1: Sprayers

SMG, Pepper Grinder, AK-47, Mini Gun, Tommy Gun

Sprayers do just that: they spray, quickly firing bullets with relatively low damage. These guns are especially useful to finish off someone with low health, or to dish out some damage while a more powerful weapon is recoiling. Further, you can use them to create a stream of bullets that someone will want to avoid, which can be handy when retreating to a healthpack. They can also be used for sound scouring (see “Advanced Strategies”)

Almost everybody has a sprayer, so you’ll quickly learn how to handle them. Generally, sprayers are pretty harmless, but don’t stay where you are when you’re being fired at! Move around to avoid getting hit constantly, because then you’ll quickly lose health.

The SMG is pretty weak since last update, but apart from that, any sprayer will do. The mini gun has a lot of ammo, but it’s very expensive as well.

Group 2: Instant-killers

The guns in this group have the ability to kill people with only one shot (when playing in extreme mode)

Subgroup 2.1: Shotguns

Shotgun, Shotgun2000, Single Barrel Shotgun

Shotguns are very, very deadly when used on a close range. The single barrel shotgun is the most powerful one, because you won’t need to get a critical hit to make oneshot kills, as you do with the other two. When using a shotgun, try to get close to enemies, while making sure they can’t get a good shot at you. This can be done by suddenly appearing from the air of the ground (through a soft platform, or when you’re above them) and then shooting. It’s all about timing. If you can time your shots, you’ll be extremely dangerous.

When fighting against people with shotguns, you simply have to stay out of their range. Occasionally check the field above or below you to see if there are any ambushers. If you’re lucky, you’ll face somebody who thinks you can chase someone with a shotgun. This is not the case. Keep everyone on a safe distance and take them out.

Subgroup 2.2: Snipers

Sniper Rifle, M1 Sniper Rifle

Snipers were the pro’s weapon of choice. They can be used like the shotguns, oneshotkilling people from close up, but when standing still for a while, you get a very high accuracy on far-away targets as well. You can put yourself in a safe spot and just fire away at busy fighting places and there’s a good chance you’ll get some kills. Do make sure to move once in a while, to avoid becoming predictable. You’ll need to pick up ammo as well, especially when using the regular sniper, which has the same capabilities as the M1, but lower ammo. (With the latest update, you don’t have to critcally hit with the M1 anymore)

Playing against people with snipers is tough. They can quickly take you out when you get to close, but can be very deadly from far away as well. The best thing you can do is to kill them before they kill you, but if you haven’t got the right weapons for that yet, you can try to trick them by pretending to attack them and then quickly rolling away when they shoot. There is a short time period between sniper shots, and you can kill or damage them during this period. This requires some feeling for timing, but you’ll get better at it. :)

Subgroup 2.3: Da OP ones

Revolver, Magnum, Tesla Coil Gun, Gamma Gun

These weapons are called OP for a reason. The revolver has infite accuracy, and you only have to point and click at someone to kill him. It only has six rounds (with a maximum of 6 / 18) though, and a very long reload time. But hey, a kill/death ratio of 6 to 1 ain’t half bad :D. The magnum doesn’t have this kind of accuracy, but it has just as much power. More importantly, it has 10 / 40 for ammo stats. This means that you can just spam “hot” areas and you’ll absolutely pown. The tesla coil is very much like the magnum, but with more ammo. (The description: “It’s like an overpowered raygun” is fitting too) Shots from the gamma gun bounce once on the environment, so you can shoot around corners and it onehits as well. When you are not skilled at the game, you should buy one of these guns, because they don’t require any skill. It’s just spamming.

Winning from someone with a gun like this is virtually impossible. You’ll stand a chance when you have an OP gun yourself. You can buy one, or you can wait for the person to die (which can take a while if he’s any good), and then pluck the devastating weapon off his headless body. :)

Group 3: Explosives

These guns have bullets that explode against players and walls, and are thus capable of dealing a lot of damage to groups. When playing with or against them, always remember that you have to stay out of the explosion radius as well as staying out of the direct line of fire.

Subgroup 3.1: Straight shot

Rocket Launcher, Bolt Gun, Lava Gun, Winter Chill Gun

As noted, these weapons fire in a straight line depending on where fired. Rocket launcher has been nerfed, but can still be somewhat viable if used with another weapon such as Floatron or Rooster Launcher. Bolt gun possesses fairly low power, and is overshadowed by the other straight shot weapons. Winter Chill gun is the best of this set, which possesses decent power and can slow down opponents upon impact. It used to be used in tandem with Lava gun, but if you don’t have the money for that, then you can use a curved / special shot weapon or Rocket Launcher as a good replacement.
by Lilium

Playing against people with these guns is all about maneuvering. You can often predict when the gun is going to fire, and if you time your jumps, you can avoid damage most of the time. Notice when you’re close to a wall, because the explosives can still hit you when exploding on a wall. And sometimes, you’ll just be unlucky and get a stray rocket in your face. :)

Subgroup 3.2: Curved or special shot

Floatron, Rooster Launcher, Tea Cannon, Molotov Cocktail

These weapons don’t fire in a straight line. The Floatron is a little more powerful than the Rocket Launcher, but it fires more slowly and has less ammo. The Rooster Launcher is a little weaker than Rocket launcher and also has less ammo, but can be used for a nice little comedic effect. Tea Cannon and Molotov Cocktail possess the same stats, meaning they are just as strong and have just as much ammo as each other. These are arguably one of the better weapons, and when spammed, can be quite deadly.
by Lilium

The Floatron is the easiest to avoid: just follow the advice given at te Straight shot explosives. It gives you some time to react as well, because it doesn’t explode immediately when it hits a wall. You’ll have to preventively avoid the other ones, which means that as soon as there’s someone using these weapons, you should stay clear of main playing areas (like the middle jumppad on the toystore), because there isn’t any time to react when a certain area is being bombed.

Subgroup 3.3: Stickies

Sticky Tron, Icy Sticky Bomb

The Sticky Tron and Icy Sticky Bomb used to be one of the most spammable combo’s in the game, and it used to be incredibly deadly as well. However, due to the latest update, the Sticky Tron has been nerfed, and requires three bombs to kill someone who isn’t in BASH mode. The Icy Sticky Bomb has not been nerfed however (for some strange reason), and kills a player in one shot, assuming they are not in BASH mode. They also slow the opponent’s movement down, so it can be useful in mowing down groups.
by Lilium

Group 4: Lasers

Spyder I, Spyder II, Spyder III, Torch Laser

Spyder I, Spyder II, and Spyder III have been buffed due to the latest update. If you keep it on them for a good second, there’s a good chance they’ll die. The Spyder I fires only one laser, The Spyder II fires two lasers at once, and the Spyder III fires three at once. They are all very powerful, and can be used in tandem with a weapon such as the m1 or a shotgun. The Torch Laser is a pretty bad weapon, and it doesn’t do damage immediately. You need to keep the laser on them for a few seconds before it starts to do damage, and even then, it takes a while for them to die.
by Lilium

Group 5: Non-shotgun melee

Subgroup 5.1: Saws

Chainsaw, Power Drill, Peppermint Saw

All these weapons require you to be very close to your enemy, but when you get close enough, they’ll kill very quickly. Peppermint Saw and Chainsaw have the same stats, only one is more expensive than the other and looks a bit prettier.
by Lilium

Subgroup 5.2: Flamethrowers

Flame Thrower, Blue Flamethrower

These weapons cause lasting damage on an enemy. They aren’t as useful as other weapons maybe if you’re face to face with an enemy, but they can go through walls and do some decent damage. Best used in groups.
by Lilium

Group 6: Leftovers

Ray Gun, Bulb Bomb

Weapon combo strategies:

Like double stickies, or some general things about using a sprayer in combination with an instant-killer, or really wacky combo’s that work quite nice.

Map strategies:

A few words for each map, maybe with good sniping spots / straight firing lines / what’s a good strategy for that map in TDM or in CP


A description of what they are, and why you should or shouldn’t use them



Description of what you’re supposed to have done (like that regular players know the controls, some skills and information you should know now you’re pro) A little summary about this section

Setting and achieving goals:

About how you can have more fun at the game if you challenge yourself and try to get a certain K/D ratio, or other goals, like getting a high score. Being focused on goals, climbing the leaderboards, etc.

Advanced strategies and skills:

Sound scouring: different sound when you hit something, can be used for stuff off the screen, etc.

thinking about visibility, it might be a better idea to sneak and not shoot sometimes

walling: using platforms to get out of (or stand under or above) main playing areas

Manners and retiring:

About saying hi when you join a game, reasons to play the game for the social part, and a reference to the retirement topic on the forums, and that it’s nice that if you leave you do it there and tell why.

About contacting the developers

Some tips:

  • Music!

List of terms and abbreviations

A little description of why there is a list. One sentence should suffice.

sticky war
sponging: see list of bugs and errors
lagged out : see list of bugs and errors

List of bugs and errors

Description of this part, and that there isn’t a culprit usually, etc.

infinite kills / deaths
broken flags
white team
lag out
lag, and general ping issues
server down

Other guides and interesting stuff

References to and some short descriptions about other guides, platypus’ and yobaby’s for example

Some other stuff that might have something to do with the guide

The End

General ending and thanking, credits.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] How 'Bout Dat Update. (List of Complaints)

I agree, obviously. I’ve been trying to move the developers into action for a while now. (as you might’ve noticed)

In short, they eliminated a lot of the more strategic elements of this game for no good reason, and it now almost all games turn into either a spamming match (when playing with pro’s that have OP long range guns) or a match where the newbs with a single barrel shotgun pown everyone without that gun.

With the right people, you can make agreements not to use certain weapons, but I really think you should just alter the game.

Well, the only reaction by the devs on this forum (which is a main portal for them, as far as I know) is the following:

Originally posted by FlightTribe:

Hi guys.

FYI, the gun balance is being looked at for a future patch. I’m not saying that it’s going to magically make 100% of the people happy, but just letting you know that we are here and are listening.

And this was after a lot of complaining from multiple people. It’s just feels so uncaring. Oh well, I’ll see how this develops, and if I don’t like it, I’m out.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Big Head Bash guns


The description: “it’s like an overpowered raygun” pretty much covers it (thanks person who said this (don’t know who anymore))

You might want to resize it a bit :D


I don’t think there was much wrong with how it was before the new guns came… (Maybe the lasers were a bit underpowered)
I just wanted to say that there was noone (except BIOHAZARD, apparently :P) who actually enjoyed playing with or against those OP guns. Or it had to be the newbs who spent cash on an OP gun and could now severely annoy players without those weps)
Okay, adding new guns, I understand that that might go wrong, but why would you change most of the old guns as well…

Can’t you add stuff slowly?

Ey, it’s not meant to be harsh, but I just get frustrated over those things too much, I guess.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Big Head Bash guns

Yep :D

It isn’t really fun to play with, somehow… :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Big Head Bash guns

I’ve just bought the tesla :)

Cost: 120 tokens
It’s very much like the magnum and the revolver, but with faster reload. As far as I know it has infinite range.
Ammo: 36/108
That given, the strategy involved is as with the magnum: non-existant. Just spam anywhere where there might be someone. It doesn’t have infinite accuracy like the revolver, but fires with quite a wide “beam” so you’re quite likely to hit anyway.

One shot kill on extreme (with BOTs this is only if you critical hit, otherwise it’s two shots), two shots on default mode. This absolutely kills in default mode. 24 out of 30 kills in 1,5 minute.

So, another OP gun…
That leaves the bulb bomb open for trying out. Who?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Add your voice against the booster overlay after death!

For everyone who is just as annoyed as I am about the screen that pops up after you’ve died, which wants you to buy boosters.

Below is the ticket I’ve sent to the helpdesk. If more people want it gone, they might remove it.

You can create a ticket in the helpdesk, or just add a post here, after we’ve got some votes, I’ll create (or update) a ticket.

Request #4282
Could you please remove the boosters screen after death?

May 08 17:02

With the recent update, you’ll see a screen to buy boosters after you’ve died.

I find this very confusing. Often, you have no idea what killed you, because the screen is blocking that. You can close it, but often, it is too late then.This is really frustrating, especically for newbs, because they’ll probably get killed a lot, and they can’t see how that happened and how they can avoid it.

I understand that you have to promote the buyable things, but isn’t it a better idea to do this in a different place (For example, on the weapon selection screen, where you can also see what boosters you have equipped, which allows for a better visualization)

Or, if you really want to keep the boosters screen after a death, let it pop up around halfway (though I’d prefer if you left it out entirely)

Spicy Horse
Hi there

We’re aware that some people have complained about the placement/functionality of this screen and I’m passing all comments onto the BHB team to let them know how strongly people feel about this.
Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to add to the improvement of BHB !

May 09, 2013 03:34

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Bug Reports

Taken steps:
Click to play → Login in Progress
Europe server
create → room name sdaf

Then you get this bug. Everyone seems to have the same issue, there are no rooms except for one on the USA server

You can click okay, but then the error message disappears and it keeps saying it is creating the room.


link removed
(this link won’t work indefinitely)

EDIT: This has been solved.
EDIT2: This hasn’t been solved. If someone still needs a log, PM.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] BOTS are in BHB!

Hi there, I’ve been playing this game for a while now, so I thought I could give you some feedback on this update :)

+Great that BOTS are now available, you really listen to your players, which makes them like you :P

+More kills needed (and a longer timeframe) is a good idea, because BOTS do speed up the kill counters.

+and I’m very happy the BOTS are optional


-they have a lot more health than normal players, presumably to force players into attacking other players rather than farming on BOTS, but this also makes the game entirely different

-they don’t use BASH if they have it

-they do not avoid fire, so running up to a group of BOTS with an area damage weapon (such as a rocket launcher) is a actually a pretty smart idea, as long as you can avoid their rocket launchers, which is not that hard. (Or sneaking up from behind, because they just don’t act on being fired at)

-they do not chase low health targets

I understand that especially avoiding and chasing is hard to implement, but if you have few players, just sitting away from two groups of fighting bots and using an area damage weapon works quite well, but it isn’t much fun.
-matches with few players have an artificial feel

Oh, it doesn’t save the muting of music (and possibly sound, but I don’t know that for sure)
-music doesn’t stay muted

But above all: great work! BOT matches are different, but with a mix of BOTs and players you still have the idea you’re winning (or losing), but not because it’s a flaw in the AI

Oh, you probably understand this: but the -s are for negative points, and the +s for positive points.

Now let’s see what the other reactions are.