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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Classic chess

Castling can be done pre-game by moving your king to the corner and putting your rook protecting him, if you like. Personally, I stick the king in the corner and cover it with a wisp…

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Suggestions topic

Assuming the AI can handle it, a single player campaign would be awesome.

Even more importantly, a challenge link or something so we can play against our friends.

Actually, you can ignore my suggestions, I’m so tired of blitz, I’m quitting. The game is a pretty awesome concept, it’s too bad we don’t have time to appreciate it.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

Originally posted by tibouchina42:

Is what I get stuck on; still happens after a refresh, and after I refresh from there, no purchase has gone through.

That’s almost the exact screen I was stuck on, except it was on the Mischief event tab with the Witch Doctor’s golden epic in the background, and when I refreshed I had the chests and had spent the kreds, but no Golden Epic…

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / I don't have the old crusaders..

As a completionist, it does really, really irritate me that I can’t get the event Crusaders. Which is a bit of a vicious cycle, because I’ll get frustrated with it and stop playing for a while and come back to find I missed more event Crusaders, rinse, repeat. I work sometimes upwards of 70 hours a week, so I do tend to miss limited time stuff when we get busy – especially around holidays, when people call out more and go on vacation more or just take a day off with their kids for Halloween and I have to fill in all of their slack…

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

Bought the two promo chests bundle, it seemed to go through but froze on Contacting Kongregate to Make Purchase, so I refreshed. I have the chests but not the Golden Epic for the Witch Doctor (which was the reason I bought the bundle).

I also bought a two jeweled chest bundle, because that Golden Epic for the Detective is amazing, and it worked fine. Got the GE, got the chests, so it’s just the GE for Witch Doctor that didn’t go through.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Hemorrhaging Players... Game is Dying

And upgrading heroes is still dangerous because a boss could spawn in and kill your hero and steal all your gems. Just lost all the gems I saved from achievements over the last two runs to a death while I was upgrading, and since I don’t have the event artifact my only option is to permanently have fewer gems available or buy more with kreds. I’m out.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / cant login screen says create account or sign in to play

Same issue on Firefox

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Auto Clicker Cap at 30 :(

My rig can handle any big-name release at top res on at least High if not Ultra High or Max video settings… and I can’t get it to hit 30 cps on a Flash game, so I didn’t notice the difference. I love Flash for how it changed gaming, but I hate it for still sticking around now that it’s limiting games instead. Retire to the museum already!

The fastest I’ve ever set my autoclicker without serious problems was 75ms delay, which is ~13 cps, and it stutters a bit there unless I turn off all the graphics options. Even with the game on minimum settings, I can’t actually get the 20 cps I should from a 50ms setting. To avoid problems, I just set it at 100ms (10 cps) and leave it alone.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Neutral faction problem?

Notice that the Neutral alignment upgrade costs a lot more than the Good and Evil ones do. Make sure not to accidentally buy the Good or Evil alignment while you’re playing to get the 1 No gold you need to align Neutral.

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Topic: Technical Support / Flagged game

did the same thing, was meaning to click Block so I’d stop getting updates about a game and hit the Flag instead :P thanks all

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Topic: Off-topic / Insurgency

I can still give this away twice, so two lucky people will get Insurgency via Humble Bundle :D all I ask is that you PLEASE actually download it if you click the link, as I get an extra free game if at least one of the three people I give Insurgency to download the game before Dec. 9th.

Thanks and you’re welcome _

EDIT: They’ve all been taken, sorry to everyone who didn’t get one, but I’m out of copies to give away.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

An option to turn off the “shiny” effect on clicks. Even with Energized Clickstorm my computer just won’t handle that many clicks per second, I can’t get the 35 clicks in a second achievement at all.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Peacefree Tactical Warfare] Do You Use Rush or Aid?

An upgrade, maybe in the tech lab, for Aid that makes it automatically used would make it much more useful. The same would be awesome for rush if there were a good way to implement it… maybe a toggle somewhere that makes it Rush the longest current job as soon as it cools down, so you can forget it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by SolidJim:

Inaccurate RQ description

Received the random quest "Equip a Spirit weapon and use Combo Strike skill 15 times in Battle Arena." This is not a Spirit skill.

SolidJim | 274,433 / 1,161,802,330,725 | [d3]–114 | F0 | v1,649 | WIN 11,9,900,117 | Thu Dec 5 16:43:28 GMT+0000 2013

I think I fixed that one by using the skill that replaces Combo Strike. Whichever key is normally Combo Strike (there’s more than auto, Power, and Quick?) is the key for the skill you should use.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

If you turned off offline progress (I did, because occasionally I need to be away for a bit without my pet starving), trees no longer age while you’re offline. You can leave the game with trees planted and not lose time on them (although they don’t get nearer next harvest, either) now. At least, that’s what the offline progress menu said when it gave me the choice.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [miniGuide] Typing Test

The fact that every period has a single space after it throws me off so much. You might want to point that out in the tips, because I get about half my real-world WPM here because I have to go back and remove a space after EVERY sentence. It won’t help me, since I basically type for a living and the double-space is far too ingrained in my head, but for other people who follow formal typing protocols it might help…

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

super-low pop city League of Gamers looking for members. Casual, please just log on every week or two at minimum, and maintain at least a C donation rating. I created it as a private place for a specific game chat that played a ton of the first game, only to find very few of them play the sequel. So I’m opening it up to anyone who worries they’ll get kicked from another city if they can’t log on for a few days or something (which is the main reason I’m staying with it instead of joining a larger city ;D ). /w or PM or email gatherer818 in game.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Seriously, does every storyline quest have to be a boss challenge?

I’ve certainly never failed to complete a boss challenge, nor I have ever seen one failed that was posted to chat early in its life cycle. I have seen a few people go “oh crap I never posted the link and now I have only 20 minutes on this two-day challenge and I’m still in Part 1 of 4, can you help me????” and fail theirs, though.

If you don’t like inviting random strangers to your quests, perhaps join an alliance and post your links there?

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Stop sending me private messages

some people probably don’t mind it, but I’d think there needs to be a setting in-game to choose, and the very first whisper you get from them (if it defaults to on) should probably include a link to the game that turns it off, an “unsubscribe” link if you will.

Better would be to turn it off by default and require opt-in to receive whispers short of major updates or promotions (like I get one every other month or so from Time World or Dream World, I think, that’s no big deal, but several a day would irritate me to death).

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Questions about game problems

Originally posted by D3athL0rd:

screen loads to 100% then freezes, i can access chat but nothing else

I get that a lot if I’m not on the tab while the game loads. If you watch the loading screen (I actually go read the recent forum posts while it loads, that’s how I saw this one) it never happens to me.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Which family and why?

from what I’ve heard (no expert here), you can actually reincarnate as a different family after getting a certain distance through the game, keeping everything and starting the new family’s storyline. Might be a better choice than resetting if you’re liking the game and don’t want to lose your progress.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Badges

I’ve been playing a few days (though not very dedicated) and am at around 400 power or so, I assume I’ll have had a decent taste of the game by the time I get the badge for 1000 power. I probably won’t stay past that since it does seem to be a very “click-and-wait” game where the longer you’ve played, the less you can do and the less often you can do it, but that decision will wait until I get that badge rather than being made after my first session with the game, so it’s more likely I’ll end up staying than it would have been otherwise. But I agree that a harder badge would probably have been detrimental to the game, because many badge hunters would get frustrated at having to devote hours and hours to a game that to them is a tedious non-game (because there’s very little playing involved, you just click once and wait six hours).

Also, I’m worried about running into spoilers for the show since I have only seen the first few episodes and plan to watch more. Already I got such a sad from meeting Bran jumping down from the rooftops…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Loot loss

Originally posted by 6thgraderhere:

If con saved all the stuff each and every player had found on a mission, just imagine how much it world cost to store it all.

It only needs to be saved until that mission is finished, though, and the items get awarded. It wouldn’t be much space at all, not compared to what they’re already using to run the game. Upon awarding the items, they could delete that list… I’m rather honestly surprised it doesn’t do this already, since that would mean that everything else in the game is server-based but the items you’ve looted are stored client-side (and thus very, very easy to cheat, since there’s no “hacking” involved, just editing memory on your own computer)…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I may have found a problem...

Use a gate in your outer wall, and open it if that happens? Otherwise, post a survivor at a rally flag just outside your defenses and use them as bait at the most heavily defended spot at your wall, and use them to kill any stragglers. (Hint: Bait survivors love fast-attacking or long-ranged melee weapons, or HMGs.)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / What's your opinion of the changes

Honestly, the part I dislike the most is the changes to crafting. Suddenly I’m unable to craft because I don’t have an engineer…. but (besides crafting, now) engineers are useless outside PvP… basically I have to sacrifice some base defense or scavenging capability to get back the ability to craft. Maybe if Engineer-crafted items didn’t cost fuel, but now I have to spend time and sacrifice a valuable survivor slot to get the ability to spend my fuel? I think I’m probably done with this game… it was fun for a while, but money-grab after money-grab after money-grab has very little of the gameplay I actually paid for.