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Topic: Holyday City / Progress toward non-UNITY version?

The sticky about enabling Unity in Chrome is a strictly temporary solution whose expiry-date seemed far far away at the time, but is coming fast. Has there been any progress toward moving the game to a different platform or will it lose its entire Chrome audience in a bit over a month?

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Topic: Holyday City / Will it ever end?! Courtesy of nerfed managers?

LOL at the idea of an idlegame ever “ending”, particularly one with microtransactions built into it. The entire game is to make the big number get bigger as fast as possible. Spoiler alert, there is no biggest number.

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Topic: Holyday City / Galaxy name for each galaxy level?

Gl7: Hoag’s Object

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Topic: Idle Civilization / World Map still broken (for some)?

I saw this one reported near the start of the month on the reddit, and there are a number of comments here from other people with apparently the same issue, though they tend to be quickly voted down (presumably by people lucky enough not to be suffering the issue) which is unhelpful.

If I open the world map, clicking on towns doesn’t bring up the info/command box, but even worse the X to close the map also stops responding. The only way to get out is to reload. My suspicion is that the infobox is opening BENEATH the map, but that’s just a guess. At the very least you could try making the map closeable even if an infobox is open (I forget if it already worked that way, it’s been a month since I’ve been able to try!), but it would be nice to get the map working again in general.

I’m running current version of Chrome btw (and hoping you’ll be porting this out of Unity to OpenGL sometime soon so it’ll continue running at all past September).

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Topic: Holyday City / How the GUI should look like

All sounds good to me!

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Topic: Holyday City / New GUI

Agree with everyone else here. The new facility screen is good, the City Hall has got to go. Please don’t go down the same miserable road AdCap did! We all came here because you were better than that!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / The Lemon Challenge

The benefit of owning every kind of business is you start getting the “x2 to all business” unlocks, which obviously greatly increase your income and thus speeds up the AI-gathering. Oil companies are the most expensive at the game’s beginning (and coincidentally, also at its current end). They’re probably the last thing a beginner would get up to the all-business threshold, which is why you might think they come with a special AI boost of their own, but it’s still a formula based only on total lifetime income.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [NEWS] 1.3x HP BUFF

Originally posted by AmirM56:

well in my opinion making rule minimum to 30 is very bad, cause it will really kill the rush and other deck combo like choosen, swiftdeath, nimble, arma bael, etc. but limiting minimum to be 20 cards seems more make sense for both the rush, power, balance, and other theme deck to worked. so I vote for make a rule of minimum card in deck to be 20!!! this will nerve rusher combo to have consistent combo at turn 5 one turn kill. I personally think this ide is better than buff hp with 1.5×. hp 1.3 and minimum card in deck 20 is the perfect way to keep balance.

30 cards will absolutely not “really kill rush”. You can still rush just fine with 30 cards, even if you have to use a few different ones than the same boring 5 everyone else does. You just can’t SPIKE quite as reliably (though you certainly still can try if the draw goes your way), which is the entire point of this whole thread. As for listing all those other “combo decks” the rule would “kill”… in over a year of PVP’ing I think I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen people running skinny decks in the main arena who WEREN’T spiking. It’s a nice idea in theory (and sometimes Equalizer) but it just doesn’t happen.

The problem isn’t rush per se, which can be defended against fairly well already if you want to. The problem is spike, and the solution is 30 card decks for everyone in PVP.

PS. I also support dropping the Shuffle feature, though I doubt they’ll ever go for that since it’s one of the VIP-level-up perks and people would cry that it was specifically what they paid for (even though it clearly wasn’t).

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [NEWS] 1.3x HP BUFF

Originally posted by janpanter:

Yeah 30 card deck for all would be good for pvp, however they should remove the 30 card restriction for bosses, otherwise Km would become quite a bit harder.

Of course, that’s why I always specify “30 cards for pvp”. Against the computer who cares, spike (or KM-sanc) all you want!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [NEWS] 1.3x HP BUFF

And how do you draw combos for any type of strategy/single race deck with 30 cards?

Uh, that’s exactly the point of the rule. Spike depends on a precise combo being drawn as quickly as possible, so watering down the deck would make it that much less likely to pop up on turn 3 and end the game. Other strategy-decks are usually a lot more resilient and can usefully fill 30 cards easily. Not being able to build a viable 30-card deck shows no skills at all at deck building.. :p

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [NEWS] 1.3x HP BUFF

Personally, I quit playing 2s entirely shortly after the hp-boost came in, because every single fight became a half-hour stallfest (just as I predicted during the initial hp-buff vote, AHEM) and ain’t nobody got time for dat (at least not this nobody).

I’ll say it yet again, the simple answer to spike is to get rid of skinny-decks and force all pvp players to use 30 cards. They enforced that rule on that special tournament server they ran that one time, and how many instances of spiking did you see there? (Incidentally why not bring that back? That actually promised to be a pretty interesting feature if it were run regularly and wasn’t just a lottery for 2 ridiculously lucky/spendy people per server to enjoy).

Forcing 30 cards means the spiker has a far lower chance of all the super-damage cards lining up just right to end the game on turn 3-5, while still letting people who want to take the gamble go for it, or have to collect a whole bunch more cards to recover the odds. Spending all this time dicking around with hp-totals is a colossal waste of time, both for Gamefuse and for all the people who have to sit through artificially-lengthened matches every time they play.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Suggestion regarding invite

Or at least takes them out of the list for a few days, as it seems like invites can expire on their own sometimes.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Answers to the hot issues here

Originally posted by Nikochka:

That was my first post ."Not a bug, just false description of the card ability as it happens at some other cards too. It should say “cures himself” instead of " cures a creature". If you can’t find any logic to that I rest my case ;)

Easy answer: Simon counts as “a creature”. Duh. They can’t rewrite the ability text for a single unit without making up a whole new ability-name which would be confusing and pointless as there are too many overlapping abilities as it is.

If you really want to complain about misleading abilities, complain about Strike Again “Upon attacking, damage is doubled”. That actually used to have a clear and honest name and description (“unit attacks twice”) until they changed it to that a few months back for no apparent reason. Or how about the units that pop out other units “every 2 turns” except it’s actually every 3 turns? And does anybody really understand what Hathor’s “Shadow Hit” actually does?

tl;dr Simon’s abilities should make perfect sense to anyone with a functioning brain. There are way more deceptive abilities to complain about.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] Vote for the HP buff amount

0x!!! But if that’s impossible (ugh), 1.3x as the lesser evil.

Really you should just make 30-card decks mandatory for pvp (not for bosses).

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] Spike Nerf Alert !!

This really is the dumbest way to try to nerf spikerush. As has been pointed out already, all it’ll do is make already too-long fights drag on even longer, while at the rates the spike-units often end up hitting, 1.5x hp might buy you an extra 2 or 3 turns if you’re lucky. Power v power already routinely takes half an hour to grind to a finish, and now you want to make it take even longer? And you want us to do 5 fights per day for Activity… that’s 2.5 hours on pvp alone if you get unlucky and meet nothing but power. It’s a fun game but ain’t nobody got time for all that. I agree with other posters this will do nothing but encourage more rushing just so that people can actually get through their matches in an almost-reasonable time.

All you had to do was make 30-card decks mandatory in pvp (not in bosses). That alone would’ve made spike way more of a gamble than it currently is, giving defenders a much better chance to draw their own cards.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [HOT EVENT] ROM Masters Tournament North America Trial Run

Which 4 cards are blocked?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] "Wide Horizons" competition

Where is the Sands of Time photo that won a special mention?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Bug reports

Originally posted by MichaelH_:

I can reproduce this right now, some portals change their direction when I only reload the portals tab. (It’s partially different portals but the players in them are the same as last night.)

I also experienced the bug reported by jjgferreira once last night. When I entered my portals the portal tab kept on loading and one of the portals of my first story changed its direction every 15-30 seconds. While this happened I couldn’t click anything and I had to backspace to the previous page to get out of my portals. However this disappeared breifly afterwards and I haven’t been able to reproduce it since.

I’ve had both these portal issues too.

Also, I just noticed my daily login reward reset on me a couple of days ago just before I got the monthly promo card, but I’ve definitely been visiting at least once if not twice each day for the past week (and more). Can you please check the activity logs? This happened to me once before too.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Top 4 annoying bugs/design flaws overdue for patching

Uh, how is the fact you can’t Extract cards without 4 open slots in your already all-too-limited inventory even if you already have stacks of all of the possible extraction-results not listed here?

Also the terrible horrible no-good very-bad chat system that always requires multiple clicks to get the cursor into, doesn’t have an option to read more than a few lines at a time, doesn’t even support a mass copy-paste so as to read through the buffer in a more convenient setting like Notepad, and never seems to default to what you want it to (leading to a constant stream of “oops wrong channel”s)?

Fix those please!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Bug reports

Hi, I sent a PM about a week ago and still haven’t had a response.

I was on Day 27 of the reward cycle, and was active on and off throughout the day but may not have checked in to the Tower room. The next time I did, it said I was on Day 1 and though I randomly found a white-crystal Lizard, I never saw any notice of the Day 28 promo card. Can you please check the activity logs and see what happened to it? Day 28 should’ve been Friday the 15th I think.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / User Made Guides/Helpful Threads

Finally, a proper Button guide!

Also an Adventure Exp calculator here

Also a sadly-outdated guide to Apocalypse mode that might still be interesting for historical value, and also in case anyone wanted to use it as a model for a WM/Apoc guide of the current version.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Guide] Button Machine Mechanics

What a wonderful (and long-overdue) guide to this poor overlooked feature. Just a few other questions: Any chance of saving us some algebra and adding in the values that will max the various parts (presses-today/ever/etc) of the Button Multiplier? It looks like “Today” caps at 4000 clicks, “Ever” caps at 80,000, while “Combo” caps at 4000 if I did the math right. Also, is there a good way to estimate what your likely current score is from the available info? Does the score reset along with the combo if you miss, or only when you break the button?

Thanks again for this!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / User Made Guides/Helpful Threads

CAREERS: This mini-guide explores the cost to max a career with nothing but YC by turning it on and off again and again for the couple hundred xp that gives each time.

BA: This is an alternate approach to beating HCWM 10c CHAOS that was generally acknowledged to be more effective than the one that's currently listed. This isn't much of a 'guide', but still answers a FAQ about what the Strange Machine does. -Infinity for Dummies is a guide for -Infinity raid current as of v1553. The Drop Mechanics Guide is an amaaaazing guide to how and when everything drops. The Damage Guide is a similarly impressive look at how damage is calculated.

TFCG: reorx8's deck list is linked from within one of the other FCG guides, but has a lot of useful decks (including the only remaining half-working Level-8 killer I've found yet). This thread attempts to improve the classic Permaface deck.

Thanks for continuing to keep this up for all of us!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle

Productive day!

*Finally got around to 50M-in-a-day fishing to unlock the Easymode rod. (That Cursed Rod is srsly magical if you can manage to make those perfect catches with it.)

*Made 258% of par in Triangle Count with some supremely lucky guesses at high levels, reaching Stage 18 with 13,440,000 points. This helped me reach…

*Lvl 100 Arcade Career, which in turn let me finish…

*A-level Arcade Quest with a Daily Prize of 2,283 BC, at 93% of Par.

Which leaves me with the question… S-level Arcade Quest wants a FIFTEEN THOUSAND BLUE COIN PRIZE. HOW IS THIS EVEN TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE.

Getting all the medals from all 7 games plus an extra 50% for the L100 career bonus looks like it gives you 2625 BC in the prize. Getting 93% of Par Score got me about 700 aside from the medal bonuses, plus another 50% would get that to about 1000. Where are the other 7600 BC (plus the 50% bonus) supposed to come from?! What percent of Daily Par does it want??

ETA: Thanks crazye97 for the answer, I kind of suspected it might be something like that but it’s good to know for sure.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Fexghadi's TFCG Deck Collection

Omg it works! Thank youuuu \o/