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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pope Francis

The Church has been very fortunate with the popes lately. Pope John Paul II, irregardless of some of his more controversial policies, will be remembered for what he did during the Cold War, and then Pope Francis comes along and just blows away previous examples of what Popes can do. He’s the perfect pope for right now- really helping the Catholic Church’s imagery, especially on the heels of Benedict. Second century in a row they’ve done this.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pop Culture Trending Topics - What do they mean for us?

As to the OP, these things are vehicles. Even Romero’s zombies changed meaning when he was working with them. It’s whatever is convenient at the time. You need hordes? Zombies. You want loners? Vampires. Why did steampunk stay and cyberpunk go? I think that’s already been explained well enough (in part, anyways) by urine420- we got our cyberpunkiness. Nostalgia, on the other hand, has been surging as I imagine it tends to do during times of turmoil (even though that’s arguably not even a thing, but whatever).

Originally posted by urine420:

Steampunk usually forgets the punk aspect of it (punk suffix being that the story should place emphasis on the lower classes and inequality/problems inherent in the system) and acts a wish-fulfillment fantasy for racist nerds who want to live in a time where there was even greater divide between the wealthy and the poor (with the steampunk fans imagining their position in society as being one of the elites or captains of industry).

I think you’re being a bit to critical of steampunk culture. There are plenty of works considered steampunk that aren’t whitewashing the past- Mortal Engines sure as hell isn’t praising the ruling class in those novels. It’s what the author does with the material. I’m sure there are some people out there overlooking the negative, but steampunk novels do not have to be utopian by any means.

(on a quasi-related note: Bioshock Infinite is basically a steampunk setting and it is by far one of the most racist and classist works I’ve seen. That it gets such high accolades for its keep the darkies down subtext and meaningless pulpy sci-fi story outside of that shows how devoid of critical analysis nerd “culture” is. It exemplifies the worst aspects of steampunk)

And here I think you’re just missing the point. Yeah, there were racist sub-themes. The main characters participated in a freaking massacre of Native Americans, and it haunts the shit out of him throughout the game. There are totally unrepentant characters, and they’re, shockingly, the bad guys in the game. It’s a criticism of American’s beliefs during that time period, and especially by hammering on some issues that are still prevalent today (immigration, for one) it can even be argued that they’re taking shots at current cultural trends.

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Topic: Off-topic / My brother

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to do what you’re doing unless you blank out the eyes and remove a lot of data from the picture that I sure as hell hope you know exists that can identify any number of things you wouldn’t want people knowing. Oh, if you’d put this on 4Chan…

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Topic: Off-topic / OT is the Cancer of You

Shit like newfig has been around a lot longer than a year. It’s gotta have been at least 2 since it was introduced to these forums, or at least the first time I remember seeing it in heavy use. Memes have been around far longer. And sure, it always seems like the company here is getting shittier (alright, you’ve got me on that one- definitely used to be better, years ago), it’s super different from other forums like it. It’s just how the internet is and has been for a looooooong time. We won’t leave because you’re butthurt you spent entirely to much time here. They’ll leave because they get bored or because the quality of posts is rapidly approaching shit: not because someone is pointing that out. Honestly, if you’ve had a moment, one moment, where you’ve realized “Wow, this place is utter shit!”, then that amuses me to no end.

I rather liked this place once. You do it an injustice to knock it so.

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Topic: Off-topic / I Opend a Present Early

I mowed lawns when I was 13. Pretty sure a lot of American kids also had allowances at this point. $70 was (hell, it’s not exactly chump change now either) a lot to me back then, but nothing I couldn’t earn in a month just by mowing my parent’s lawn. Might’ve taken me 8-10 hours depending on how the equipment was feeling, but not exactly impossible to earn in a month. Good windfall, but hardly rich for a 13 year old in the first world.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Group of Conservatives

Originally posted by DiogoC19:

Hi 1132, I appreciate your concern. but this group is not to be a group that would be interacting socially in this forum. As I explained in another post, this is just so I can meet them and organize ourselves.

That’s what I’m talking about. It could, and not to sound negative, will probably end poorly. To be fair, that’s the at worst case scenario, although at best case, the group slowly drifts apart and it is forgotten in the annals of SD’s history.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Group of Conservatives

I wouldn’t generally recommend the forming of such cliques. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but just make friends via mutual respect, not mutual ideologies. People who back your side will probably be supporting your points in any debates here irregardless. They could be total douches though, so, you know, you wanna avoid associating with that kind of deal.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Atheist forced to go to church

Originally posted by KingZeldar3:

Hello, so I’ve been a christian for around 17 years and several months ago have became an atheist. My parents are aware of my decision. I recently asked them why I have to go to church, and how I am now 18 years old and feel that I am accountable for my choice in terms with this now. My dad had told me that as long as I’m living with them I have to go to church.
My ideas on why I have to is because they have some thought that I could perhaps convert back (which I suppose is possible). My mom even states that she believes I’ll eventually come back. That somewhat insults me, it’s as if she’s saying this is nothing but some sort of phase. I attain nothing from the services, I grasp no spiritual tug from the messages the pastor puts forth.
But anyway, do you think there could be a way for me to convince them to think otherwise in terms of me not going to church anymore?

I’ve had atheist friends who’ve come out to their parents and those who haven’t. It depends on the parents- one set was just fine, another, he just kept quiet and there was a quiet understanding of the situation, which is how they just do things.

However, you’ve already told your parents, so that’s a bit of a pickle.

If your parents are going to be like that, just go. Prove to them it’s not just a phase in a mature and responsible way. I’m not at all saying it’ll work, but it’s your best bet, and at least you won’t have screwed up on your end. If they didn’t flip out when you told them, it’s worth a shot, eh? Besides, like everyone else has been saying, free room and board.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why does everyone forget about Nintendo?

Steam Box anyone? I know it is not to be released until 2014, but in terms of performance, price, and availability of games, it’ll beat the pants off of any console or PC that’s out or will be out in the next year.

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Topic: Off-topic / NEVER Go To Sea-World

Dolphins are dicks, and considered in some circles to be one of the animals closer to man’s habits and intelligence, certainly in the sea.
Do you not to win the war on our competition?
Or are you a filthy fish lover?

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Topic: Off-topic / I think someone should secretly make an alt with a gimmick using Cleverbot to awnser responses from other users.

Cleverbot refused to accept that it was indeed abandoned.

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You’ll all live to be about 78.2, unless they create some way of being immortal or there’s some fantastic medical advances that will be completely unpredicted in the next 40-60 years.

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Topic: Off-topic / MadJedi confirmed for racist

Originally posted by Fronebular:
Originally posted by ImBoutDatLife:
Originally posted by Fronebular:

Since when have black people genuinely been offended by being called a nigga?

Am I in the 1950s again where that word was actually offensive and otherwise hurtful?

hey white guy please tell me more about how black people feel

Considering black people call themselves and other black friends niggas all the time I highly doubt it is offensive. I’ve done it jokingly before too. and no one was offended. As an insult it really has no weight since it is used for more comedic purposes than anything. Even when it is used in an argument it’s meaningless and just as generic as any other basic insult.

The word had meaning, but it has lost it over time.

Yeah, try calling a random black person that.
They are going to get offended. And don’t give me that black people use it with their friends: they do, and that’s okay, because they are friends. They suck the hate out of it. You do not.

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Topic: Off-topic / Vegard should be replaced as a mod.

Originally posted by AllStarDominatio:

billyfred, who?

You don’t want to know, if I remember correctly who billyfred was.

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Topic: Off-topic / do you think you can take me

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

No, but that’s mostly because I wouldn’t dare try seeing as I’d be all over the news for “attacking a innocent young African immigrant”, and clearly that wouldn’t go so well.

Where do you live where it wouldn’t be construed as a black man attacking a white man?

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Topic: Off-topic / The concept of the mind is very odd from a chemistry standpoint.

Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:

Though it’s still pretty amazing that simple molecules can become such complex sentient beings.

Now if only we could do that with computers.

IBM has made some pretty impressive strides in more abstract computing (see: Watson), but to be totally fair to humans, our ancestors have always had the ability to create such machines (see: babies). And then you start raising all sorts of ethical questions about the nature of life and whatall.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do usernames become labels after an extended period of time?

Same concept everywhere. We are biased towards people we like, biased against people we don’t like. It’s a snowball effect that’s pretty hard to turn around. Look at all the famous people who were consumed by scandal, and their most rabid fans were convinced they had done nothing wrong, couldn’t do anything wrong.

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Topic: Off-topic / This painting is nice, right?

A. It’s copypasta
B. Hitler couldn’t shade or do perspective for shit. I’ve seen the entire work, the lines are just wrong.

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Topic: Off-topic / I think my teacher is a hipster

The hipster is a very well defined group.
They buy clothes at either thrift shops, or they go designer labels.
They drink Pabst Blue Ribbon.
They listen to whatever Pitchfork recommends.
They gentrify poor neighborhoods, pushing out the original inhabitants who can no longer afford the rent.
They typically hold liberal arts degrees.
They also tend to be young adult males either in or fresh out of college.
Unless your teacher fits a lot of these, he’s not really a hipster.
Also, to be fair, a lot of published music is terrible, and has been for a long time.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you do if you run out of toilet paper, and you are home alone?

Toilet paper is supposed to remove shit, not expose your rear to more of it.

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Topic: Off-topic / "Women who play video games tend to have more sex, and be happier in their relationship."

Originally posted by Lightningcould:
Originally posted by CarlSweatpants:

nga pls

“we ain’t gon fight, our guns gon fight”

-chief keef

You’re a pussy for not using your fists as weapons or guns.

And you’d be dead.

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Topic: Off-topic / Deep Web

It’s also a good place to commit crime, purchase the services of a criminal, or stay really anonymous.


Topic: Off-topic / "Women who play video games tend to have more sex, and be happier in their relationship."

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Topic: Off-topic / hey shit tier and butthurt tier

Da hell copy pasta is this?

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever had one of your relatives mentally ill?

Yes, and as 26.2% of Americans (similar numbers in Europe, by the way) will have a mental illness in their life at some point, I’d expect quite a few of you to have family members who were mentally ill.