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Topic: Kongregate / Is Kongregate dying?

Kongregate has completely stagnated in the last two years and ceased any form of growth. It was confirmed by Emily that the number of good games has dropped off drastically due to mobile games dominating the market.

Flash games as a whole are dying but the website itself is still well known and will stick around just like newgrounds.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

It’s an old game from many years ago. You control this small city of tiny creatures. You manage resources and take care of the city(and increase its happiness). There is events such as plagues or hunger strikes. I’m not really sure of more details.

Would be appreciated if anyone knows it.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tournament Complete] Best Faction in the History of Tyrant (Men of Mayhem)

Please don’t derail topics with personal disputes. Use the mute function or take it to pms.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Guides and Useful Links

Great work you’ve done here. Stickied.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Boycott] Force Devs to take action against cheating

Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

Perhaps you can track people who spend ~100% of their stamina in a day?

Assuming someone sleeps 7 hours a day, dumps to 0 before they go to bed, and starts dumping the second they get up, that still provides about 120 stamina that should be wasted on most days.

That could at least be a flag for you to inquire further?

That would have been a good starting point back when the cap was 100 stamina. It’s very easy to use 100% of stamina.

It seems like synapticon is open to recieving reports. For giving specific cases I encourage people to report directly to him.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Hashtag] Free 0hio

If you know anyone who has been involved in gamebreaking exploits then please report it to the devs. Ohio did a lot more than some simple account sharing or botting. His actions include using a gamebreaking exploit that let him do multiple battles at once, buy multiple card packs at once and have next to unlimited warbonds.

He will not be unbanned.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DISCUSSION] What constitutes enough evidence for Kongregate to intervene?

The moderation of games is left to the developers of said games except in extreme cases. Account sharing is against Kongregate rules mostly because of accounts being stolen and all the conflicts resulting from that. Tyrant has similiar reasons including the inherent advantage associated with account sharing.

In more extreme cases I believe the developers should take actions such as giving penalties in conquest/faction wars, temporary bans and even up to disbanding factions. That would be enough deterent without being too harsh. The developers won’t have to regulate all cases.. as long as the more extreme cases are dealt with then it never spirals out of control.

If anyone wants to report factions or players then send the developers a message. Do not name and shame here since it just spirals into personal attacks. I think this is a good discussion to have so feel free to keep posting. I will lock this topic if it continues to degenerate.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVs] Ban cheaters or change TOS

If you want to report exploiters then do it in private to the developers. Please don’t start witchhunts and shame topics on these forums.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [BUG] EARLY INVASIONS POSSIBLE AGAIN

Public shame topics are not allowed. Next time take the approriate venues for reporting exploiting factions and outstanding bugs(PMing devs/letting consortium members report it).


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Jose919 is a catfacer!

Don’t name and shame randomly.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Capdriver the Infamous, Voted Berlusconi......

Don’t name and shame on the forums.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Petition] Silence Catepillar

How about no(@banning fansite anyways..)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Dear Mods Thank you for your great work

Although their isn’t much discussion here, I will admit I am no where near as active as I was years ago when I first started moderating the Tyrant forums. Because of that I have started recommending some players to fill in that void, so you might have a new moderator soon!

I apologize for the lack of activity in general, although I still check the forums at least once a day to make sure they’re not falling apart. If you have any grievances feel free to PM me or flag the specific post.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Legalize botting and account sharing

Botting and account sharing will remain against the rules.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Spoiler] Worldship pt. 2

Originally posted by Moraku:
Originally posted by 0112142:

upgrading ti and cg was a mistake – trying to solve op fear with Moya is even worse…

sorry, but somehow i fell this is getting out of control…

This started spiraling out of control with the introduction of Refresh and Utopia Beacons. That was solved by adding Iron Maiden, which was in turn solved by Summon and Credo Master, which was solved by Blitz, Metalworks and Zarak, which was solved by Warpway Fortress and Rapiers.

It’s not just Power Creep… It’s Power Explosion. We all got used to it though =p

I agree with this. Refresh was the 1st skill that was plainly better than every other similiar skill in the past(heal,leech,supply). Utopia beacons were just the start of powerful refresh cards and then Iron maiden was introduced and dominated the meta the longest out of any card.

The power creep exploded ever since then. It’s good that older cards are getting buffs/upgrades now though.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Consortium-entirely useless?


The developers definitely had plans but the whole conquest and quest aspect was inspired by a current consortium member(ralk)… and all the communication the consortium is doing now is aimed at improving conquest. It’s a huge difference from the situation before the consortium where devs would barely post or check the forums. Now they have a direct line of communication that gives the devs info with little effort.

Many huge game exploits were also patched thanks to Inorix and the continued work of the current consortium members.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Consortium-entirely useless?

The consortium’s role is a oneway communication route to the developers. They don’t directly have any power beyond that communication.

That said before the consortium there was no quests, no conquest, no shard system(all new packs except one required WB),no live arena,no regular updates,no upgrades to cards,no increased developer communication, no timed events,there was stamina refills, limited energy/stamina,there was several game breaking exploits… among other things so I disagree with the notion that they’re “useless”.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Quitting Tyrant

Selling an account is against the ToS.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Any cards counter cards game (fgrbt edition)

Such a topic with almost identical rules already exists.

Also not sure what happened in the 2nd page… If you want to continue the topic premise then check the linked topic.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Mods, loa, trolls, wb conspiracy

If you have an issue with moderation then feel free to report me on my profile or PM me personally(you can also pm me about this topic).

I explained why the topics were locked, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied. You making more topics is just clogging up the forums and irritating other users. Your opening post is also not accurate.
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [TO MODS]

@Supercharged44 A moderator locked that topic mostly since the all caps title was alarming while the opening post was not too coherent. In the future feel free to PM me if you have any issues with forum moderation.

@buttefly The autospam filter locked that topic. It seems to be the same topic as this one though so I’ll leave it as it is.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Locked

Thanks for the response, Pip.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS and Consortium] Privacy Settings

@p0metheus At the end of the day it’s still sss1’s freetime we’re talking about. It’s a responsible practise in successful businesses that generate income. I’m just against this notion that sss1 is obliged to do it and that he should be attacked if he doesn’t.

@catepillar I don’t like that feature either but you can still access that info through their kongregate profile and through the actual game if you datamine yourself. You should be more specific if that feature is what is irritating you. sss1 can consider it but again it’s still a fanmade website with no sensitive information(that can be used against you outside the game).

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS and Consortium] Privacy Settings


That’s nice and all but both google and facebook hold personal information so they’re obliged by law to have decent privacy settings and not make you prone to identity theft.

They have paid employees and they’re both huge websites. How you can compare that to a fanmade, non-profit website made for a free mmo boggles my mind.

You can suggest it nicely but don’t think sss1 is obliged to provide such a service for a small minority. There is no sensitive information on the website that isn’t already very accessible to all players.
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVS and Consortium] Privacy Settings

Originally posted by Maharid:

I can state that i will continue to use the Fansite but now i have a much lesser opinion of sss1 that seems that have low respect on the privacy of users, a thing of heavy importance in day like that, fansite is only a little site but imagine this on a site like FaceBook and what will happen.

What exactly about tyrant profiles is so private? There is no personal information retaining to any individuals on there(name,phone number,address.. etc). It’s just game info that you can easily see in the actual game.

If anyone is upset that others can see their cardlist then maybe they should reconsider their priorities.